Nutrisystem question for those with a book to look up points.?

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Quick question: Nutrisystem question for those with a book to look up points.? Looking forward for any answer. 2nd question I got is.. Do you remember your first NutrisystemV (Non Scale Victory) as you have lost weight..

I remember when I could see my collar bones, WOOT that made me feel so happy..

How about you?..

Comments (68)

I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I bump into an decent answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could assist you..

Comment #1

I went shopping at Kohl's and I could fit into a regular size instead of the plus sizes!..

Comment #2

My NSV happened just about a month ago...I was talking to my husband, who was in the kitchen. I was sitting at the dining room table. As we talked I crossed my legs (like a lady, at the knees) , a natural reaction, but one that took me by surprise. I let out a squeal and my husband thought I had gone crazy. I cannot remember the last time I was able to cross my legs. I am down 60 lbs and have 86 lbs to go...almost half way to my goal..

Thanks for a great keeps everything in perspective...

Comment #3

I noticed that my motion-sensor trash can lids no longer went flying up.


I walked by them. Suddenly, I had clearance. It still makes me smile .....

Comment #4

I remember going shopping for some new caprisI'm retired and that is about all I wear unless it is really cold! Anyway, when I startedNutrisystemI was wearing 14's and 16's. I thought I might have gone down a size so started with 12's and 14's. I ended up with a pair of 10's! I couldn't believe it. That was an exciting day!..

Comment #5

I remember crying as I paid for the first pair of single digit sized jeans I'd bought in 20 years. The sales clerk thought I was mental...

Comment #6

Lol I hear ya there. What do they think of you now?.

I freaked out when I went to a jeans store, they didn't have them sized like most places. I was overwhelmed and almost cried. Hubby is looking at me, and I told him I just wanted to go home. It wasn't a good feeling although, there would have been plenty my size...

Comment #7

Not my first but I was thrilled when I had slack in my car set belt. I have a Honda and they don't make set belt extensions (I looked for one). I noticed when I didn't need one any more..

Another biggie for me was when I laid on my back in bed and my gut was lower then my hip bones...

Comment #8

I've told this one before, but you all reminded me of it with the shopping stories:.

I had worn elastic-waist pants sized women's 2X for years and years. After losing quite a bit on NutriSystem, I decided to buy a pair of real zip-up jeans. I was in Macy's and they had cheap jeans on sale (with my discounts, I could get a decent looking pair for $10!). I grabbed a pair of 14s, thinking "Lord, I hope these zip!" and they fell off me...asked the saleslady for a 12...too loose! She ran and got me a size 10, and they fit! OMG, as I was checking out, I had tears running down my cheeks and, of course, told the sales clerk why I was crying, and she and 2 other ladies in line with me cried, too!.

The rest of the story: I keep those jeans, and now they are so big (I wear 4s or 6s in jeans now), that I pull them on and off like they ARE elastic-waist jeans. I don't wear them out, but I do put them on every once in awhile to just relive that amazing day...

Comment #9

Sniffle that made me feel teary, thanks for sharing that. It is amazing at all the things that can set off an emotional trigger. Sometimes, you don't know how bad you are felt until you feel soooooo good..

I loathed lawn chairs... not any more, if the chair breaks, it isn't because of me...

Comment #10

Fun thread Kelly..

Always love hearing people's success stories..

My favorite NSV was when I could squeeze through this opening between the brick and the fence..

Comment #11

I'm an emotional eater, so my favorite NSV is that now when I find myself upset or stressed out, I jump on my bike and go for a ride rather than raid the refrigerator...

Comment #12

That is am awesome NSV to have..

I am an emotional non-eater.. If I am upset or stressed, my appetite goes.. until I get starving and my mind tells me it is ok to eat like a hungry oinker since I went without..

Good on ya for that NSV!!..

Comment #13

Fantastic NSV and one that you will have for life..

Comment #14

Reading all your NSV's are awesome and so encouraging!!! Great job everyone..

I don't really have one yet as I am not even a week in toNutrisystembut I can say that one NSV for me is in the 5 days Ive been eating this way I havent crawled in my chair at 3pm for a nap. I have had energy and it feels so good..

Comment #15

Not my first, but I had one today. I wore my favorite pair of linen slacks for the first time in a year and a half. About a week to a week and a half ago I could barely zip them up. Two months ago I couldn't even button them...

Comment #16

That feels pretty darned good, doesn't it? Congrats on your 5 days in..

I bet that also felt pretty darned nice. Congrats!..

Comment #17

I'm only a week in, but I was pretty pleased as punch about working out 4 days last week...quite a big deal for me..

