Ordering Medifast early - it takes 2 weeks!

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I placed an order 13 days ago and it's now scheduled to be delivered today. 13 days. That has to be a record! It's not like it went through a seriously snowy area-it went from Easton, MD to Laurel, MD to Portland, OR to Tualatin, OR back to Portland, OR where I live. Jeez-I know there was Thanksgiving in the middle of all this but this is pretty silly. Thankfully this is an extra order of hot coco, puffs, and lattes-stuff I wanted to try out and also to stock up in case the weather gets bad... or it takes 13 days for my next order to get here!!..

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I'm in Seattle and I expect it will take 2 weeks for an order to get to me. This time it did take all of that...

Comment #1

Crazy! How frustrating for you! On a brighter note, I ordered yesterday and just got shipment notification today. Of course, I don't have my next Medifast order yet, so we'll see, but happy they got it out so fast...

Comment #2

Most of the time it takes about a week to get to me. I don't expect the 3 day shipping stories that I hear from others will ever happen to me because of the distance from MD to OR, but I did want to warn people of the 2 week thing. It can be so hard to stay on plan with a well stocked Medifast cabinet, but REALLY hard when we run out of food!..

Comment #3

I'm in the same boat, was supposed to get processed the 24th now going to be tomorrow....if it doesn't get dropped again. They messed up my automatic order somehow and it never got processed. Had to do a whole new order....ugh...

Comment #4

So hate me now... but SO FAR, knocking on wood... if I order early in the morning my box arrives the next day.... NICE!!!!!! I am getting ready to place my order again....

I thought I saw a blueberry shake, and now I cannot find it... am I crazy?..

Comment #5

I placed an order in the afternoon 11/24 and received it 11/30 in the afternoon... except that 4 boxes of food were missing from it. Called customer service and they took care of it. They said it will be 7-10 days before I receive the missing items...

Comment #6

I think the blueberry shake is an antioxident shake...

Comment #7

Hmm. I wonder if it was due to Thanksgiving (seems crazy)? I ordered my last shipment on 11/117 or so and it arrived 11/24 (I'm in Beaverton so it did I guess the same route as you, Sassy). I understand slow shipping during Christmas time but for Pete's sake, who's shipping at Thanksgiving? I'll remember to order my next month a week or so early.

Thanks for the tip!..

Comment #8

I always get mine quickly (I'm in Virginia) but this time of the year could make things take longer. I should go ahead and get it done. I have a ton of food because a friend of mine who bought a lot and then couldn't do the program because of her kidneys, gave me a bunch of her stuff, but I still like to have pretzels and chocolate mint bars around and I'm getting low on those. Thanks for the reminder!..

Comment #9

I'm in upstate NY and I get mine superfast. Two days each time so far (three orders)..

Comment #10

You lucky east coasters get yours quickly! Still order early (maybe a week?) during the Christmas season and winter..

Comment #11

When I looked at the travel history of my shipment, it moved out the evening of 11/24 and then sat in Baltimore until moving again on 11/29. I was surprised that UPS didn't move anything for the entire Thanksgiving weekend. I would have thought they would have had the trucks on the road over the weekend moving packages across the country...

Comment #12

Here's a hint that I don't believe is against TOS. Sorry if I'm wrong about that. If you order (from the West Coast) from TSFL, it comes much quicker. I'm in Oregon. I always count on ten days (Thanksgiving is what interferred in OP I believe because Friday was a holiday and they don't deliver on Weekends) from Medifast website. It comes in less than 7 from TSFL because it seems to always originate from Colorado instead of MD. Personally, I just always order early because inclement weather is always going to hamper deliveries...

Comment #13

I ordered through TSFL and it cam no faster or slower than when I ordered from Medifast directly 7 days, without fail, from CT to AZ.

ETA: If at all possible, keep at least 2 weeks of food on hand at all times. That way you'll never run low...

Comment #14

Yes, I am specifically speaking of Oregon and Washington. Seems to be about 4 days faster because of where it starts. Odd that you don't get yours faster from TSFL since you are right next door to Colorado.

Who knows..all I know is it doesn't really make a difference to me because I am used to dealing with UPS and the such and it simply is what it is. I keep a huge amount on hand so my choices are never low. I am also famous for doing little orders to keep my favorites well stocked. If I don't, I become a hoarder of my favorites..and now you know a little something odd about me...

Comment #15

Thanks for posting this. Not more than 15 min ago I moved my order back 10 days since I still have a bunch...but just to be safe, I moved it back up. It's a busy time of year for packages!!..

Comment #16

TSFL or Medifast - All my orders have always come from Delaware!..

Comment #17

I am in Mass. I ordered my food on Friday and it was here today. I always get my shipment in less than 1 week.

I did order the new pretzels. I have not tried them yet. Maybe tonight...

Comment #18

Okay Dee that is even weirder. All my TSFL orders have come from Colorado. Good thing we don't really have to figure all this out. All we have to do is order, receive, open, put away and enjoy...

Comment #19

It will probably slow way down after the first of the year too when all the "New Year's Resolutions" kick in..


