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This may not be the right section for this question.I am just wanting some clarification on this subject from someone who knows.I hear alot about scammers buying through paypal then cancelling after they have recieved the merchandise.I always thought that once the transaction has been completed and the money is showing in the other account,thats it.Can someone please give me some factual details on this.Thanks..

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It just happened to me recently done the transaction via and the buyer paid U.S.$21 for 1000np$ but after 3 months paypal said it could be a lot of reason but if the card used to fund paypal is hacked then it happens, or they ran out of funds due to negative transactions...

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Was it completed ,cleared and showing the funds in your account?..

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Yes, it's completed on May 21, 2008.

Then after 3 months it was automatically refunded by paypal to the user/buyer. completed; then I was helped right away by np management and 1000np$ was refunded to my account...

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Wow! That is scary! Thanks for the info WebLord.Im afraid to deal through paypal now.It seems like that needs to be changed.Thats crazy.

Luckily you were dealing with NP...

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Yeah it's just good that i've done the transaction via np bank exchange and no where else..

All I can see on paypal under that transaction is this but not helpful. why would I require a shipping address to send 1000np$?.

Yeah paypal needs to change that. unfortunately there's no payment method that can equal paypal so I stick it out with them thru thick and thin as they say I found one moneybookers but unfortunately they're not supported by Philippine banks yet so I can't picked up the money but just spend it online where mb is supported...

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Did you ever get in contact with the other party?..

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Fyi the so-called third party was banned for shill bidding.

Don't do any paypal transactions with those 2 emails posted there..

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Thanks for all the info.Very helpful.I tried to rep you but ofcourse it wont let me...

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PayPal is reversible for an indefinite period of time ... 180 days is a good rule of thumb for determining when PayPal funds are likely "final", but not an absolute based on rare reports of PayPal reversals upwards of a year later!.

Furthermore, intangible goods (ie. software, NP$, memberships, etc) are not covered by PayPal's Seller Protection Policy (SPP) ... one must ship a physical item to the buyer's confirmed address on file with PayPal ... and even then, SPP isn't ironclad in that "significantly not as described" (SNAD) claims are generally excluded from SPP protection.

Bottom line is that PayPal is reversible for an indeterminate amount of time for numerous reasons; following SPP is no guarantee - it may still be reversed anyways.

With all that said, PayPal is often convenient, and thus many folks use it, but the savvy ones only do so for amounts they can afford to lose and/or with folks who've been around awhile with a good reputation.


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Any business accepting payments via credit card is subject to chargebacks. It can be a restaurant,, or just someone selling items on ebay.

Paypal is only a payment processor. Just like the retails shops that ask for ID you need to make sure you follow the policies of paypal and feel comfortable with the person you are doing business with.

A good rule of thumb...don't do business with anyone new and without reputation. Be careful of people from countries that are fairly lawless (pakistan, india, turkey, russia) as you will have no recourse once scammed.

I have yet to be burned in a domain deal but that's probably because I turn down sales with people I describe above. I would rather lose the sale than lose the domain. I have even sold cheaper to a person reputable and passed up the better offers from people with no reputation. Better safe than sorry as they say...

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Wow ,I learned alot here.Thanks alot guys.I just dont see why someone would be allowed to do that.Doesnt seem right to me.I guess I need to go read up at Paypal.I will use alot more caution now that I know this is true..

Thanks guys,I repped where I could...

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Yes, only work with small amounts that you are willing to risk, and always use your credit card on paypal to protect yourself in case someone tries to rip you off, imo. Otherwise use more reliable methods like check or money order or escrow...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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