On, when one is putting together a website, ...?

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Hi everyone, quick 1st question: On, when one is putting together a website, ...?.

My 2nd question is: Sales of .Mobi are going through the roof, but mobile phone giant Nokia planned to launch "Ovi", Internet services gateway on .Com extension.


Conventional wisdom on Industry standard says the backing of industry leaders is necessary,that will follow with the market adaptation.

Anyone agree with me? or you guys beg to differ?.


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Your question was: On, when one is putting together a website, ...?.

Please guys. Don't compare .mobi with .com at is in a bubble right now and the prices are grossly inflated..

How can you compare an extension that has 15 years of mass usage and marketing behind it with a 2 year old extension?.

Thats saying that is more valuable than GE...

Comment #1

Even as a large .mobi investor... I'd have to agree. Paying 1000k for a couple names that receive no traffic in an extension that is still very much speculative is a gigantic risk... Too bad someone with so much money wasn't better informed on domaining... Think about how many LLL.coms that could buy..

Comment #2

You think there are still people who believe this ?

Comment #3

It was a joke but yes I think some still have hope..

Comment #4

Honestly... I can't imagine how anyone ever thought that... I like .mobi and all and do think it'll have some long term established value, but equal or greater than .com?!?..

Comment #5

On PC's com will rule..

On mobiles.......?.

That largely depends on industry, which largely depends on the .Mobi backers, which are largely.......


Someone said that at least some of Nokia's new phones come with a Nokia-owned .mobi home page. Add ++.

If "Ovi", Internet services gateway is a mobile app (you did not say, only "internet"),.

Then Minus.

If it is intended for PCs, then it should be on .Com.

Registrant NameNStination, Inc..

Nokia does not appear to own it.

Give them at least one minus for that...

Comment #6

The backers are nokia, but Nokia also seems to be developing a next gen browser (

The backers are also Microsoft, who have no .mobi website.

The major problem I see with .mobi is that all advertising will need to be overhauled to advertise the .mobi instead of the .com. This is not only very expensive, it can also lead to consumer confusion. Most people will still type in .com even when they know a site is on .mobi.....

Comment #7

I think if .mobi is to prosper we need to see big companies backing it. The .tv extension is being backed by TNT which is a major tv station among other tv channels that have this extension. If companies are not willing to take the risk then the extension will just be all hype (my opinion). If nokia were to take the .mobi extension I could see this extension catching on with other big companies.

I like the IDEA of .mobi. Dont like where it's going though...

Comment #8

Here are - honest to Goodness - the last three REAL LIFE advertisements (other than "" in a teeny small statement flyer insert) that I've heard (or seen) regarding the "Mobile Web", IMHO.





Major industries (especially those that are internet-based), by and large, are supportive of their respective mobile evolution on their existing domains / platforms / brands (which, if you think about it for a second, makes perfect sense from a consistent branding / loyalty / trustmark perspective)!.

Just my two sense. It's definitely an interesting topic for professional discussion purposes, and I agree ... I guess time will tell ...

Happy Holidays!.


Comment #9

...and you find this to be 'consistant branding' and not confusing to the average surfer as to what is a 'standard way' to find one's/anyone's 'mobile' site??.

How retorical, ...never mind......

Comment #10

I cannot see a reason why anyone would even need to 'find' a company's mobile site..

All the folks I know just type in the .com address. Its for them, which then takes them to the Yahoo mobile site. They don't have to worry about remembering or typing in the type in and thats it.

Hawkeye, you'll agree that promoting the .mobi by every .com site out there will require major rebranding? For a dozen years, it's been .com, and suddenly when you have a new extension being advertised, it's bound to leave the average Joe confused. Not to mention that the rebranding will be excessively expensive..

Comment #11

There absolutely are. I am not one of them..

Comment #12

Sasha, you're hung up on the notation that every company 'has' their name in dot com, that .com is the 'only' extension, that every .com resolves to a useful site and not someone's park page, and that everyone in the world will have an iphone type of phone in the next 2 years!!! It will be a minimum of 2-4 years before a uniformed technology is 'possibly made' for all to use to surf 'normally' and at least 3-5 years before iphone type of phones are affordable to everyone!!, and not just the fortunate few who can afford them prior. And these are minimum time frames. 3 billion mobile users is a lot of high-tech phones to get out to the masses in 5 years. Using a .mobi extension is 'optional' to those that want to use it alternatively to their current extension for branding purposes, and also a viable one to newer users, and for those that want to be known as mobile sites only! Just because Ford and GM were the 'norm' and dominant leaders in selling cars in the US for 50+ years, didn't/doesn't mean that a new player(s) with the same product wouldn't come into their industry and compete hand in hand with them. Ala Toyota, Honda, BMW, etc. Too many of you are caught up in the thinking that there is a 'war' between .com and .mobi.

