Nutrisystem how many points do I need I weigh 175lbs?

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First question I got is Nutrisystem how many points do I need I weigh 175lbs? Many thanks for any response. 2nd question I got is.. OMG! It's February! Well tomorrow it's felt like the whole first month of the year has disappeared without a trace! WE must face the facts...we are getting down to the serious business here and we need to buckle down and get that weight off for good..

We all started in September '09, and we recently celebrated our one (1) year anniversary last October on this fantastic program with some of us meeting up in Las Vegas!! I don't know about you, but I never could have succeeded without this group!.

Haven't been around for a while? Deb does a comical and well written update on Monday's for us to help give you a quick look into our current topic of discussion, what's going on in our lives at the moment, and just about all the past weeks dirt so you can post without having to read pages and pages of updates from the old thread... unless you want to. Please look for it in the first couple pages! Thanks Deb!..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I bump into an useful answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably know..

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No school today..

We've had 4 inches. We're suppose to get 4 more. The problem is, the wind won't even be picking up until tomorrow. Watch - we'll go to school tomorrow.....

Comment #2

Good Happy Monday Morning to you all and tomorrow we start a new month. February the month of Love! It is long past time that we practice a little love for ourselves and give yourself the gift of health and happiness. All of us are putting forth the effort it requires to reach our goals, and I want to caution you about getting too skinney. We need some fat to plump out the wrinkles. If you insist in getting very skinney as a buffer to any weight gain you can count on me to donate my fat to you to plump out any wrinkles. You heard me right I will sign up for a radical fatectomy to donate to you, so do as you see fit and remember I have your back!.

COLEEN- Last seen loaded down with presents and headed for Atlanta to celebrate her Dad's birthday with her Mom and sisters. Must have had a good time and was probably overloaded with catch up at work because she has not been heard from since. Hellloooo Coleen please check in and fill us in on the party..

JOHNNA- Speaking of a party, Johnna and Ian went this weekend to Hookesett, NH to watch Cam play and party after the game to celebrate his success and when she is not jetting off here and there she can be found at the local Zumba studio getting her groove on. She has been watching Deisel and Dozer explore the neighborhood from her eliptical and then jumps off and chases her boys down so she is getting her exercise in all forms these days..

SHELLEY- Recently had a well deserved spa day with the girls and released a lot of stress that has been brought on by the never ending break-up of Matt and Mean Megan. We all thought that it would have ended after Matt moved in with three girls but I guess not. More drama on the horizen..

DUCKY-Came down with a nasty case of Strep Throat and was off sick from schoolHowever it did not side line our girl for long as she rallied to host a Lia Sophia Party in which several of us joined in and ordered a little bling to help us strut our stuff. We also jumped on the band wagon to vote for Ducky so that she could possibly win some great prizes for her classroom. See we all help each other in our own ways. Friends to the rescue..

VIX- Has joined Livestrong to help motivate her weight loss and reach her goal once and for all. Vix had her usual daily yoga for exercise but had some extra in the form of shoveling. Yep those east coasters got dumped on with 10-15 inches of snow and it took her two hours to shovel the driveway and at 400cals per hour she really outdid herself there. Hmmm I see a special treat in your future..

JEN- Not to be outdone shoveled for an hour and a half to rid herself of the snow and make a path so that she does not have to slow down in all her activities. Activities too numerous to list, rock on Jen..

JUDY- a.k.a Zumba Queen has been getting her groove on with all her Zumba classes and exercise and Personal Training with Leland. Judy managed to lose 0.6lbs this week and inches toward her goal. Remember slow and steady wins the race. Wally finally has permission to return to work today, glad he is better and feeling good and glad he is out of Judy's hair so that she can concentrate on speeding up the weight loss..

MELISSA- Is taking full advantage of the Disney pass they purchased last year and ran down to Hogwarts and Thunder Mountain and spent the day with the family having a good time. Melissa continues to walk the plank uh, I mean bridge and clock her miles and she is 100%Nutrisystemand 100% exercise. We have seen in the recent past that when she makes up her mind to do something she does it..

