Nutrisystem question: anyone have the zero point soup recipe?

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My first question is Nutrisystem question: anyone have the zero point soup recipe? Many thanks for any answer or 2. Another question on my mind: Does anyone cook your shelf stable Nutrisystem meal and reheat it later? I work with approximately 15 women and most are die hard Weight Watcher's members. They do not believe in any other way. I do not want anyone knowing I'm on a diet or having to answer questions. I'm assuming it will taste the same if I cook it at night, place it in lock and lock storage and reheat at work the next day...

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I bump into an useful answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could assist you..

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Well, I have heard others mention that they make the cup lunches at night (so the pasta will be good and soft when they eat it later), and then re-heat in the micro at work. And if you put the dinners in the frig after you open them, they'd be fine the next day...

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The dinners come in a nice generic container so if you are concerned then just take the container out of the box to take with you but don't forget the heating instructions. The cups can be emptied into another container to be reconstituted and then reheated later as previously mentioned...

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That's too badyou shouldn't have to hide what you're doing. Some people can become very militant about things like this. I did WW and was very successful on it, but then had a back injury and things went downhill. Anyway, my daughter and I are doingNutrisystemtogether. I'd prefer doing WW again since that's what I'm familiar with, but I thinkNutrisystemwill be better for her, so we're going that way. But, I'm rambling.


Good luck with the program! I wish you much success! WW isn't the only rodeo in town...

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I did it today and I haven't kealed over (yet). In fact, I was dubious about the shelf stable stuff until then - it tasted good, but was like cup o noodles soup consistency. Boiled water last night, prepped some extra veggies, boiling water in, let it sit for about 20 min, stir and into Tupperware. Added veggies and took it to work to nuke for lunch. The noodles had sauce, not soup this way and I actually got a compliment on how good my lunch looked. My co-worked looked skeptical when I told her it was healthy :-D..

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Hi Ms. New Orleans;.

I too, don't really want to deal with curious co-workers (or their opinions about the best way to manage food).



.... I prepare my lunch entrees the night before and then reheat at work. Most of the time I put spinach or other veges. in my own container the night before and pour theNutrisystementree over it. (My fav. this week is spinach, sometimes with mushroom and sometimes I add some protein too..

This way it looks like I'm bringing leftovers and no one is the wiser..

AND, as a matter of fact, I think the foods taste better when they've completely rehydrated anyway..

Good luck with it...

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I also don't want my coworkers knowing that I'm on NS.. Perhaps it's because I'm a guy hehe. Luckily, I am able to go home for lunch since I live just a 10 minute walk away. But, for the days I need to have lunch at work, I make sure to take the small microwavable containers (minestrone, chicken noodle soup, etc.) and peel the label off before coming in. I also either bring a salad or two servings of frozen veggies...

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I think it's totally up to the individual as to whether they discuss what they're eating/how they're eating with coworkers, friends, and family. Unfortunately, for every "cheerleader," there is one who is either jealous or just plain doesn't understand how challenging it can be at 1st to work on changing long-standing habits. As long as we don't let our "secret" interfere with doing what we need to do to stay on our program, it's a personal decision...

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Everytime I diet people make comments. They say just do moderation. Tried that...scale doesn't budge. I also hear that I should try weight watchers. I respect all weight loss plans and people's choices, I wish my coworkers and fily were the same. My brother eats whatever he wants and stays 150 lbs, yet he loves to tell me how to eat.

I also dislike how coworkers and some family members always want to know how much I lost every few days. I definitely want to keep it hush hush. Wish my coworkers understood that I followed weight watchers faithfully for a month and gained 8 lbs. It's definitely not for my body. I feel so thankful for this board..

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