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I am just getting ready to place my order! I'm so excited to get started. I have been reading these boards for the past all seem like a great community!.

Question - did most of you just order the Variety Pack for 4 weeks worth of meals or did you pick and choose certain Meals that you think you would like? I'm not too sure and this is holding me up from getting started..

Please advise!.


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I ordered the two week variety pack to get a sample of everything. Once I knew what I liked I ordered on my own. There was a few things with the variety pack that I wasn't crazy about but every ones taste is different...

Comment #1

Well I'll offer my two cents Personally I didn't want this to be another poor investment (like home exercise equipment that doesn't get used) so I didn't order a ton of food at first wanted to make sure I liked the program. On the flip side if you only order 7 boxes and there's something you don't like, you'd be kind of stuck with it all week. So personally I'd do more than 7 boxes. If you don't like something, save the box with 6 in it and call the number that comes on your packing slip and they'll exchange it for you.

I gradually made larger orders as I figured out what foods I like I mostly like the bars (except the Chocolate Crunch one). We're allowed 1 maintencance bar per day and I will say the Carmel Nut are fantastic! Check out for coupon codes.

Keep in mind too that it can take like 8 days from when you place your order until you recieve it, although I think Medifast is working on this. So once you get your order immediately enter your next order..

Good luck..

Comment #2

I ordered the 1 month variety package. I figured it gave me a wide choice of flavors and food types. In addition, I had made a commitment to myself I would give the plan 30-60 days before I would allow myself to quit (which I never did, this place is awesome!). After that first month I went and just did ad hoc orders of what I liked or thought I'd like to try. I haven't regretting it one bit and the two extra free weeks have come in handy over the months as a buffer when shipping at Medifast had issues (like heavy winter storm that shut down part of Maryland)...

Comment #3

I did exactly as KikiB did. I wasn't sure I'd even stick to this diet - I wasn't really in the mindset when I joined, but have found this is an easy plan for me. I ordered 2 weeks worth (10 boxes) and I chose what I wanted for the simple reason there a lot of things on the plan I KNOW I don't like - like oatmeal and eggs. So I only ordered what I thought I might eat. I will tell you if you like Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies ORDER THE CHOCOLATE MINT CRUNCH BAR. It is amazingly similar.

Also, be prepared for the soups. They really need to be made in advance. If you order soups, I would suggest you make a couple immediately after getting your order. Here's what I do... I make them in the small ZipLoc Take Along container for liquid. I put the soup mix, a little boullion (sp) - chicken for the chicken soups, beef for chili and beef stew - and water in the container, stir and microwave for 1 minute, put the lid on and refrigerate (you'll have to let it cool first if you use any other plastic container as the lid will explode off from the steam).

They are pretty gross if you don't make them in advance!.

Sorry...I know you didn't ask for all that, guess I got on a roll..

Comment #4

I did the same thing as MT_Cup - ordered the variety pack at first to figure out what I did and did not like. The only thing that I really could do without are the soups and the oatmeals. Like MT_Cup, I also have extra on hand just in case shipping is delayed (esp. being west coast). Now those oatmeals and soups are my back ups. Love love love the bars (almost too much, you should see Tracy's thread "I broke down") the shakes and the brownies.

I like have the occasional all shake/drink day just to get myself out of a slump - makes me appreciate chewing!..

Comment #5

I ordered the 4 week variety pack as my first order as well. I will choose what I like for my next order now that Ive seen what I do and dont like....

Comment #6

Hi and welcome! I remember how excited I was to get going too! You're gonna love MF!.

I ordered the variety pack for the first month since I didn't know what I would like or not like. Plus, I wasn't sure if this was the diet for me. So I have it a month. After that first month, I switched to picking my own food. By then I knew what I liked and didn't and also, wanted to try other things that didn't come in the variety pack..

I would suggest joining the VIP membership since you get the free food and shipping and then once that is fulfilled, canceling that and going thru the site with $50 coupons. That has worked for me..

Comment #7

I picked and chose for my first order and am VERY glad I did that. There were a lot of foods in the variety pack I don't even like in "normal" food, so I knew I wouldn't want to be eating the Medifast version during one of the most challenging times of the program.

Every month I still do a very custom order, and I'll usually add one or two new items to try if there is something I've been wondering about. I'd rather KNOW I'm going to have a supply of things I can tolerate than have to force things down.

I am not someone who needs a lot of variety though...