That's all she wrote .................

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Good Morning everyone.....

I worked on Friday and spent much of the weekend working on the newsletter for one of my volunteer groups. It was a killer issue...lots of pictures and as soon as our President gives me the ok to send it out, I have to start woking on another newsletter for a sister group. That one only goes out Spring and fall vs monthly like the one I just finished, but I am not happy to be spending this much time on it. I find myself a little irritated if someone corrects anything, because I'm not sure they appreciate the HOURS of work spent! Also, I don't see anyone stepping up to take over this job or the website in the next couple years because people are to scared to try something new. OK...venting over!.

Frank and I did play wii sports resort quite a bit this weekend. Too bad there's no calorie count with those activities. I really seem to work hard in the fencing game..

I am also working with one of my sisters to find a rental house for the cape this summer. My DREAM house has already been rented to a French couple....they haven't sent in their money yet, so I am hoping for a miracle. Here it is....


Isn't it perfect?.

If we can't get that one, we have a back up, but it is the same price and the one above is so much nicer....Should have done this a month ago. Last years house worked out well for all of us, but was a little further from the water. We were hoping not to lug the kayaks back and forth this year..

Judy, sorry you're sick. Take it easy today and maybe you'll bounce back enough for your Zumba class..

Deb, thanks for the re-cap. Excellent read as always....Maybe you want a position on my newsletter committee...Right now it's just me!.

Melissa, can't agree with you more about the side "benefits" of being back on theNutrisystemfood. Like you, I order many of the scones and the cran bars. The cranberry bars do NOT like me and I usually pay for 2 days after eating them, but they are so good, and like you said, easy to eat in the car..

Ducky, sorry you have strept. At least you don't have to worry about school that going to be a problem come spring or does the school district factor in enough snow days? It rarely happens out here, but I remember when my son was in middle school (about 6 years ago) we had so many snow days they needed to extend the school year by 3 days....This did NOT go over well with parents who had booked family vacations. Matt was scheduled to go to skate camp, but I was able to push it back a week. School refused to change dates for finals, so if you weren't there, it was a huge deal..

I'll have to go back a read some more posts to see what everyone else has been doing. Hi to all....have a great Monday...

Comment #4

That place looks nice! Good luck! When's their deadline to get the money in?.

We live in SD. So, nope, we don't have any built in snow days! Makes sense doesn't it? I think this is the second day added on to the end of the year...

Comment #5

Good afternoon everyone! I hope everyone is having a super Monday..

Shelley -.

Lovely house! How long do you all normally rent it for - a few weeks, the whole summer? What a great idea. Have you always rented in that area or do you all mix it up. Sorry to hear about the newsletter woes - I can just imagine doing all that work and then people asking if you can change something - I would not be happy either!.

Judy -.

Sorry you were not feeling well - hope the tummy ache went away. Woo hoo on the .6 loss! I'm still not weighing. I don't feel any loss in my pants yet so I'm just waiting on that until I get on that frickin' scale!.


- You know, you would think that snowfall could have conveniently occurred when you were out sick thus you wouldn't have missed additional days. Glad to hear you are feeling better. Are you able to do your lesson plans from home?.


- Sounds like you were super busy yesterday morning! Hope your stall ends soon!..

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Yesterday I went up to New Smyrna Beach so my SIL and I could get the house ready for my MIL's arrival tomorrow. We worked hard all day and got it up to some better standards..

I stopped at Barnes & Noble on the way home to look for two books specifically. I was really discouraged when they didn't have either (at first). My goal had been: go in, grab these two books, leave (well, pay of course). Well then of course that didn't happen.

I love bookstores! So I eventually did find one of them but still not the other. Our library has it but the wait is crazy so I'll have to check out our local bookstore. It's the book for this month in my Goodreads book club and our library didn't have last month's either! I would really like to actually READ the books the other members in my book club are reading!..

