Nutrisystem? What are the number of points you are allowed under the Maintenance plan?

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First question I have is Nutrisystem? What are the number of points you are allowed under the Maintenance plan? Looking forward for any response. Another question I got... A couple of years ago we had a very active thread for Low Thyroid Issue. Its no longer active. But I was hoping we could start another thread for us HYPO's. I find myself needing encouragement every day.

And often we encounter people that don't understand our thyroid issues..

I just thought it would be good for us to have a place to be accountable, to motivate and encourage each other, and laugh & cry through our thyroid issues & learning to eat healthy portions on Nutrisystem..

I have been on Nutrisystem since 3/2008.

And lost 67 pounds. My goal over the past year was to still eat Nutrisystem & flex and try to maintain the weight loss. I had a huge vacation over the holidays and gained about 20 pounds. (yes for me it comes back quickly.

) So I restarted Nutrisystem December 27th. And the weight is coming back off slowly..

I have been hypothyroid for about 28 years and that in itself is a daily struggle..

I would love to talk with other hypo's ! We are in this together.

Is anyone interested??..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer to that question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I got an useful answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could give you an answer..

Comment #1

Flower, I'm taking Armour Thyroid right now, and I get it from my pharmacy here in VA. I started about 9 months or so ago. Have you asked your pharmacy lately about that??..

Comment #2

Hi, I found out I was hypo last year around this time...but I suspect I have been since the birth of my second child 3 years ago. in the meantime, I struggled with so many symptoms and finally, FINALLY they figured out that it was hypothyroidism. fast forward, now they have messed with my dosage (i take generic levothyroxin) but I am still symptomatic although my labs are within range. since the dosage decrease I have gained weight back....i was 143 and now I am 151 and I have done nothing but use nutrisystem..

I am frustrated only because my dosage before made me feel normal and the weight just came off. ( I started at 173 ) now with the new dose - things are just not quite right..

Regardless, thanks for starting this thread. now I know about this armour...does it work better than the synthetic stuff? how do you get your docot to prescribe it to you?..

Comment #3

I do remember there being a shortage for a while on Armour for a while. But like Katie said, check with your local pharmacy again..

I have been taking cytomel & synthroid combo ... I have been feeling awesome for the past year. No more brain fog, no longer tired..

Check with your doctor regardingNutrisystemand soy. You need to take your thyroid med's 1-2 hours before or after your thyroid meds. Don't take your med's with the foods and you wont have any problems. Ask your doctor about it, my doctor was VERY supportive of NS. (some people have posted that they take med's with food...but they are just consistant with taking the meds/food at the same time...just check with your doctor).

Thanks for posting ... It is comforting to know there are other hypos..

Comment #4


Talk to your doctor!! Talk alot !!! I had been feeling very tired all the time, I had my feet hurting & aching and weight loss was a struggle. Around here (Tennessee) armour is not "popular" with the doctors. But my doc was more willing to try a T3/T4 combo with cytomel & synthroid. My dose had to be adjusted several times. For the past year I have been on 10mg cytomel and 112mg synthroid..

Also, at first I was taking generic but after several attempts my doc said I had to take only BRAND medication. (the generics MAY not have enough of the hormone in them as compared to the brand) You may want to consider taking brand only. It cost more but it was worth it to me to feel better..

I take my synthroid at night 2 hours after I have ate dessert (before bed). I actually feel so much better taking it at night. However warning ... cytomel causes insomnia so it has to be taken early in the morning..

Hang in there Amberina ... once you get your med's at the correct dosage and stick withNutrisystem... the weight will come off slowly. Your med's will have to be adjusted. You don't want to be on the wrong dosage because you can become hyperthyroid or a thyroid storm ... these can make you feel worse than hypothyroid...

Comment #5

BTW, I feel really great on the Armour, and my thinning hair is coming back!..

Comment #6

There are a lot of threads/discussions on this. Take a look;..

Comment #7

Hi Nancy,.

Yes there are lots of discussions regarding thyroid and alot of them are older. (I was on those too) My intention was to get some current discussions going and hopefully make some buddys along the way. I like having a thread to check in on everyday. I've seen threads where people are looking for buddies. So I guess I was looking for hypo buddies..

