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My 1st question is: Nutrisystem or South Beach Diet? Hoping for any answer. Another question I got... A smile gives a sense of happiness, welcome and confidence..

People like to be around you. And smiles are contagious you know..

So why wouldn't you want to smile?.

Because you've hit a plateau? Look how much you've lost already!.

Because you've gained a couple pounds back? No big deal, just get back on track..

Because a bird committed suicide on your windshield on the way to work?.

(tell ya later) Don't worry, it'll be funny later..

A smile can make or break an outfit, a conversation, a day, a memory, a heart, a moment.....

Did you know that if you Google "smile" you get: About 773,000,000 results (0.10 seconds).

That's a LOT of smiles.

So.... Did you remember to wear your smile today?..

Comments (47)

Good question... I dunno what is the answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I bump into an anything. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could answer your Nutrisystem question..

Comment #1

Alie Allie Fee Fi Fo Fallie.

Our pup should be created sometime in April, and we get our little boy in August. Gaiden has bonded to DH and I. DS does not see any "fun" in taking care of the puppy. Silly boy. The puppy classes start 3/30. Gaiden and DH went to the vet, all good and she charmed the vet techs.

I bet you are beside yourself with excitement!.

I bet Leia will be a sweetie..

Happy Friday!.

I'm a tired puppy mommy, 3 interviews yesterday. 2 via phone and one in person today. There is a hole in the ozone over my house, from my hairspray.

My hair will be up LONG after I've gone to sleep..

See you Later! I'm wearing my smile..

Comment #2

Good MORNING!! I Posted on the wrong page earlier!!.


Comment #3

Lmao @ your hair... I bet it doesn't move for a week!.

Even after you wash it!.

Yeah, but didn't you know DS would do that?.

Good morning Lisa!.

I'm off to get ready for work. think I'll go in a little early and get some stuff done..

Have an awesome day everyone!!..

Comment #4

Love the tread title!!.

Good morning and Happy Friday Zoners!..

Comment #5

I would definately go with you to see John ... it's worth the 2 hours for sure! even if you are a non believer.

Lol so eager so early in the morning love the energy.

LMAO nice! hahaha.

I love when things fit differently and you can see that and other ppl see it too. What kinda work do you do? I only work half days too on Fridays.

LMAO I was smiling till I had to go back n delete all the lil smiley faces to post my comment.

Hahahah ... lovely opener as usual my dear and it made me smile.

And thats even before coffee so job well done!.

LMAO at hole in the ozone over your house ... my dog will bark his head off if ANYONE uses any type of aeresol can in the house lol hes wee tah did.

Glad you found us over here.

Morning girly! sorry I missed ya have a supahhhhhhh day at work.

And you do it so well.

Jus sayin.

Morningggggggggg TGIF..

Comment #6

[quote=aerial.2000;5232549]I would definately go with you to see John ... it's worth the 2 hours for sure!.

I love when things fit differently and you can see that and other ppl see it too. What kinda work do you do? I only work half days too on Fridays.

I am the Department Secretary for the American Legion. I work in the business end taking care of membership, scholarships, baseball, children and youth programs and Veterans benefits Etc. I really love it, and I work for a great Adjutant, and the 25,000 veterans I serve...

Comment #7


Sounds awesome it's nice to like your job .....

Comment #8

Good Morning Zone..

Back at work today. My Bride told me I should have taken another day. I wish I listened!!!!..

Comment #9

Aww you should of ... do you least get ta leave early?..

Comment #10

Hopefully you can leave early....make sure you lay low this weekend!! FEEL BETTER!..

Comment #11

Yanno ... I am blaming aliepooh for me having flashbacks of ANNIE all day long with the title of the thread..

Comment #12

No such luck. I am here for the duration!!!!..

Comment #13

Hi to Everyone,.

Got out to use the computer today. Got a pile of leaves to burn waiting for me back at the trailor. If anyone wants to come visit, I have a couple of free rakes. Oh, and I could use a sheet metal brake too to help me fix the roof on the shed..

Other than the abundance of leaves, and the whole in the roof of the shed vacation is going great. I have been to 3 ball games and 2 races so far. Got to see Albert Pujols hit a grand slam homer. Robby, seen the Pirates twice, it is going to be a looooong season..

I am fighting with a sinus infection which stinks........

I will try to get on Monday afternoon to visit once agian..


Comment #14

Aww want me to call your boss?.

Geeze that dont sound like no vacation well minus the ball games n car races.

And being sick?.

Dang thats no fun either ... but glad you stopped in enjoy the rest of your time away..

Comment #15

Happy Friday Zonies!.

Awesome weather day here. Sadly it's just for today but we'll take it!.

I read Aer's John Edward update. Sounds interesting. It is amazing how he knows stuff. Sounds interesting..

Hope everyone has a great weekend in store. I'm sure I'll be popping in...

Comment #16

Lookie dat cute lil pooch! lol cute pic .. it was very interesting and that was just ONE of many times thru the night that he got into these little bickering arguments with audience memebers lol and each and ever TIME John E. was correct in what he was saying .. was amazing to see for sure!.

