Nutrisystem question? how many points are in nuts?

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... Nutrisystem question? how many points are in nuts? Looking forward for any answer or 2. Another quick question... I'm so happy to see everyone stopping by again! Well, okay. Not.



There are still a few that we miss..

But I would like to welcome back Marie, Tonya and Dana. And a half welcome back to our Friday smile, Linda who has been popping in more frequently lately and never fails to bring a big smile with her..

I would like to welcome back our upbeat, Fiesta Friday Amigo. Who, even though he's been here... he hasn't really been here if ya know what I mean..

But he's back! And even though we love him unconditionally and accept him no matter what,.

It's good to see the old Mikey..

Welcome to our family Lisa and Sarah! And the same Welcome (back?) to April! It's always nice to see new faces. We welcome anyone and everyone. Except saboteurs..

Whatever you need.... advice, help, motivation, rules, statistics, website instruction.

... just ask. I think we cover just about everything in here..

And for those of you that come in when they can(Linda, Faye, Roddy), you already know the welcome mat is always out for you..

For our regular staff.

(Rick, Aerial, Kama, Tim, Alie, and Annie... Annie? Where'd you go Annie???) I'm glad I get see you (almost) everyday. You brighten my days and lift my spirits. I can't thank you enough for ever letting me join your circle of friends...

Comments (55)

Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer to that question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I find an good answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could help you..

Comment #1

Come on over! Everyone's welcome!.


Lol that's a good way to look at it..

NO! I still have to go in!.

S'ok though cause that may mean that the other stores are slow so I can get my info and get done earlier..

I am jealous of your warm tushie..

Good luck in class Tim!.

And here ya go!..

Comment #2

Hola Amigos... it is indeed Fiesta Friday and I have already made a couple of phone calls this morning; looks like the gang's all headed up to the cantina at high noon today!!!.

Yes, the old Mikey is back!.

So, good morning to all! BTW, nice opener Alie and thanks for the welcome back, I do appreciate it!.

Need to go get a SF Red Bull, be back soon!!!..

Comment #3


We love you..

Have a blast, be safe... and add lots of lime cause it's fruit, right? lol..

Comment #4

Alright gang.... I'm off to gussy up and head to work. I think there's an extra 2" on the ground so far. It hasn't stopped..

It's fluffy right now though..

I hope to see you all later! If not then I wish you good tidings and a happy weekend...

Comment #5

Lol heyyyyyyyyy april Im soooooooo glad you found us.

Love that pic of you btw.

Welcome to the ZONE this place is a great way to find support and friends to help you on your journey! WOO HOO do they have mexicanNutrisystemdinners? I love the vege fajitas mmmm good stuff! we hope you stick round our thread now runs m-th and then f-s.

You'll get the hang of it the longer you stick round and we dont bite ... well not hard.

Did you get snow.

Its sposed to hit here again Sunday but we got nothing when it said 3-6 inches the other day.

Yeah weathermen!.

My hubby wants a hummer too ... but I dont think it's quite the same.

Jus sayin LMAO.

Yanno Ive reflected a bit in the last few days ... and btw beautiful opener as always Alie ty for making fridays so great, this is like one big family and altho people seem to come n go, it's always great when they POP in for a guest visit. Family always come home and know we are here for them. I look at it as they no longer need our support and they have spread their wings to take off on their own and GOOD FOR THEM !!!!!!!! Ya'll are an amazing bunch that I wouldnt trade for the WORLD! but you already know that.

Hello little princess ... you know tho theres only room for 1 princess in this thread and points .. the job is full.

Well well well LOOKIE dere! it's our TIMMY!!!!!!!!!!! c'mere I'll warm ya tooshie LMAO.

Gmorning Mikey! we love you any way we can getcha! whats on tap for the weekend? besides warm weather.

Have a great day at work missypooh! see you tonite..

Comment #6

Good Morning Zone..

Another 4 inches on the ground this morning when I left @ 6am..

Don't know what we ended up with. I hear we have another on the way Tues into Wed. WTF???? I hate winter..

Comment #7

This weekend's festivities include (but are not limited to)... NFL football division championships tomorrow. That means good friends, good food and plenty of cervezas!!!.