We all need encouragement along the way. Being hypo gives us all something in common. I don't need info regarding my thyroid, but I do need kindred spirits to share this journey with..

Katie: I bought some Hair Skin & Nails from GNC -I really like these. Course nothing helps the thinning hair overnight. I had a bald spot on my left side and it's taken about 2 years for it to thicken up. They are WellbeING be-BEAUTIFUL from GNC. I've tried so many products over the years... I think mostly it takes time..

Comment #8

I am on synthroid & get the generic levothyroxin also. It is tough for me to lose weight at all. I feel like I can just look at food & gain weight without even eating it..

I see that I am not alone. but I have been onNutrisystemfor about 2 weeks & have lost about 9 pounds so far. Not bad. I feel better just seeing the scale going in the right direction...

Comment #9

Kittykat300zx - Nine pounds ~~ awesome ! Nutrisystem is very good. I agree as long as the scales go in the right direction..

We are in this together! Keep posting and checking in..

Comment #10

My doc is sending me to a dermatologist (tomorrow is my appt), and I'm going even though my hair is coming back, just to see what she says. I'll keep that product in mind, so thanks!!..

Comment #11

Let me know what they say - I'm very interested. I have never been to a dermatologist. But I have had a dry spot on my forward since I began NS. I need to make me an appt also...

Comment #12

I am also hypothyroid - was diagnosed with Graves disease when I was 6 years old so it has been 28 years that I have been taking hormones..

I am on generic synthroid/cytomel combo. My doctor said the generics are fine as long as you come in with the right levels - if you switch, you need to be tested to make sure the dose doesn't need to be adjusted..

I just got checked on Monday for my levels so we will see if they have adjust. I probably lost over 20 lbs since my last blood test - we will see if that affects my T3/T4 levels...

Comment #13

I switched to generic thyriod medication to save some money. Big mistake. My levels kept going up to they kept increasing my dosage. (never thought about telling my doc that I had switched). I eventually got up to .250 a day. I went a year in that dosage and then had bloodwork done for some minor surgery and they flipped!! My levels were .00001.

They started backing me down using only brand Synthroid and currently I'm taking .150 a day. I do feel better. I will get retested early next month to see where I am now. My prescriptions now say 'brand only'. My doctor says the issue with the generics is that the hormone level can vary from batch to batch. He says generics are not safe for thyroid meds.

I am tired all the time tho. I need to research this Cytomel. I didn't know there was something that could help that. I thought 'tired' was just part of being hypo. Fascinating what you can learn on the Nutri-Boards..


Comment #14

Hi Ginger & Sue ....

As I was losing weight my doctor said I needed my thyroid levels checked about every 10 - 15 pound lost. She would adjust my dosages as needed. The first year I was losing weight at a steady pace and my med's changed everytime. (that was just me though) You might want to ask your doc about weight loss and how often to have your thyroid checked...

Comment #15

I know that about weight loss changing your med needs. Alas, that wasn't the case for me when mine crashed. I wasn't gaining weight, wasn't losing weight, just staying the same all the year so there was no need for retesting.... so I thought..

I will keep having it checked as I lose weight. Thanks for the reminder...

Comment #16

Good point - I will make sure to get tested at more frequent basis once the weight continues to come off..

Comment #17

Hi - I am so glad I found this thread...I was diagnosed with hypo in October 2010 and have been on the lowest dosage of levothyroxin (generic) change. If anything, I gained more weight without any change in lifestyle. I startedNutrisystem4 1/2 weeks ago, have stuck with the program, and am only down 3 pounds. The last couple of days, my clothes have even felt tighter, so without getting on the scale, I feel as though the weight is coming back on. Very frustrating..

Anyone else out there have the same thing happening? I am so committed to losing the 20-25 pounds, but everytime I see a fellow blogger reporting greater losses at the 1 month mark, I just want to throw up my hands and scream like a toddler!.

Hope to learn more through the good people on this thread!..

Comment #18

Hi group..

I am also hypo. I was diagnosed around October of 2007. I am currently taking Synthroid 137mg. I was on the generic drug in the beginning however it caused me to have bad acne breakouts. I recently had a baby in November and gained way too much weight while pregnant without really any change in my diet. My medication was adjusted but I still put on weight at very fast pace while I was pregnant.

