Nutrisystem is suing Jenny Craig for deceptive advertising. Can we sue politicians?

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Question I have... Nutrisystem is suing Jenny Craig for deceptive advertising. Can we sue politicians? Many thanks for any comment. Another question I got... See how there is a lack of men's threads as someone pointed out, I figured I would start a men's thread..

I have a passion for old cars and trucks. Even though I can't afford to finish them right now I still work on them as much as I can. The only one that I can't touch right now is the camaro as it's in Texas still. So I'll show it off in it's current state along with the bronco I got here in PA..

1979 Camaro RS.

Started with a complete car with no motor, then I sanded it down to remove the surface rust and this is the rest..

Redid the suspension,.

Built the motor,.

Piecing the outside back together,.

How it looks today,..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I bump into an decent answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably can answer it..

Comment #1

That camero's engine looks wicked. Have you ever had the chance to take the camero to get that engine dyno'd?..

Comment #2

No pics but I had a 1973 Mustang Mach 1 w 351 Cleveland and a C6 Tranny I could kick my self for ever letting that car go...

Comment #3

Nope, I haven't really broken it in yet as I never got the cam.


Ro finished for the road..

But I did get to take it around the block a couple of times and with that hopped up 350 engine, th400 transmission, and 4:10 geared 8.5 10 bolt rearend, it will go side ways with no problem. I didn't even have to touch the brake, just hit the gas while I was going down the street and it started turning around about 90* and until I slowed down it would get straight again...

Comment #4

I told my dad I want a 1969 Chevelle (but the price forced me to get the camaro) and he said he had one that he wished he never got rid of...

Comment #5

Nice stuff Madison....

And if we are going to talk about the ones that got away PBA...I sure wish I still had my 69 Dodge Coronet RT..

Heres a pic of one...this one isn't mine, but god I loved that car..

440 Magnum..

Comment #6

Great Thread Idea!.

This is my old girl She served me well but Alaska took it's toll on her and I had to put her down. 1985 CJ7..

This is my current Car a 1997 Jeep Cherokee, 10 harsh winters and she still starts up every time. I have grown attached and will probably be buried in it..

In the summer and for short trips in the winter this is my primary mode of transport. 2004 Raleigh SC40 not the lightest of frames but it's carried my big ass over 2000 miles and counting without complaining.

EDIT: hmm having issues getting pics to work..

EDIT: got em to work but they are tiny. Curse you interwebs!.

EDIT: Success!..

Comment #7

My first Hot Rod was a '34 Ford 5 window coupe frame/body no running gear. Bought it when USAF, no money, sold it cheap......way too cheap....was a great steel body car, no dents/rust..

Second was 1959 Chevy El Camino..........still wish I had it........

I got into playing with Autocross back in 1997, and build this '74 Triumph Spitfire from a non-running roller. By the time I got finished, it weighed only 1280 pounds. Had a 1500cc 4 banger Tractor motor that was one heck of a Torquer, which is what you want for short course AutoCross. Anyway, I won the Nevada State Championships 3 years running, then sold it. Grandsons are still PO'd at me, as they were young then, but now in 20's and wanted to drive it too, heh......

Comment #8

I use to know where one sit, it had wings on the back of the bed like it could take off if it had enough speed! LOL.

I was very close to buying a 1962 Biscayne. The guy only wanted $1000 as it sit but since it didn't run I didn't want to get it. Oh well, I think it still sits at the same spot and I might try to get it one day...

Comment #9

All I have on this topic is a fantasy (lmao)..

"Someday" I'd love to have a good, working '57 chevy pickup. A '56 or '58 would work..

Those are the body styles I love the mostand always have..

80+ acres of hunting land with a cabin and that Chevy pickup are about the only fantasies I have left....since it's not okay to talk about the USC women's volleyball team in any detail on these forums!.


Comment #10

2004 Mercury Sable - 117,000 miles..

I haven't had a car payment since 2001. That's how I roll ....