On Sunday me and Beaner are going fishing in our kayaks, lots of fun and cool to do... last time we saw a 12' gator about 20 feet from us..

Was scary, but I was "packing heat", coulda popped a cap in him if I had to! He took one look at me and swam away, he didn't wanna mess with this!!!.

T-minus less than 2 hours until Fiesta Friday Lunchtime!!!..

Comment #8

C'mere I will warm you all up.

Oh my I wouldnt dream of getting on water at this time of year.

Must be nice ....

Lol at beaner I think it's so funny you call him that LMAO I call mine fathead and it's meant with TONS of love and the other booger hahahahah omfg thats terrible ROFL .....

Comment #9

Nothing like a 3ping kinna day.

Markets looking really up.

Jus sayin..

Comment #10

I am so happy to be back! Felt like I was really sliding down hill and realized I absolutely need an awesome bunch of friends like ya'll to reel me back in from the abyss.....I wonder how many "times" it takes to "get" it that you have to do this for "life"....geeeeezus, I hope this is the last...

Comment #11

Awe....My brother just got a lab puppy! He's so fat!! They name him budda.

We just got a Chesapeake Bay Retriever puppy.....she's a beautiful ball of energy! Thanks for the warm welcomes.

I'm trying to come on here often for constant "STAY ON TRACK" reminders!..

Comment #12

Isnt that the truth until it sinks in it's a LIFE change it's so hard I figure I will struggle all the time specially since I uhm love food but with portion control and some discipline it can be done!.

Lol I have 3 dogs 2 are ity bity and 1 is a golden retreiver with TONS of energy hes just 1 and still chewing everything.

We're gonna get some challenges going you can get in on them too they are fun to give yourself an extra UMPFFF to reach a challenge goal !!! stick round for all the fun!..

Comment #13

Yep! I have 3 dogs too....Boxer, Chesapeake & the Yorkie. All give so much love.

Can't wait for the up coming challenges!!..

Comment #14

*sneaks in.

Guess who finally got the wifi to work here at work...

Comment #15

Ooo I have a min pin that is bout 1pound8oz and the yorkie at bout 3 pounds and then the moose retriever lol at like 90 pounds! it's always fun at my house~! we will have to get moving on our first challenge ... got any ideas youd like to challenge yourself to?.

Nawty girl !.

But we love you for it heh.

Im headed to lunch w/IT hottie ... bbs..

Comment #16

Don't they all?.

YOU are amazing! you are the Fluff to our Fluffernutter..

And you are SO right as always..

Hi Rick! I think we had about that btt I finally made it outta the driveway..

But you've got Aeri to keep you warm..

Lmao you are too funny! Least I know who can protect me if/when I need it..

I hope you keep us for life too..

Lol I know I am glad you are back!.

Lol That's a good name!.

Poor Turbo. I bet he's getting blamed for the other two tearing stuff up..


Woohoo!!!! Challenges!.

Can't wait cause I AM READY!..

Comment #17

Well, not here exactly. lol.

Going to log off for now till I get home..

Have a great afternoon!!!!..

Comment #18

Yes the makeup hes lucky I let him live.

Lol .. now it just mainly seems to be socks and the kids shirts he eats big holes in wtf?.

Woot woot .. home and on drink 2..

Comment #19

I am here and having another glass of wine..

Comment #20

Its looking like a liquid diet tonite.

Jus sayin .. I gotta get DH a bday present this weekend too UGH..

Comment #21

Head to the car dealer and get him a Hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmer..

Comment #22

You getting a new hummer tonite.

You lucky dawg grins.

*clink clink*..

Comment #23

Hmm... maybe he likes the texture..

I guess I should go get a drink too, huh?.

Whatcha thinkin of getting him?.


Comment #24

Nah I was tellin you what you need to get your Hub for his BD. No hummmmmmmmmmmmers in yhe picture for me tonight!!!! My Bride is sleepin already..

Comment #25

Hi Alie. Get a glass of something and join us..

Comment #26

Omg he wants nothing I can afford he wants a bowes 6 cd disc changer for his truck his is totally broken.

Grrr I dunno where to get that stuff in 1 day..

Comment #27

She must be tired!.

Okay... one glass comin up!.

If you had told me 2 weeks ago, I could have helped...

Comment #28

Oh yeah! Here's my serving of dairy for the day...