Comment #7

Proud moment: Yesterday while my SIL ate a meatball sub and choc chip cookies for lunch at Subway I had a simple veggie salad with fat free honey mustard dressing (on the side)!..

Comment #8

So, Ashton has been watching Look Who's Talking, Looking Who's Talking Too, and Now Look Who's Talking. As you can probably figure out, she has asked some questions today... She now knows that the tadpoles are actually sperm and the bubble is actually an egg. She knows that men have sperm and women have eggs... Jeremy is just going to love this!..

Comment #9

Hi girls,.

Ducky, how can they NOT have a few days factored in for snow. You guys must get a ton! I think when I gre up in upstate NY where we receive the nasty lake effect snow, we had 5 days factored in. So, unless we went over that....and some years we did, we were ok. We have some record breaking winters there. The year my mom was diagnosed (about 4 years ago), the city and airports shut down for almost a week!.

Melissa, 6 miles! Pretty impressive. And sticking to salad when a meatball sub was withing reaching distance...I'm just in awe! Keep up the good work..

I decided to try on the bikini I bought last year at my was NOT a pretty sight in the mirror! I had already done my wii stuff, so I took the dog out for a 2 miles walk and am trying to guilt myself into getting on the elliptical. Of course there's a little voice inside of me saying..."you're not really fat, you just need a tan"!....can't listen to that voice!.

As far as Cape Cod. My youngest sister and BIL are able to use a friends house there every year. We joined them last year, but rented a different house for me, my 2 other sisters and 1 nephew. Lots of fun but putting the kayaks on top of the car and driving them to the water everday got a bit old. We were actually only a couple blocks from the water and had great views from the deck, but we thought it would be nice to just be able to leave the kayaks on the beach this year. Since 3 or 4 of us will split the cost, it's pretty reasonable..

OK, maybe 30 minutes on the elliptical won't be so bad!..

Comment #10

Hope you're feeling better, Judy and Ducky!.

Great on the 6 mile walk,Melissa!.

Nice house, Shelley...hope you get it!.

Deb, nice review as usual..

I'm feeling really tired today, but did my 30 minute walk at lunch, 15 min on the elliptical and 20 minutes of yoga, so not too bad. Supposed to be 'wintry mix' tomorrow....that's just the worst...but we'll see..

Pleasant dreams to all...

Comment #11

Helloooo ladies!! Sorry I was MIA for a couple days there. Life's been crazy as usual..

Deb - what have you been up to? You always leave yourself out of the weekly roundup....silly girl!.

Ducky - glad you are feeling better. I think our weather comes either from the mid-west or sometimes it comes from the south up the coast. I guess it depends on the jet streams. You'll have to give us the report on when Dad finds out about the eggs and the sperm! HA!.

Vix - are you supposed to get freezing rain/sleet and snow like us? I'm waiting to see what tomorrow morning looks like. If it's icy I'm working from home..

Judy - wahoo on the 0.6 pounds. Zumba in black light sounds CrAzY fUN!.

Melissa - speaking of black crazy is that - Brenna's eyes glowing!! Although some things naturally glow in blacklight. I'm sure it's fine. But...if she begins to "Hulk" out of her princess a doctor!.

Wow...6 miles on the plank...impressive Matey!.

Shelley - that place looks nice. I love the three chairs overlooking the ocean and of course the rainbow! I was going to say that you probably would look better with a little tan!.

All I know is the mirrors at the mall are HORRIBLE!!.

OK..I was a bad girl and didn't exercise today....but I am going to bed so I can get up on get going. We didn't get home till late last night because Aaron had to install one of those chair things that takes old folks up the steps. His Bubbie (Grandma) is in town - she's 98 - smart as a whip but has trouble with the steps. Anyway...we were down in Newark so he could install it. He's such a good boy....well...sometimes!.

Night ladies...

