Nutrisystem or Nutrisystem. What's better? No soliciting please!?

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Got a quick question: Nutrisystem or Nutrisystem. What's better? No soliciting please!? Many thanks for any answer. Another question I got... Walk behind, self propelled, 45 minutes..

I'm thinking about 1,000 calories burned?.

Are you with me?.

No? OK, then how many?..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the right answer. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I find an answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could help you..

Comment #1

You'd have to weigh about 1,000 pounds for that to have burned 1,000 calories. Maybe 200. Depends on how much you weigh, how vigorously you mowed, etc. A better question is, are you doing so little exercise that this is a major addition to your calorie expenditure?..

Comment #2

Try to do lots of stuff like this as "extra". do the stairs, not the vator. Walk a few blocks to the store, not drive (save money and wear and tear on the engine as well). And then get a real workout. (Can also be a walk, to start with.)..

Comment #3

All you can count is walking 45 minutes at a leisure pace..

You have got to move more than this...

Comment #4

Bah, I didn't come here looking to get yelled at. I am trying to start a movement:.

Lawn Mowing Burns 1000 Calories.

Mesturge seems to be the only one with a sense of humor..

Just for the record: I swim laps and weight train. Pfbbt to you other "losers.".

And yeah, I'm not a big forum user. Too many trolls...

Comment #5

That must have been one hell of a lawn! Took you three months to check back in...

Comment #6

Looking at your post count and the longevity of the other members who responded here I only see one troll on this thread...

Comment #7

Calling the man a troll Bill, now that is funny!..

Comment #8

Hey Robert! I'm just trying to lighten the mood around this place. I go away for a few weeks and it's all touchy, feely, sensitive like. How'd you let that happen?..

Comment #9

Ritchie kind of pissed us off in some other threads. I don't think people were touchie feely, but had just had enough of his shtick...

Comment #10

Ah, speaking of trolls. Thanks for the explanation Poly, I wondered what was going on around here. What is that dude's story anyway?..

Comment #11

I'm doing good man, how about yourself, (I guess we'll just go ahead and hijack this thread all the way)..

Just been super busy, not really losing any more weight, but not gaining either. Having a blast enjoying all my hobbies/interests at a whole new level now...

Comment #12

Weight is maintaining fine. Just lately, been having some injury issues with pecs and shoulders. Think I need to start stretching or just back off or something. Work up and down, but lately down...

Comment #13

Poly! Do a super-light set of 30-40 before you go heavy - stretch before your warmup, after your warmup and during your work sets. Shoulders bugging you a little? Do windmills front 20 then reverse 20. that'll get you goin'..

Comment #14

Yeah, I wasn't doing any of that. Need to figure out upper body a little. Pecs and lats are a new one for me to be tight or have issues with. Feel it in wierd places in the underarm...

Comment #15

I don't want to hijack the thread or anything. Didn't really want to create a new one for this question..

Is there a total number of calories you want to retain for each day? Lets say I ate 1500 calories during the day, but then I walked several miles and sweated all day. Then I did a P90X workout for an hour. And lets just say that burned 1000 calories. Lets just pretend that number is accurate..

So I'm only keeping 500 calories per day. Is that OK. Do you want that number to be 0?.

Wouldn't this make a person sick at some point?..

Comment #16

Well...use your head, Pawn..

I lost 3# per week, which implied 1500kcal/day deficit. I was eating somewhere in the 1600-1900 kcalday range. Call it 1750 average. Exercise was heavier than most. and I was fine..

Very heavy guys lose very fast as well, since their bodies require a lot of calories to move them around and just keep tissues alive. On the Biggest Loser, the contestants have an objective of losing a pound per day. assuming they eat 1500kcals, that means they are burning 5000 to get a 3500 deficit..

Your body has plenty of stores of fat. It uses them when you are more in deficit. The more in deficit, the more you lose...

Comment #17

Poly if you want a great pec-stretch just grab two dumbells like you're going to do flat dumbell presses. lay flat and just let the weight just pull your pecs w/o pushing up. I do this every chest day .... you're going to get more of a pull the farther out you put your wrists from your body. great pull. works wonders. i'm convinced that your chest will get even bigger by stretching as well as lifting heavy...

Comment #18

I was doing heavy flies after heavy dips after moderate bench. Got hurt on the flies. I know it's weird...but that's that. Sort of felt like a tiny tear in the pec or maybe even the ribs or collar bone cartiladge strained. (hard to tell really). Also got a weird underarm feeling, different but around same time, when swimming.

Now even the other side feels tight..

Definitely need to get some stretching and such back into the routine. Maybe no more heavy flies too...

Comment #19

How are you figuring your deficit? I mean, how many calories per day do you need?.

I know that based on my weight and height, I need about 3000 calories per day just to maintain my weight. There's no exercise involved in that number, or at least that's what I'm lead to believe..

I'm currently taking in about 1700 calories per day. So that would put me at a 1300 calorie per day deficit?.

But if I need 3000 per day, and I come up with a 3000 per day deficit... I dunno. It just seems like my body would give up at some point..

My boss was on Nutrisystem last year and his plan was to only eat the Nutrisystem foods. None of the extras. So he was only going to get around 800 calories per day. His doctor told him he could only do that for maybe a couple of weeks and eventually he'd get sick...

Comment #20

Plus I kept trying to work around it. Just need to learn to back off even more, even more fast, when things flare up..

What can I say. the muscles actually seem to grow really well. Feel like I make frequent increases. but end up putting strains on things. Plus my circuited training may be a little too intense now, that weights have gone up. Or too intense for my body. I can take the tiredness just fine, kinda get off on it actually, but I keep getting niggling injuries...

Comment #21

1. The best way to know your deficit is from your loss rate. Remember a pound of fat is 3500 calories. So a loss rate of 3#week implies 1500 kcal/day (do the math) or 1#/week implies 500 kcal/day. Of course, look at your average loss rate, not some week that is high or low..

2. I don't think going with Nutrisystem food only is a good idea:.

-missing lots of vitamins and such.

-missing protein (likely).

-very hard to sustain this because of low calories and low bulk (missing veggies), thus you will end up cheating and ruining the days of starvation..

Don't dick around. Run the plan. Add a protein and a fruit (or 2 proteins or whatever) if you are exercising very hard or just roll at 1500. But don't do crazy things like 800kcals. Report in and get advice on tweaks if you need it. But stay in the mainstream..

P.s. If you're a man and not losing, you're cheating too much. Simple...

Comment #22

I'm nearing the end of my third week now. I think I've done good. 15 pounds gone..

I'm just trying to make sure I understand the whole calorie thing...

Comment #23

Probably some water woosh at the beginning. After that losing 4#/week. that's about a 2000 calorie deficit. If you're eating 1750, it implies you need 3750 to maintain that fat body (and not lose at all)...

Comment #24

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