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I bought a script for over $200. I couldn't get it to work at all, it was just a faulty script. After submitting multiple support tickets and getting no answer, I finally contacted the /img/avatar3.jpg of the website. After 14 emails back and forth, he is still refusing a refund and almost challenging me to do a chargeback.

Here's how the chain of purchase went.

Credit Card -> Paypal -> deadbeat seller.

If I file a dispute with paypal, will I get a refund, even though it was digital goods? I could do a chargeback with my CC company, but that might get my paypal account suspended. Which route should I take? What can I do about this seller?..

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A client contacted me and said they wanted a certain type of site built. So we got the domain, and the script. After two weeks of trying to get the script up and going (Ive installed hundreds of scripts, I'm not new to this), I finally submitted a ticket.. days later, no answer, so I submitted another ticket. A while passes still no answer. By now the client is very frustrated, sells the domain, and takes his business elsewhere, so I refund him no problem. Now it's time for me to get my $200+ back..

Comment #1

I hope it wasn't a dating script. They all basicly have their share of problems...

Comment #2

Nope. After I get my money back I'll come post the URL so you guys can know to stay away from them...

Comment #3

You should be able to get your money back through paypal especially if you can demonstrate that you were paying for a service that wasn't provided or for a good that was faulty. Since you have the script, it shouldn't be too much work for paypal to verify that your claim is legit. Of course, knowing paypal, they have been known to do very goofy things. Overall, try paypal first, then move onto your cc if needbe...

Comment #4

PayPal does not refund for services.... only products...

You have to get the script going mate. What kind of script is it and what is the problem?? Maybe someone here can help????.

Did you see a demo of the script before you purchased?? I doubt you will get a chargeback with your cc company either....

I think you need to write this one off as a mystake and try to get the script going. Installing and repairing are different. Find someone experienced in coding to help....

Let us in on it and maybe we can help.......

Comment #5

Go back and read the thread. I was doing this for a client, after weeks and weeks of trouble with this script, the client requested a refund, so I honored it, he sold the domain the script was registered for, and moved on. The client has his money back, I've got no need for this style script (especially if it doesnt work), and now it's time for me to get my money back.

This is a very popular script, basically the only one of it's kind...

Comment #6

Credit card companies tend to go in favour of the buyer unless the seller can prove otherwise so a chargeback is a good way to get the money back BUT if you do a charge back be wary or paypal coming to you. Always try to get a refund first from paypal...

Comment #7

OK then. My original reply is removed.

I don't particularly want to help someone with an attitude like that anyway. It's not my fault you/your customer got screwed. Consider my offer to help fix the problem (for free by the way) removed. I don't like seeing people get screwed over but hey, maybe some people deserve it.

Nowhere in your first post did it say that the script wasn't for you and that you didn't still want whatever the script has/had to offer. Just for the record - I'm not psychic.

Getting your money back from Paypal will be like getting blood from a stone, but to be honest, I don't really care...

Comment #8

As for the dating script comment, used one... 2 months later.... HACKED!!!!.

I believe that there is less than a 50% chance of being refunding. Company molopoly is more important than everything else.....

Comment #9

Wow mr. Sanders, you guys over in the UK can be so touchy sometimes. I simply stated you didn't answer my question at all, and I posted a smiley face indicating that I wasnt even being that serious. Who gives a shit what my first post didnt say? The point is what it did say...

Comment #10

Yeah really.... nice attitude..

I have no idea what the problem is now to be honest.

So the script works or not??????????.

Who are you trying to get a refund from???.

It is not the companies fault that sold you the script that your client decided to back out.....

As for paypal going the side of the seller it might be true but I have been dealing with PayPal for over 6 years now and I know how they work and chances aqre they are not going to give any money back over a service issue.

Even with a product it is not easy but you can say you never recieved it... Service issues are different and I went through something similiar awhile ago and that is what they told me. They will not refund money for a service....only product sales..

So, Like I said.... you are stuck with the script. You shouldn't have given your client his money back and you should have fixed the script and installed it onto his site like you had agreed on in the first place...

Looks like you are screwed now and if your attitude is any indication of your personality in general than I would say yopu deserve it. Why are you going to jump on someone who is only trying to help you. I am sorry if the truth hurts.......

Comment #11

He simply wants a refund for a script he bought that did not work. According to his posts he has many times tried to et the problem sorted via the support for the script but had no responses (and by the sound of it still does not work). In all honesty his posts did not seem abusive he merely pointed out that his question was not answered (although he has now edited his response to b33r's post, I did see it before the edit!!). Although I understand b33r's response I do think he has over reacted, I do not beleive that brizzad's post was meant to be abusive...

Comment #12

I believe that he can speak for himself and I don't hear any apoligies coming from him.....

We all understand what he wants but the honest answer is that most likely he is not going to get it. That is why my advice was basically to make the best of the situation.

As for his question being answered?? I believe it was..... No Most likely you will not get a refund...

Which route?? There is no route. - Buyer Beware is what I was always taught. Be sure before you buy....

Anyways, bery nice of you to speak for the poster. I am sure he appreciates it. I was just trying to help as were others... The truth hurts sometimes. Believe me, I know all about it...

Comment #13

Unfortunately I think we all have been cheated in some way or form out of money or something on the internet...

