GoDaddy reviews : Should I go GoDaddy?? "Parking" and traffic "monetization" now before Eighth Circuit Judge[s]

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Neeley v NAMEMEDIA INC et al, 5:09-cv05151 is now before the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals for appeal of interlocutory errors. 10-2255.

In the complaint plead allowed on p. 86 29 "parking" is mentioned..

29. "Defendant Google Inc should face an enormous punitive award for a business policy of selling display of advertisements on parked or fraudulent sites licensed exclusively for Google AdSense for Domain. Compensatory awards for the damages would be insignificant for this Plaintiff alone but should be punitive as determined by a jury.".

Prior to this "parking" first appears on p. 85 21,23..

22. "...ICANN Inc thereby conspires with the Search Engine Broadcasting.

Defendants and the Domain Name Trafficking Defendants so that every short potentially easily typed domain has a value for Search Engine advertisers. By maintaining this fraudulent policy, ICANN Inc causes parked or fraudulent domains to have values to Google Inc AdSense for.

Domains not related to bona fide uses....".

23. "ICANN Inc does not allow a low cost challenge process whereby a domain that is used by Google AdSense for Domains to exclusively sell ads for Google Inc, like was done when this Plaintiff purchased advertising on parked or fraudulent sites, to result in voiding of the deceptively licensed site.

Google Inc claimed to stop using <> in AdSense for Domains but are still profiting there by stealth by use by <> or NAMEMEDIA INC. Jury trial already scheduled...

Comments (44)

There is a lot of LOL in the summary judgment order...

While it is not necessary to determine what that improper purpose is, the Court notes that the overall tenor of Neeley's submissions indicate that he is more interested in wreaking revenge on the defendants than obtaining.

Legal redress for any economic injury to himself. Given that Neeley cannot obtain punitive damages on his viable claims, this is clearly an improper purpose.

Because Neeley is acting pro se, the Court will give him the benefit of the doubt that he did not previously understand the foregoing concepts. Thus the Court will, not, at this time, take any action on the matter other than to put Neeley on notice that no further conduct of this nature will be tolerated...

Comment #1

Spanked. The court sees this for what it really is. A farce. Looks like his case was basically completely dismissed...

Comment #2

Curtis J Neeley Jr., MFA appreciate the obvious investment of time looking at the case.

Yes, Mr Neeley was furious and allowed it to occasionally show.

The PARTIAL Summary Judgment and Dismissal are now before a PANEL of judges in Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals on appeal of interlocutory order errors like the one you said had LOLs. The Appellant Brief was filed and the CORRECTED Brief will soon be filed. It was extremely difficult to print 1392 pages to file. That is a lot of ink and paper. It can be seen as a book at using 10-2255 for the search. The preview there is only 15-pages because larger previews crashed Mr Neeley's puter.

In the Amended Replacement Complaint that will be ordered filed with the preliminary injunction requested, the Plaintiff seeks punitive damages for Google Inc selling advertisements to be displayed on Websites that Google Inc licenses for AdSense for Domains and billing them in AdWords as actual keyword searches.


Mr Neeley is still upset but did not call the ruling judge a dimwit or an idiot in Response Opposing the Frivolous Joint Motion to Dismiss but call his ruling idiotic and clearly dimwitted.

That's an LOL for you.

In case you do not want to read and find it at the bottom of page three of the pages Mr Neeley forgot to number, it reads as follows. Thanks again for actually giving it a bit of a look.

No ONE Judge or attorney gets to dismiss anything in this case!.

Rule of a King is why America exists and why the Seventh Amendment was written. - - - LOL?.

It is still scheduled for a JURY trial next year. However, there have been offers of over five million already! Google Inc refused to bend on Mr Neeley's one critical moral principle in the Rule 26 teleconference.

Mr Neeley will not settle for fifty billion if they will not bend on that. PERIOD.

Docket mirrors... 5:09-cv-05151 (10-2255).

Three filings and two supporting Briefs not added from today. We will add them by midnight as there may be more Mr Neeley has not seen. was cited in the mistake you examined. LOL?..

Comment #3

"No ONE Judge or attorney gets to dismiss anything in this case!".

Sure. You can have the 8th circuit affirm the dismissals too.

You know, when a court has already warned you about your behavior under Rule 11, then including this in an appeal brief:.

