Nutrisystem is a good system to lose weight right?

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First off, Nutrisystem is a good system to lose weight right? Thanks for any answer or 2. Another question... Lets do this.

August 1st - 219 lbs.

Septermber 1st Goal - 209 lbs.

Secondary Goal - 207 lbs (would put me at 200 lost)..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to your question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I bump into an useful answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could give you help..

Comment #1

Aug 1st - 229.

Sep 1st Goal - 214.

This is my first monthly goal, so I was kind of unsure about how much I should expect to lose. I would really like it to be 15 though.

Good luck to everyone this month!..

Comment #2

CW: 230.

Goal 1: 223.

Goal 2: 216.

I'm also shooting for 200 lost with that 2nd goal, definitely will be awesome to hit that!..

Comment #3

I'm back home after a much needed 6 week holiday. It was my first vacation in years. I was in Greece and Italy. It felt great running around the Greek beaches in my new body, not being so self conscious about my gut. And I enjoyed all the great foods that Italy and Greece had to offer - including all the desserts - and I still lost 6 pounds! The difference being, I listened to my stomach. I never overate.

And I swam and walked a lot since I had more energy. I am approaching my goal weight of 182. For the month of August, my goal is to lose 4 pounds..

CW: 188.

GW: 184..

Comment #4

Ok, lets start another month off right. Mesturge I have caught up with you now as I am at 219.6 as of today, August 1, so I am gonna try to beat you to 209, and I am going to set my overall goal to 206, or 13 pounds lost. Gonna try to beat ya bud, I'm calling you out! :-) lol! Let's do this. Good luck gentlemen..


219.6 lbs.

9/1/10 goal.

206 lbs..

Comment #5

August 1 - 221.

Sept 1 - 208.

I really wanted to set my goal for 199, but that's too unrealistic..

I should be able to easily clear 215 this month. 215 will mean for my height, I am no longer obese, just overweight..

Good Luck everyone..

Comment #6

Feel free to bring it Comer. Im not above ordering 10 pizzas to memphis fans' house..


Comment #7

Starting at 191.5. Shooting for 185 by the end of the month...

Comment #8

Oh you just had to go there, lol! Be careful what you cheer for, Cal has left two programs in violation dust, there's no reason to say he won't eventually do it for UK for the pizzas, I will counter that with a couple of fifths of Cal's Makers Mark to your place to add extra carbs to your diet. ;-)..

Comment #9

CW: 210.

GW: 200.

I'm zeroing in on sub-200...

Comment #10

Currently 196.5. Lets knock off another decade for September, and set goal at 187. Should be able to squeeze that one in as I'm training for a 10K and lifting 3x a week...

Comment #11

In maintenance mode, but I want to lose a couple:.

Current: 168.

9/1 Goal: 165 (or under)..

Comment #12

August 1: 326.

September 1: 300.

Get into xxl shirts..

Comment #13

8/2/2010: 292.8.

9/1/2010 Goal: 280.x.

Some mini goals along the way:.

Hit the 60 pound mark (only 2.8 pounds to go!).

Have a waist size that doesn't start with a "5" (size 50 now).

Work out a minimum of 3 times per week.

Hit 20% of original body weight lost (that would be 70 pounds)..

Comment #14

01AUG: 170.

01SEP: 165.

May take it a little lower like 159. Or I may fart around in my 163-167 maintenance "band". Kinda depends on how serious I can be (joints injurieis permitting) on lifting. If I can go heavy, then I don't want to cut too much. Conversely.....

Comment #15

Today was 169 and first day back lifting arms in over a month. I think I can ease back into that with a reset maybe. Felt it in chest and rotator cuff, but no worse than typiing really. Probably no more swimming though..

Was up to a mile 3 days per week...

Comment #16

Aug 3 - 230.

Sept 1 goal = 215.

Bbb is on the way - back on it 100% I started yesterday but did not weigh myself. I do have enough food to make it to the shipment.

Yes, i've been gone but I am back. I gained 10 lbs over the last 3 months..

I changed from napoleon back to bob__m - fresh start..

