Nutrisystem recipe for Fudge-put in paper liners in fridge?

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First off, Nutrisystem recipe for Fudge-put in paper liners in fridge? Hoping for any answer. My 2nd question... Anyone else closing in on their high school weight??.

I got 15 lbs to go to be back at the weight I weighed in 2001..

Of course I probably looked slimmer back then cause I was powerlifting pretty hard back then. Currently I'm doing nothing exercise wise, just been staying busy and watch what I eat, so my body don't look as toned back then..

I thought about looking for a gym close by to go work out at, Mainly for the weights at the gym so that's the requirement at the gym. Lots of weights and lot of other people in the muscle building stage. But this will have to start in January since I'm traveling about a month worth of time in the next 2 months...

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I bump into an useful answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably can answer it..

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9 pounds from goal; that was my high school weight!..

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I'm 16 lbs under what I was when I graduated high school!.

Jen, er Jeff..

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When I started Nutrisystem I pretty much weighed what my High School did...

Comment #4

I was too skinny in high school. 6'4" 205 at the beginning of football season and 185 pounds during basketball and track. Got up to 230 as a freshman in college once I started eating 3 squares a day and lifting weights .... and drinking beer...

Comment #5

As a Senior in high school I was in the 250's, already passed those by. I also was very active in the weight room, played 2 sports and worked on a farm. So there was some muscle there, but also fat cause I ate horribly hahah..

My current goal is close to my weight when I entered high school. Was 190 as a Freshman, and I'm aiming at the moment for 185. So I got a ways to go, right now I figure I'm somewhere in between Soph and Junior years probly.....

Comment #6

As a senior in High School I weighed 185 lbs and was 5' 10" tall..

I was surprisingly flabby at that weight considering how hard I worked (physical stuff every day)....but back then our family meals would have caused most people to die of a heart attack while literally sitting at the table..

At 20 years old I worked out 5-6 x per day with heavy weights and began working as an RN..

I weighed 190 lbs, had 52" shoulders, 17.5" biceps, and a 33" waist. From about 19 to 23 years old I was in the best shape of my life..

Today I still weigh 205 lbs and have about a 35.5" waist (but chicken arms and the muscle tone of a small child! lol)..

I'm getting there!! I could definitely lose 15 more lbs and that is partly my new goal but without Nutrisystem foods, I'm finding the weight loss a bit slower now. Still eeking along and doing okayjust slower..

I seriously doubt I'll get to 185but then again, that was never my goal with all this effort..

I weighed 252 lbs, felt like crap, was having trouble getting into size 42 slacks and facing the prospect of buying size 44 and it simply pi$$ed me off and caused me to go ballistic on myself!.



, specifically, you ask? Because when I was in high school, my dad got 'fat' and I was sort of embarrassed by him. I couldn't believe he was wearing....yup, you guessed it.....

Size 44 pants.

He was 5' 8" tall..

There was something buried in my that when I was confronted with the prospect of my.


Size 44 pants that I just got so disgusted I can't even explain it. To say I was pi$$ed is an understatement. I left that Mall in January walking fast with my wife trailing behind calling out, "what on Earth is the matter with you? Where are you.



High school weight? Naw, not my goal. Healthy and in control and under 200 lbs is my goal. At 5' 11" tall and nearly 50 years old if I can do that, I'll be very proud of myself..


Comment #7

What a kick! Way to go, men! I never believed it was possible. Not even on the radar when I started NS, but when I got into the 180's and 32's I was there! There is NO truth to the common belief that as you get older you also have to get heavier. Trying hard to stay there..


Comment #8

I was like 280 in High School. Was great for football but horrible for everything else. Now Im like 81 lbs under my high school weight..

Comment #9

When I graduated from HS (in 1959) I weighed 175, in shape as I played 3 sports. Two weeks after graduation, I entered the service, and 3 months later after boot camp, left 20 pounds heavier, but still in shape. I maintained between 190-200 for that 4 years, got out started working on the ranch and then I started getting alittle more heavier, probably because of all the beef and calf fries I was eating !! After 45 years of marriage, not eating right, (home cooking and going out will do that) I've gained into that I am finally getting rid of, for good. I set my goal of 180, even though I might not obtain, but it is a goal.. Funny, my dad and all 7 of my uncles on his side never weighed over 130 in their lives.......must have been a mutt gene??..

Comment #10

I competed in the 221 weight class for powerlifting in highschool. I was pretty solid back then, but I would like to look like I did when I was at culinary school. I weighed just a little more than I did in highschool, but did a lot of cardio and lifted daily...

Comment #11

I was a fat band geek in high school. Now I'm 20 lbs lighter than I was when I graduated. Skinny band geek now, I guess...

Comment #12

When I was powerlifting I did 500 lbs in deadlift, 425 in squat, 350 on the bench. I was wearing 2xl shirts and 38 inch pants, I weighed 278 when I graduated high school and I'm 5'10" tall. Usually came out number 1 or 2 in my class of 275. There was 9 other people in my weight class but there was one that was HUGE! I mean so big he couldn't fit in the bed of my ranger I got now! He would squat 650 lbs but only went down 3 inches cause nobody could tell where his ass really stopped and begin, and the rules state as long as his ass is even with his knee it was a clear lift..

I hated it when I had to compete with him.....

Now I could probably do 120lbs on the bench with out passing out! LOL.

I'm sure once I get back in and start lifting I will pick it back up and get back to where I was at the weight limit but be slimmer, now that I watch what I eat and plan on doing more cadio then I did in High School...

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I was a flabby 200 lbs (5'11) when I graduated high school. Got down to a lean & mean 170 by 21; that was my ultimate goal & now I'm back there at 41 yrs old..

Maintenance takes CONSTANT vigilance, fellas. Get it in you heads that this isn't a "diet" that you can stop once you reach goal & go back to your unhealthy ways; I found that out early in 2009...

Comment #14

Roger that, you've no doubt read in my other recent posts I have learned the (lack of) maintenance fact the hard way as well..

I consider my HS weight to be irrelevant...I must have been somewhere around 210 or so (at 6'3") back then, but my frame filled out after that, and so when I reached around 217 3 yrs ago at age 43 after Nutrisystem I was probably "too skinny" (if it's somehow possible to be "too skinny" at 217 lbs!). I'm shooting for the 225-240 range now and gotta figure out what maintenance steps will work for me long-term so that I can stay there this time...

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I know what you mean Madison. I had a guy in my weight class who's final bench was my opening squat (475). He always won the meet according to that formula they use. He never used his last deadlifts because he had everything wrapped up at that point...

Comment #16

I was 6' and weighed 150 when I graduated HS. I don think there is a chance of getting back there...

Comment #17

Hmmm, when I was on the wrestling team in 11th grade I was 133. I think by the time I graduated I was around 150, so no, I still need to drop 28 to get there, which will not be happening...

Comment #18

I was 185lbs when I graduated. I was in great shape. I worked out all the time, played two sports, and worked on the farm. I'm a long way from 185lbs now...

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