GoDaddy customer service : Suggest I try GoDaddy?? Paypal problems

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I didnt know if multiple account are allowed in paypal or not..

I had two accounts and paypal recently put a hold on both the accounts and I have limited access(meaning I can check my account but I cant receive or send money) from both the accounts..

I have send all the necessary documents to lift the hold on one of my account. but paypal says my both accounts needs to be resolved before they take out the hold on the original account. but I dont have the documents to support the existence of my second account. both the account have 0 or positive balace. my original account has like 100 dollars in it and I am not able to use that money..

Did any one of you had to face similar situation?.

Should paypal decide to close my account(both) will it give me my 100 dollar that is in my account at the moment?.

Hoping to get some help from you as I am new in domains and I want to use my paypal in this new venture of mine..



No one with suggestions?.

I am eagerly waiting for your responses..

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2 accounts are permitted by paypal as long as 1 is for personal use and 1 is for business use.

I personally would try giving them a ring and see if they will explain the reason they were closed down.

It is extremely hard to retrieve money from a frozen paypal account...

Comment #1

To clarify you can't just have 2 personal accounts and "say" that one is for business. You actually must have it as an upgraded business account...

Comment #2

I think you have to tell them. what each account is for otherwise they will freeze your accounts..

Comment #3

Sometimes they won't say a reason, papal has a history of freezing and collecting money...

Comment #4

It's a fact. I have had similar problems. 4 year old account frozen for no reason. They release funds after 6 months (180 days)..

Comment #5

Edit: nevermind, I don't want to start an argument...

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There has been over 1,000 cases of this. It is not a lie. It is a fact. They actually do freeze and generally collect the money.

As for your account, the only way you have a possiblity of getting anything would be the following.

Ask your lawyer to send them a nice little letter.

That is thr only real way. If you cannot get anything out of them when you phone. They will probley freeze your account.

- Steve..

Comment #7

Its true they freeze about a 1000 account per-day. And it's very hard to unfreeze it...

Comment #8

Ok and where do you get that figure from.

Regardless paypal have millions of accounts on record. They have an obligation to take care of anything that looks like fraudulent activity.

INod paypalsucks is of course only give you 1 side of the story, nobody posts on that site saying they have had a good experience with paypal due to the fact that the site solely exists to try and give paypal a bad name. Sure there is bound to be customers who have a genuine greivance with paypal but on those type of sites you will find many scare mongers and people who exagerate what has happened or not tell you that they were using their account for x...

Comment #9

You do give a good point.. I never really thought of that..

- Steve..

Comment #10

Paypal is good payment sistem , but it have some strange rules - it's bad =(..

Comment #11

Hi everyone.

Paypal informed me that it has decided to close my account and forward the funds only after 180 days,the reason that they gave me was that I was transfering money within my two accounts, which was not allowed by paypal :-(, I am still happy that I would get my money back, did any one of you had to face this problem?.

And after 6 month, can I again re-register with Paypal or am I done with paypal for ever?.

Thanks for your input..

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