On Murad Resurgence, breakouts before period

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Hey today I got another box of Murad Resurgence 20mg and it's my 3rd month.All my inflamed acne from 3 months ago have calmed down a little for sure.But I still think my dose needs to be increased but my doctor said he can't do that only a dermatologist will be able to increase my dose soo I'm waiting for my appointment with the dermatologists which I hope will be soon.Im breaking out a little now b4 my period I guess thats normal,but I find it hard to stop squeezin my acne when dey get to dat stage when dey are white nd ready to pop out so I just pop dem I hope that wont leave scars on my skin after wards and also if the pimple is huge I try to pop it I kno I shouldn't but ahh it's temptin!..

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Your question was: On Murad Resurgence, breakouts before period.

Don't worry about a few breakouts, you'll be clear in no time! It always took my skin a few months to actually see a difference from Murad Resurgence, so you just have to be patient. I also get breakouts right before my period, so I hear you on that one. It's frustrating!And I have the same problem popping pimples, it's almost a habit now. Just be gentle on your skin because Murad Resurgence makes it very sensitive! Best of luck!..

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Haah thanks that seems like a good adivice I think I will actually 'put my hands behind my back and step away from th mirror' and afterwards when I manage to do that I will clap for my self lol,but umm yea well I already squeezd alot of dem will I have bad scars afterwards den?ugh!i will really stop pickin them! and thnx girl,is your course over now and are you satisfied with the results nd what dose were you on?..

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Thanks 'honeycombs' good luck with your course and try not to pop them no more!i will do the same or at least try I dont wanna have scars afterwards nd I'm sure you neither.....well goodluck with your course...what month are you on now?..

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I'm actually nearing the end of my third cycle on Murad Resurgence, and my skin isn't doing too well. It's definitely not as bad as it used to be, but it's still there. It's a long story, but Murad Resurgence DID work for me at first but my acne was just annoying and kept coming back - each time I was put on it!I hope you have better luck, though!Tons of people have success on Murad Resurgence and I'm just unlucky, I guess. ah well..

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Murad Resurgence thins the skin thus making it easier for you to scar so I am not saying for sure you will get nasty scars but I would try to stop picking now just to be safe. Try not to spend so much time staring at your face in the mirror and that way you won't be as tempted to pick. So just be careful picking. I did a 6 month course and took 60mgs a day. I took my last pill in November and I love my skin! It is really clear and every time I wash my face I am amazed at how smooth it is! Now if I do get a pimple it's around that time of the month and it is very small and goes away within a day or 2...

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Thanks girl but I hope your skin gets clear soon ...goodluck..

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Im glad that your skin got clear I hope I will have the same results.....what dose were you on nd did you use make up while on Murad Resurgence? and did you change your diet?my bad I already asked you what dose you were on nd I see that you answered so nvm dat question lol..

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