What you doing this weekend? Im bout ready to head outta here.

Gonna have to work from home for a few hours with weekend but thats ok it could be worse eh?..

Comment #17

Ok so I made it home.

And we are having pizza tonite and DS2's gf is coming over.

So they can "talk" ... yadda yadda ... they have been fighting and it was my idea to invite her over so that they can settle their differences .. cuz Im a smart mom like that.


Anyways .... dinners at 8pm if you can make it..

Comment #18

I agree with Aeri, you do it well..

Thanks Linda!.

It's okay. I had to run on out. Got out at a normal time today too..

I even got done with my usual work early so I had time to do some extra work that I haven't had time for..

That's awesome!.

Maybe you can take MOnday off and have a long weekend.

Lol I was thinking as I was logging on if anyone remembered where it came from..

But now I want to watch the movie..

Hey Tim! Glad to see you pop in. Don't spend your whole vaca working. You do enough of that at home..

I told everyone that you would give them shelter in exchange for raking..

Hi Annie! I love the pick of Harley to! What a great shot!.

Are you relaxing this weekend too?.

Your time or mine?.

That means I would have 25 minutes to get over there??.

I'd better fly.

Good for you trying to help them work things out...

Comment #19

You ready for my bird story?.

I'm driving down the highway on my way to work yesterday morning. I got my iTunes playing, I'm singing along....

Traffic starts to slow a little because, within a mile of each other, there are two state troopers with cars pulled over..

So I slow to the speed limit. It's okay, my exit is coming up..

I'm checking my mirrors, just about to put my blinker on and BAM! I hear a thud as my windshield gets hit, something flies over my car and my jaw dropped.

I actually yelled out WTF?!!??!!.

Now in slow motion it went a little like this.....

Out of the corner of my eye I notice a light colored bird flying awful low; it seems to be spinning out of control like a plane on a crash landing. It's getting closer and closer..

It's a bird, it'll pull up at the last second like they always do. Pull up little birdy, pull up! PULL U *THUD*.

OMG! omg, omg, omg! wtf just happened? WTF??!! why didn't the bird pull up? Oh no! Is it dead?.

I look in the rear view and all I see is an explosion of feathers, like they just burst out of thin air.

It was like *poof* and then feathers..

My jaw dropped and I just... I couldn't believe it. Was that a sign? What the heck was it supposed to mean? Why did that bird do that? If I had swerved, would it still had hit my car? Yes, it would have. For goodness sake, I drive a Golf cart. My car is low to the ground, that bird was on a suicide mission..


I drove the next 15 minutes in shock, while watching for low flying birds..

On the way home, with the glare of street lights and head lights, I noticed a grey smudge where the bird had hit and smeared up my windshield. I tried to clean it with the fluid and wipers to no avail. Now it's just a memory of what happened...

Comment #20

Oh Alie - what a disconcerting thing to happen when you are driving. I'm glad you are ok..


Comment #21

Does this mean Im really old cuz I knew?.

Do I get a prize?.

Ok ok ok ... Im sorry my response is not going to be like kamas becuz I almost pee'd myself reading the story out loud to my DH HAHAHAHAHHAAHAH.

Pull up little birdy pull up ... omgg that is funny ....

It musta been a suicide bomber ROFLLLLLLL hahahaha omgggg ima pee my pants! dude it's ok ... it happens ... If it effected you that bad I wont tell you my story of hitting a litter of kittens in the road eating some dead road kill one nite on the way home from my friends house and I swerved to MISS THEM and wouldnt you know THEY swuerved at the same time.


Not good!..

Comment #22

I hope you recover tho and have a better night!..

Comment #23

I'm fine.

The bird on the other hand......

Of course you get a prize! lol I'll go find one.....

Lmao, it's funny. I feel bad, but it's still funny..

Oh no! Poor kittens.

Let's see, I plugged the electric heater in and then turned on my desk lamp and... click, darkness. The breaker popped..

Then we couldn't get back on the internet. DH was fuming! It was right in the middle of his game..

So he kept trying to get it back on, but the cable company was having issues at the same time..

He finally got it working this morning..

So now, I am just waiting for Leia to arrive. She's in CT now. Should be here in an hour or so. I'm going to go shower and wait for her. I'm so excited!!!..

Comment #24

Love Spring!!!!.

I am so over winter. I hope it is really done!!!!..

Comment #25

Dang girl ... I hate when power n stuff goes out it's always during a show I wanna watch too .... Leia dere yet?.


Comment #26

I'm with ya on that!.

Yes! I'm uploading pics now!..

Comment #27

OKay Gang.... here's the link to check out our new little girl!.


Comment #28

What a cutie she is!!!.

Are they getting along OK?..

Comment #29

Yeah... I put a video on FB that DH took earlier. OMG they are too funny together!.

Right now it's nap time. At least for another 5 minutes..

Not sure what my sister considered "House Trained" though..

Because we've cleaned up SO much pee today!..

Comment #30

Hopefully she's just confused and will get that all figured out once a routine sets in...

Comment #31

Im great I love when I dont have to work I am still in my jammies LMAO yeah I know it's almost 10pm HAHAHAH .....