I have lost 32.5 pounds since the end of November 10.5 of them since startingNutrisystemon 1/12/11. I feel like it has been slow going, but any loss is better than a gain...

Comment #19

Katie - if you check in on this thread... what did the derm. say???.

B4slim ... Hang in there!!! Thats exactly the reason I wanted this thread too. It can be very discouraging seeing huge losses and we may gain or lose an ounce. I count every ounce I see. Here is my advice... exactly follow the plan (dont use the free foods for a while - they add up) eat all your food, take your med's 1 hour before or 2 hours after eating and stay busy.

Only weigh once a week or every two weeks. Because we lose slow ... not weighing often kinda clears your mind. Hang in there and keep posting. We all need encouragement!.

Randi ... 10.5 pounds is awesome !! You should give your pointers..

Comment #20

I had oral surgery this past Tuesday ... so I find myself struggling withNutrisystemfoods. (tumors and bone regeneration) So I have to stay on soft foods until tuesday. I do okay with all meals except fruit and dinner. I am thinking about pulling out the blender to blend up the fruit. The dinners I have to take very small bites.

I'll be glad when the oral surgeries and dental work is over. Being hypo is enough to deal with...

Comment #21

Hi! I had to postpone my derm appt til next month, so I'll let you know then. Sorry you're having the oral stuff going on....that will be me soon!..

Comment #22

I got my results back and my TSH is too low. Makes sense with losing the amount of weight I have lost since my last test. So he is changing my prescription and get retested in 6 weeks...

Comment #23

Hi Sandra, Just a quick FYI...Armour is back on the market. I have been on it since approx last May. I agree it is better than Synthroid. You may already be aware but just in case.....

Comment #24

Also wanted to say about the Armour is that my hair loss decreased significantly. The negative sside to Armour is that my insurance does not pay for it; but, that is okay, it is not very expensive and I don't feel tired anymore...

Comment #25

Hello I am not diagnosed as hypothyroid, but I think I may be borderline hypo. I know my metabolism has definitely slowed WAAAYYYY down from what it was in my first 4 decades of life, at least. Everytime I've been tested the docs say that my TSH level is within normal limits, though. However, I read an interesting article a couple of days ago that said that what is considered the normal range for TSH levels has recently been lowered. It used to be .5 to 5000, and is now .3 to 3000, but according to the article, many doctors are unaware of the change, and many labs have not recalibrated to this lower level. So often test results that would now fall into the abnormal range are not being flagged.

My weight loss has been extremely slow despite staying on-plan about 90% of the time. The other 10% is due to vacations and holidays...

Comment #26

I had an appointment with a new doctor yesterday. She came into the room and hadn't looked at my new patient info yet and the first thing she asked me was "Have you had your thyroid checked?" lol I've long suspected I've been hypo - 13+ years, off and on. Right now I exhibit ALL of the common symptoms. All the supposed "home tests" come back positive - temp, iodine..

Doctor's always tell me "You're low, but not low enough". Of course, that's before I discovered that my mother, her mother, and 2 of my aunts have it. One of my aunts even had her thyroid removed. I explained all this to my doctor but she didn't even take down all my symptoms - she was sure just looking at me. She says that if I'm low at all she will try me on the lowest dose..

Now I'm so nervous and worried!..

Comment #27

Pam - dang those vacations & holidays! That did it for me too. We went to Jamaica at Christmas to an all inclusvie resort and it was no holds bar for me!.

Sadly that is true about the doctors. I had gone to an endocrinologist for years and he got to the point he would not listen to me or my symptoms. So I went to a regular MD for some other issues but as it turned out, my other issues where just because I was not on the correct thyroid meds. If you have 2 doctors - ask them both..

You've done very well on your weight loss... you're very close to your goal too...

Comment #28

Diana - dont be nervous or worried!! Sounds like your doc listened and that is GOOD..

You know - no one in my immediate family is hypothyroid. I was the lucky one of the bunch. I do have one cousin and thats all we know of. One of my endo's suspected that my hypo was due to a surgery when I was a teenager..

Best of luck to you ... hope you find out the results soon :=)..

