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Apparently paypal have now decided to cut out the whole "consultation" process in regards to complaints. I have just now submitted a complaint in regards to a subscription I thought had been cancelled via the sellers own website (sponsored listing). Apparently my case has been closed without anything other than the following -.

"We have completed our investigation of this case. No further action is required by you at this time. We have refused this claim. We have noted your claim in the seller's record. The seller's account privileges will be limited if excessive complaints are received.".

So next time you have a complaint with paypal (maybe just subscriptions?), dont bother even filling out the form, they apparently analyse the case in the whole second it takes to load the page. When will they become liable to what they are essentially doing? They are just stealing money without any repercussions. How are my comments on the sellers record going to help me get my money back? I would do a chargeback but then they'll lock my account and steal all the money inside it. Its just disgusting what they are getting away with...

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Sorry to put in so much...Got excited when I seen it, as this.

Just happened with PayPal.

My latest paypal crap....

I bought a domain at dynadot, in the middle of paying with paypal.

It crashed and brought me back to the before I.

Do it again, I see all is there. So I do it comes out.

No problems....About 2 1/2 hours later, I get another invoice from dynadot.

Saying my tranasction was incomplete, to complete it click here.....

So I did, Duh! I never had enough in paypal, (never leave more than I have to) so it automatically initiated the transfer of funds from my bank..

When I contacted dynadot - within the hour- it was cancelled.


Paypal........decided it was going to still take the money out of my bank account because it doesn't give you an option to cancel a "Duplicated" order..

Now I may be new to the internet, but I am certainly not going to leave withdrawl priveliges from my main account!.

So the bank account that paypal has, only had a few bucks in it (thank god).

However...I went into overdraft because of it - my bank put it through -.

Hence a $5.00 charge from the bank!.

I never even had time to get to the bank to make a deposit as paypal hit it.

Next morning...that was 4 days ago, yet the money is still not in paypal.

I emailed them immediately after initial transaction and still no reply!....

If my bank never honoured that, then I would have had an NSF for $25.00.

With the bank.

An NSF with Paypal for $35.00 I think. The charges are unreal -all because they couldn't or didn't or don't give you the user, the option to fix a mistake...

All over a 5.00 domain.....

How are they allowed to do this?..

Comment #1

They are allowed to do it because the government doesnt stop them. I wouldent hold your breath waiting for a reply either, because it aint coming. You'll just have to bite the bullet on this one, just like I will have to. You'd think with all that money they keep stealing they could at least afford a few more support reps...

Comment #2

Competition would fix this also, too bad the credit card companies won't let any competitors get started...

Comment #3

Actually they have, Google is supposed to have a payment system soon that will be in competition with Paypal. I've had a few issues with Paypal through the years, but for the most part they don';t run too bad. It will be interesting to see what Google does though.....

Comment #4

Paypal has been there for me in the past, as long as there.

Is no issues...Whenever a problem comes up, I can never.

Reach them! It's frustrating...It's like giving your money.

To a scavencher...they get it and run..

Although convienient at the moment...looking forward to google's.


Comment #5

Mis Chiff..your issue is with dynadot...why complain about paypal? Do you complain about your wallet when you leave it somewhere? You used a crap registrar. That registrar crashed repeatedly..then repeatedly charged you. If you used Visa, MC, or even a bank debit card the same thing would have occured. You have to contact the people responsible for the charges.....

Comment #6

Actually it is with paypal. Dynadot cancelled the second order right away. And cancelled their request to paypal right away. Paypal told me that (just got an email about an hour ago from them) even though they received dynadot's request for cancellation, they will not cancel the bank request due to cost involved. when the money is taken from my bank account, they will.

Put it in my Paypal account for me....So my problem IS with paypal!.

**edit** here is part of the letter from paypal.

Hello, my name is Mark and I am happy to assist you with your question.

Regarding the duplicate transactions made on your PayPal account.

I understand your frustration. However, because of the expense involved,.

Once a transaction has been initiated through the banking system it cannot.

Simply be cancelled.

*********Yet it can be simply removed from my bank*********..

Comment #7

Yeah so what's the problem. Seems clear to me you are not losing any money and that the transaction went fine. Once in your paypal you can request a check or withdrawal. Or you can send it to me for safe keeping...

Comment #8

The bank account that I have paypal access on is usually empty,.

I don't like leaving my money where - when a mistake is made, they.

Take it and ask questions later. Point being, I was charged an extra $5.00.

By my bank, as paypal put me in is not about the money!.

It is about paypal having the upper hand and shaking it every day!.

Conveinent for payments, great to have online as a quick buy, but when.

There is an issue that needs attention, they need to stop making up rules.

To fit the situation......

I appreciate your comments Labrocca, however this is not a new issue from.

Paypal, and it's not the first time they took money out of my account due.

To an error on their part - with no fee reimbursal and yes, it was their fault. The order was cancelled.

Before paypal probably processed the 1st order!.

Had my bank not honoured the request, then another $35.00 charge from.

Paypal -which I would not have gotten back - cause it somehow would be my fault. - now tell me that's ok with you?.

Certainly not with me!..

Comment #9

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