Comment #12

Good morning!.

I started out to work this morning....put my car in 4 wheel drive and was sliding all over the place anyway!.

Turned around (very slowly) and came back home. There's a nice thin layer of ice out there, and it was drizzling freezing rain..

I just filled out the paperwork for being able to work at home on days like today. I don't know whether it will be approved, but I asked my boss earlier this week, and he said it was probably ok. So next time...

Jen, it was really nasty out earlier. The salt trucks just came around, but if you have the option, I would work from home!.

I guess since I'm home, and not working, I have plenty of time to go on the elliptical, do yoga, do some old fashioned housework and burn off some calories..

Have a great day!..

Comment #13

Good Morning.....I'm feeling a bit more normal today but tired. My sleep was so screwed up yesterday...I went back and slept for a bit, then crawled in the bed and slept for a while. Needless to say the eating was all over the place. I actually ate less but my body hates that so I weigh more today!!.

Go figure that out??? I saw my regular doctor yesterday at 1:30 and we had a great talk....I do love that woman, she's great. She gave me some good advice about doing the surgery for removing some....heck who am I kidding...ALL of the extra skin and blubber on my belly. So I'll go get the advice of the guy she recommended and see what they have to say about the whole thing..

Now I have to go eat breakfast!.

I'll be back with Wally's bad news he got at his doctor appt yesterday afternoon. His follow-up from surgery. He's not happy...

Comment #14

Oh no, Judy! We're here to support you and Wally...

Comment #15

No school again today..

We got around 8-12 inches of fluffy snow yesterday. Winds are suppose to be over 30 mph today...

Comment #16

Shelley, I'm glad you pinpointed one of the culprits for me. I've been trying to figure out which is causing it. One of my dinners must do it too I'm thinking...

Comment #17

Uh-oh, next question is: How does the sperm get to the egg?.

That's the one I don't want to have to answer. Owen asked me something about that not to long ago and I was very vague and it seemed to satisfy him...

Comment #18

Thank you! I'm planning the same for Friday morning. Unfortunately Wed night I can't walk while Owen is in religious ed. Brian is going out of town tomorrow night (yippee! I'm putting the kids to bed at 7:30 and the rest of the night (and the remote) is mine!!)...

Comment #19

Thanks Vix - good job to you on all of your exercise yesterday as well!..

Comment #20

That's what we call Brenna sometimes too: She-Hulk because she can go from sweetie to tyrant in about 4 seconds!!!..

Comment #21

Judy, I hate when you eat less and the scale doesn't show it..

Good to hear about your doctor hooking you up on the surgery to get rid of the extra skin. Bad to hear about Wally..

Comment #22

Good Morning!.

Well, good news on one house that I found yesterday. It's a little further from our one sister, but convenient for walking to town. I am trying to decide (from Reno) how busy the traffic might be in the area. One sister is already complaining that it is too expensive, but I have already said that Frank and I will put in the extra. Mind you, she is the one that arrived first last year, claimed the best bedroom with the included bathroom, left early and paid the! It's always something!.

Melissa, I am 99% sure that the cranberry bars are the worst as far as "side effects". I really love the taste though, so I always order them. I just try not to eat them within a day or two of being somewhere that I could embarrass myself (work, airplane, massage table)! I eat the scones every morning and I don't have nearly as much of an issue with those..

Judy, sorry to read about Wally. What's going on? Exciting news for you though. Have you definitely decided to move forward with the surgery, or do you need to hear all the specifics first?.

Vix, glad that you decided to turn around and stay put today. I'm sure you will find many things to fill that day at home..

Jen, good to hear from you. What a nice guy you have. I have to smile about the chair thing for the stairs. I seem to remember a movie where an old cranky woman got launched off the top of the stairs riding on one of those sideways facing seats. Can't remember what is was though....Melissa, any ideas?.

