Nutritoinal Values PDF for Medifast SF DaVinci Syrup?

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Nutritional Values PDF for SF DaVinci Syrups.

Hi All -.

I am a HUGE fan of Sugar Free DaVinci Syrup. I use it daily with Medifast foods and even as a treat in crushed ice - think sno cone. Also add it into my water sometimes. I pride myself on my collection..

As some of you may know already, if you read the label on the SF Davinci Syrup the amount in a serving is usually zero carbs and zero calories in most cases. However, if you:.

1) start to use more than a serving a day.

2) tend to not measure the amount of SF Davinci Syrup.

3) make more quantites of something at one time.

You may find the attached PDF helpful. I called the company directly today and they were nice enough to provide it to me. Check out the carbs/cals/sodium. All the SF flavors they make are in this document..



Comments (8)

You are the best best best!! I have totally been researching this lately too because I will have 2 Tbsp in coffee, shakes, etc... I started noticing on days I had several "servings" my losses were lower (ever the micro-manager of carb intake now that I'm close to goal) so I was wondering why a packet of splenda was 1 carb on the myplan section but the SF syrups were zero... I have started logging 2 Tbsp as a packet of splenda instead..

Although I see on this pdf it would take 1/2 a cup to equal one carb for the day.. geeze I know I use alot of it but I doubt I use 1/2 a cup a day. hahahaha! Ohhh wait.. I see now that they are different with different flavors.. hummm I might have to start customizing my flavor preference based on carb impact! haha!.

Thanks for the information, my mind has spent alot of time, reading and researching on the topic of Davinci Syrups lately!..

Comment #1

Glad to help. I admit to abusing DaVinci serving sizes. Everything else I do 100% OP by the book. It's the only semi off plan thing I do. A splash here, a splash here. My guess..

I wanted to track it more closely to see if it was having any impact on my weight loss or fluid retention from the sodium content. I too decided to micro manage my condiment choices even at this early stage. I'm kind of a numbers geek anyway.

Looking at the PDF it is not awful but if you are trying to get into optimal range 80-85 or work on at least having your week avg out to 80-85 it's worth a gander. Also if you are running close to any sort of calorie limits it is worth a look too. Not all flavors are created equal either.

My sodium intake is not that bad at all but for some reason every morning for the last week I'm finding my hands are really swollen. I thought maybe it was b/c of the SF syrup but I doubt it...

Comment #2

Interesting!! Thanks so much for posting!.

(I'm not overly doing any of them, just a level capful in some of my shakes but that would be no more than once daily. Still good to know what is what.).


Comment #3

Thank you so much for the pdf. I love the syrups, too. Especially in shakes and muffins. Now I can make more informed choices on flavours, etc., to go along with a commitment to track my foods...

Comment #4

Am I the only one that thinks that chart looks a little off? 2 calories for 100 g (I have no idea what that is in ML) and ZERO calories and an additional .5 carb in 1/2 cup????..

Comment #5

FYI, 100 gm = 3.5 oz; This chart is very handy!..

Comment #6

100g = ~3.5 oz for water. For other fluids, not really. Especially for syrups where they are much much heavier than water...

Comment #7

Maybe I will bring a bottle to work and use my electronic balance to calculate the density of the syrup. I think that I'll measure the mass in increments of volume increasing by 10 mL...

Comment #8

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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