"Including the improper claim, yet again, offends the Appellant and further supports Appellants belief that attorneys are regularly immoral professionally.". pretty much a signal to the circuit court that the district court erred in merely issuing a warning, and should have imposed additional sanctions.

Thanks for the chuckles, though. Orly Taitz has been in something of a lull recently, so I haven't had much legaltainment.

"Mr Neeley is still upset but did not call the ruling judge a dimwit or an idiot in Response Opposing the Frivolous Joint Motion to Dismiss but call his ruling idiotic and clearly dimwitted.".

Yes. I'm sure that everyone will appreciate that fine distinction, and be amazed at how clever you were to say that. Appeal courts just love hearing that sort of argument...

Comment #4

I have discovered an error that I made that marginally absolves opposing counselors of frivolity. Docket 139 had a supporting brief of 140 and I forgot to include "as supported by the Brief filed in conjunction." This explains why counselors might have ignored 140 but it was titled adequately.

I am glad you are entertained. I filed a motion to compel today as well as a Motion to become an EC/ECF party.I discovered that the docket was included but does not show evidence as filed.

If the Eighth Circuit affirms the errors and the Supreme Court rejects the case. I will then be finished legally. I have interests in this case that hundreds of millions of people share.

A counselor and a pro se filer are held to different standards by Rule 11 generally. Lawyers can't litigate 2+ 2 into 5 regardless of their skill. I may be considered rude by many? I am not wrong. Since when does showing outrage change 2 + 2 into 5? That has to be the result to change the result. The Eighth Circuit will probably not attempt to "pick-a-side" and try to rule like the District Judge already did. If they do throw out all the stuff before them, Google Inc and NAMEMEDIA INC still get to face me before an Arkansas JURY.

Jury Trial set for 3/21/2011 08:30 AM in Fayetteville 5th flr.

Punitive Damages for Outrage against those two Defendants remain as well as the NAMEMEDIA INC counterclaim against me....DANG!.

There have already been several HUGE offers to settle but all were accompanied by refusal to stop re-publishing my pornography.

NAMEMEDIA INC stopped January 24, 2010 or after six months. Google Inc refuses to stop and asserts piles of ridiculous justification. They stopped using in AdSense for Domains but still run ads there.

Stay tuned. This gets more interesting either way before it resolves...

Comment #5

Neeley, get a life.....i remember your thread a while ago and you just love to hear yourself talking lol...just my 2 cents and good luck :-).



Comment #6

Can someone break this down for me and explain in plain laymans English what is going on? lol..

Comment #7

You might have to dig up the ancient thread on this thing.

In a nutshell a once-talented artist with a brain injury did not pay the renewal fee on his domain names, and believes "hundreds of millions of millions of people" - more than all registered domain names - are rooting for him in a frivolous lawsuit which has become his primary obsession in life...

Comment #8



One p0rner going after another.


Comment #9

Sometimes I wonder if meeting Neely would be just as bizarre as reading his posts...

Comment #10

In plain English as in an opening statement?.

I will try.

I was a commercial photographer who also did fine art nudes. I did advertising photographs for scores of of the wold largest companies. My business name was Earth Eye Images and my website was since 1997.

I had always pursued website design and programming. I created a reservation software that STILL jogs circles around any Windows based software. In 2000 I started marketing Spots to Sleep and began marketing the system about the time priceline started. was where a hotel, motel, bed and breakfast could sell inventory over the internet directly. Orlando Howard Johnson's used the system. killed the use of by requiring exclusive online representation to use

On Sept.3, 2002 I was involved in s head-on injury and left in a coma and on a respirator for six weeks and two days. I broke every large bone in my body except my right arm bones, my right ribs, my jaw, and my skull as well as numerous vertebrates that were not broken. When my left ribs were broken they tore my descending aorta from my heart. The loss of blood flow caused my spine to die roughly T-9. I had a hemispherical stroke during surgery causing paralysis on my left side.

My wife was told I was non-responsive to even painful stimuli and was facing life as a vegetable. My spouse signed a DNR order and after two days of barely breathing I gave a thumbs-up and respirators were returned.

I was ruled incompetent and suffering from post traumatic amnesia. I did not remember having wives or children. I still do not. I failed to renew my website registration in 2003 although I was beginning to recognize my own name. I was in a hospital and my spouse was having to work to maintain the household. While recovering, I had a systemic infection due to a pressure sore and had half of my pelvis removed and was hospitalized for several months. WOUND.

