Nutrisystem Spaghetti too tomato-y?

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They are kind of mushy too. What can I do to improve them?..

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Your question was: Nutrisystem Spaghetti too tomato-y?.

I just "fixed" the lasagna last night, you might like this fix too, you will need to save either a protein serving or free food serving(s) from earlier in the day to do this fix.

I sauteed some mushrooms and spinach, added some fresh garlic, dried oregano, black pepper, ff ricotta and ff Parmesan mixed it all together with the "extra" sauce from the lasagna and set it aside. Then I nuked the lasagna for 1 minute to soften it, took the top layer of noodles off, put my little mixture in the middle, put the top back on the lasagna and nuked it another 2 minutes, turned out really good..

If you want a "meatier" lasagna, I found veggie Italian meatballs at the grocery store and you can add them to the middle of the lasagna too, just read the serving size and adjust the amt. of meatballs and fat free cheeses so you don't go over on your extra protein/free food serving(s)..

As for "mushy" noodles, unfortunately that goes with the territory w/ canned/soft canned meals, personally I just got used to it, but maybe baking the meal in the oven for a short time might dehydrate it enough to improve the texture. The way I look at it, I have lost 60lbs and kept it off 2 years, the little trade off in texture in my meals was well worth the big trade off in the texture of my thighs...

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I don't think there is anything you can do to save the lasagne. Gross!..

Comment #2

*smile*, yeah, you have a bit of a point, when I first started I was pretty grossed out by a lot of the food, but I used the message boards and looked for fix ups and was able to make almost all of the meals at least acceptable and some actually pretty good with some simple add ins and when the weight started melting off, somehow things really started to taste better, or my tastes changed but it also may have something to do with when I started I was so fed up with my weight and frankly concerned for my health that I probably would have eaten the stuff I scoop out of the kitty litter box if I was guaranteed to lose the weight...thankfully it wasn't anywhere near that bad food wise..

I'll agree, anything that is dehydrated, shelf stable canned or just plain canned will not taste nearly as good as gourmet, restaurant quality or freshly homemade, but it is what it is and 60lbs gone is enough for me to make an adjustment in my expectations.

I hope you find some things on here that work for you, and that you have really good success with this program. And these boards are a great tool, there are some really nice people on here who are more than willing to help keep you on track...

Comment #3

So do I. Just had it for dinner 10 minutes ago!..

Comment #4

Count me in! Just polished my tray of vegetable lasagne off about 6 minutes ago..

Comment #5

Veggie Lasagna is my favorite and playing around with different veggies to sop up all the tomato saucy goodness. YUM!..

Comment #6

I didn't like it at first, but now I love the Vegetarian Lasagne. I guess my tastes have changed. I just sprinkle parmesan cheese on it and it tastes great to me...

Comment #7

I really really never could get past the spag, but I LOVE the lasagna. I usually just add some red pepper flakes, sometimes sauteed mushrooms and onions. Sometimes Cholula sauce. I have it at least once a week..

I have one spag left, I think I'll try to bake it with many vege add ins and I'll like it better..

I have looked at the lasagne quite close, it first threw me that it had peas, or corn, or beans in it. So I don't think of it as a traditional lasagne in any way. But it is filling, I like the high protein count and I never have cravings hours after eating it. I have never tried the vegetarian one so not sure how similar they are...

Comment #8

Yup not a fan of the lasagna, spagetti or tortalini, they need to improve..

Comment #9

I like the lasagna, and really do nothing to change it, other than add some Mrs. dash before nuking it and add it atop whatever veggies I am having that evening.

For the spaghetti though, I do add a packet of Splenda to the top before nuking..cook for 1 mintue, stir it up and nuke again. The sauce is what I wasn't crazy about, but with a little added sweet, it takes away the too tomatoey taste...

Comment #10

I just had the spaghetti for the first time last night and also found it way to tart for my liking. First thing I haven't liked.....

Comment #11

The meat and the veggie lasagnas are my favorites, with the veggie the better of the two. I always order several...

Comment #12

For speghetti- I will save protein, and cook up soy crumbles. My grocery store sells a bag of pre-cut of frozen peppers and onions, I will cook up both of these with some pam. I will season the soy crumbles so you don't taste soy...

Comment #13

I LOOOOOVE tomato based sauces and could eat em every day. So, I actually like the spaghetti being tomatoey. LOL I added garlic powder and served over steamed cauliflower and brocolli. YUMMY!..

Comment #14

I just think cauliflower is the workhorse in my house...always sopping up some sauce. I make it everyday. LOVE IT! And of course you can make mock mashed, wouldn't a blue cheese wedge of laughing cow go great with mashed cauliflower? Yes, I believe it would!..

Comment #15

I love the lasagna as is. But sometimes I add even a little more sauce to it, lol. I also like to top it with mushrooms and artichokes...

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