Oh, it's grey - and I make that sh*t look good...

Comment #11

Amen Sean, every time I ponder getting a new car I think about the payment that would come with it. NO DEAL! It has pulled many a commuter out of roadside ditches and keeps cruisin along, I will run the wheels off my cherokee then put bigger ones on..

Comment #12

This looks like my Mach1 execpt for the stripe on the rocker panels. Mine had a Heard of Horses running instead of the stripe...

Comment #13

1966 corvair monza. It was technically my uncles but I drove it like she was mine. I really loved that car. They literally don't make them like that anymore...

Comment #14

Well I did have a 95 Mustang GT. It was the last year for the 5.0 engine and it was sweet. Ended up selling it to a teenager for a $1000 dollars a few years ago after 90,000 miles. He wrapped it around a tree in under a month (he was fine)..

Now my dream car the Ford GT.


Link to the Top Gear video for the Ford GT. BTW Top Gear BBC is the best car show in the world IMO, I'm totally addicted. Top Gear America.. not so much. Of course it does only get 5-10 miles a gallon, but if you can afford a Ford GT I doubt you're concerned about fuel prices. Give me one of these in cobalt blue with a white racing stripe and I could die happy...

Comment #15

My sister had one of those. Those Dual carbs were a b!tch to keep synchronised..

Comment #16

Here is my 69 vette, 520 HP, 525 Tq. side pipes.





Comment #17

I had a 68 Barracuda Convertible when I was in HS/College. College costs made it too expensive to keep so I had to sell it. It was a sweet ride. It had a slant 6 duster engine in it so I only got it up to 90mph once down hill - sounded like a washing machine...i loved that car. the inside smelled like New Orleans - flood water and beer. if I get a chance i'll scan the pics I have..

I drive this now - altho Moose may give me crap - 2007 Wrangler 4 door. I need to haul the kids around so I had to go big. this is last year's pic so multiply the snow my 200.

We also had a Plymouth that....

Comment #18

This is my post Mustang baby. It doesn't have the torque on demand or the wide power band but it makes a snowy drive a lot less adventurous..

Completely not a hotrod..

Comment #19

I know - not a guy - and not a classic car - but here's my baby. A 2010 Plum Crazy Challenger SRT8..



Sig removed to comply with Menz Board Rulez - although I'm not sure why I bother since most of you guys have more glitter in their sigs LOL..

Comment #20

Atha, as long as you keep it short and sweet and no glitter, and post things we want to hear, you are welcome. you did well..

Some guys do need to tome it down a bit..

I'm on the fence on the color of the car tho - they do use original colors tho, right?..

Comment #21

WildBoar- Amazing!.

Bob__m- I won't give ya ****, I prefer the classic Jeeps. Theres just a little to much Chrysler in the newest ones but to each his own.

The Cricket however.....

Athaclena- That's actually the first purple challenger I have seen and I think I love it! Maybe a bit darker and it would be perfect!..

Comment #22

@Bob_m - Plum Crazy is a "heritage color". It was available back in the day. I'd love to have a '70 Plum Crazy Challenger sitting next to it - but it's not happening without a lottery win 'cause we'd need a bigger house LOL. As for the exact same color as the 70's cars - it depends on who you ask. Some guys swear it's the same paint code, others swear the color is slightly different year to year. I don't work for Chrysler so I really couldn't tell you.

It's kind of funny - when my brother saw it he asked "Could you have.


A more obnoxious color?" I responded "Yeah, I could have gotten Furious Fuschia!".

@MooseNugget- only a relatively few were made - about 2000 I think. They made more Plum Crazy's than some of the other Heritage colors. I almost bought a 2008 when they came out, but really, really wanted a manual tranny - and they weren't available. In 2009 I wasn't in a position to buy. When I stumbled across one on the lot at my favorite dealer spec'd just the way I wanted (basically fully loaded SRT8), I snapped it up and haven't looked back. It's a helluva lot of fun to drive! And yes - I do let hubby drive it too.


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