Nutrisystem tips on how to stay motivated?

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Hello. I should be receiving my food any day now. Worried I won't be able to last long enough to loose all the weight. Any suggestions on how to stay motivated? I have a lot of weight to take off (80# for now)...

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Your question was: Nutrisystem tips on how to stay motivated?.

Hello and You have to make up your mind to what you want. Do you want to stay where you are or do you want to lose some weight. The other food will always be there to try when you are thinner. If you cheat you are only cheating yourself...

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I agree. When I'm really tempted by food, I remind myself that if I start cheating, I'm wasting that money I funneled into NS. However, I also made a list of 10 things I'd really rather do than cheat. From painting my nails (takes a long time for polish to dry) to going for a walk or playing a sport with my kids. I don't need to look at it often: 1 because it's stuck in my head and memorized and 2. because I'm really not often hungry or overly temted.

I'm typically excited about the few hunger pains I feel - I figure it's my fat burning and tummy toning (tee hee). Make sure to check out recipe boards for ideas to spice up meals - very helpful to me. Best of luck to you!!..

Comment #2

I agree..

The cost is my #1 motivator. Also, things like rewarding myself at 10 pounds gone, 20 pounds gone, etc. is a good motivator too. I'm down 15 pounds right now and I "cashed in" my 10 pound motivator (a new clothes shopping spree)...had the BEST time buying smaller sizes...

Comment #3

How bad do you want it? That is your motivator...

Comment #4

Check out this thread often - plenty of motivation here!.



Comment #5

I had 100 lbs to lose when I started. I have lost 43 in 6 months. Twice I hit a 3 week period of not losing anything - in the past that would have made me give up! But I have finally REALLY gotten it that if I go OFF the plan or quit trying I will DEFINITELY gain weight. And a lot faster than losing those pounds! And I also know that if I just keep following the plan no matter what, eventually the weight will drop again. That is what motivates me the most. I have been a yo-yo dieter for about 35 years and finally DECIDED that this time I was going to stick to it no matter what.

A real lifestyle change - for the rest of my life - and not just a quick "diet" and then back to old habits and gaining it all back plus.

I agree that it really is a decision making process and only you can decide to make that choice. Actually, once it is made and you start following the plan - and especially being sure you do all the add-ins - the cravings are very few..

It has gotten so when I see junk food it just looks like so much fat and the thought of eating that anymore is quite nauseating! I like eating fresh, clean food much better..

Good luck - and enjoy reading the boards..

(Oh - I also read up on the Wii Walk It Out boards here and just bought that a couple days ago. A really fun way to increase your exercise!)..

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Tell everyone what you're doing. They'll respect you more for it, and even help out by not offering you "bad" stuff. It's a lot harder to cheat when everyone around you knows you're on a plan...

Comment #7

Buy an inexpensive but really cute pair of short/pants/skort in a size or 2 too small. Hang it up where you can see it every day..

Once a week, or once a month, or whatever you decide, try it on. The constant motivation is the fact that maybe next week it will fit. If you stay on plan, it WILL fit eventually..

Dont be unrealistic. If you are wearing a size 16 pants now, don't buy an 8. Buy a 14 or a 12. Don't spend a lot of $$ on it cause hopefully, you'll be replacing it soon!.

Ur reward AND your motivation is the same thing. U are motivated to continue so you can fit into it, and once you can, you get to wear it!!!..

Comment #8

I started Nutrisystem when I decided that I wanted to be "normal sized" and I have kept that goal in mind the whole time. I had more than 160 lbs to lose and in 9 1/2 months, I have lost about half of it. A couple points to keep in mind:.

1. Weight loss, especially when you have a lot to lose, is a marathon, not a sprint. There is nothing wrong with it taking a year or more..

2. You are not losing weight so that you can go back to your old eatng.

(that would only guarantee that you would gain the weight back). You need to focus on learning new eating habits that you will be happy to follow for the rest of your life. I have been surprised to learn that my sweet tooth is easily satisfied with Nutrisystem desserts and fruits and that instead of craving carbohydrates, I am now craving salads..

3. Cheating will only slow the process of weight loss. There is always another choice. If nothing else, repeat to yourselfNothing tastes as good as thin feels...

Comment #9

Hang your LARGEST dress/top/pants on the door of your closet or anywhere you see it everyday. In front of that, hang the same piece of clothing in the size you WANT to get into. Looks something like the following (my REAL before/after clothes):.