Ducky, another snow day? This is really messing with your school year. You should see my sister the elementary teacher on Long Island woo hooing all over facebook when she gets a snow day. It will be another story if they take away her spring break because of excess snow days..

Deb, how are things with you? How is your back? Are you getting to PT? How is your mom? We'd know all of these answers if you would update yourself in your weekly blog!.

Johnna, Coleen, hope all is well with you guys..

OK, gotta send that newsletter out today and get my exercise in. Also return that bathing suit that I bought yesterday without trying on....too scared to look at myself in the store mirror, but looking into the one at home didn't help! Stupid muffin tops!..

Comment #23

I'm thinking.

Throw Momma from the Train.

With Danny DeVito and Billy Crystal but unsure about that. She was one old cranky woman!..

Comment #24

Hello ladies! Just got back from popping out to the grocery store. Wally is still at the gym working out so I can do what I want of a bit before I start hearing the constant question of...What are we watching tonight?? We have the same thing to pick from that we always do so why not decide before you start asking me 100 times! It's probably gonna be Twilight Zones..

I picked up some more Skinny Cow fudge bars...god those things are good and so far so good on just eating one at night...and not every night. I alternate withNutrisystemdesserts too. Speaking of that I need to call in a small order to get me over the next 4 weeks until the next BBB comes. I have dinners and lunches but I need a couple desserts and about 5 Choc PB Bars for lunch..

I watched a movie the other day alone.....Couples Retreat...newest one I've seen in years. It wasn't stellar classic or anything but it was funny. I like Vince Vaughn. The other one I have is The Invention of Lying....must watch that one after Wally goes to bed this week.. lips are so dry and I've been licking them and chewing on they get very more sore and drier.....anyway. I put the shiny frosted Burt's on them but I hate that any cat hair that floats within 3 feet of me seems to get stuck to my lips! Cat hair is killing me...

Comment #25

So Wally............ poor thing still has his bottom lip sticking out way too far..

He went to get his stitches out and his check up. Of course he was all set to complain about the swelling and he wanted the fluid drawn off. I couldn't see anything. They told him that for being 10 days out he was about 75% farther than ANY of their other patients! Nobody had the range of motion he did..most were still on canes and crutches and his swelling was almost non-existent. So THAT didn't happen. Then they said wait here...Dr.

IS that ever good?.

Well he told us in the recovery that where he though from the xray that there was almost no arthritis....he was really dismayed to find a whole BUNCH of arthritis. But he went a bit farther and he told him yesterday that his arthritis is all over his knee....and it's in the VERY worst parts of the knee so that he's essentially got bones on bone in the most important parts. He said they will watch him now for 90 days to see if this surgery will do anything at all for him. He doesn't have pain now because he's not doing anything. Then they'll devise a plan to get him as far as they can before having to do a total replacement..

FIRST....... NO RUNNING EVER AGAIN. EVER. Poor baby had this dream...seriously, of running those dessert adventure races you see on tv and has been training for that. Dr. said Nope.

The only way he can avoid having the replacement in the next year is to build up the muscles that support the damaged parts, very slowly. He can ride the spin bike....but no resistence, he can so the stair machine but only if he feels no pain..

He's trying to get him to his 60's and 70's without waling with a cane or a walker....even with the replacement I guess. SO we'll see how if goes over the next 90 days...

Comment #26

Ot-oh...someone's home and he's not happy..

I asked how he did and I got...."What the point if I can't even turn on the freaking bike resistance".

He's mad he can't run the track.....and he's mad he can't workout. He's just not happy it's essentially physical therapy still...not working out. Okay better go and get started fixing something for dinner..

Shelley - I have the most selfish money hoarding sister alive who then married the cheapest man alive. I almost killed him once over the cost of sharing a beach cottage. Wish I had actually..

He out of the shower and I have some feathers to smooth down!..

Comment #27

Vix - wow....sounds like it was worse there. I think it might have snowed a little then freezing rain on top. My driveway was slippery. I waited til 8 AM to even leave the house and by then the roads were fine. I would have done the same thing. I think tomorrow AM is supposed to be worse.