While recovering, I began taking photographs of nude women as art and from my wheelchairs. I uploaded these to in 2004 when you had to be a site member to see the uploaded photos. See UNsafe results for my name. HERE.

While in the hospital in 2007, I received an email about a sale on domain. This awakened memories of owning the domain. I replied that it was already properly mine. I then went on to completely forget it ever existed.

I was asked if still interested in 2009. I once again advised the party that it was originally mine and that I wished it returned for registration costs. I was told they were sure it was rightly theirs and asked me to bid better than 2700. I did not realize the serial cybersquatter was the new owner at I posted on a forum that I intended to sue and wished all my nude photos deleted because the were disparaging when shown to children who typed in my name.

They were using a Google image search and I advised the Google Inc and the NAMEMEDIA INC "DMCA" agents.Although authenticated as being recieved by Hanah Thiem, the DMCA agent for NAMEMEDIA INC, this party removed access to my profile and asserted a permanent right to display the nudes despite being requested to remove them. They were shown approximately ten times per day while stating it was done by permission of the art creator- - me. This continued after service of the lawsuit for over six months.

NAMEMEDIA INC deleted my access to my profile that had been created in 2004 before their buying the site. July 24 2009 NAMEMEDIA INC deleted a forum post that expressed outrage that two domains were cybersquatted and my art had been stolen to defame me before my own children. NAMEMEDIA INC realized they would face me eventually in Court and placed a robot.txt file on the server to cause evidence to be hidden. It looked like this.Link now.. After served with a lawsuit, NAMEMEDIA INC, reported using a new DMCA agent in January 2010. Robb "Rossel" was disclosed as the new DMCA agent for NAMEMEDIA INC.

I then contacted every client disclosed in his portfolio and asked that they advice him that my nudes were being shown to children and claiming being authorized by me. His largest client was a church and in three days NAMEMEDIA INC finally deleted the images. I had been using {NAMEMEDIAS.COM} to get NAMEMEDIA's attention having an angry case summary Posted there. It resulted in a countersuit but not removal of the offending photographs. In January after they deleted the photos I redirected NAMEMEDIAS.COM to their corporate site.

After NAMEMEDIA.COM finally deleted the photos, Google Inc continued to display nudes done by me to children, atheist, and Muslims as a result of a image search for my name. After realizing this was also done by every American search engine, I realized there must be an underlying rational. I realized that moral copy-rights were not recognized by US Title 17 and the FCC did not regulate communications by WIRE and added them to the lawsuit along with every American Search Engine for showing nude art as a result of name searches for my name. The Judge called these claims "speculative" and did not allow it and also did not allow copy-right claims because of refusal to buy a license to sue.

Networ Solutions LLC was dismissed do to statutes of limitation because their first Title 15 1125(d) trespass was in 2003 as well as dismissal of this charge for all others. This dismissal will soon be overturned on interlocutory appeal and this is currently scheduled for a JURY trial 3/21/2011 but I have agreed to rescheduling the start of the trial due to conflicting schedules of other parties till June 20, 2011.

No American should be required to be forced to trust ANYONE not to gather nude art they do and publish at various places across the internet to be shown to their own children searching for their parent's by name or by googling their name. Eric Schmidt said during this particular case that if there is something you do not want known, you best simply not do it This is currently true because in America there are no moral "copy-right" and the FCC does not regulate communications transmitted by WIRE.

It was "fun" to watch pornography or nude art as an anonymous viewer? Search Engines used this desire to make BILLIONS in ill-gained profits. Google Inc scanned al the books in a New York library and my nude photography was in one book that was scanned. Eric Schmidt expanded publication of my nude photographs because I was a published artist on the nude. He took this particular book scans down after it was filed in evidence. Every year when NAMEMEDIA INC renewed the cybersquatting of these two domains they repeated the acts from 2003 and the Supreme court has ruled statutory limitations do not begin till after the last of REPEATED acts. Network Solutions LLC offers certified offers to register all of my domains every day including I have registered with them.

This is unfortunately the lack of morality or "Land of the Freedom from Morals". This trial will give this Court the opportunity to do what "COPA", US Title 15, and Title 17 have been unable or unwilling to do. evidence will copiously illustrate how immorality caused outrage for me before I rest my case.

I do not enjoy speech due to a speech impediment..

Only a "porner" can stop trafficking of porn.

My art is exquisite porn...

