Ok, let me rephrase this question about Nutrisystem...?

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First question I got is Ok, let me rephrase this question about Nutrisystem...? Thanks for any answer or 2. My other question... Hey guys ive seen alot of posts on alcohol. That beers have alot of calories and it makes your go off track..

But doesnt vodka have 0 calories?.

I dont drink too much, about once a month..

But I was wondering if I took about 10 vodka shots throughout the night, would it affect my weight loss at all..

I can control myself when I'm drunk so I wont be going of the plan at all..

I just dont see how 10 vodka shots, but staying on the plan will lead to slower weight loss? unless vodka has calories and I drink everyday..


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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer to your question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I find an anything. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could give you help..

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It averages about 60 cals a shot for starters..

I'll address the rest of the post in a few.....

Comment #2

1.5 ounce shot of vodka at 80 proof has 100 calories. At 100 proof a shot has 124 calories..

Comment #3

Another possible problem after 10 shots would be a "coyote morning.".

In case you never had one, it's when you wake up next to a chick so ugly you chew your arm off to keep from waking her..

At least thats what I have heard...

Comment #4

WHERE did you hear that vodka has no calories! I want to live in that world - I love vodka! LOL..

Comment #5

So, let's see:.

Depending on the vodka (or the source for the calories), 10 shots = 640 to 1000 of empty calories (not even discussing the other possible effects)..

NutriSystem (depending on amount to lose and plan) = 1200-1800 of nutritious, well-planned and portioned calories per day..

NutriSystem = approximately $500/month (with food and add-ins)..

Just sayin'..

Comment #6

I can just hear someone in a bar now saying "awww, c' has 0 calories. It won't make you fat!!".

Vodka is made from fermented foods like grains and potatoes. So, yes, it's gonna have calories...

Comment #7

Not the first time this saying ZERO calories has come up, tho. I've seen people post about ALL kinds of liquor having ZERO calories (vodka, gin, rum, etc.). One gal tried to say the Diet Coke and Rum was zero everything.....

Comment #8

Deer Park on the rocks...really good zero calorie drink...

Comment #9

Yeah, that was my philosophy for a LONG time - that if you drink a diet coke with foods like pizza, it subtracts calories! Guess that didn't work! LOL..

Comment #10

We've all seen it, right?.

Can I have a Big Mac, large fries, apple pie and ummm...uhh...a LARGE diet coke...

Comment #11

Hey, gruszka, don't leave us hanging here. Where did you get that info about vodka having ZERO calories? Inquiring minds, y'know...

Comment #12

I did hear an interview recently where Bette Midler told Joey Bahar that clear colored hard liquor converts/digests better for you than wine or beer and so she sticks with Gin, I believe. I can't remember. Heck I could be completely wrong! It may have even been Liza Manelli on the Larry King show for all I know! But I heard something like that at some point! Honest! Maybe OP heard the same interview. LOL..

Comment #13

My favorite part of the post....

Weight loss would not be my challenge in this scenario.....

Comment #14

I'm sorry, but 10 shots in one night is just plain stupid!!!..

Comment #15

I'm loving this thread.

I also want to live in the world where vodka is calorie free...and agree that 10 shots of any booze is gonna have SOME kind of effect on you somewhere along the course of the evening.


Comment #16

I can't read vision got blurry just thinking of 10 shots!!.

My (non-sanctioned) advice - if you like vodka, order a martini up with two olives and a side of ice. Drink slowly, adding ice which makes the drink last longer and helps with the dehydration. Eat the olives and count them as your dinner fat for the evening..

You get to drink, you add 100 or fewer calories, you don't get stinking drunk and you have the olives to munch on which helps keep you away from those bar peanuts or chips.....

Added bonus - martini looks classy. shots look umm.... less classy...

Comment #17

Is your armNutrisystemFriendly????? I'd like to stay on plan...

Comment #18

Not likin' the visual this post brought on......


Comment #19

Actually, for many of us, 10 shots would eventually have zero calories because I'm pretty sure I'd end up vomiting for about a day afterwards. Ugh..

No thanks...

Comment #20

Oh boy.....

I'd lose weight if I had 10 shots of anything. I'd be puking my guts out for 3 days...

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