Glad to see we're all here and good job by many of you newbies!..

Comment #17

LW: 230.

CW: 228.8.

Loss: 1.2 pounds.

Overall loss: 1.2 pounds.

Goal 1: 223 (-5.8 pounds).

Goal 2: 216 (-12.8 pounds).

Not very good so far, but not bad. It'll be interesting to see how far I go this month...

Comment #18

Well I lost 2.4 pounds the first week of August, so I have another 11.2 to go the rest of this month to get down to goal...and another 8.2 to get to before Mesturge to beat him into the 2..0...X...weight column. I'm still gunnin for ya Mesturge, watch out!.

8/1/10 219.6 lbs.


217.2 lbs.

9/1/10 goal.

206 lbs..

Comment #19

Thanks Poly, it's only been becuase of listening to folks you like you and the "stay on plan, never waver" mantra, which is the best advice out there! Appreciate it...

Comment #20

Had a great first week. Lost 2 pounds. So I am half way through my goal of 4 pounds for the month. Didn't expect to lose 2 pounds in a week so close to my overall goal...

Comment #21

No loss for week 1. Still stuck at 219. This would be a horrible time to plateau with Comer bringing the heat...

Comment #22

Lost 4 and the xxxl shirts are not as snug. I tried on a xxl from the closet. Still too tight but I'll get there by 9/1/10..

Comment #23

Officially 215 lbs this morning. 1 more week before I'm just overweight...I hope..

Comment #24

Well don't worry, my heat isn't that much, I only lost 2 this past week, so you are still in this thing for sure....having said that, booyah, I'm in the lead!..

Comment #25

Slow start with week 1. Been on a plateau and losing the same 3 pounds over and over. Keep getting down to 291.x and then bouncing up. We'll see... I've been doing more cardio the last couple days to try to walk this plateau into submission..

8/2/2010: 292.8.

8/6/2010: 291.6.

9/1/2010 Goal: 280.x..

Comment #26

Hit one of my mini goals for the month... Normally would report this onmy typical weigh-in day (Saturday), but it's been tough getting through this most recent plateau..

* hit the 60 pound mark (only 2.8 pounds to go!).


* have a waist size that doesn't start with a "5" (size 50 now).

* work out a minimum of 3 times per week.

* hit 20% of original body weight lost (that would be 70 pounds)..

Comment #27

8/1: 207.2.

8/3: 205.6 - Left for vacation for 7 days and forgot ALL my breakfast and lunch bars that I had ordered special for this trip. Thought oh no, this will be a real test now! This was not a sit around a beach and eat vacation though, we were hiking or walking a lot everyday so I knew if I ate sensibly I should be ok..

8/10 - back from vacation - 203.2!.

Original goal for 9/1 of 197.2 is still intact. 199.9 is in sight!..

Comment #28

August 1 - 192.

Sept 1 - 182.


Comment #29

I'm at 170. Need to get serious. 2000 a day. Regardless of exercise...

Comment #30

187 as of today, so only 2 away from 9/1 goal. Looking like I'll make it...

Comment #31

167. But that's just water woosh from going into deficit...

Comment #32

LW: 228.8.

CW: 224.

Loss: 4.8 pounds.

Overall loss: 6.0 pounds.

Goal 1: 223 (-1.0 pounds).

Goal 2: 216 (-8.0 pounds).

Huge loss this week, guess those 28.5 miles I did with Walk It Out on Tuesday really helped. Looking good to hit 200 pounds this month...

Comment #33

8/2/2010: 258.

8/6/2010: 254.6.

8/13/10: 253.0.

9/1/2010: 248 Goal..

Comment #34

Scales finally on the move again, down two and a half for the week so far. Official weigh in on Sunday..

Start 219.

Current 216.4.

Goal 209..

Comment #35

Scale is moving in the right direction!.

8/2/2010: 292.8.

8/6/2010: 291.6.

8/14/2010: 286.4.

9/1/2010 Goal: 280.x..

Comment #36

Sort of hitting another mini-plateau..

8/2/2010: 221.

8/9/2010: 215.

CW: 214.5.