Judy - Oh...poor Wally. That is such a bummer. Don't they have some supplement for that? I think they have one for dogs...not that Wally is a dog...but you know.

Well...hopefully he can look at the bright side - he's a quick healer and maybe if he's patient he can build it up slowly and be good to go..

Shelley - Gotta love family. I love mine, but man am I happy I live 30 - 40 minutes away sometimes!.

I think you should tell your sister you cyber licked whatever room you want before she gets there! HA!.

Deb - Hope you are surviving the Blizzard....sounds like it is bad there!.

I worked out 45 minutes this morning then walked (not fast) on the elliptical for another 20 minutes tonight. I exceeded my BB target so I'm happy with that. I'm gonna workout in the morning and hopefully again have a little elliptical time in the evening. It's the only way I can get my calories burned in. OK..I gotta think about getting to bed. I'm worse than a 2 year old!..

Comment #28

Good evening all, the snow finally stopped but with the 40mph winds who knows for sure. Yesterday we had the ice and today we got 12" of snow on top of the ice. Old man Winter is loving the Midwest but looks like he is heading east so look out. We are supposed to get another storm this weekend although it is not supposed to be as bad. Caitie and I shoveled half the driveway and that took an hour to do it and had to shovel the deck so that Jack could make it out into his Winter wonderland. He sure loves the snow and ice.

Night all...

Comment #29

Good morning!.

Jen, yesterday turned out not to be so bad (I usually leave shortly after 5 a.m, the salt trucks came by about 9a.m.) warmed up later , but I stayed home anyway! Sometimes it's just nice taking a day off...Today it's just rain, and is supposed to warm up to 47 degrees! HEAT WAVE!.

Judy...awwww...poor Wally, must be really frustrating for him, he sounds a bit like Pete (he likes to lift weights!...I don't have that gene)..

Hopefully he can build up enough muscle to make it better..

Melissa...guess you're the resident movie maven! Funny picture..

Deb, good luck with all that snow...take it easy, keep warm and safe (my son's in Indiana...he's getting blasted too)..

Shelley, you sound so busy...hope that newsletter went well. Being a good writer is really a gift. Writing is mild torture for me. I can do it, but it takes forever..

Well, work is calling me to catch up..

Hope you all have a happy, healthful day...

Comment #30

Back in a hungry! Oh yea..and Good Morning!..

Comment #31

Well, third day off from school - dangerously low windchills. We are suppose to have -30 to -50 wind chills today. Tomorrow will be so much fun when we go back to school! (eye roll)..

Comment #32

Good afternoon ladies. Hope everyone is having a wonderful Wednesday!.

All this snow talk it is very surreal while living down here. I was actually considering turning the air conditioning on a little while ago because it was 79 in the house. Much warmer today than it has been. That's usually how it goes - you all are talking about crazy cold temps and crazy snowfall and here it's in the mid 70's. Then, in a few days, we get the remnants of that cold storm and it cools off to 50's and 40's here (sometimes even 30's!). I do miss cold weather (not 40 below mind you)..

My husband attended our home owner's association meeting last night and he comes into the house and announces, "Meet your new treasurer!" I've been calling him a traitor ever since - I reminded him, "We don't like the homeowner's association, remember??" He's convinced he can help protect us from being screwed over...

Comment #33

Thank you Judy - that was so cute (and nice!)..

Comment #34


- So sorry to hear about Wally's knee! That is so tough when you have this huge goal and dream and it's something crappy like that that is preventing you from doing it. Total Bummer. And I'm sorry you are probably having to walk around on eggshells right now. Hey, if you need to get away, come on down here!.


- That is a LOT OF SNOW! Glad you got yourself somewhat shoveled out of it and that Jack is having fun in his winter wonderland. Dogs are so funny in snow..


- WOW - that's cold. Will they take the snow days off of spring break or just add them to the end of the year?.


