Nutrisystem... yes or no? What is your opinion?

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First off, Nutrisystem... yes or no? What is your opinion? Hoping for any comment. My 2nd question... Good morning, Gutter dwellers! I just have to say that the way the Gutter and BYOB Nutrisystem peeps came together to rally around our sick Donkey friend has blown me away. Y'all are an incredible group of people and I consider myself lucky to have you all as friends..

Annie - Take care of yourself, sweetie! Keeping those positive thoughts and vibes coming your way..

So mates, what's your plan for taking care of you this week? Is it watching what you eat? Getting more exercise? Taking more time for yourself? All of the above? And what can your Nutrisystem friends do to help?.

Take care of you this week! Now get moving!..

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Good question... I dunno what is the right answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I find an answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably can help you..

Comment #1

Hope Annie (and everyone else) gets and stays healthy!.

My plan for taking care of me this week is to try to avoid any more shoveling..

I just found out that my nephew is also in the hospital with bleeding problems - his platelet count, which should be over 150, is under 5...

Comment #2

Hey Gutter,.

Hope to be posting more in a couple of weeks when back on day shift..

Hoping for Annie to get better..


Comment #3

Vicki you are a fantastic ring leader a great glue who keeps us all connected..

As many of you know I am not really all that sociable and I easily slip away..

I have found so many great people and friends and you help me look after myself..

So thanks to all of you for that. The best bunch of losers a girl could ask for..

Get well Annie!!..

Comment #4

Ya'll make me laugh and help keep me sane. SO what I do for me is come into the Gutter. Ya'll are wonderful, loving caring and thoughtful people. I can tell you anything and don't have to worry about being judged. Maybe well needed 2x4'ded but never judged lol. You all are the best, This week...Not sure what I'll do for myself, a couple of ideas popped up...

Comment #5

Y'all are the bestest peeps and love ya all bunches!!.

Let me say I was totally confused popping on this am and seeing the new thread, think Vicki is REALLY looking forward to the weekend..

It is only Friday, isn't it??.

What am I doing this week for me? All of the above!..

Comment #6

Sally prayers for your nephew and keep us all updated!.

What is happening with your mom's situation?..

Comment #7

Soooo do tell, what are these ideas?? You gonna come run up and see ME, right??..

Comment #8

I don't know what the hll day it is anymore so the new thread made me think it's Saturday too!.

That's ok. Vicki can post a new thread whenever she feels like it! Maybe she's just keeping us on our toes!..

Comment #9

Thank you Beth..

So far, no change with Mom, so this weekend I will be drafting a letter to everyone I have names and addresses for up the food chain from the caseworker, "cc"ing governor, congressional and state reps and Indianapolis Star. That may not help either, but it will make me feel better, and one thing I did learn in law school was how to string words together well...

Comment #10

I had a donkey sighting, so popped over to check her post..

I don't know many of you well, but I've seen, and enjoyed, posts from all of you. This really is a special board, and the people on this thread are a huge part of the reason why. I don't post here much, but I do lurk quite often..

Feel better, donkey! Thanks for always making me smile..

As to what I'm going to do for me this week? Continue on 100% so Vicki doesn't come after me with her infamous 2 x 4!.

{{{{{{GUTTER}}}}}} y'all really are a very special group!..

Comment #11

Hi Mimi <waving>!!.

Come visit often, and POST.

, the more the merrier, and we won't bite well errr most of us won't!..

Comment #12

Annie how was the 3am draw? Did Jacob protect you?..

Comment #13

ARGH!! Go get 'em Sally and sorry they are just incompetent..

How is mom handling all this?? That is what is so wrong with everything that has been going on, all the stress that poor woman is under...

Comment #14

Great important theme. Take care of YOU this week! Health is so important..

WHEN I get out of here I am going to be even more vigilant about my health..

And on another note, this really is a fantastic bunch of motivators. The gutter is a "happy" place. To this day I never know what I'll read here. And eye rolling is exercise!..

Comment #15

+1000000000000 and typing and ROTFLing are also great wos!..

Comment #16

I havent heard yet. But I am slightly optimistic that it's after 7 and I am not getting blood. They were waking me back up at 5 the past 2 days to prep me for blood. So that didnt happen today. Maybe it's a good sign?.

I did sleep fairly well. Think I got at least 7 broken up. I had a couple mild symptoms ( fever and cough) that seem to have passed...