Comment #14

Okay you obviously did not read b33r's original response as no it did not answer the question of refunds. And if you read through the post (although hard now as the posts are edited) you will see that the post b33r was offended by was BEFORE the responses that answered the question. Also please do not chastise people when defending someone especially when you yourself are jumping on someone when you obviously have not read the thread properly (your previous post did not even seem to reflect the knowledge that he says he emailed the support 14 times with no luck, the customer pulled out because of the time it was taking and the lack of a working script)..

Comment #15

This is just stupid.

I asked if he had tried to fix the script because at that time NO ONE except the OP had the knowledge that he didn't in fact still want the script or whatever the script offered.

I offered my services and the services of "someone here" because if I cannot help, someone else usually can. Not only did I offer, I didn't say "I want $X to fix it"..

I did in fact answer the question of "what to do?" by saying it'd be easier just to fix the script rather than try and get a refund.

All of a sudden it's my fault that this guy has an attitude and expects me to know everything about this problem even when he hasn't told us? Give me a break!.

I'm sorry for trying to help someone who needed help. Is it me or did that come across as some kind of threat?.

Yeah sure, you know where I live. BFD.

The fact that I offered to help you with your problem and listened to all this crap from you guys means I'm 10x the man you are..

AND I don't resort to using idle threats on the person trying to help me...

Comment #16

Yes it is just you, I live in the uk and most certainly did not see that as a threat. How can saying someone is touchy be regarded as a threat. Anyway nobody said that this was your fault simply that you over reacted to his comment, simple as that, again you seem to be over reacting...

Comment #17

Yes, you'll get a refund. As someone already stated, online services are untraceable as it were, so you should be entitled to a forced refund. Of course, the problem is if the original seller doesn't have sufficient funds in their account you will only receive a percentage instead of the full amount. Tough luck. Doing a chargeback on your card will more than likely cause your PayPal account to be suspended, IIRC.

As for the script not working and you receiving no help, please tell us the URL and/or script name. Shouldn't make a difference if they decide to refund you or not, we're entitled to know that they have shitty customer service. So, please, let us know..

Comment #18

Hilarious but also very sad to see this type of response...

Comment #19

I also sell scripts. And I know that the company who sold you that script will be having a demo online for customers to see before they buy. Other thing The company that sold you the script can't know that you made a copy of it or not. So they will not refund you the money.

The best thing is to make that script work. If you want then I will fix it for you. (That also for free).

SEE ^^^ In the above sentence I mentioned that I will fix it for you. But you also cannot know that I made a copy of it for my personal interests or not.

So I think this is going to be a tough one. That company will say it was your client who was dissatisfied. And he got a refund from you. So it does not makes you entitled for a refund from the scripting company.

Moreover read the terms and conditions of that script selling site. There will be atleast one line mentioning that they don't give refunds. I know that. And if paypal sees that terms and conditions then your case gets more weaker.

By the way about that fixing script. Sorry I want to help you but I can't Bcoz If you give me that script to fix it or see it it may be like breaking the copyrights and EULA of the scripting company. And they can file a case against you for sharing your copy of script...

Comment #20

Please dont be stereotypical and try to slur all English people, hell, I wont give a more meaningful post but from your attitude, you deserve what you got. I highly doubt you'll get a refund and a chargeback will result in your paypal account being closed...

Comment #21

Exactly Why are you making it look like every english man is worthless. This is not a good behaviour and it will not take you far in business world If your attitude doesn't changed soon. I don't think any one here has said anything to inflame you. Right now you are in problems and your mental situation is a bit unbalanced. Due to the problems. But why to take out your anger on poeple who are here to help you.

Namepros has been a great community so far and It is still the most friendliest forum I have ever seen. I cannot believe that someone said something against you personally. Please go over with this thing again and again in your mind and then see what is the result. You will know that guys here are very kind and just wanted to help you out.

You have just been scammed for $200 I have been scammed for more then $3200 am I angry? And I throwing stones at others? No. Bcoz what this people has to do with the problems I have. My problems are mine and I have to solve them myself. I can take advice If I don't like it I don't follow it. But I do not antagonize others. Bcoz making more enimies is an invitation for more problems.

For making friends there are yahoo chat and myspace type of thing. People here are for business. They want to earn and they are helping each other.

Just a last question: "Would you have donated $20 to namepros admin fund if that deal of your $200 had gone without a hitch?".

I think the answer is no. But still see people who are very busy here are giving their precious time for solving your problems. So you should be thankful to them. Instead of saying bad things about them.

I hope it will clear some things on your mind. And man please don;t consider me also as your enemy. I am just trying to cool your nerves. I know how it feels when we don;t get our money we are entitled to...

Comment #22

Please excuse me because I dont think you understand, I did not create this thread. I find it quite unusual that you call me "mentally unbalanced" when you cant even figure out who you are referring to? I'll assume the original thread starter will heed some of your "misplaced" advice. Double check next time you quote someone...

Comment #23

Just a slightly off topic point, i'm Scottish and live in the UK...

Comment #24

Hey man Sorry But in this chaos it was a quote mistake.

But you can understand that the things were not for you. It was for Him the thread starter...

Comment #25

Everybody here need to take a giant pill and love each other!..

Comment #26

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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