On Nutrisystem what is the points value.......?

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Quick question: On Nutrisystem what is the points value.......? Thanks for any answer. Another quick question... It was just DH and I so I really was not tempted to go off plan. How did everyone else do?..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer to that question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I got an decent answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably can help you..

Comment #1

Two pieces of cheese, three crackers, a turkey meatball slider, black bean salad, and veggies. Feeling pretty darned good..

Things that were there that I didn't eat - chips and guacamole, pepperoni, tortillas, ground beef for tacos, chicken fingers...

Comment #2

Not the best but not as bad as I normally would have been. Feeling pretty ok with my choices but back on the horse today!..

Comment #3

I worked out and burned 1,000 calories, went shopping for new clothes (size 4/6 - woohoo), and then went to the bar and had 5 beers! It was a great day and my food selections were good, but not perfect. However, the workouts made up for my slight deviations...

Comment #4

OK, I confess. I had 4 hot wings (baked not fried), 2 little smokies, a teaspoon full of the 7 layer dip on 3 baked scoops chips, and mounds of free veggies without dip. I still enjoyed the ads... I mean the game..

Comment #5

I had one of my best days since I started 2 weeks ago. I stuck to myNutrisystementrees and dessert, plus dairy and veggies. We usually dine out after church, but I went straight home to myNutrisystemlunch entree. My husband stopped at BK. He ate 2 Whoppers, BK Onion Rings with zesty sauce, and a large coke. Then he had 2 Little Debbie cakes during the SB.

The scales said 1.5 pounds lighter this a.m. than yesterday!..

Comment #6

Wow, Doc, what a story!!! Good for you and keep up the good work!..

Comment #7

I had my brother and a mutual friend over, and we made tacos. Used very lean ground beef, used much less of the taco seasoning than called for, had whole grain taco shells, and whole wheat pita pockets, and all the fixings, including lowfat sour cream and fat free refried beans. I replaced myNutrisystemsupper with my "taco party" meal, and had 3 tacos along with lots of the lettuce and tomato thrown in (and beside!). I then gave everyone aNutrisystempeppermint patty for dessertthey wanted more but I said no! Everybody was happy! My brother watches his weight and the friend has a heart condition. I "force" the friend to eat healthy at my house..LOL!..

Comment #8

I did ok - I didn't eat poorly during the game. I brought a yogurt and some veggies. After my morning run though, we went out to breakfast and I tried to order within the guidelines but when I got home and was able to look up what I had eaten, it was about 200 calories more than I thought. Blah. I will give myself some leeway as I did burn 1500 or so during the workout...

Comment #9

You all have been so good!!!.

Honestly I haven't. I had two huge slices of cheese pizza with salad and apple tarte for dessert. and it was goooooood. My scale this morning told me 2lbs more, and it will take me at least a week to loose them but it was worth it..

Comment #10

I made the mozzerella stix and jalapeno poppers that have been going around here and they were pretty good! also I made some veggie "fries" and that that with fat free sour cream onion dip- so so lol. for dinner had chili made with turkey meat n veggies and some chz on top! I forgot my ns dessert so I had two chips ahoy cookies hehe- I would usually eat like 4 or 5 so that is a victory in itself..

Comment #11

Still in my first week of NS. We went out on the boat yesterday afternoon & I could smell all of the barbecues going on! Brought a lunch bar and a baggie of sliced red peppers, carrots and celery. My bathing suit was a not so friendly reminder of why I am here in the first place! Keeping motivated....

Comment #12

I was bad. The Hubs made chips, home made quacamole and queso, wings, little smokies. I didn't gorge on any one thing, but I did make myself a plate, then backed away. I don't think it was too bad, but the salt alone made me puff up some thing terrible this morning. Putting off my weigh in till Tuesday. Drinking water now like it's going out of style...haha..

Comment #13

Stuck with nutrisystem during the big game and worked out before!!!.

The time has come for change for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!..

Comment #14

I did fine, not a football fan so no parties for me!..

Comment #15

Hmmmm - you all have done so GOOD! I admit to going off plan during the Super Bowl, however ~ quite differently than ANY year prior so I will claim a small victory. The scale rewarded me with only a .4 lb gain this morning, most likely water due to the increased sodium content (crossing fingers!)..

Comment #16

We stayed home, and it was just me and my fiancee. I ate my normal stuff, while he had some wings and potato skins. I skipped having a beer with the game, opting for water and soy milk..

If we had gone out (or had the Bears been playing), I think it would be a different story!..

Comment #17

I am so impressed with how well everyone did. Even people who did not stay on plan went off plan in a controlled and thought-out way, or else woke up this morning and got right back on plan or said they learned a lesson from it. If you learn from it, that is also a success. So I would say hooray for everyone...

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