Comment #18

I love everyone's nsvs! they made me want to cry too :P.

Mine was when my favorite pair of pants didn't fit anymore and I had to buy a size down. OR when my choir dress was so big it fell of me I still don't have one for our next performance in april uh-oh!..

Comment #19

Great NSV's keep them coming..

Another one I remember for myself was when I changed from the category of Obese to Fat..

Oh my, I was so happy to be.


And knowing that I could soon be healthy...

Comment #20

It was a previous car (and probably a lower weight than I am now) - but the first day I was driving and realized the steering wheel not only no longer grazed my thighs, but I could get my hand between the wheel and my thigh w/o touching. And yes, I am that short that I have to raise the seat up and lower the steering wheel so I can see over it LOL..

Comment #21

Mine happened today. 11/1/10, my A1c was 7.3; 11/5/10, started NS; 2/8/11 saw the Doc for a follow up; today his RN called to tell me my NEW A1c is 6.1..

<6.5 is "well controlled." 6 is "normal." OMG - don't tell anyone who knows me that I'm almost "normal!" They'll go into oxymoronic shock!..

Comment #22

YAY!!!! That is a great NSV. How is that seat belt feeling? I forget that I am wearing mine now and sometimes I have to check to make sure it is there..


That is wonderful, I bet your Dr is thrilled with the change..

I first read that as Alc..

Which was to me Alcohol Content... wooot..

Comment #23

Being short - it still digs into my neck LOL. Now if I just had a little more room getting in/out of the new car. I went from top-notch German Luxury (2005 Mercedes E55) to top-notch American Muscle (2010 Challenger SRT8). While I don't regret it, I wish there were an option for the seat to move back when I turned off the car like I did in my E55 LOL. The funny thing is, hubby has a 2010 Dodge Ram 3500 and it had more luxury features than my Mercedes. So why didn't they offer them (mainly auto-back on the seat and heated steering wheel - yes, you heard me -.

Heated steering wheel.

) on the Challenger?.

What I live with to have my heart flutter a little whenever I hit the gas or reach down to caress the pistol grip shifter and chirp tires throwing it into second .... or third.......

Comment #24

Lol you like cars huh?.

I just like the heated leather seats..

I have had vehicles that could pass anything but a gas station..

For you with the seat, manually sliding it back counts as exercise...

Comment #25

It's a powered seat - it just doesn't have the option to automatically go back a few inches when you turn off the car (like the Benz, hubby's 2008 Grand Cherokee and 2010 Ram - a WORK TRUCK of all things). Hubby keeps telling me it's a "luxury" work truck. I suppose it is as it's the most expensive vehicle we've ever purchased (the E55 was used, someone paid over $90k for it, but it sure wasn't us). We've bought 5 new cars from a single dealer. We've purchased the 2 most expensive non-Vipers they've sold. And they treat us like royalty (especially with 2 new car purchases in 2010 LOL)..

I was always into cars - and married a die-hard Mopar guy. I'm happy to say that we've got it pared down to 3 at the moment (at one point we had 5 cars). Our other vehicle is a 1995 Jeep Cherokee currently undergoing renovations for off-roading...

Comment #26

Mine happened one day while I was at school, waiting to see my sons teacher. I was sitting there and crossed my legs, all of the sudden it hit me.. "HEY!! I can actually cross my legs!!".. I was so excited that after I went in to talk with her, I didn't even remember what she had said to me!..

Comment #27

That's what I want!!!!!!.

To be out of the plus sizes.

Good for you!!!!!I'm happy for you!!!! If you can do it... so can I..

Comment #28

Thanks so much for the links!.

I am SO looking forward to getting into single digit jeans, too..

I just might do the 'happy dance'...

Comment #29

Your story is so encouraging... I am in a 2x right now and I have been for about 20 years. I had lost weight during that time and gained it right back, again. But, I'm looking forward to single digit jeans. I would like to get to be smaller than my daughter. I think she is a 9/10 or Medium.

I have done it before. I want to do it again!!.

Thanks for sharing..

Comment #30

Oh, all of these stories are so inspiring! I've only been onNutrisystemsince 1/5, but have already had a couple of NSV's:.

I, too, caught myself actually crossing my legs the other day!.

A big one....the day I realized I was tying my shoes and could still breathe!.

I could just barely read the scale when I first gut was in the way! Now, although I can still see my belly when I look down, I can easily read the scale!.

I only wish I had taken my measurements when I started....I know that I have lost a ton of inches!.


Comment #31

Couldn't but to shed a tear when I read this. I can not wait till I can share something like this(today is my 1st day on NS)!!..