Comment #29

Oh sure... I get my drink and you two disappear...

Comment #30

Thank you!!!! I was getting lonely. Which made the contents of my glass mysteriously disappear too!..

Comment #31

Yeah I know but I dont have that kinna money to get that so ... dint matter.

LMFAO sorry playin w/the kids some wii..

Comment #32

Did I mention how much I really liked the opener alie!..

Comment #33

Oh and do you know how many times a day the song Welcome Back Kotter came into my head? jus so you know..

Comment #34

Cool! I should get a workout in tomorrow at some point..

Thank you! Not as sexxy as yours though..

Lol actually... not sexy at all. Just plain..

Lol You did and thank you. It's amazing how creative one can be on a couple hours of sleep and a large coffee @6am..


I just wanted everyone to know how welcome they are here..

Looky you with your newly acquired knowledge..

Have a great night!.

I'm heading out too. I'll see you all in the morning...

Comment #35

Morning Zonies.

Wow what a chatty bunch yesterday.

Alie - cute new puppy. Congrats. How will chewie like Leia? I hope they get along..

It was messy yesterday, Rick knows what I mean. I worked from home part of the day. When Dh got home I helped with the snow removal. I assisted DH by using our new snow roof rake (never heard of one before this year) to pry some of the nasty white icy stuff off of our roof. I think we have at least a foot still up there..

Today I'm so sore. Picture this - little ole me 5f oot 3 wrestling with 16 foot snow rake. Trying my darndest to coax stuff off of the roof, which is 2 stories tall in the back. I fell a couple of times, DH saw me and thought I was making snow angels. Umm no the rake got outta control.

I hate winter, someone make it stop..

Comment #36

Thanks Kama! They will get a long if I have to make them..


Hmm. A snow roof rake you say?.

Why do we not have one of those? 16 feet?.

I can see how that would get outta control. We've got the same problem. 1 story up front, 2 in back. No way could I do that. DH just climbs on the roof with a giant broom and pushes it off. Although he got to it a little late this year..

Lol @ you makin snow angels!.

How cute! Did he come and join you?..

Comment #37

Good morning ZONE!!!!!.

Happy Saturday!.

Whatcha got on tap today? Me? I have the usual. Work, chores, visit my dad... nothing big...

Comment #38

LMAO I know I'm like a monster now with the pics HAHAHAH.

Its all maries fault for making it so simple hahahaha.

Whoda thunk after 3 years Id finally learn how to do it *laffing*.

Awww honey bunny is your toosh ok? I hate falling in the snow/ice ... I cant even imagine the weight of that snow on your roof oh man ... id put my boys up there.

Lmao theyd prolly love doing that crap! I wish it would stop too it's so cold in my kitchen you have to wear socks at the very least or you could get frost bite.

So during cleaning I'm taking lotta breaks to warm up in the living room thank you for NO central heat or air.

Blah wanna do my chores too? no ones home so radio is UP and cleaning hair is UP and well I spose Im UP ready to do it too. Had me 2 half cups of coffee course thats cuz they got cold.

2 loads of laundry done and the kitchen "started" moving onto sweeping mopping and dusting MAN I hate living on country dirt roads i'll dust and the dust will settle rite back on stuff.

But such is my life rite? least no ones here.

Might be headed to friends tonite to celebrate hubbys bday w/his best friend I got yummy boneless ribs slow cooking rite now in the oven smelling up the whole house mmmmmm and doug has made it back to missouri already on his trip driving back from MD ....

Poor guy.

But his car is packed w/the computer a new HD with 10,000 songs, mics, mic stands, speakers and boards for an entire karaoke setup deal.

How cool is that? bought it off his neice who used to run/own a bar..

Comment #39

In case anyone is wondering, there was an Annie sighting in The Gutter this morning. Long and short of it is she is in the hospital. Seems she has some internal bleeding and they can't find where. More tests on Monday. She could use some prayers...

Comment #40

Thanks Rick..

Hi zonies I'm back!.

Donkey landed in the hospital Thursday. I'm stable but apparently stuck here for awhile..

The hub brought my iPad in and I can check in now. Prayers much appreciated. They are starving me!..

Comment #41

Oh wow thanks rick we will definately get her some serious prayerage going!.