Comment #29

165pcb ... I don't know why armour is not popular here with doc's. I've always asked for it ...but I am thankful for they cytomel...its made a huge difference. I am so glad it's available for everyone now....

Sadly, effective 1/1/11 my insurance stopped covering my thyroid med's brand name. (all I can take .. no generics) But I'll pay the price ... it's worth it to me to feel good...

Comment #30

I discovered that, with the change in the "normal" range for the TSH, I've been on the borderline high as well as high for years now! I wish I had been more proactive about my health re: this and asked the Dr for thyroid meds just to see how I did on them. My sis-in-law is a Dr and she said she would have prescribed me a small dose years ago, and my Dr should have done that. I have had all the symptoms for a long time now..

Have you guys gone to the Mary Shomon site on She has lots of info on thyroid issues, and also has a Facebook page. I have gotten some valuable info there, esp about Armour. My Dr initially prescribed a med (I think Synthroid) and then I found out about Armour. I called the nurse and told her to have him switch me to Armour. Easy! I have felt much better on Armour. I also told the Dr to let me try an increased dose when I didn't think my TSH was low enough. I seem to be doing well now, but I need to have it checked every 3 monthswhich I had to find out for myself...

Comment #31

I was told I had hypothyroidism back in Sept of 2010. I had been working my butt off to lose weight all year and had only managed to go down 5lbs! I was put on synthroid (yay! my insurance pays for the name brand!) and i've noticed that other symptoms have improved. My TSH levels were never *that* high, but were higher than normal...and I think I've finally taken enough blood tests for my Dr to be convinced that I'm on the right dosage..

When I was first put on Synthroid, I did a lot of research on thyroid meds and saw that some people swore by the "natural' medications over the "synthetic" ones...but the more research I did, the more I kept reading that Drs don't prescribe those natural ones because it is hard to garuntee that every pill will have the exact same amount of medication in them. Something along those, maybe that can answer some of the questions about why some meds aren't being prescribed anymore...

Comment #32

Armour is being prescribed acc to Mary Shomon, but the issue with it has been a supply thing from the manufacturer. I haven't read anything recently about it so maybe the issues have been resolved...

Comment #33

Due to hypothyroidism ... does anyone find "eating healthy" a mental challenge as well ??? And if so ... what do you do to combat that??.

I've been onNutrisystemfor so long it's just my eating habits now. However mentally I do struggle because of not losing. (right now I'm still recovering from oral surgery... so I'm not able to exercise)..

Comment #34

Im new to NS, I tried is several years ago and lost about 10 pounds, strayed from trying again due to the food. But this time around it really has changed and so far most of the food is good. Not fantastic, not gourmet, but good. And after having done Medifast for two months, this is a real treat to eat!.

I too am hypothyroid and have been for many many years. Synthroid worked to get blood levels correct but symptoms persisted for years. Finally went to naturapath and prescribed Armour, been better ever since. I take now .75, since they only make .60 and .90, I have to order the .15 and the .60.90 is too much and .60 is not enough. Yes, there was a shortage a few months ago. but now it's back.

I had to take charge and tell them even if on the lower or middle end of normal, I wont feel my best..

Also, those of us with hypo thyroid should look into our adrenal glands, usually they are affected with hypo thyroid is involved. Im looking for a good supplement now. (of course check with your doctor!).

Yep, weight comes on so fast. Been onNutrisystemnow for 7 whole days and lost 5.4 pounds. I went over the daily calorie limit too, every day, trying to adjust, coming off a binge. At night it's the worst, I want to eat sweats! Oy! Anyways, trying hard to follow. I see some areas where I can reduce calories, since I log everything I can easily see where there is room for change or improvement..

Look forward to support here...

Comment #35

Hi All - Glad to see there's a thread for people with thyroid issues/disease. I've been on thyroid for about 15 years. In the past five years I've been pregnant three times, so I've had the dose adjusted several times. It's such a challenge to lose weight, even on this program, and I really feel that my thyroid plays a role in the problem. I'm on the vegetarian program, anyone else on this thread doing the vegetarian program? - Taylor..

Comment #36


I also read about what is the "normal range" and some doctor follow the new guide lines, some not. I mentioned that to my regular doctor on my yearly check up, but he does not believe in it. My GYN does..