Mobi is just a branding extension saying that the site is mobile compliant, and for those who don't have, or won't have, a high tech phone immediately. ( it appears all these domainers that don't care for the extension 'will have' one, but don't, for some reason!!) Kinda like .info, was 'supposed to be' for information sites, but didn't play out that way, and is still in use...

Comment #13

It's a good point.

With over a year for everyone to watch the MOBI TLD develop, it's becoming clear the .MOBI has it's place, but it's a TLD suited for companies that are MOBI-only. OVI by Nokia is a multi-platform social network, intended to be viewed on PC as well as mobile devices. So why would they not go with a .COM? That's what the public knows and understands already.

This is the biggest problem with MOBI that nobody wants to talk about. It's supposed to solve the problem of "where's the mobile version located?", but you can't be assured that the same company that runs is the same one you'll get when you type in The consistency is not there and it's an uphill battle trying to change the public's perception about mobile sites.

I was fortunate enough to grab early on to have it when I was ready to develop a site for mobile users, but what if it wasn't available? Would it be worth it to buy out the squatter when is free and does the same thing? I wouldn't be surprised if Nokia does end up buying from the current owner for a large sum of money. But I would be surprised if they actually promoted it instead of advertising the .COM and using browser redirection capabilities.

This is not a rant against .MOBI. MOBI has it's place and purpose, just like .ORG, .KIDS.US, and .NAME do. Smart people will continue to make money reselling .MOBI's. But the domainer's dream of it becoming the single answer for the mobile sites are fading with each passing month.



Comment #14

Hawkeye, I'm not even talking of generic .mobis right now. I'm talking of company names.,,, etc. A visitor to Microsoft will still go to the .com, simply because he wouldn't even know that a .mobi exists (and even if he knew, he would find an unresolved page).

People don't change their habits. They'll continue to type in the .com of a company name on their mobile phones. When the search engines became so prominent, everyone said that it was the death of type-in traffic. But that hasn't changed. Type-in traffic is still as strong...

Comment #15

Sasha, if .mobi becomes a norm standard, I guess they'll have to do the same thing when they wanted the .com version - pay for it, or sue for it! I don't have the answer for how everyone will or won't look for a company on a mobile device. I don't have the answer for how people will surf 'now' for readable and seeable sites. I don't have the answers on whether companies will use 'm.' or 'mobile.' or '/mobile' or whatever other combo one wants to come up with. I'm just a domainer who has speculated on the .mobi extension. If you need 'definite answers' on what will or won't happen in the HostGator world before you accept, agree, speculate etc., on any part of it, then you may need to find a tarrot card forum (or a HostGator blogger!), that knows those answers. I've speculated on it, like I have on any HostGator I've boughten, and seeing the momentum it's generated so far, both in businesses having adapted it (be it redirect or not) moreso than 'any new' extension that has come out, and seeing the sales of .mobis at current, I'm not unsatisfied with my investments.

Kinda like that niche. As they say - "No Guts, No Glory!"..

Comment #16

True, Hawkeye, investing in .mobi made sense 6 months ago when you could find good names for cheap. Not now. The market is too inflated. Anyone buying .mobi names now is throwing away his money...

Comment #17

...not necessarily. I just picked up, and TruckLoan(s).mobi all for under $30. I think I can 'at least' double my money on least!..

Comment #18

I'm talking major one word names with a much bigger profit margin..something like

Comment #19


I think that this browser says it all. Son-of-a.; and to think I recently added 12 more .mobis to my portfolio against my better judgment...

Comment #20

Very True....RJ.

1. Rebranding is very expensive.

2. Every mobile device need to connect to the is just the internet gateway, cracking that .mobi niche will surely have backfire from the .com incumbents.

3. New extensions have made some impacts ie. dot TV extension. few media companies have at least backed it and using it as their official website .... why they've been sucessful?????.

Because all they're trying to do is "Change their Identity" NOT "Disputing the current standard" ...