DONKEYYYYYYYY girl what have you done? You need anNutrisystemburger STAT!!!!!!!! honey bunches I hope you get to feeling better very soon and they spring you from there A-ok!..

Comment #42

I understood her perfectly! LMAO Like a packAGE of prayers, not just one!.

I hope the Doc figures out what's up soon! Take good care and enjoy the jello!.

[got my prayerage going for ya].

Hi all. Thanks for including me in the family category on the opener Alie! I feel soooooo special to be a part of the Zone!.

Just finished the dustin', vacuuming, mopping and got the dishwasher started. You oughta try tackling the dirt of a New Mexico desert, Aerial! Now I need to get my oldest dog to the vet for his weekly shot and the younger one had surgery this week to have a mass removed off her shoulder. Now if I can keep her from scratchn' around the incision!.

PUPPPPPYYYYYYYY! Leia looks adorable! I LOve love luv puppy breath! Good luck with her Alie!.

Sounds like a missed a part"A" goin' on in this thread last night..

Have a super weekend everyone! Robby is probably tailgating for the Steelers game!..

Comment #43

Wow! You are gettin tons done!.

Have fun tonight! Them ribs sound goooooood.

Poor Annie!.

Are you alright?.

Prayers on the way! I hope they figure it out and you get better real soon..

Comment #44

Hi Roddy! How's your weekend so far?.

Thanks for the heads up Rick! Are you staying warm?.

YW Dana! And thanks... I'm sure she'll be a handful..

Looks like today is a chore day, huh? Well I hope everyone's house is sparkling..

Time for me to head to the office. Don't want to be there all night...

Comment #45

Lol I know I think you are rubbing off on me.

Well course.

Lol ty.

Prayerage is a good thing cuz thats when the ZONE really kicks in for our family! Trust me Ive felt the prayerage from them many a times! and you are part of the family.

We love ya here ....

Looks like we all had the same thing on the brain today which is cleaning why is it always on a saturday a "day off" where did that go? sheesh! I just finished most of it and taking another break got the dishwasher going the dryer going just finished mopping and now wiping the sweat off my neck bleck.

You work way to hard.

Have a good day chicky..

Comment #46


We just had a lil drinking party.

Needless to say LMAO everyones in bed drunk but me.

*flexes* and I can still type.

Am I good or what lol.....

All the boys gotta work early in the morning blah! guess whos the elected waker upper?.

So I will see ya'll in the morning..

Gonna get some grocery shopping done tomorrow and I think sleep is on the agenda!..

Comment #47

I know. Someday it'll be worth it..

Lol Get some rest!..

Comment #48

Good morning Alie! Someone better put a pot o' coffee on for Aeri!..

Comment #49

Lol... I got it! Coffee ready, aspirin & bagel on standby..

How's it going Dana?..

Comment #50

Hey Ya'all.

Prayers ongoing for Annie. Hope whatever it is, is minimal and you are back to your sassy self soon!.

My stomach muscles are still screaming. Hard to tell first thing in the morning if it's muscles or tummy inside. Weird. Anyway it's getting better. My trainer called yesterday to urge me to get my butt back in the gym. Yep I need to do that..

Stay warm friends!..

Comment #51

Lol hey now.

Im good I got to bed at like 5am.

After getting EVERYONE up and being the alarm clock for the day then up at 10 then groceries and now a nice dinner and cake cooking for DH's bday.

Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooh how nice of you all ... oh ye of little faith LMAO I am just fine .. tired but not hung over.

Your tunny muscles hurt from shoveling snow or from being sick?.

Hope it's from the workout you got.

Steak, salad, bread, pollack and fried shrimp.

C'mon down! carrot cake for dessert..

Comment #52

Ok cake done n decorated and jalapeno peppers stuffed mmmm so yum salad made steaks marinating .... phew ... s'gonna be good..

Comment #53

Ever hate the fact that as soon as you get paid after paying bills it's already gone and you have 2 weeks to wait for your next payday?..

Comment #54

Oh man dinner was great to bad hubby is still working.

And hasn't eaten any of it yet..

Comment #55

Starting new thread .... ya'll just rest tonite and we'll see you in da morning!.

I got the coffee waiting the bills paid the house cleaned and dishes done!.


Comment #56

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