Comment #32

I don't have a story to tell YET!!! But you are all such an inspiration!! I actually have a shirt that my mom bought for me 3 yrs ago, but it never fit. It is this really cute wizard of oz baby doll tee. I also have a bikini that I bought for my honey moon 7 yrs ago, that I have also never been able to wear. I have kept ahold of these 2 items, and with the help of NS, I WILL be able to wear them summer 2012!!!!!!!..

Comment #33

Today - I was able to put my socks on, all by myself - usually body won't fold over in the correct angle for the right sock. Today it did!!!!..

Comment #34

Way to go Shirl! I was noticing that it was a lot easier to put my socks on... I was.


To the point where I needed help, but not quite. I know it's kinda weird, but that little issue is actually one of the "triggers" that set me off on this path...

Comment #35

Yay!! Competition with the daughter... or just get to the same size and share clothes..

Sweet now you can see your toes again. In no time you will be putting on toenail polish. It is true!.

I look forward to hearing your NSV. It isn't far away.. Congrats on taking this weight loss journey..

YAY!!! Independence day!! Congrats!.

Well good for you on taking the path. I hope you enjoy it. Take lots of pictures of yourself, your measurements and drink your water. The scale doesn't always give you the complete story..

Congrats all!..

Comment #36

I tried on a new pair of 34" jeans and the button latched easily without having to pull to get it closed...

Comment #37

I was thinking of another NSV I had..

When I thought eating a little extra Fat Free Yogurt, Veggies or Fruit as "cheating"..

Comment #38

Just now I dragged out my Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred dvd - which I had never finished last summer because it kicked my BUTT. Day 1 today did NOT kick my butt! I'm going to have to pull out the 5 pounds weights and work harder! So excited. lol..

Comment #39

My first one was going to the mall and just having an apple while my son had fast food and it didn't bother me...

Comment #40

That just reminded me of another ns victory, walking straight on through a turnstile instead of having to walk through sideways...

Comment #41

I have a bikini my husband bought me after our first child (who just turned 5). I haven't worn it yet... but this summer I know I'll be wearing it around the pool as much as possible!!!..

Comment #42

Lol...I have a bag full of new skinny clothes that I bought but grew out of and can't wait to get into them this summer, can't wait!..

Comment #43

GREAT NSV's! I have only been onNutrisystemfor two months but I already have a NSV. This may gross some people out so forgive me if it does..

I have a scar on my tummy from the hysterectomy I had two years ago because of cervical cancer (i was only 33). I haven't been able to see that scar when I look in the mirror because of my belly hanging over. Well last week I was able to stand up and see the scar in the mirror without holding my belly up. I love seeing that scar because it reminds me of that year. Long story but A LOT of good came out of A WHOLE LOT of bad!..

Comment #44

Like it was yesterday. I was in an elevator and a woman complemented me on my shirt. That or anything remotely like flirting had never happened to me before...

Comment #45


, it is amazing how far we can come with exercise. I used to loathe it, not that I like it much now.

But it isn't the same struggle and is definitely doable..

That is a wonderful NSV..

Bet that felt great!.

Woooot, you'll be turning heads..

I understand totally.. I was carved out like a pumpkin and it was kind of cool that I could see it..

You have never been flirted with eh Robert, I find that hard to believe..

You didn't flirt back, did you?..

Comment #46

No. It didn't dawn on me what had happened until I left the elevator...

Comment #47

It's a great NSV, Bet you wore a huge grin on your face when you realized..

Now pay attention...

Comment #48

I am finishing up my third week onNutrisystemand every pair of work pants I have put on this week either fit comfortably or are loose in the waist! This is an amazing feeling. Last month I could barely button some of my work pants!.

Congratulations to everyone..

Comment #49

A pair of jeans the last pair I could fit into is now loose..

I feel like I'm walking faster without trying to. I had been feeling as if I were lumbering, and one day I realized I didn't feel that way any more...

Comment #50

Yay!! I see smaller undies in your near future!.

Congrats!! What a wonderful feeling...

Comment #51

I'm so glad I found this thread! I had my first real NSV last night - Week 5, day 6. My clothes have been getting much bigger and baggier (which is amazing!) BUT, last night I put on a pair of jeans that are a size smaller than I've been wearing! I LOST A PANTS SIZE IN ONE MONTH! Woot! Happy dance!..

Comment #52 really happened! I was wearing an old pair of jeans yesterday... They were too big.

, but comfortable enough for just puttering around the house. But, as I was getting ready for bed, it happened!.

I slid those jeans off.

Without unbuttoning them.