Comment #11

So the delusions persist....

Curtis, you've had your butt licked by the courts at every turn - for a reason. Likely does not help that you use this same condescending tone you use here to tell your story, which itself has become nothing more that an overblown fantasy.

Curtis, you need to take responsibility for your own actions (or lack of actions) and move on. None of the defendants hit you in your car, that was your own doing.

You never had a TM for Earth Eye Images, but SOMEONE ELSE DID! If anything, you should be grateful that she did not sue you at the time. That little fact will be the last nail in the coffin of this ridiculous farce of yours.....

Comment #12

Even if it reaches possibly contempt or whatever's the worst scenario?.

It'll likely not end in your favor at the rate things are going.

If found for you, this'll probably be the NamePros news of 2010...

Comment #13

Oh boy, I see a lot of muslims and children and atheists coming after you in your near future, you better get police protection...but let me ask you one thing...why did you make nude pictures in the first place?? (oh and looking at your nude pictures I have to tell you, there is more porn in south park then in your pics!) and finally, how many children, atheist and muslims even know you to associate "porn" with you....WHO WOULD GOOGLE YOUR NAME TO FIND PORN??? looooooooooooool.



Comment #14

Fair enough.

1. I do not care if anyone wishes me dead. I do not normally carry a handgun. I am not a pacifist or a vegetarian but I am prepared to finish dying. My lawsuit is prepared with enough evidence to win already on the record before discovery has begun. If I die, the Curtis Neeley Foundation will be created and will continue with this litigation.

2. I make figurenude photographs to show the viewer that the human body was made to be appreciated without sexuality at all. They must not include the "person". There is an extremely tight set of criteria and they should only be viewed alone. South Park is a cartoon? I am glad you do not feel my figurenudes are pornographic. Muslims who think seeing the entire face is not permitted disagree with you.

It is a "jurisdictional" legal term without a precisely accepted meaning.

3. From time range: 4/16/2010 00:04:33 - 7/19/2010 22:59:41 [100 days] there were 10,031 unique IPs that came to ONE site.

The 235 IPs in the last 24 hrs had only one search for my name. .

The search engine searches that contained my name for the last 100 days were as follows..


Curtis neeley 62.

Curtis neely 7.

"curtis neeley" 3.

Curtisneeley 3.

Curtis neeley photography 2. 3 Yahoo.

Curtis neeley 4.

Curtis neely 2.


Curtis neeley 2.

Ask Jeeves.

Curtis neeley 5:09-cv-05151 1.

Curtis neeley copyright 1.

My raw log files are almost three gig or HUGE..

I have nearly every visit since May 6, 2004..

You can't access my figurenude site from any search engine besides the initial page with no nudes and a disclaimer except from Lycos. does not show nudes period.

Neither does Ha!.

The biggest business use of the Internet in America, with absolutely no question, is pornography. That changes in a few months..

The FCC will finally regulate WIRE as supposed to do since 1936.

I am owed $1,200,000 in STATUTORY damages per Title 15 1125(d)..

I am owed $2,250,000 in STATUTORY damages per Title 17..

I am potentially liable for 100,000 in STATUTORY damages per Title 15 1125(d).

I seek PUNITIVE damages as well as preliminary injunctions because two defendants offended after asked to stop. GOOG & NAMEMEDIA INC.

Google Inc books re-published a book I was published in from a library in NY and that case is not ruled fair yet. 1:2005cv08136.

I filed an objection there as did the US Attorney and 10-20 other countries. It will not be found fair. Sell GOOG stock..

Copyright law and trademark laws are separate and that is precisely why I filed an INTERLOCUTORY appeal and why 15 counselors appear to be lost filing a Joint Motion to Dismiss.

I hope they billed a lot for it because that makes it more punitive.

My CORRECTED Appellant Brief arrived today and tomorrow their ridiculous "Joint Motion to Dismiss" gets considered along with my REPLY OPPOSING FRIVOLOUS JOINT MOTION TO DISMISS and they will all be denied.

2+2=4 regardless of how well one argues that it is 2 or anything else.

This is not meant to sound condescending. Sorry if it is thought to be. I will only reply if it's sufficiently self-serving. ONLY THREE KIDS that I know might search for PORN by using my name..

I know one of them has and that was one too many!.

Her friends teased her because her father's name returned "nekked" photos..

The Defendants will try to make that my fault..