No new device,no new gateway,no new function and no new orders.... only identity have changed.

I would prefer, .com sites with multi-platform accessibility like language options in many sites..... l.


Comment #21

One thing going against .mobi too: lack of domainer acceptance!.

Most tend to overlook this fact, but domainers and domainer owned websites form an important portion of the internet. And .mobi does not have 100% domainer has complete domainer support...

Comment #22

Sorry if this is off topic:.

This is not true. A sidekick ID is only $50 with 2 year contract and the data plan is only $20 month. This is cheaper than owning a razr which half the people in the world own. And yes the sidekick ID can do a lot of the same things an iPhone can do. My opinion .mobis have there place just not in the realm of where the .coms sit...

Comment #23

Hmm.. I see what you're saying. Nothing has 100% domainer support but I wouldn't go that far as listing that as a negative against MOBI. Compared to TLD's like .EU and .PRO, maybe even .US, .MOBI has a lot more domainers championing it.. and probably a lot more that vehemently dislike it.

But without the support it has from the domainer community, the MOBI TLD would be even more obscure than it is. The press-release worthy sales at TRAFFIC and Sedo and non-stop discussion around domainer forums definitely keeps MOBI in the public eye.


Comment #24

This is one thing playing against it too: .mobi is hated more than any other, .us, .pro might not have too much domainer support, but at least they aren't hated as is hated by many, including the biggies Frank, Sahar, etc.

And the comparison here is with .com, not .pro.

I wouldn't be exaggerating if I said that .com has 99% domainer support, maybe even 100%...

Comment #25

Hell guy - you've got a short memory! Most of your questions have been answered over at dnf in the past few days.

Remember you saying that .mobi won't take off because of branding/advertising would cost too much, or be confusing to mere mortals? Then do you remember the picture I posted?.

Had you forgotten that, or just thought you'd come somewhere else to find a new audience to spew your hatred on?.

Ah yes, the 'biggies' - what would you do if all your eggs were in the .com basket? If you were approaching the time where a sell-off was looking pretty attractive, and then this new extension comes in crashing the party - grabbing the headlines - that's right - you'd do exactly what they are doing, I know I would. Going public with their achievements, trying to dampen the mobi fire. Don't see them do that with .tv, .us, .anything else, do you? You know why? It's because those other extensions aren't a threat. Trouble with this kind of defence, is that they are actually stoking the fire, rather than putting it out.

Domainers hating an extension could help it fail? That just goes to show how little you understand. Should I tell you what stops extensions from thriving, same as any other product - indifference.

Ever heard of Marmite? It's a truly disgusting (IMO), treacly spread that people put on toast. Half the population love it, half hate it, but it's been thriving for decades and everyone knows what it is (in the UK - don't know if it's sold elsewhere). If noone gave a toss about it, it would have died soon after it was launched.

Now if the number of threads in the the .us and .tv areas start to go through the roof, and people are arguing about their pros and cons - it's time to start buying!..

Comment #26

Marmite and .mobi is a funny analogy, I wondered about that myself. The only problem is a .mobi website is serving up marmite to everybody not just marmite lovers and no developer is going to write off 50% of their customers.

As far as I can make out alot of domainers thought .mobi sounded lame when it launched and thought the mobile internet championing was spurious because mobile browsers would soon be able to convert standard .com sites to smaller screen resolution.

.mobi then kicked butt on the aftermarket even though the raison d'etre for it's existence got shakier and shakier, so people who wrote it off initially hated it even more because what was happening was illogical from their viewpoint.

I protected my best .coms by preordering .mobis and I'm glad I did but I still think it's a busted flush long term because the word "MOBI" doesn't meaning anything and when people start using the Internet on handheld devices more actively I think they will go to their favourite .com sites because that's what they are used to.

Alternative extensions that don't mean anything will struggle because they aren't natural brands for a wide range of keywords.,, are all great but I don't get the logic for,, The keywords don't go with the extension.

I have always preferred .info and more recently the virgin snow of .pro because they these extension have international meaning. People use the Internet to find out information and anybody selling something or doing something wants to be a Pro at it...

Comment #27

50% ? .

Do you know a lot of websites that have 50% mobile visitors ? .

I checked my logs and I have around 1%....

OK Reuters or CNN should have a more significant percentage (CNN uses anyway).