GOAL for 9/1/10: 208..

Comment #37

After a great first week, I hit a plateau this week. But I still lost another half inch off my waist. At this point, I get more excited by losses in my waist size than what the scale says. I have one more inch to go to get my 32 inch waist back..

SW: 188.

CW: 186.

GW: 184..

Comment #38

Well I lost another 2.4 this week, giving me a loss of 4.8 for the month so far. I don't like this trend, I am going to have to get back to over 3 pounds lost each of the next two weeks if I am going to beat Mesturge to 209, and then if I want to make the goal I set for myself, I have to lose more than 4.4 the last two weeks to get there. Going to be a battle and I may miss my first monthly goal ever, but I refuse to be a pansie and change my goal because things aren't going right mid-way through the month, so I am going to keep 206 as my target and do all I can to reach it. Besides, I am still staying slightly ahead of Mesturge, which is my main goal of the month! :-).


219.6 lbs.


217.2 lbs.


214.8 lbs.

9/1/10 goal.

206 lbs..

Comment #39

In one month's time you have lost 27.2 lbs....outstanding job my man!!! Way to go!..

Comment #40

Thanks. It has been a crazy month with the death of a buddy and the inlaws getting hit head on on the interstate and being in ICU. I didn't stress eat as much as I was guilty of skipping meals. Hoping for a good 2nd month...

Comment #41

LW: 224.

CW: 222.

Loss: 2.0 pounds.

Overall loss: 8.0 pounds.

Goal 1: 223 (GOAL!!).

Goal 2: 216 (-6.0 pounds).

Slow down this week, hopefully can still hit 200 this month, if not this then early next month...

Comment #42

8/2/2010: 258.

8/6/2010: 254.6.

8/13/10: 253.0.

8/20/10: 251.6.

9/1/2010: 248 Goal..

Comment #43

I have been pretty on and off this month. Weight at 170, same as start. Should really get 5 or 10 off and get ripped.....

Comment #44

8/1 - 207.2.

8/10 - 203.2.

8/20 - 202.

Slowed down a bit. I got down to 201 a few days ago but then the last 3 days it has inched up .2 at a time (yes, i'm a daily weigher). I started strength training a week ago so maybe that has something to do with it. I have a goal of 197 for 9/1 which is going to be tough. I'll settle for 199...

Comment #45

Down 3.8 pounds this week, so had a good one, woo hoo! Now I have 10 days to lose 5 pounds to reach my August goal, that's a pretty strong hill to climb, and one I may not reach, but I am still working towards it. I am inching closer and closer to onederland each and every day, and I can't weight to cross that threshold :-)!!!.


219.6 lbs.


217.2 lbs.


214.8 lbs.


211.0 lbs.

9/1/10 goal.

206 lbs..

Comment #46

Ugh! Doing that cycling thing again... Drop weight. Jump up a few a few pounds in a day and then spend the week losing that again. Lather, rinse, repeat..

8/2/2010: 292.8.

8/6/2010: 291.6.

8/14/2010: 286.4.

8/21/2010: 286.8.

9/1/2010 Goal: 280.x..

Comment #47

You've lost 6 pounds over 20 days though, from ticker.....

Comment #48

Down another 2. Don't know if I'll hit my goal for the month but with as slow as this month has gone for me Im just glad to see it moving..

Start 219.

Current 214.

Goal 209..

Comment #49

Keep up the good work gentlemen.

Weigh in tomorrow, but right now it looks like I'm about 2.5 lbs away from hitting goal..

Start 221.

CW 210.5.

GOAL 208..

Comment #50

I'm at a plateau for a second week in a row. Hopefully can shake things up this week. Have 2 more pounds to lose to reach my monthly goal..


CW: 186.

GW: 184..

Comment #51

Drum roll please.......


9/1 goal: 197 still within reach but going to have to work hard this week. My 2.5/wk average has dropped a little this month...

Comment #52

That is fantastic! you're killin' it!.

Weigh to go..

Comment #53

Awesome! Nice to have a "1" in front of that

Comment #54

167. Should be able to reach 165 if I stay in deficit...

Comment #55

SW 210.