Eric Schmidt already said it was on CNBC!.

Eric Schmidt suggests you alter your scandalous behavior before you complain about his company invading your privacy. That's what the Google CEO told Maria Bartiromo during CNBC's big Google special last night, an extraordinary pronouncement for such a secretive guy..

It is now in the last thirty seconds of the interview but is clipped..

I have it saved full length.

The Jury will get to hear Schmidt testify..

I will call him as a witness. CNBC VIDEO LINK YouTube VIDEO LINK.

This started out about domain names but is now about immorality applied across two separate but collateral issues. US Title 15 and US Title 17.

The filed and delivered CORRECTED Appellant Brief can be read online from the docket link. After tomorrow it will only be on the mirror...

Comment #15

As always...

I realize that on Planet Neeley it may seem like you are somehow "winning" something... but here on Planet Earth... well, things seem a bit different... as evidenced by the documents you've so proudly displayed...

Comment #16

IF someone really is offering you $5 Million, then you would be a fool to not just end this immediately. You and your wife could retire right now. Not to mention your kids would have much easier lives too...

Comment #17

That's why I believe him that he had a $5,000,000 offer...

Comment #18

Naw... to get that kind of status, he'd have to file in a Toronto small claims court...

Comment #19

He he...bit off topic: for those who just came here and trying to figure.

Out JBerryhill's post above, check this thread from loooooooooooong ago:

Mr. Neely could maybe use that five million offer to file.....

Comment #20

LOL, thx Dave for wasting 2 hours of my afternoon with that link(i remember reading it a long time ago but still got a huge chuckle out of it today).

But are you saying now Mr. Neeley is getting $610 ?? j/k.



Comment #21

The domain name Ponzi scheme will soon be over. AdSense for domains will be ruled deceptive advertisement. Accidental traffic to a parked site sold as a search entered at Google Inc will subject them to punitive awards..

An Arkansas JURY is scheduled to decide damages caused by the outrage of publishing art to minors that was asked to be removed and the DMCA agents were notified and refused to delete. The second DMCA caused them to be removed Jan 24 2010. Google scanned a book that had my nudes in it and re-published it in March 2010 after served for defaming me in court last year.

The FCC has been nonfeasant in regulating communications by wire and ALL websites will be required to self rate with a robots,txt and be fined for incorrectly rating. FCC gets an internet division. All browsers will be required to come with AdBlock Plus installed and the same technique browser type plug-in that the computer purchaser could set the rating levels allowed by any viewer. Sneaking out to surf for porn will be no longer possible because all sites with porn will not be accessible to the new FCC required browser.

The moral rights left intentionally out of Title 17 will be required to be recognized retroactively for all uses of the term "Copy-Right".

A non-profit search engine alternative will make Google, Yahoo, and Bing be footnotes in history by 2020. NAMEMEDIA INC will declare bankruptcy to avoid paying the judgment awarded.

US Title 15 will be found unconstitutionally vague and trademarks will be found vague due to not recognizing domains as a..

Comment #22

...and the delusions continue.

How many more ridiculous motions will you make to get a file removed from that NEVER EVEN EXISTED?.

Spider.txt? REALLY? hahahaaa..

Comment #23

Hi everyone,.

I think we just should stop commenting here, sadly due to his condition he will never accept whatever opinions we have or how we think about his thread/posting, just my 2 cents.



Comment #24

Just enough of a laugh to allow them to spend money trying to frivolously oppose, which they have already. In the supporting Brief in the conclusion the correct file name was used.

"Judge Howard Lloyd in the Northern District of California, San Jose Division, ordered, "[p]laintiffs shall, within three days from the entry of this order, disable the robot.txt file from it's website and promptly advise defense counsel when that has been accomplished," when rejecting oppositions to the Motion to Compel. Id. If a similar order is not now granted, Plaintiff requests the Internet Archive Inc. be made an added Defendant conspiring to destroy notable art with Defendant NAMEMEDIA INC. They are both disparaging the unconstitutional US Title 17 and claiming respecting copyright. Nothing besides hiding discoverable art was done by NAMEMEDIA INC.

I already advised the opposing counselors that they may take advantage of a humorous mistake if they want but will only be wasting their time and their client's money making it less likely that they will be able to pay the judgment..