Let's look at some of the big 'backers' indeed:. => redirect. => not resolving. => not resolving.

Granted, it's not all of them but the least one could say is that they are not leading by example.

They want us to buy into their hype ? .

Industry backing does not always overcome consumer resistance... other standards have already failed in the past because they were shunned by the consumers..

To be honest there is more support and enthusiam for the ext here at NP than from the backers themselves..

Comment #28

You have to look at new trends and not be stuck in the past. To think that .com will rule forever as the number 1 tld is very naive. It's hard to see something knocking it off the throne right now but give it time. Nothing lasts forever including .com.

BTW, a few industry heavy weights will not make or break a new tld. They are against .mobi because it can and will take away traffic and value to their .com portfolios...

Comment #29

Come on Kate. Google, Microsoft, Dell, IBM, don't really matter. As long as mobi lovers can hype up every .mobi to have ever been created, .mobi will sell to folks like Alvaro for 600k. Heck, even I was swept away with the hype for a moment and thought about investing in .mobi seriously. But when I learned that the hype was created mostly by heavy mobi investors, I had to back off...

Comment #30

Profit is profit..

And yes, some people are pumping this extension until the cows come home...

Really sad when someone invests on "fake hype" that kind of money... I'd normally laugh it off and say it serves a noob right for investing without doing proper research beforehand (like some postings in the HostGator Appraisal section), but not when we're talking about that kind of money...

Some people are putting their life savings in .mobi, and I believe that's a big mistake.

.mobi might pay off... But it's certainly not worth risking your life savings on... Nowhere near that guaranteed to succeed....

Comment #31

Exactly. Not end users or big investors. Who knows .mobi might catch on but not likely without the backing of huge companies. Like .tv has by many tv stations i.e. TNT and MTV...

Comment #32

Amazing how many little roaches run around showing their ignorance....

First, everyone break out their web-enabled phones.

Don't go to your PC. For those that don't have web-enabled phones...go buy one, or stop moaning.

Question: Do you know that Nokia has launched and promoted 5 .mobi mobile websites during the last 10 months? NONE of them redirect from a web-enabled phone.

Here are Nokia's .mobi sites:.




4.) - By the way..this dotMobi site arrives preloaded as the default in several NOKIA phones in Europe.

5.) - Contrary to what homebuyer wants you to believe, it does not redirect....use your phone, it stays

Don't listen to me or the Mobiphobic Mob.

Do your own homework.

Research, make phone calls, dig, listen, send emails...

Knowledge is power...there is an abundance of advancements with respect to the dotMobi namespace...some things presently seen, others hidden from plainview, and more we will see as time unfolds....

The market is speaking. Some don't want to listen.


Comment #33

Exactly. Agreed, and I'll take the my public lumps from time to time from the few most aggressive .MOBI Fanatics ... but I do very much worry for the new and newer members - obviously, and especially, here on our beloved #1 Namepros, IMHO. mTLD and those very, very few - this is an extremely narrow band of Usual Suspect investors - that got in early, in some form or fashion, with generic / "keyword" types of domains need to stay on the offensive, the hype, in order to protect their investments IMHO.

I also feel that keeping the HostGator name discussions lively and at the forefront (again, think of the new and newer users both registering and potentially purchasing .MOBI's in the aftermarket), embracing the not-really-so-newsworthy "press releases", pumping the non-End user and, at times, unverified "sales" at Traffic & Sedo, and massive lack of substantial developments and corporate usage (and their general denial and unacceptance that mobile technologies are moving fast ahead forward without .MOBI) IS, again to protect those early, early investments, the main A.G.E.N.D.A.

By now and definitely in early 2008, thankfully, most can and will be able to clearly discern between this aggressive hype ... and hard reality!.

Happy Holidays!.


Comment #34

Careful of getting baited Boca. We know where these things lead to. These are the same ones that will haunt you with spam 'Do you want to sell' emails, should it become mainstream or more popular than they 'think' it will be.

..and of course 'he' will show up...

Comment #35

I've sent out two (2) spam "Do you want to sell email" this year... I wish all informed .mobi investors all the best. But everyone should be entitled to both sides of the story... And when every single questioning of .mobi (which has far less traction and precedent than LLLL.coms) ends in flame wars, people eventually stop questioning .mobi and everything in the forum appears to be all rosey...

Again, nothing wrong with investing in .mobi... But everyone should be entitled to hear both sides of the story and unfortunately most newcomers have been denied that opportunity...