Comment #8

I, too, just ordered a few things. Like juddybugger said, everyone's tastes are different. And like janeinak mentioned, there were things I knew I wouldn't care for. I've read comments from people who absolutely love something that I thought was only put on the menu to deter me from ever trying to eat anything again (and vice versa)..

It is best to learn what you do like and stick to those items. You're much more likely to stay on the plan when you're eating stuff you like (rather than dread) to grab from the pantry (or wherever)..

Good luck to you!.


Comment #9

I picked my own foods from the start. Knew I would not like peach oatmeal as well as some of the other stuff. 20 boxes will be 28 days of food. I wanted to commit seriously for a month and knew I could only do it with food that sounded good to start with. Now I still pick my own but have branched out. You can order one or two packages if you call in your order.

If you like things, place your next order early so you dont run out...

Comment #10

I got the variety pack as well. Not knowing what I would like and not like. For subsequent orders I ordered by box of items I liked. I still have a box from the variety pack (chicken noodle soup). I made it again the other day and glad I kept it. Tasted much better than first time.

At that's the thing too - you'll start to notice your taste buds changing over time and what you intially liked you may tire of and what you didn't like at first you start to like. Although, that said I think I'll always love the Mint bars. They rock...

Comment #11

Did the same as a lot of others here...ordered a two week variety pack, tried a bunch; also the boards are helpful - I tried to get things I hadn't seen a lot of people complain about OR doctor up in order to choke down....

I also order a case of the ready-to-drink shakes b/c I operated without a blender for the first couple of weeks, and I HATED the grittiness of the shakes. Now I have the healthmate blender, and that makes a huge difference!.

Softserve and brownies and (cold) hot cocoa really do it for me!..

Comment #12

My health coach is a friend.......although we haven't seen each other in at least two years! Anyway, while talking on the phone, she placed the order for me.....taking into consideration what she liked/didn't like.... as a guide. The only thing I have received that I didn't like much is the cappucino. I will try to use it up when cold weather strikes......if it ever does!!..

Comment #13

I ordered the Variety Pack for my first 2 orders. I'm not picky so all the packets were fine for me. Then I branched out, didn't order the Variety pack, but ordered some of the snacks and more bars. Each month I had something different. Like everyone has already said, it's all a matter of finding what you like. You can also do what I do and trade with someone if there's something you've ordered and don't like.

Haven't tried that. Hope that helps! Sheryl..

Comment #14

I ordered the variety pack the first month and then choose what I specifically wanted and added a few new things to try for the next month. For the pancakes and soft serve, I just ordered one packet to see if I liked them. I just placed my third order and am trying a few new things and getting more of what I have found I like...

Comment #15

I went through the options with my health coach and picked what I wanted the first time, and then after that I've done all my own ordering on the website. There are certain flavors I know I just don't care for, so why risk spending the money and then not wanting to eat parts of the order?.

Good luck!..

Comment #16

WOW! You all are so great to answer so quickly!!.

SORRY but I have one more it worth it to pay the $10 to expedite the order??.

Again, thanks so much for all your comments and suggestions!!!..

Comment #17

I certainly don't think so. The expediting only gets you expedited processing, not expedited shipping. That means it may get out of the warehouse a day earlier but it's not effecting the amount of time it takes UPS.

I've never had processing take more than two days to begin with so I wouldn't bother with it...

Comment #18

I did like many others above and ordered the two-week variety pack. I'm not a picky eater (thus the need for MF), and I've liked almost everything. Subsequent orders I choose what I like. I also had a friend who's doing MF, and she gave me a couple samples to try. I find the food good, and I'm in no hurry to transition off...

Comment #19

No, it's not. It does mean express shipment. All it means is Medifast will try to process your order faster. Not worth the money IMHO...

Comment #20

Welcome! I skipped the variety pack approach as well! Since everything is new, I didn't want to risk being discouraged by getting a box of food that I did not like! So, here are my personal favs:.

1. Chocomint Crunch I'm sooo sorry I didn't order it sooner! Most excellent!.

2. Caramel Bar, PB Bar, Oatmeal Rasin Bar.

3. Orange and Choc shakes.

4. Beef stew and chicken noodle and wild rice soups. For all soups, I usually add broth and additional protein (stolen from my L&G). For the beef stew, I'll also throw in an extra green bean or two if there are some leftovers. I always make almost a week's worth at a time then just heat and serve!.

I ordered one box of plain oatmeal because it appeared that there might possibly be recipes I could make with it. To date, every recipe I have tried is a new experience in vileness! LOL!..

Comment #21

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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