- Sometimes you do just have to take the day off so good for you! Yes, I do love movies! And books! And really good TV shows! I'm a total junkie for all that stuff. Oh, and some PC games too - aaahhhh!.


- I have an idea. You and your other sisters should get to the house way before you tell your other sister to be there and then you have all your rooms picked out and voila - you have effectively picked her room for her! I wonder if that would work?.


- Good job with all the working out. You go girl. How's the Mutt Cutts going? Hee hee...

Comment #35

I just realized that my mom's 70th birthday is February 27th! So, we are going to drive up Friday night the 25th and then drive back down on Monday, the 28th. She lives in Hendersonville NC. My brother from Sarasota FL is going to ride up with us. I hope he hasn't told her. I think it would be nice to totally surprise her..

I have a niece in Florida and a nephew in Illinois both graduating from high school this year. I was crossing my fingers that my niece's graduation would be first, then my nephew's so we cculd hang in Illinois for awhile. Well, no such luck. My nephew's is May 28th and my niece's is June 5th ~UGH!~..

Comment #36

Our snow days are added on to the end of the school year. Thankfully, they don't take away any vacation days. This year it won't be so bad since we started school so early - we'll also be getting out pretty early...

Comment #37

Your part of the country is SOOO cold on my weather map in the paper you are just a big gray area...not even a color...just GRAY! OMG! I don't know how you survive that cold...I am way too big a Wuss now about the cold....

BTW....we had a freakish 70 degree day today. YUP!.

70 degrees!..

Comment #38

As a past condo asso. President for many SUCKS! Even the Treasurer's get screamed at constantly. Heck the treasurer gets it worse...they figure you make all the money decisions. I hated the calls at home for complaints! HIDE your home number!..

Comment #39

Well darn...get settled on the computer and hubby walks in the door!.

Just got finished doing my workout so I'm waiting to cool off. I seriously though about hitting the A/C too right before I sat down Melissa. It's 78 in the house. But he window air did enough and the fan. it's already cooling down outside for the 40 something we go back to tomorrow..

Wally's doing better. His knee hurts today so he realized just how slow he has to work. It was all set in his mind that this was a quick fix and he'd be 100% perfect and ready to go...and now he'll be lucky to get back to what he was doing before. He's good, but he has his moments of getting really mad too..


- I think it was you who asked if I was all ready to have surgery. NO!! I'm just going to find out what they can do, what's involved, and how much money it costs. I doubt I can convince the insurance people that it's medically necessary for me to drop 2 PANTS sizes. Sounds reasonable to me....but they probably won't agree. It's worth it just to see what he has to say..

OH, Wally's calling for help getting the BOSU ball together. I'll pop back in later. Not too long...

Comment #40

Sorry to read about all the cold and snow that so many of you are dealing with. I really don't know what's going on here this winter. It's never this warm. Barely any moisture at all in January. Hang in there...I think Phil predicts an early spring.....

Well, it looks like we are not going to get the house I hoped for. I found another one nearby, actually a little larger with 4 bedrooms and 3 1/2 baths. That means everyone gets their own room and no teens should be spralled all over the living room. Quite a bit more money though, but definitely worth it. I like your cyber lick idea Jen....I just may do that. Otherwise I'll need to fly back east a day early so I can arrive with everyone else..

Eating a ton today and then I realized it was my TOM so it all make sense....Need to be better tomorrow excuses!..

Comment #41

Good morning!.

Black ice day here today. It was so warm yesterday, went up to 47 degrees, and then today back in the 20s. I don't think I'd like the cold in the midwest either! My son's in Indiana for a couple of years, and they got a lot of snow, sleet, and ice...BRRRR. I think he's coming home for Spring Break in March...that'll be nice. Hope it warms up here, you never can tell with March..

Glad you're getting the good house, Shelley! Ha..get there first!.

Judy, hope the insurance will cover that if you decide to go for it!.