Comment #36

I still don't see the relevance of a .mobi extension when all it takes is a few lines of code to detect the incoming browser and if it's a mobile browser, to serve the correct format - from a .com based site. Less work, easier to oversee and track. Voila' - done.

Apple's iPhone hasn't done the .mobi extension any favors, the new smartphones have big enough screens to discredit the minimalistic site build of .mobi sites and to make matter worse for this extension, when i'm fumbling on a mini keyboard, i'm happy to type the shortest extension possible. Is one letter going to make a difference? Not at once, but in the long run, most definitely..

And all this leaves the branding, positioning and reputation of .mobi to still be discussed as it's practically non-existing at this time..

Granted, Nokia has some .mobi projects, but in the grand scheme, they have to- simply because their main market segment are cell phones. Most other companies that have diversity in their products are not using .mobi or redirect..

And as SDINC already pointed out: This is a heavy indication of how well this extension is perceived by the power players.

In all is not, nor has it ever been a threat. It's an extension that's largely promoted by domainers while the industry doesn't really take notice and purely secures their domains in various extensions to avoid squatting. see SDINC's comment.

Don't get me wrong, i'm not slandering .mobi as it has validity for some investors, i'm just afraid that this will be/is an extension that's not going anywhere but down in the coming months/years.


Comment #37

....and 'how' have they been denied this?? Maybe because every other thread here in the discussion forum on .mobi been removed, and put in the mobi subsection with a "Mobi discussions are for the Mobi Subsection" notation!?..

Comment #38

Who? Who has put their life savings into .mobi? Can you point to anyone who has done that?.

As for Jeff with his "but I do very much worry for the new and newer members " - Jeezus man, I've seen some of the .mobis you reg'd - it's you that needs the help. If they are representative of what you think a good name is, you've got the wrong hobby! Wow....even you, eh - the ultimate HostGator investor..

Comment #39

How can you say no big companies are backing .mobi? Endless companies have regged their name in mobi and are using it. Here are some examples...

Bank of America.





Just to name a few, but the list is lengthy...

Comment #40

Call me naive then, because there's nothing indicating that .COM is trending the opposite direction. To the contrary, every new TLD that is released only makes .COM stronger. This is unlikely to change within our lifetime, but what any of this has to do with MOBI is beyond me. That's a myth.

How can MOBI take away traffic from COM portfolios? That would be like a McDonald's in Madrid taking customer's away from a McDonald's in New York. They serve two completely different markets. Who knows, but some people are highly defensive about their MOBI investments. What does that indicate?.

Back to the OT. MOBI is one of several options for mobile-designed sites. It's as valid as any other. Nokia uses it on for their moble-only site (makes sense) and not on (makes sense). We don't need to over-analyze it.


Comment #41

I am not saying you are naive because .com might decline. It is more so that people seem to have this belief that .com can never be anything but number one when talking about the internet. I tend to believe that anything is possible and things do change over extended periods of time.

Now, how can mobi take away from .com traffic? It is very simple. If I am out and want info on chocolate, I can theoretically go to to find what I need. Therefore, it was not necessary for me to access If these domains are owned by different individuals then the .com has lost traffic. This sort of thing will not cripple .com but could happen on a large scale if .mobi becomes mainstream.

Also, mobi and .com are about the internet in one form or another. It is not really two different markets because the internet is still the internet whether it is accessed from your pc, mobile, or whatever...

Comment #42

No gtld has ever "become mainstream" other than dotcom... I'd peg 10-15% of the general population in Manitoba (where I live) have heard of even .net. As for .mobi? Only the ones I've told...

I agree with RJ 100%. Maybe .mobi forms a little niche of it's own like .org has done quite nicely, but much like .org, I don't see .mobi doing any damage to dotcom's domainance anytime soon...

Comment #43

Sure nothing has become mainstream and that is because all other tlds are used through the pc not the mobile. It's a whole different ball game with .mobi and that is why it is unique beyond all other tlds...

Comment #44

That's precisely what those most invested in this extension want you to believe and exactly the opposite of what any seasoned domainer will tell you although they own dotcoms, so they have a vested interest they're trying to protect..

Comment #45

Speaking for myself, it really has nothing to do with what someone wants me to believe. My feeling about .mobi is all about where I see the future heading and what I believe the public will adopt. It is sort of like picking a winning stock before it goes bigtime...