I knew they were big on me, but I didn't think they were.


Big! Those jeans were a squeeze to button 6 weeks ago!!.


Comment #53

Yay Julie!!!!!.

I am so happy for your loss..

Great NSV Sav!.

Now you have to be careful that the jeans don't fall down in public..

Congratulossions Loser...

Comment #54

I had another NSV!.

I'm now able to wear my wedding rings on the right finger!!! For almost 2 years now I've had the wear them on my right pinky because my left ring finger got too fat. Small victory, but it means so much!!!..

Comment #55

Great feeling!.

A month ago I just had mine resized and I could use another size smaller...

Comment #56

I had a NSV this morning. I was looking for a pair of pants to wear because all my pants are so baggy and they look horrible. So I dug in the back of my closet for this pair of pants that I LOVE but have'nt been able to wear in years. I wasn't expecting them to fit because I had just tried them on a few weeks ago and couldn't button them. Well not only did they fit but they are almost too big. I was so happy! Definitely wearing them today!..

Comment #57

Me too!!! I just had to move my rings because they were spinning, lol!..

Comment #58

NSV #1. I found my cheekbones!.

NSV #2. For years, my closet has been a mish-mash of pants sizes. Anywhere from 2 pairs of sz 14s to mostly 18s & 20s. I'm finally able to get into all of my 16s! Some of 'em I can't quite get zipped, but that day will be here soon!..

Comment #59

I had anotherNutrisystemmoment today, looked in the mirror and noticed I no long have sumo wrestler shoulders..

Oh and had one last night, my workout pants nearly fell off. Seems Ns victorys are happening more frequent now, yay!..

Comment #60

I don't know what my first one was but the one I remember most was when I found that my smallest pair of pants a size 10 that I had in my closet as my goal pants were too big..

Up until then I had been shopping in my closet..

I also had a scare when I thought I had a lump on my chest and then realized it was just bones I hadn't felt before. Turns out there are lots of bones on my body that I never felt before!..

Comment #61

Although it seems like Spring will never come...I pulled out my warm weather clothes and was pleased to see I may have to buy some new shorts by summer!.

On the flip side, the biggest change is in my bust size. So I'm not quite as pleased to be wearing smaller bras since I wasn't that well-endowed to begin with. Although I am planning a VS trip to get a much needed push-up bra...

Comment #62

First NSV was being able to put my right sock on - and today I kinda had another NSV..

Bought a mirror compact and good tweezers, came home and tweezed my brows. Never really cared before!.

Dined out last night and tonight. Yesterday, chose battered fish, today a biker chick salad. The salad was much more satisfying and I enjoyed it so much more than the fish..

Thanks for starting this thread - it's so inspiring!..

Comment #63

Great NSV's keep them coming!.

The other day I basically had a lady call me a liar when I said I used to weigh 270 pounds..

She said I didn't look like I ever had been "heavy"...

Comment #64

Had mine last night. I bought skinny jeans last year before packing on 15 lbs. Packed them for a trip and realized when I got there that they didn't fit without a lot of "squeeze," roll hanging over, and feeling too tight. Last night I wore them and they fit just fine! Turns out 9 lbs lost does make a difference!..

Comment #65

Yay Brooke..

Congrats on the 9 pounds and the skinny jeans!.

I just had a new NSV..

You know the airbags that are packed with theNutrisystemShipment to stop your food from being squished?.

I stood on some to pop them and uhh, my weight was not enough. I could stand right on them and Nuttin' honey...

Comment #66

I think that is one of my favourite ones - I'm going to try this when I get home!.

My NSV is like a lot of others. When I started, all my work pants were tight and on weekends I only ever wore black stretchy pants because all my jeans were SOO tight..

Now, my black strechy pants are too big, one pair of jeans is almost too big and another is just perfect. Now at work I'm comfortable in my clothes and on weekends I dont look like a slob always wearing stretchy pants..

And the wedding rings! I had to get mine sized up a year ago, and now they are lose again. Its kind of bitter sweet because I dont like the idea of having to change the size a lot...

Comment #67

Had another NSV today.

I happened to look at my hands while I was typing, and right where the bottom of my thumb/palm meets my wrist, I have an indent!!! That makes sense, right? Lol..

AND! My double chin is gone. GONE! Who would have guessed that I would have had a nice long neck under there?!..

Comment #68

Great NSV's!!.

The scale by far shouldn't be what makes us feel good about our progress..

So many other things put the huge grin on our faces..

Keep those NSV's coming. Too many get fixated on what the scale says and don't see all the other changes..

Collarbones... I love having them again...

Comment #69

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