God bless puppies.

Glad chewie hasn't mistaken her for a chew toy LOL..

Comment #32

Hoping so..

If not then the training will kick in anyhow..

Lol Nope. But they were playing tug together. Now they are asleep together in Chewie's room..

Which brings me to exiting stage left..

I'm going to bed! So tired and MIL is supposed to be coming by tomorrow to meet Leia. Oh joy..

I AM going to take a "vacation" the week after next..

I'll stay home, relax, sleep late, watch movies, chat more, and maybe get some more stuff out of this house! Yay!!!.

Good night ladies! See you in the morning..

Comment #33

Jammies all day?!.

I guess that'll save ya time getting ready for bed!.

Just teasin. We all need Jammie days. Therapeutic..

G'Night zonies!..

Comment #34

Alie - Leia is super cute. Good luck. I totally know about cleaning up the puddles.

The dog keeps trying to eat the cat. Poor cat..

Last night we gave Gaiden her first shower, DH and I were in the bathroom, he sprayed while I soaped her up. She was not hugely happy, but did tolerate it. There is nothing like clean puppy smell.

Good Sunday Morning Zonies! It's a bit colder today, and I felt it when I walked little Gaiden outside to hopefully potty and all she wanted to do was eat my toes or chase birds and leaves. Ahh to have that much energy again..

Comment #35

Good Sunday Morning ZONE.

Started with 30 minutes on the bike. Having coffee and getting ready for the annual trip to the accountant. Yuck. Taxes Suck..

Comment #36

Yeahhhh time off you deserve it totally and I hope you get some relaxation in instead of filling each da with chores. enjoy MIL.

Totally therapeutic lol and I like to think rather lazy LMAO and hoping for another day today like yesterday lol.

Lol I remember when turbo was little he would chase leaves too thats cute! and he still bites toes.

I am hoping to get off my butt today and bath the little ones.

I got a turkey slow cooking in the oven going to make a beautiful xmas'y dinner.

Another cup of coffee anyone?..

Comment #37

Good Morning Princess.

Are you going to get out of your PJ's today???..

Comment #38

Yo Aer,.

Sounds like Rick prefers your birthday suit!..

Comment #39

I need a jammie day too!!!!.

Aw! That sounds so cute! lol.

OMG ladies! Too funny! Aeri, if you had bathed them last night too I would have gotten chills.

We gave the two a bath last night too!.

HI Rick! I would have liked to start my morning late (DH didn't let me sleep in like I told him.

) and then a nice, relaxing cup of coffee (DH started asking me to find coupons and stuff) and finished up with a nice walk on the tm (DH took off so I'm on puppy duty)..

But I'm glad to hear your morning is going well.... except for the accountant..

Omg I SO need it!!!.

Mmm! Sounds yummy! What time should I be there?..

Comment #40

Wish DH would hurry up and get home so I can do my work out...

Comment #41

Not if I dont have to.

Truss me LMAO hed like it better covered.

Yeah it was nice to just rest n do nothing for a change THO I did put in 4 hours of work from home to make up some time.

But NOT today ... gonna go get a massage today I think.

Lol you need a babysitter? LOL..

Comment #42

Yes! Can you get over here in like 5 minutes?.

DH went to play golf with step-FIL so pups are going to their room while I go walk..

Two more weeks and I get to rest!.

Ooo! Lucky you gettin a massage.


Lol No, Roddy... he was supposed to watch the kiddos but that's not happening..

How are you?.

After my walk I've got to head to the office and do a little bit of work. Then back home to finish some chores and then make dinner. DH wants spicy mac & cheese. Not sure if I'm up to making it or not...

Comment #43

That coudl be it.

Ok well I just made my first batch of choc candies to take to work n try to sell .. it's way not as easy at it uhm looks but some turned out REALLY cute.

Got enuff to make one more batch.

Massage was awesome now I need a nap LOL..

Comment #44

Aeries Birthday Suit and Annie Topless at the computer..

Lord I am having a vision..

Comment #45

Time for me to go to bed....

Comments in the morning. Night!..

Comment #46


Its all ready so c'monnnnnnnnn over *waving big*..

Comment #47

Good MOrning! Happy Monday Zoners!! Looks like I missed out on a lot this weekend!! I was so lazy this weekend that after taking my run outside Saturday, Elliott and DH lounged watching lifetime ALL DAY. Had a birthday party that night, came home early, and LOUNGED ALL DAY SUNDAY!!.

Elliott the wonderdog and I took a 2 mile lesurly walk...but some idiot smashed a bottle on the sidewalk adn I didn't see it until Mr. E YELLPED....he cut his foot.

SOOOOO, I picked him up, carried him home. PUPPY PADSS BLEEEEED!!! It looked like we had been stabbed! ugggh.... poor baby. Daddy got the peice of glass out of Elliotts foot, cleaned it up and put the steptic stuff to it. OF COURSE ... Elliott is not lacking in the drama dept so he got spoiled for the rest of the day and he kept looking at me like I DID IT!! oh well.

OH... and my wiegh in this AM was AMAZING!! 5.8lbs!!!!! I am in shock!!..

Comment #48

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