Comment #46

I put my life savings into mobi...actually even more than that, several times - and at this point I have about completely broke-even sitting on 850+ mobi domains... most of them from landrush and the days shortly after.

No risk no reward.........

However, I think it's a different game now... this is not landrush.

I dont recommend stockpiling .mobi's bought on the aftermarket for thousands of dollars and having no plan.. also dont recommend registering thousands of .mobi's at this point without doing your homework.

Another thing I dont recommend is listening to anyone in particular... including me.. if you are new - read read read all the forums for a few MONTHS and take everything with a grain of salt.

And about dotmobi vs dotcom...

This would be awesome if true, but I think the .mobi TLD is cool by itself... my gut feeling is that in the future there will be tons of new emerging companies that serve *mobile users* with things that are unique to people on-the-go and that the .mobi TLD will fit this niche nicely.. along with and and everything else people choose to use.

It is not really all about "standards".... there is a simpler side to this here.. although that would be just plain awesome if the .mobi TLD was widely recognized like that someday.


Comment #47

Interesting that these things are still being discussed today. That means that the future of the extension is not clear yet, and that it is still a gamble to invest in it... Surprising considering the number of registrations. I will wait to see what happens next year.

What would be nice is that .mobi goes through a recession of sorts, the registration fee is cut, and domainers drop their good names at rock-bottom price in panic... Then I can build myself a nice little portfolio and suddenly the world understands the need for a dedicated mobile extension (hopefully that wouldn't be .me) and resale price goes up again!.

One can dream..

Comment #48

I'm sure people once thought there would be nothing better than radio for entertainment, or trains for cross-country travel. Those things were each toppled by something better, namely planes and television. Is .COM vulnerable in the same way?.

Perhaps, but it's not likely to happen anytime soon. It would be like Coca-Cola losing it's place as the number one soft drink Worldwide. Coke has 100 years branding behind it, billions in advertising spent, and millions of distributors with long term contracts signed. It would take a major consumer revolt against the product to change anything. The situation is similar with .COM.

If .COM is Coke, .MOBI is Red Bull. It's good in small doses and has plenty of fans that like it. There's money to be made by it's distributors, but not a real contender to .COM because it serves a different niche.


Comment #49

And surely, people when using mobile phones will go to their desired site dot mobi just to find out another parked page by a domainer.

On a whole perspective, .mobi can come up as a niche, and serve such as .org just as somebody told this. but this is still not sure, and sales prices going beyond .org or .net prices is indicative about the hype.

I wish everybody who invested in .mobi a nice ROI, but I think .mobi will be settled down as a valid extention or not in minimum 3 - 5 years...

Comment #50

Interesting analogy RJ, and a little moreso to me I guess because I do drink Red Bull, a lot!, and have cut way back on my Cokes, which I love, to control weight gain. I think a better analogy though is 800 phone prefixes. When they ran out/short they came up with 877, and then 866. They provide the same service, just that one has been around longer and is more known and most companies would probably prefer to have 800 in their phone number. But the average user doesn't care if it's 800, 877, 866, or 8-whatever as long as it accomplishes the same thing, which is to reach somebody/business they want at no cost to them! They accept it and adapt to it. It's what works best, is simple and the easiest way for those that use it, not those that sell it!..

Comment #51

We are analyzing a child-actor backstage, can we all wait until the curtain is at least raised? the expectations for the present do not make sense...

How hard is it to see that .mobi is destined for greatness. who?.

.mobi when?.

Can't say - soon I hope where?.

All over the world why?.

Mobile is backed and used collectively by over 500 top world companies; mobile is going beyond crazy (locally, socially and globally); the names of mobile companies/sites using mobi; and the pc being seen as old-world (yup, I said it); .mobi will offer solutions and will be a trustmark for positive mobile experience... is being branded every minute imo. how? (example 1).

Say a member of sns gets hooked to a social mobi site and starts looking at home on their pc to continue conversations with their friends (or dare I say their mobile still while brother jim is on the pc, or, hmm, they don't have a pc, or the mobile user just learned to like the feel of their mobile better), maybe a .mobi expanding to the big pc screen will become a regular place to visit at home..then .com marketshare goes down a little. wow!..