Interesting idea to put a file on a website to cause it to be indexed differently? ALL parked pages will be required to use this and all sites will soon be required to have a robots.txt self-rating of content on their site or pay fines for displaying or allowing violations of decency. Movies are rated and websites must be after I am finished. Period! The FCC gets to establish another division!.

Their mission REQUIRED regulating WIRE since 1934..

Communications act of 1934 p.8 (51).

Then on p. 90....

I appreciate you actually reading although high-centering on details. I will make sure an Arkansas JURY doesn't. The Internet is about to get forced to be more responsible and a non-profit quasi-governmental search engine will be established.

I asked to add ICANN Inc and the FCC. They asked for more time and I opposed. they got 15 days instead of the three weeks..

By Christmas THIS YEAR the domain name Ponzi scheme is OVER!.

News of the year...? will be irrelevant by 2012 as a ''business''.

A "copy-right" and FCC intellectual property oversight committee will be established. The King-like judges are not the ONLY avenue I have pursued. At least four women will get to stop pornography now.

I know more about "copy-right" law than any lawyer or judge alive will ever know due to a complete FIXATION and/or delusion.

Everyone agrees, including many of my own family, that I am a fool for not settling or "taking the money and running"..

I would settle for almost NO MONEY if my other demands were met by ALL search engines.

NAMEMEDIA INC will now be ruined because I am angry and they were malicious as was Google Inc. Neither company will still profitably exist by 2025...

Comment #25

...and, cue Vincent Price...

I reject your reality and substitute my own. Adam Savage.

(Sorry, but I just couldn't resist.).

========= Edit ==========.


I understand your frustration and feelings of loss (personal as well as professional) with this whole thing and know that it is going to eat you alive whether you continue to pursue it or whether you don't. I can only hope that someday you'll come to terms with the true realities of the situation and realize that just because one wants something to be a certain way (rightly or wrongly) it doesn't mean it going to be that way.

Best regards.


Comment #26

On the other hand, a clearly defined purpose or goal like this may invigorate Mr. Neeley's life, especially if he believes his actions will benefit others. The real problem would be if his actions are so misguided as to harm others. Either way, there's a lot to learn from this thread on many levels...

Comment #27

I have to say, regardless of what I think of all of this (and my opinion has been noted in a previous thread), you are without a doubt a persistant individual Curtis.

Whether it is because of your mental state due to previous injuries inccured, or something else entirely, it has been a long time since I have come across an individual so single minded in their purpose.

It doesn't change my opinion on the whole subject but it does leave me somewhat amazed at times...

Comment #28

Imagine what he could accomplish if he turned that energy to something productive instead of wasting his life on a nonsense lawsuit...

Comment #29

Here is the thing....Like you stated earlier in this thread John, " A once talented Artist with a brain injury", let us focus on "brain injury"...he cannot channel his energy/creativity anymore in things which would make sense to me or you or the rest of us, that is the sad part and we should take that always in consideration before we (and I mean all of us) post anything more in response, don't matter how ridiculous it sounds what he comes up with...he cannot process things "the normal way" anymore....

Just my 2 cents :-).



Comment #30

15 plus or minus 50. Hahaaahahah The spider.txt file is called robots.txt in the prayer in the supporting brief. A severe traumatic brain injury might have caused me to interchange the type(spider) with the name and maybe it was done so NameMedia Inc. could spend money while you laughed. I sorta did too. Was that mistake or trap? You fell for it but their lawyer did not as you see in Docket 162.

I dismissed my request that the Eighth Circuit reconsider this case en banc because they do not have jurisdiction as you read it my Motion to Dismiss. I have filed a petition for a writ of mandamus and another petition for certiorari. No Court ANYWHERE has sufficient jurisdiction to handle an issue of this magnitude besides the Supreme Court. They will either grant my EMERGENCY Extraordinary request for a writ this week or will not. If they do not, you may laugh and I will finally give up then. Well it might not get past security there for a few days like last time.

It might be next week. It will ALWAYS be online ASAP, even if I lose.

I should have immediately appealed to the Supreme Court due to Honorable Jimm Larry Hendren's completely idiotic rulings. I did not realize that the Eighth Circuit had no discretionary jurisdiction abilities. Maybe I missed that in my Jurisdiction class in law school? Oh yeah, I never went to law school. Well, isn't going to be odd that a pro se and mentally ill person began the case that ends the wire PORN industry as it exists today under the term Internet in forma pauperis?.