First when I diagnosed with Hypo I used Synthroid but for saving money I switched to the generic. I was still in the range, but always complained to my doctor about not able lose weight. He said it is my age. Last year my GYN doctor at my yearly checkup asked me how I feel, I started to complain to her too. I am OK, but hard to lose weight. I am exercising regularly, eating healthy but still does not work.

That helped a little. I feel good, not tired at all. I take my medication first thing in the morning and eat after 2 hours later at work. This seems to work, but this year I have a new medical insurance and for brand name meds I have a $120 copay. That is just so expensive so I shopped around and I got the same thing at Costco for half price..

I am also glad to found this thread. I never heard of Armour before.I will ask about this and do some research. Thanks for the good suggestions..


Comment #37

My Dr called me yesterday (bumped me up to a higher dosage of medication) and she told me she wants my TSH level to be around 1.0 (right now it's at 2.3). So, obviously she is using the new standards. I'm excited to see if it helps anything!..

Comment #38

I'm excited to see this thread! I was diagnosed hypothyroid around 3 years ago and have had meds adjusted a lot. Last Sept. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's. I started out on Armour and I loved it, however, I had to switch to Levoxyl and generic Cytomel when Armour was no longer available. Our insurance refuses to let me have brand name Cytomel even though the doc wrote it name brand only.

I am going to call the pharmacy here today to see if Armour is indeed available again...if so, I am sooo going back on it!.

My weight has been a constant struggle. It seems like no matter how many calories I get or what I eat helps much. I've been onNutrisystemfor about 3 weeks now and have managed to lose 1/2 a measly pound. Anyone else here also have the added pain of being insulin resistant? I am on 2000mg metformin daily and still the weight...doesn't budge! I'd be tempted to pull my hair out in frustration, but I don't have enough left to be able to afford that luxury :/.

NS has kept my blood sugar readings under 100 though...that's good.

...just wish the weight would start coming off like it's supposed to when your blood sugar is stable..

Okay...enough whining lol! Glad to meet everyone! we can be the Musketeers..."All for one and one for all!".

ETA: Called pharmacy and YES they do have Armour again! YAY!!!..

Comment #39

I was diagnosed on 2005 & have been struggling with my weight's like i've been steadily gaining for 6 years..i've been on for 2 weeks now and have lost 10 lbs, first time i've lost since my son was born (sep of 04)..

Comment #40

To the person who buys their drugs out of country - where do you get them from? My sister was taking meds for her thyroid & lost 50 lbs. Her doctor took her off the pills - she gained it all back and he refuses to prescribe her with anything...

Comment #41

Does she know why the Dr took her off?.

I mean, hypothyroidism and thyroid meds are not about weight. Yes, it's a symptom and often the medication helps...but if her TSH levels were normal, then medication shouldn't be necessary. I cant imagine a Dr taking her off her meds if her TSH levels were above average, but I dont know the Dr or your sister..

Maybe she should see another Dr?..

Comment #42

I am also hypo. Now you got me really wondering about those new recommended level has been always over 5 on meds.....maybe I should bring this up? Could this be why I am always cold and heavy?? Might help......

Comment #43

Over 5? I was under the impression that even going by the old standards over 5 was too high. I guess different doctors go by different standards..

Mine says 1.0 is where they want me at...

Comment #44

When I look at my medical provider's site online it says normal range is .5-5.5 and mine was 5.43...hmmmm......

Comment #45

I always go to Mary Shomon's site to get info on Yes, 5 is considered too high now. Here is her info about the TSH test numbers:.


Comment #46

My sister was put on the meds because her levels were off. 2nd test six months later her levels were fine. But she is tired all the time, can't loose weight, I can't remember all her symptoms. I keep telling her to find a different doctor but she listens to her husband who tells her that her doctor is fine...

Comment #47

Hi! I'm hypo as well. I'm on Armor Thyroid and Synthroid, and seem to be under control with those 2. But you are right, the weight loss is SUPER slow. It's weird, about 4 years ago I lost 80 pounds relatively quickly, but I gained about 30 of it back. Now I'm trying to lose a total of 50, and that scale is just not moving. Nice to know there are others in the same boat!..

