Nutrisystem recipe for Mashed cauliflower?

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Just looking for a good recipe for mashed cauliflower. Also, when you make it how much is a serving? Thanks if anyone has this info.


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Your question was: Nutrisystem recipe for Mashed cauliflower?.

I use about 2 cups of frozen cauliflower, add whatever seasoning you like to the water while boiling. Boil until very soft then drain and then wrapped in several sheets of paper towel and squeeze slightly to get excess water out. Put in bowl and put one wedge of laughing cow cheese (whichever flavor you like) and mash up really good. I then will spray with ICBINB (butter spray)...

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That sounds really good!! How much do you use as a serving?..

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I buy it fresh...a head is 99 cents. Put in whole in deep microwave corning or something like that...cover with Press & Seal, poke holes for steam...mic for 10 minutes...let sit for five minutes or so*, continuing to steam..

Mash, add what you want...and those are the calories I count...I like freshly grated parmesan/reggiano...but the laughing cow sounds great-will try that today...a bit of kosher salt and woweeeeeee! Enjoy!.

In the winter, I make cauliflower soup...same method. Caramelize onions...put cauliflower, caramelized onions and ff, no salt added organic chicken stock in blender and whirl. Serve hot on a winter's day/night. Add kosher salt and pepper to taste..

*It really is about steaming until it depends on how big the head is...

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I use fresh cauliflower and roast it (450 for twenty minutes covered and five more minutes uncovered)..

Use slotted spoon to remove and put into food processor.

Add one container ff plain Greek yogurt and two Tbs grated Parmesan cheese (you can also add a little ff sour cream)..

Since cauliflower is unlimited, I make the whole head of cauliflower and use it two nights (reheats in microwave nicely).

I count this as one vegetable, and one protein.

I may be counting this wrong, but I don't stress too much about it...

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Wow!! So many great ways to prepare this! Going to run out and get cauliflower now Thanks! You guys are awesome!.


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I never thought about roasting it first and then put through food processor - I will have to try it that way next time...

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I would use the whole thing - count as 2 cup raw cauliflower and one wedge of laughing cow cheese - or you could measure it after you have mashed it up and use that measurement as cooked cauliflower and laughing cow wedge...

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Wow, roasting it first sounds really good, I'll try that.

I usually use a bag of frozen cauliflower, microwave it, use a hand blender (stick blender) in the same bowl it was microwaved in, add about one tbs of ff cream cheese, a tsp of parmesan cheese, a little garlic, and butter buds...

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If you like all of the mashed cauliflower ideas you'll definitely want to check out cauliflower pizza. I can't remember if it's posted in this forum or one of the other ones. You can also google it, it's out there on a few different sites. Just use egg beaters and FF mozzarella to make it more Nutrisystem friendly...

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I break up a head of cauliflower into small pieces and microwave, covered with a little water for 12-13 minutes until very soft. I drain any leftover water and mash the cauliflower up as much as possible. I add 1-2 T of ff sour cream, pepper and a little fat free milk. Stir it all together and it is awesome! I usually count 1/2 cup as a serving but don't forget the calories for the sour cream and milk. I actually use very little milk and even sometimes leave a little water to help mash it up. I could eat this every day and it is better warmed up the next day!..

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I make it this way too and it's delicious. Even my Hubby like it - and he hates veggies...

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Cauliflower is unlimited like mentioned before - so eat as much as you like..

Roasting, steaming or grilling is usually the best way to cook it - microwaving actually kills all the nutrients within the cauliflower, kinda defeating the whole reason for eating it other than as a filler So I'd try the roasting, or if you want to flash steam use a metal draining cylinder inside a pot (they sell them in sets) or if you have a veggie steamer that works too) or just what I did before I got advanced - I just put it in a pot with about 1/4 to 1/2 cup water..

If you're looking for a mashed potatoe consistency - the blender is brilliant! Add in some other unlimited veggies like the carmelized onions (which is just green onion browned in fat-free cooking spray), garlic, italian herbs, salt, pepper and maybe a hint of paprika & cheyenne pepper (or any red pepper) to spice it up a bit! It all makes for a great snack, add-on or meal. The chicken broth is nice (especially if home made) just watch the salt content...water weight is treturous! I've lost 30 lbs this year, 20 by nutrisystem... and Veggies, Herbal Teas and Fat-Free drink mixes have been my best friends!.

I'm a cook and baker, so if you need any tips feel free to ask.

I'm just starting to use the threads, but I check my page everyday!..

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For what it's worth:

Also, I never add water when mic'ing cauliflower...has plenty in it already...

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[quote=121HereICome;4665551] For what it's worth:

That's a cool website - thanx!.

...often wondered how true that was which variables were interactive to make it more so than not - Never would have guessed it was water, but makes since.

God bless.....

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I never add water to my cauliflower when cooking either. It definitely had enough in it already...

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I'm definitely gonna try this soon. I need to find a way to soup up my veggies....gettin' a little bored with them. Mashed cauliflower has been praised even by veggie haters. If done right, it seems like a good sub for mashed potatoes.....and I loveeee mashed potatoes. Particularly the kind from Cracker Barrel...mmmmm, mmm..

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We can have low sodium broth on NS. I bet the broth would really make it similar to mashed potatoes. Gotta go grocery shopping...

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WOW those ideas sound absolutely wonderful. I can't wait to try some as well. YUMMY...

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I tried it last night with a little bit of Fat Free "Half & Half" & Sodium Free Bouillon. Spritzed a little bit of I can't Believe It's Not Butter Spray on top. The taste was pretty good, but the texture could've been more potato like. I just didn't have a food processor or blender. That would've made all the difference in the world. I tried to mash it the old fashioned hand...

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