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Are pagerank tools against googles TOS and illegal? I am pretty sure I can code a pr checker with some things I found online, but is it alowed? I see so many tools to check but it seams to be frowned upon by googles Tos which states only the toolbar can access the PR values.

Why are these site still even listed in google? And is there a legal way to make a tool to do this?..

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Grey areas still for me, but it's one tool used by us to appreciate a domain price and it's long lasting value to the internet,..

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Even NamePros has a Page-Rank checker. I don't think Google really minds.....

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Yeah they're busy changing frequently their algo, as soon as I think I can figure it out they change again...

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Namepros having something does not mean that Google doesn't mind. It's more likely to just not be popular enough for them to notice/do anything about..

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Yeah, but there are also plenty of sites whos whole purpose is to find the Pagerank of web-pages, and Google hasn't done anything about them...

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In order for pagerank scripts to get the pagerank, they have to generate a checksum. This checksum was put in place to prevent PR scripts from getting the pagerank. However people found out how the checksum is generated and started making scripts, causing google to change the checksum algorithm a few times. Everytime they changed it, it was broken again.

Google hasn't changed the checksum algorithm in a while, so I guess they stop caring. But them making one in the first place means that they don't want anything other then the toolbar getting pagerank. But I'm sure you won't get in trouble for having a site that gets PR...

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You can build the tool you would just need a Google API Key,.

You can follow this link to learn how to develop Apps on Google and get your free API Key

Hope this helps!!..

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The google api key can get pr values? If so I wish they provided asp examples of the code. Also they have a 1000 query limit which would make using it a problem for big sites.

I can code an asp pr checker but it's the checksum that is the cause for worry for me. This checksum is there to prevent such tools from using the pr servers. Checksum has been cracked many times does not mean it's legal, so thats what worrys me...

Comment #8

Google only think it is against TOS if you are not using the api key provided by google.

And that API key is for free...

Comment #9

Without the api key it won't work for example the api key to fetch search results and put it in your website is limited to 1000 searches a day for free beyond that you have to pay google and it has different paid packages. Having said this it's actually being encouraged by google to do that because it's paid business for them...

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Does anyone realize that the limitation of 1000 queries per 24 hours, makes it virtually impossible to calculate PR via the Google API.... because for doing that by issuing queries that check a site's backlinks and then the backlinks of those sites and the backlinks of those sites etc ..... this approach of finding PR will require millions of queries for several sites... and plus google DOES NOT display the complete set of backlinks for any site when using the link: qualifierThey just give you a "selection or sampling of backlinks" not all of them...... unless you happen to have very few backlinks. So, effectively the google api , free or not, cannot be used to create a tool for checking a website's PR ...

In fact, even if you were allowed 10000 queries/24 hours, even then it would be completely inaccurate. The web graph is TOO big. let's say you get just ONE backlink from CNN ... now to check how much PR value is to be passed over, you would need to first check how much PR value that particular page itself has ... hoiw do you check that ? again via calculating all backliunks to that particular CNN page ...

And then to calculate how much of that PR is to be carried over, you would need to find the number of outgoing links etc ... but of course this part is easy ... the tough part is getting the web graph...

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Yes totally agreed, that's why most pr sites will have to settle for the paid apis for obvious reasons of 1000+ queries and above...

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15. What if I want to pay Google for the ability to issue more than 1,000 queries per day?.

Google is only offering the free beta service at this time. If you would like to see Google develop a commercial service, let us know at api-.

In googles FAQ on this matter. You canot pay, they use a checksum algo and get the pr like the toolbar does. I can do this, but it's against googles TOS...

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Yes exactly ... so you get the pr by cracking the checksum algo not via getting the web graph yourself via queries... and the checksum method is not legal ......

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So are you guys saying that free tool like are paying for this service?.

I find that hard to believe... but I have always wondered that since the Google TOS does forbid PR-checking sites...

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