Comment #52

Why are you forgetting that a layman does not even know what a .mobi extension is....I have been making websites since 2001 and have been involved in web development since then. It was not till early january in 2006 I realised that there is a market for domains as well. If you just take a look at an average asian they only know 4 , .net , .org and and .net pretty obvious , .org becase they maybe working for an organization and .info for it being cheapest all the time...

Comment #53

So.., then why .asia, .tel, .biz, any country extension, etc. etc?? I'm even willing to bet that once .asia comes out no one will have heard of it either, other than that it's a continent! Doesn't mean it won't get sold, developed, used, and maybe even advertised! There's really no need for 30+ manufacturers of cars either, but there are cars for everyone's taste, needs, affordablility etc.

This can be debated forever and so many ways to suit everyones opinion! It's really about what each domainers interests are as a domainer. Whatever extension they want to play with, it's about making money! Now, or in the future! We each play our own way, and hedge our own bets, and all hope for the best! But I've got to say that those that deride those that invest in 'any' extension, are the insecure and short sighted ones, and the true 'losers' in the end...

Comment #54

I'm sorry, but how do you get to what you wrote above, from what I wrote below?..

Comment #55

Country extentions? They are used in their respective country and in many places it is stronger than any gtld.

And I don't care if there will be some domainer to domainer sales in .asia too. That will not proove anything. The internet relies on websites, websites that are run by so called end users, not domainers are the core of the internet. If there will be some great end user sales in .mobi, now that would be great instead...

Comment #56

On the 'hate' factor... I would guess the strong feelings come from people who think more like webmasters than domainers... I am both. I have been designing websites since the early days (1996 or so). Being somewhat of a web geek I get the point when Tim Berners-Lee talks about device independent web..

That being said most webdesigners (or the average layman) have no clue when it comes to concepts such as browser-agnostic design, liquid layout or advanced content negotiation techniques... but when you do it's clear that the whole mobi scheme is not convincing at all from a technical point of view and preys upon the ignorant. That is precisely why the whole mobi concept is alien to me.

Now playing the devil's advocate: I see both encouraging trends but there are also some disturbing facts that should not be overlooked. Nonetheless the .mobi 'market' looks as volatile as Worldcom stocks to me.

Question: do the mobi backers have any tricks up their sleeves to convince the end users of the need to confuse their visitors/customers with another extension, taking into account that:.

A. mobile-friendly websites have been around for a long time already, using established gTLDs/ccTLDs.

B. mobile devices such as the iphone/Opera mini devices can render non-optimized websites.

C. let's not forget market share. It's all about the market. As Rick would put it, the market decides..

Right now the market for mobile is tiny. Yes I know, 'mobile gonna be huge', no doubt one day it will. When mobile catches up to the real Web- not the other way round..

My point being: mobile Internet has little weight today and I pretty much doubt any .mobi 'impetus' is going to make a big difference overnight (or even happen). I can only see the ext. stagnate into oblivion like .biz or .whatever...

Honestly it's going to take serious industry 'backing' for mobi to work - much more than we have witnessed so far. My verdict: another stillborn TLD. RIP .mobi..

Comment #57

They're as strong as they're known, and it's that simple. Dotcom got somehow 'tied' to the U.S. as the extension, and that is why '.us' is hardly used here in the states. Again, if they aren't as well known,they only get used as they are known about. The same arguement of 'they've heard of .com, but not ...', can be found to be true the majority of the time with any extension 'anywhere' too. And why have a cctld, when you can have the .com??? As is often heard in naysay land. It works all ways...

Comment #58

^ Thank you for the very technical, enlightening, and thorough analysis, Kate!.

Rep. being added momentarily.

In the spirit of Christmas, I think we all can agree ... this, and from a HIGHLY notable industry "backer" (though this "backing", like the others, is still very much undefined) - is a MAJOR impediment to the credibility of the .MOBI extension:.

Secondly, again at this joyous time of year ... continued absence of developments of the premium auctioned .MOBI domains at Traffic & Sedo are, to put it mildly, increasingly problematic for the credibility of mTLD and the future viability of the extension and it's "ecosystem" IMHO.

Lastly, and Happy New Year to all, the abandoned RFP process - which was to "level the playing field" for acquisition of aforementioned premium .MOBI domains for developers - led to the current crisis (borne from GREED) at mTLD / Sedo, as well ... in my view.

Of course, we'll know much more by April 1 Fool's Day, 2008!.

Just my two sense and Merry Christmas!.


Comment #59

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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