Comment #17

I noticed it yesterday when the outlook reminder about the new thread popped up reminding me to take care of it today...

Comment #18

I think you are the only one that caught it!.

I certainly didn't!..

Comment #19

+1 (And I'm not just saying that cuz my sisters are over there!)..

Comment #20

I've dated threads in the past and future, mispelled words in the title and in the intro. Usually means I need sleep, coffee, or both...

Comment #21

Speaking of which how is your cough?? After talking to ds1 last night, he just started that which means (since I got this dern thing from him) that I know what I am looking forward to!..

Comment #22

I'm thinking of switching to thrusdays for the start date since I keep forgetting on fridays...

Comment #23

Christian just got 2 Steelers sleepers from my stepmom and the Polamalu jersey from me so we are all ready for the Super Bowl!! We are heading up there to watch with them!..

Comment #24

I need em! I am getting extra flabby and untoned. I have been doing some leg exercises from bed. I am thinking about pulling out the slinky today. I might be ready!..

Comment #25

We definately need pics of the slinky could make MILLIONS!!!..

Comment #26

Cough is still hanging in there. And IDK WTH happened, but I look like a friggin chipmunk this am. My face is all puffed up and I'm up 6 lbs!..

Comment #27

WTH?? are you ok? Other than looking like a chipmunk??..

Comment #28

Doesnt sound good. Maybe you should hit a medexpress today...

Comment #29

I feel fine other than needing more sleep and coffee..

Probably from the soup and 1/2 sandwich I had for dinner last night. Salt overload..

My fingers look like sausages and the wrinkles under my eyes aren't wrinkly anymore...

Comment #30

Speaking of which I need to go get ready <sigh>..

Comment #31

Although my day has already started off GREAT thanks to an Annie visit this am!!.

Will BBL..

Comment #32

Awwww, if some of the hot guys in this room aren't at least gonna nibble, what's the incentive for me to post here?.

Seriously, I can't keep up with all your fast fingers..

Lol you're too sweet! You bet we're pulling for ya! We love you too!..

Comment #33

Me either! And I've been braless for over a week!..

Comment #34

Prayers for your Nephew Sally! AND for mom!! Jeez poor lady. So happy she has you to fight for her..

LOL I KNEW That was going to get a "rise" out of someone.

I WOULD LOVE TOO!!! Ya know I got to schedule a long weekend for a road trip girly..

HIYA Mimi!!! COME IN and stay a while and chat!! Best thing I ever did!.

LOL Yes it is!.

WOOOOOT On no 7am blood transfusions!!! Hope your feeling better this morning Donkey!.

LOL! comment.

Heheheheh!!! I kept looking at that over and over and couldn't think of a better way to put that!..

Comment #35

Morning Gutter!! Just a quickie post, have to go get ready to go out to breakfast with sister in law and DH. It's one of those things I don't REALLY want to do but feel obligatedNot that I don't like her, she's a sweety. Just kinda wanted to vegg after working four 13 hour shifts in a row this week and DH is on my poop list. AND It's such a PIA to figure out what to eat sometimes..

Ya'll have a great day and will check back in later for a Annie sighting. SMooches!!..

Comment #36

Y'all tried to ditch me, but I found you...

Comment #37

Good Morning Gutterlicious Peeps!.

Welcome Mimi, pop in, post, and stay awhile..

Annie, keeping fingers & toes crossed for you in hope of some good news today...

Comment #38

It must be obvious lol with all the popping up and rising comments! All you gutter gals in here his morning and just me... Something had to give..

Comment #39

Hi Mimi nice to meet you! I never nibble someone that I don't know.... But hmmm now that we have been introduced ......

Comment #40

Bethhhh Mmmm my day is looking up.

Good morning Muffin.

How's you?..

Comment #41

I blow up too when I have too much sodium. LOL on the chipmunk pic. He's a cutie!! Sometimes I can't even get my rings off..

I'm better now that you called me Muffin..

I'm kinda dragging today. 4.5 hours of sleep leaves me oh so tired. Bags under my eyes are NOT attractive...

Comment #42

Since this song's the weekly thread am I to assume you must like it too Vicki? LOL.


Comment #43

You're looking mighty yummy yourself there dude! Happy Friday!..

Comment #44

I Really REALLY R E A L L Y hope you all have a great time watching your team...

Comment #45

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