Comment #48

Hello everyone, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism back in June when my doctor noticed my rapid weight gain. Thyroid cancer has been something of an issue in my family. I hear conflicting information about this being hereditarybut there is a huge concern for me. My young cousin (12) has had his thyroid removed due to cancer and is still in treatment due to the cancer reoccurring in his lungs. I also have an aunt and an uncle who have had their thyroid removed after both being diagnosed with hypo and years of treatment. I am concerned now because my doctor has requested a biopsy after my most recent ultrasound.

I just ordered my first shipment ofNutrisystembut I have been exercising regularly for over a year with a trainer (who is as frustrated as I am at my lack of weight loss). I have a habit of only drinking coffee until dinner and then eating a large meal right before bed, so my goal is to eat more throughout the day and I am depending onNutrisystemsince I just have no time to follow the detailed diet that my trainer has given me...

Comment #49

Just checking in as another low thyroid person (hashi's). I also have fibromyalgia, mitral valve regurgitation, and impaired kidney function. I find I absolutely cannot lose weight on any system unless I also exercise. It's definitely a balancing act. I wear a pedometer and shoot for 10,000 steps per day. I split my exercise into shorter aerobic walks.

I'm closer to 15 minutes on average. But it all adds up..


Comment #50

I'm so glad to see everyone checking !!!.

I had oral surgery and it has kicked my butt! My biopsy came back uncertain... (What The Heck) So now I start a 8 week treatment program. I freakin' dread it!.

Everyone ... stay on the program, get your thyroid to correct dose ... I promise ... you will lose!!! It takes determination and some effort..but it does work. :=)..

Comment #51

Good job kittykT300ZX, 9# WEIGHT LOSS.....

I just restarted a week ago and have lost 4 lbs.....I know it's hard to do with.

The thyroid thing, they have been changing my dose over the last four months so I am glad to start losing again..

Good luck to all!..

Comment #52

I too am on the combination therapy and feel great. I had gained 100lbs and felt seriously depressed before my hypothyroidism was diagnosed. I started on Armour at first, but with the concern over mad cow disease my doctor decided to change to synthroid. When I was finally on a dose that controlled my hypothyroid symtpoms I had increased palpitations that were becoming symptomatic, so he decreased the dose, and some of the symptoms came back..

Fast forward several years... I read a study during medical school about patients on combination therapy doing better than those on monotherapy. I brought this study (it was a very small study) to my doctor, who was resistant at first, but then agreed to try it. I have been on this combination now for about 5 or 6 years and feel really good, and even prescribed it for my patients when I was doing primary care. It is so nice... no fatigue, no dry hair or skin, no constipation..

I suggest that anyone who is still having symptoms or are on the "natural" hormone to ask their doctor about adding cytomel to synthroid to control the symptoms. Just a precaution to those on the "natural" hormone... there is always a risk that the supply can be contaminated, and the doses actually vary from one batch to another. Dessicated thyroid tissue (Armour is one of these) cotains both T4 (synthroid is the synthetic form) and T3 (Cytomel is the synthetic form) in varying amounts. Some batches may make you feel jittery (too much T3) or feel tired (not enough T3) so if you want to be more stable and on an even keel try the combo therapy...

Comment #53

Actually the recommended ranges were 0.5 to 5.0 and are now 0.3 to 3.0, but these numbers can actually vary from lab to lab. As a physician I don't treat numbers, I treat patients, so when a patient says they are still having symptoms, but the TSH is in range we discussed combo therapy whether they were already on meds or not...

Comment #54

You've had 3 family members diagnosed with serious thyroid disease, and at least one of them was cancer, so the frequent checks are not out of line. There are several inherited diseases that can lead to cancer of the thyroid as well as other organs such as the adrenal glands. Do talk to your doctor about your symptoms and don't accept having those symtpoms just blown off as they can be a symptom of a condiction called MEN (multiple endocrine neoplasia). Do some research on MEN and discuss this with your doctor...

Comment #55

Why would there be any concern over mad cow disease since Armour thyroid is made from desiccated porcine (pig) thyroid glands and not bovine (cow)? Certainly your doctor would know that...

Comment #56

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