Comment #20

I live in Denver, CO and have gotten my orders pretty quick from MD. Expedited processing is great if you are running low..

1st order: Ordered on a Wednesday, arrived in 7 days.

2nd order: (Paid for expedited processing) Ordered on a Tuesday, arrived in 3 days.

3rd order: Ordered on a Saturday, arrived in 5 days..

Comment #21

In a panic now! I'm going to be cutting it very close on my next order and may run out of food. My daughter had a "financial emergency" and mom (that would be ME!) cleared her account out to help fix it. (She's very responsible and this is NOT a regular thing, just bad mojo circumstances.) Anyway I can't order 'til next week. I may run out of MF. I'll have to think ahead and just make wise choices if it happens. What have others done in these types of 'tragedies?' (..and yes, that is VERY tongue-in-cheek! If living without Medifast meals for a couple days is the worst that happens to me, then I am TRULY BLESSED!)..

Comment #22

Mary Lynn, Oh..I too have been the victim of helping my daughter out of a financial scrape or two. I think the Nutritionists have posted a few times about what to do in that kind of situation. I will go look to see if I can find it. Low fat Greek yogurt rings a bell...

Comment #23

I haven't been able to afford to keep 2 weeks in the cupboard as back up but this most recent order is the start of that...

Comment #24

I talked to customer support after my 1st order and they said if you are running low, you can do 4/2. Luckily my doctor sells a product very close to Medifast - so if I ever ran out of MF, I have a back up...

Comment #25

Slw....thanks! If you can find it, great! Otherwise, I will scour the boards later. Happy Hump-day to all...Smiles!..

Comment #26

This isn't exactly what I was looking for, but It gave me an idea. Maybe you should call them and get some ideas.

Default Re: emergency! forgot my food.

I might recommend for the day do a slightly different plan. Follow something that consists of 3-4 Medifast meals and 2 full lean and green meals. Since you have had one Medifast meal already you just need to have 2-3 more when you get home. I would recommend having a lean and green meal at lunch today. If you need to you can have an approved snack as well. If you have any questions please call us at 1-800-509-1281...

Comment #27

I think I remember something like if you're totally out to eat 3 L & G. Anyone remember this??..

Comment #28

Thanks for the heads up! My husband is just going to love me for spending another two to three hundred dollars right before Christmas on myself. Hopefully having a thinner wife is worth it?..

Comment #29

That makes sense because it would keep you in Ketosis. That's what is important, so 3 leans and low carb greens would do it. I know there is something about the Greek yogurt that qualifies too, but I don't remember the details...

Comment #30

Thanks everyone.....I'll give them a call and let y'all know the verdict...

Comment #31

Well this is my "weird" story. I placed my order on 11/29. Got shipping confirmation email today but the money hasn't been taken out of my account and when you click on the tracking link it tells me it doesn't exist. Kinda starting to freak out!..

Comment #32

Sooner, that sounds very odd. I would call them first thing tomorrow. Was it the shipping confirmation or the one that says the order has been received, but hasn't shipped yet?..

Comment #33

Just looked again...the money still hasn't been taken from my account. But Fed-ex now shows the box being picked up and in transit. Weird-o. All I care is that I get my Medifast food...before I run out next week! :-)..

Comment #34

Yes, that's exactly right. Eat several smaller L&Gs, and maybe some yogurt. Eat throughout the day and just keep the carbs down so you stay in ketosis...

Comment #35

Never any need to freak out about this. They report the tracking numbers to you/FedEx before the packages are picked up by MF. They don't appear with a delivery estimate in the FedEx system until FedEx actually has the package, gets it back to the mothership, and gets the scans uploaded. So it's usually a day later...

Comment #36

Here it is from NS:.

"Keep in mind, the following tip is for a not-so-ideal situation, but may be helpful in keeping your weight stable or minimizing a gain. The goal is to keep you in the fat-burning state by limiting your carbohydrate intake, but still ensuring youre getting adequate calories. If you have no access to your meals, have 3 smaller lean & green meals (4-5oz of meat and the full vegetable portion) and 1 serving of a fat-free dairy (skim milk or yogurt.)"..

Comment #37

UPS was closed both Thursday and Friday due to Thanksgiving. Which means for West Coasters that what would normally be a 7 day transit time would then be 9 days. Add a delay of a day or 2 for snow in the Midwest, and yep, 10-12 days just like that..

Try - maybe someone very near to you is dumping their stash and you can drive to pick it up and save some $$$ while you're at it...

Comment #38

Here it is from NS:.

"Keep in mind, the following tip is for a not-so-ideal situation, but may be helpful in keeping your weight stable or minimizing a gain. The goal is to keep you in the fat-burning state by limiting your carbohydrate intake, but still ensuring youre getting adequate calories. If you have no access to your meals, have 3 smaller lean & green meals (4-5oz of meat and the full vegetable portion) and 1 serving of a fat-free dairy (skim milk or yogurt.)".

Thanks for finding that Freya! 'preciate it!..

Comment #39

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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