Tell me THAT isn't motivation?..

Comment #10

Imagine that in 2 weeks or however long (short time frame, very late notice) that you will be meeting up with.

(A) the person of your dreams.

(B) your favorite celebrity.

(C) your lost love whom was away for a year or two at war or whatever.

(D) people whom always made fun of you in school, etc..

And that you want to blow their mind by having the ones whom laughed at you wanting to date you, talking about you 24/7, looking at you like WOW!, etc. Just use your imagination, and make it real...

Comment #11

These are great ideas. But for me...the last time I took a chunk of weight off, it was because I was going to California and seeing friends AND seeing the celebrity of my dreams. At the time, it was terrific motivation, and I lost 50 pounds! Unfortunately when the event was over, and I'd come home again, the old eating patterns emerged and all the weight came back....

THIS TIME, I have no event, no trip, no man-of-my-dreams...this time I've determined to do it for feel better, too look better. I WANT this...and want to keep eating this way...because I feel lighter when I eat lighter. I'm tired of feeling draggy and sluggish and just plain FAT..

Whatever floats your boat...and it does have to be YOUR BOAT. Affirmations are great...and whatever motivation you find, look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself that YOU CAN DO THIS!!!..

Comment #12

Do everything that you can to be successful. Excercise, drink plenty of water, stay on plan, don't cheat. My biggest motivator is watching the numbers get smaller and smaller every week. Seriously, in the beginning there was a time, or two, or three that I had wanted to quit and then I had a successful weigh in and that kept me going until the following weigh in. Before I knew it I was down 10 pounds, 15 pounds, and now it's more than 30. Now this is just my life and I never want to quit...

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Well my best advice is to go to the Newbies Board and ask for others starting in the same week/day/month as you and join up to form a group. These people in my group have helped me stay on track and motivated!.

Every time you step on the scale and see a loss...motivation!.

Going to the store and buying ANYTHING in the regular MISSES section was fabulous for me! I wear normal XL now!.

It's enough motivation right there! Good luck!..

Comment #14

Motivation comes from within. Why do you want to invest in yourself for this? What are you going to get out of loosing weight? You need to figure these out for yourself. Find the realistic goals and get them down in writing. I say realistic because weight loss isn't going to instantly put you in the middle of a perfect relationship or get you a better job. But it can give you the building blocks towards achieving some of those goals.

When I first started Nutrisystem the daily dose asked us to think about some really helpful questions and write down our responses to them. I did that, and often look back at that when I need a little push back into the right mind frame..

Some of these were:.

1. What are your 10 reasons for loosing weight?.

2. What are your 10 reasons to exercise?.

3. What are the 10 things you are loving about the new you?.

4. Are you living the life you want to live?.

... Is anything stopping you?.

... Are you the person you want to be?.

... What one thing could you change right now, in your everyday life that would impact your futur happiness the most?.

To these questions I would add:.

1. What are 10 things I can do rather than eat when I feel like grabbing something off plan?.

2. What are my strategies going to be for eating out?.

... What restaurants in my locality will give me healhty choices?.

... What kind of things am I going to order at these restaurants?.

... What will I need to bring with me?.

... How am I going to handle being away from home at meal/snack times when I'm not planning a special meal out?.

I got a journal that I wrote the answers to the nutrisystem questions and where I keep track of my measurements and other special events during this weight loss journey. I'm not a daily journaler, but when the mood strikes, I have a place to put down my thoughts are respond to a Daily Dose that really hits home with me. And the responses are down where I know where to find them when I need to remotivate myself. Its really motivating to me when I can look over the list and say... "I've met that" or "I've done that." And being prepared for eating away from home is essential for me to keep on track. Knowing that I have a written plan helps me stay true to it, and reminds me what it is I need to do.

A long post to say that the ultimate motivation has to come from you. Look at where you want to be and then plan out how you are going to get there. (And make use of the before and after thread and short term goals to keep you moving forward.)..

Comment #15

Thanks for all the great advice!! I do agree with Lynn45. Thinking back to a time about 15 yrs ago when I was able to loose 50 #, I remember reading the fat and calorie content in all the foods I would buy and putting many of them right back on the shelf when I found out how bad they were for me. I will keep looking on the discussion boards. There is a lot of knowledge here...

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