CW 206.

GW 200.

9/1 is probably out of reach for losing 6 more pounds...

Comment #56

SW: 262.

CW: 248.2.

GW 250.

Yea made goal!!..

Comment #57

LW: 222.

CW: 219.6.

Loss: 2.4 pounds.

Overall loss: 10.4 pounds.

Goal 1: 223 (GOAL!!).

Goal 2: 216 (-3.6 pounds).

How in the hell I lost 2.4 this week is beyond me, I thought I'd be lucky to get just 1 pound. Pretty sure I won't hit goal, but it'll be close, will hit 200 early next month anyways...

Comment #58

I started on 8/24 so not sure exactly what I should expect to lose. Currently at 281 so will be happy if I'm at 275 on 9/1...

Comment #59

164 today. Probably a lot of water...but I'll take it...

Comment #60

8/2/2010: 258.

8/6/2010: 254.6.

8/13/10: 253.0.

8/20/10: 251.6.

8/27/10: 250.4.

9/3/10: ? .

9/1/2010: 248 Goal..

Comment #61

Looks like it will be close, but no cigar. Been pretty committed to the gym routine so hopefully that will get the rate of loss back up again. Still, glad to see it moving in the right direction!.

8/2/2010: 292.8.

8/6/2010: 291.6.

8/14/2010: 286.4.

8/21/2010: 286.8.

8/28/2010: 283.2.

9/1/2010 Goal: 280.x..

Comment #62

You are only 8 pounds from the halfway mark!..

Comment #63

Thanks, Poly! I'm looking forward to that point..

I've been happy with the level and intensity of my workouts and I know that will futz a bit with what the scale says. The losses aren't as predictable as they used to be, but it's all good. I'm loving seeing some muscle development. I'm loving the change in how my clothes fit..

No whining. Just recognizing that it makes setting the monthly goals a bit more challenging. Onward and downward!..

Comment #64

LW: 219.6.

CW: 216.8.

Loss: 2.8 pounds.

Overall loss: 13.2 pounds.

Goal 1: 223 (GOAL!!).

Goal 2: 216 (-.8 pounds).

2 hours of walking on Friday with around 1 hour 30 minutes cart pushing last night must have provided great exercise to lose 2.8 in four days. Still .8 away from 200 gone but I'll have it on Thursday 10-2, definitely will hit 50% next month since only 8.8 pounds away...

Comment #65

My starting weight was 188..

My goal weight was 184..

My current weight is 183!.

So I beat my goal by a pound! And this was after a three week plateau. I changed things around, added more calories in the morning. Shifted carbs to earlier in the day. And best news of all I am one pound away from my overall goal..

Congratulations to everyone. We are all heading in the right direction...

Comment #66

I finished month at 166, pound up from goal...

Comment #67

Finished at 193. Missed by 5 punds, still down 24 in 2 months ain't bad..

Keeping my chin up and looking forward to making September a good month..

Comment #68

Congrats to everyone who made goal. I came up about 3 lbs short but I still made progress this month. On to the next month...

Comment #69

Congrats everyone. I made my month goal just by a hair....

SW: 221.

GW: 208.

CW: 208 (not official till next Monday)..

Comment #70

Well guys, I have started teaching High School, so that is why I have disappeared over the last couple weeks, I apologize for not keeping up on the boards, but adjusting to the job has taken a toll on me. However I did reach goal for August. As of yesterday, Sept. 1 I weighted 206.8, and my goal was to reach the 206 range, so woo hoo!!! And I am now ever so close to one-derland. Now time to go over to the 10-01-10 goal thread and make that goal!..

Comment #71

Congrats on reaching your goal! Best of luck on the high school teaching job... I used to teach HS as well (5 years). Equal parts fun, rewarding, challenging and annoying...

Comment #72

8/2/2010: 258.

8/6/2010: 254.6.

8/13/10: 253.0.

8/20/10: 251.6.

8/27/10: 250.4.

9/3/10: 248.2.

9/1/2010: 248 Goal.

.2 lbs? I'm calling it GOAL!..

Comment #73

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