Yes; The Writ of Mandamus is VERY specific and does not even mention domain names at all! Domain names are not important whatsoever. The 'domain name' Ponzi scheme will still end when this case resolves.

The wire transmittal of porn you all love so much will be GONE!.

Better save all the porn you love while it is still out there on search engines. It will all soon be gone! Not just the PORN created by me, but all of it!.

Read my Supreme Court filings and then laugh some more while I mourn or say you watched the whole thing and were very helpful..

I will know by next week as will every person following this crap..

If I am right, everyone on EARTH will know by 9/11/2010! That date might be a good date to use?.

Ha. got past Duck Duck Go parked site blocker! Ha? Guess how I found that cybersquat site? At least they put on a better show and looked like a website? I still reported it as useless!.

Sorry I missed the spider post. Must have missed the notification?..

Comment #31

No. 10-6091.

Title: Curtis James Neeley, Jr., Petitioner.


NameMedia, Inc., et al.

Docketed: August 26, 2010.

Lower Ct: United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit.

Case Nos.: (10-2255).

Decision Date: August 12, 2010.

~~~Date~~~ ~~~~~~~Proceedings and Orders~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~.

Aug 23 2010 Petition for a writ of certiorari and motion for leave to proceed in forma pauperis filed. (Response due September 27, 2010).

Supreme Court Docket Search.

The Eighth Circuit has insufficient jurisdiction to rule on such a far reaching lawsuit..

This still might be interesting for domain Ponzi-scheme investors?.

Yes, John Berryhill Esq., the Eighth Circuit had to throw it out because it affects EVERYONE on Earth using WIRE COMMUNICATIONS but using the term Internet to describe them. The motions are attached but the appendix wasn't since it had nudity...

Comment #32

"Copy-right" has been unconstitutional since March 31, 1790 Curtis J Neeley Jr. v NameMedia Inc. et al., (10-6091).

Pornography trafficing by wire has been illegal since June 19, 1934..

See the entire Communications Act of 1934 that was written to make it illegal. PDF 333 pages.

Paragraph that is not enforced now that predicted the Internet..

The Communications Act of 1934 p8. (51).

Attached Writ of Mandamus will require it finally be enforced by the FCC! It will arrive again in DC by Wednesday.

It will take maybe a whole week?.

I can't post a link to my art created while doing this but every photo shown on my site was done since this started!.

It might take till (10-6091) resolves to make it permanent.

Surf for porn while WIRE COMMUNICATIONS are unregulated. Less than a month left!.

How on earth did Janet Jackson's (.7) second breast exposure merit a $550,000 fine for CBS and make "Super Bowl Wardrobe Malfunction" the most widely searched for term in 2004? (Bing), (Yahoo), (Google), (Ask)...?.

It is the most commonly seen nipple on Earth!.

You can't reach from any search engine or any unapproved site except as they are the only one not facing (10-6091).

This website has been allowed. Thanks guys. This lawsuit will end the domain name Ponzi scheme because parked pages will be found to be deceptive advertisement by the FCC. "Mini sites" might squeak by like I saw at last week? I reported a useless park to Duck Duck Go but it might take more than one report? It resembles a real site.....? It is BLOCKED today.. - YEAH! It wasn't last week!..

Comment #33

This has gone into trollville now. What value is there in listening to Neeley talk crap constantly about his dead-end lawsuits and threats to destroy the internet.

I just think he is here to talk smack now...

Comment #34

LoL... this passed the "Trollville" marker quite a ways back...

But if you think we have it bad... just think of how much a PITA all this is for all the legal teams AND the courts. I would not be surprised if he gets sanctioned by the court for all this nonsense soon...

Comment #35

And yet you responded and gave him another moment of attention, I mentioned twice here it would be smarter not to answer anything of his delusional postings...(he even PM'ed me his stuff)...just ignore it, that would make more sense and be more effective.

Besides that, do I remember it right that some here called you a troll yourself in the past? lol, just poking fun :-).



Comment #36

Laugh all you want, but by next Tuesday being a TROLL on the INteRnET will be punishable by DEATH!!!!1!one!!eleven. Because nobody knows more about TROLLS than I do, and everyone in the galaxy will have to pay ME 10 Gajillion Dollars!.

I like the Bible citations in the, um, creative Supreme Court brief...

Comment #37

That's great Curtis, but you do realize that the Supreme Court session starts each year on the first Monday of October, yes? (of course, denials of the vast majority of cert petitions and writs of mandamus and habeus corpus, are issued year-round)..

Comment #38

Well it seems the defendants are just sweating bullets over this one: Search..

