OK SO...Is anyone on that sells HOSTING? (I CAN PAYPAL ASAP!!) I was all signed up for GODADDY?

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My first question is: OK SO...Is anyone on that sells HOSTING? (I CAN PAYPAL ASAP!!) I was all signed up for GODADDY?.

My next question is: We had a few opinions on this in a previous thread - it'd be nice to have the Namepros common wisdom on this.

I'd like to know: what you think is the best Sedo pricing strategy?.

There's a poll above.

Are the best returns by:.

Pricing low (i.e. setting the price to the minimum amount, and inviting interest that way)?.

Pricing high (i.e. close to the maximum amount)?.

Pricing close to the market (eg. close to an equivalent previous sale price)?.

...a little higher than sales prices (room to move).

...a little lower than sales prices (negotiate after you have their interest).

Or no offer - "make an offer"?..

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Your question was: OK SO...Is anyone on that sells HOSTING? (I CAN PAYPAL ASAP!!) I was all signed up for GODADDY?.

I set all mine at make an offer, too. However, I have not had an offer in quite some time. So take my opinion with a grain of salt...

Comment #1

I like putting my names at a little lower than wholesale value, then starting an auction upon receiving an offer that's close to wholesale value...

Comment #2

I'm not sure what would be the best strategy because out of my 300+ domains listed at sedo I've only ever received two offers. Both were an insult and were politely rejected.

This thread should reveal some useful tips for me and others though, so thanks for getting it started.

At present I have most of my domains as "Make an offer"..

Comment #3

I use a mix of strategies - things are so slow on Sedo that there is no telling what is working. Domains that I think are great long-term investments I price very high, fixed price. Sort of saying "end users only". Stuff I am thinking about dropping I price well under the market, also fixed price. Stuff I am not sure what it is worth I use make offer.

I would not send domains to auction in most cases - low to mid quality domains are not likely to get bids and you risk losing the buyer you have. That would anger many buyers. You can lower prices, but never raise them once negotiations have begun. The only exception I know is if you also give them something extra...

Comment #4

I keep it at make offer-.

When I get an offer, I respond saying in he comments-.

Thank you for your offer- the bin for the name is XXXX, but I would be happy to push it to auction for XXX.

This way, they know where I am at, and they know up front that at a certain dollar amount, it will go to auction, and they are not surprised- they are actually sending it, should they bid the amount I stated-..

Comment #5

So many different opinions on this one. personally I don't give decent offers to names I see as "make an offer", as I think I might be offering way more (or way less) than they're willing to accept. pretty much that's the case with my "make an offer" names - little quality offers..

When I posted the poll I voted for "accurate pricing", then "lower than wholesale" won me over, now I see accentnepal's point about that pissing owners off.

His comment about differing strategies for differing names might be getting us closer to resolution here..

The whole thing reminds me a bit of bricks and mortar real estate. if HostGator raider calls in, i'd love to hear his thoughts on that one.....

Comment #6

Well, "make an offer" is miles out in front at this point.

Just a minor thought I had - uploading a list last night.

Adding a price, say under $300/ $1000 gets your name in one of two more categories - visible to people searching "Bargain Domains (under $300)", and "Bargain Domains ($300 - $1000)".

With so many "lost" names, and a lack of a "browse 'make an offer'" section... adding such prices must increase your chances of eyes on your names over "make an offer"?..

Comment #7

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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