Comment #39

Is it not a fairly common process to not respond when there is nothing it will do except increase expenses and attention given? We often forget our earlier law courses don't we? Sometimes the best answer is no answer at all. It is a constitutional right for criminals but civil litigants might be asked to reply? Supreme Court Clerk Cynthia June Rapp Esq has already told me this would be denied. It will NOT be recommended as denied by just one clerk or even by three.

For criminals this would generally be time to plead guilty. No comment is very little different than no contest.

If the filing I make to amend this afternoon in the United States Court for the Western District of Arkansas is allowed, the Petition for Certiorari will mostly be moot.

The FCC and the Attorney General have not yet waived their responses in In Re Curtis J. Neeley, Jr., Petitioner v. (10-6240). Hmmm..

Tick tock ick tock.

Appeal early and often.....

Comment #40

No. But it is fairly common not to respond to a filing which is an incoherent rant.

I'm surprised you didn't post a link to your big win at the 8th Circuit:.

"We agree with the district court that Neeley has not shown irreparable harm or any likelihood of success on the merits."..

Comment #41

I have mirrored ALL filings in the case. What you called a BIG win in the 8th Circuit fails to recognize the same thing that apparently most lawyers do. I filed an interlocutory appeal to the Eighth Circuit and ONLY the Supreme Court has discretionary jurisdiction, Supervisory Jurisdiction, and District Court Conflict Jurisdiction. Certainly you realize that ONLY the Supreme Court is able to decide this case. I realize that now. Oops.

They have already harmed me and I am unable to made whole regardless of how BIG I win. GOOG has already offered me five million dollars and NameMedia Inc has offered me $200,000. These were not "frame-able" offers and may only be perceptions of offers. In the 26f teleconference call I was asked what would be required for settling and I felt my request was reasonable.

GOOG replied that my request was basically asking that GOOG close down. It was not my request but is what they called it.

The FCC and the Attorney General have both been served: In Re Curtis J. Neeley, Jr., Petitioner v. (10-6240).

The opposing parties were quick to file waivers in the first petition and have had the same amount of time to file them in the Mandamus request. The Mandamus request sought only that the FCC be ordered to regulate wire communications according to laws already passed and that US Title 17 be ruled unconstitutional.

The United States Court for the Western District of Arkansas has a JURY trial now scheduled for March 28, 2011 and only a JURY can decide this case. A JURY has more constitutional authority than the Supreme Court.

I do not anticipate needing to file another interlocutory appeal as a result of my perpetually pending motions but can ELECTRONICALLY litigate at the Eighth Circuit already.

The fact that the President has failed to refill the benches of the Court impacts this case now constantly.

This will resolve before an ARKANSAS JURY - and NOT - A group of elderly JUDGES. The files linked will be Docket 167, 168 and an attached complaint by the end of the day.

It is also filed at the FCC in proceeding 00-185, 09-191, 09-51, 10-25, and 10-127. If an idiot like me rants long enough, will the rant impact anyone besides me?.

That remains to be seen...

Comment #42

I assumed you would understand that the Supreme Court ordering a JURY to rule on damages would be obvious. That is as close as those guys in black PJs will get to justice in my mind.

I typed slowly but apparently that could not prevent your thought that Supreme Courts ordering a jury rule on damages during a trial was anything besides a "pot" calling a "kettle" black.

I think it is over now except the trial and appeals..

At least I am able to believe I have done everything possible and quit now. The FCC has already been served as has the Attorney General.

I can accept a loss or sanctions or whatever now. Most Americans et al use wire communications mostly for PORN with absolutely no doubt and most NPers do too. I even look at PORN fairly regularly. Most people do. PORN will NOT be prevented by my suit but will require regulation and no longer permit anonymity and therefore trafficking to children etc.

Simple result guys, regardless of what else happens. The laws are already there but are being ignored. That MISFEASANCE changes regardless of whether I live to complete this suit or do not. You might enjoy my Replacement Four rant? It is publicly accessible by WIRE COMMUNICATIONS. I will not bother with even another link...

Comment #43


There's talk that Obamacare is unconstitutional based on Congress not having the power to force commerce on the people... would be interesting to see it challenged with such fervor as this thread topic...

Comment #44

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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