Stay warm, Duckie!.

Melissa, I wish I had half your energy! You make me smile..

I was so busy at work yesterday, had to work through lunch hour and didn't get my walk in, but I did get on the elliptical last night to make up for it. Still working on those holiday pounds!.

Have a great day...stay healthy, do something nice for yourself!..

Comment #42

Glad to see you all survived another day. Bad scale day for me today....I love the pizza but I've got to eat it from now on with ZERO salt added. Wow it really kills the scale.....especially if I eat cool whip the same night. Cool Whip is something that is so yummy but the body rejects and just shows up the next day as calories!.

Gotta run...I'm gonna try hard to make zumba this morning at 10am....yikes 8:26 already!..

Comment #43

Good morning all. Hope everyone is having a thrilling Thursday.

Brenna is...well, I don't want to say sick. Something. She keeps complaining that her leg hurts. But then later she is fine, walking around etc. Update on the old potty training stuff, you all thought that was said and done with didn't you? Well, she has been good about urinating. The other, not so good about going on the toilet.

Or go in the pull-up right in the morning. Well, Brian had had enough. So one night while I was out, he put her to bed without a pull-up on. At first I was apprehensive but then agreed it was really the only option we had. We had seriously tried every method I knew how and she is 4! She was holding steadfast to not going in the toilet.

She cries and cries and cries some more. Really big tears. So over the last week she has said her leg hurts and I don't know if it's because she is holding in a bm or what. She seems okay after she goes but then again, she really cried when she tried to climb up on the couch the other day and was holding her thigh. She even said she wanted to go to the doctors to make it better.

I do not want to go to the doctor's office AGAIN especially if it's just her having to go potty. She is actually going #2 about every other day but it is an all-out fight and total drama to get her to do it. She said she is afraid of the toilet. Last night was a disaster with her moaning all night and crying and waking up Owen and me putting her on the toilet every 2 hours. UGH! Poor Owen, I know he was tired this morning.

Again, don't know if it's her psychological state or if there's something really physically wrong...

Comment #44

Good advice! The good thing about the "treasurer" position is that we actually have a company who handles all the money and everything (dues, fines, etc) so he doesn't have to do anything like that and if we do get calls - that can be our standard answer. I did ask if the people who voted him in have seen our garage? 75% of it is Brian's marketing material for work and trust me, it's not neatly placed in there. He is the WORST PAPERWORK PERSON ever!..

Comment #45

My sister's view right at her front door (DeKalb IL - about 1 hour from Chicago):..

Comment #46

OMG Melissa, your poor sister! That's going to take awhile to melt! Sorry about Brenna. I wish I had some ideas....What makes some kids so afraid of the potty? And I've heard of quite a few. Of course we've all read those stories about snakes in the toilets (those stories always seem to come out of Florida)! I hope you can solve the leg mystery soon...

Comment #47

Melissa - the leg thing sounds more like growing pains. Ashton used to get them pretty bad...

Comment #48

I hearby interrupt the valentine themed good mornings so I can put a cute one up for Ducky and Deb.....hope you survive the snow. I'm soooo NOT JEALOUS..


- OMG! that girl has got some will power and stubborness. I can't help you with the leg other than to say that Wally suffered from the growing pains too and had horrible leg pains growing up where he cried and cried at night. I think I'd still want to rule out something bad with the doctor...but I can see not wanting to go..

Now the other issue.... I mean WHAT ON EARTH she's so afraid of with pooping in the totally got me on that. Not a clue. She obviously goes and nothing happens to her...but I guess they still aren't old enough to really understand the rationale yet are they at that age. I feel for you though...

Comment #49

Duckie, I think you are onto something there. Thank you! It does make sense and now that I think of it, I kind of remember Owen doing something similar but I don't remember exactly when. So glad I have a friend with an older daughter! You are now my official go-to girl..

Comment #50

I have heard from other parents who have read things like the kid feels that the poo is part of them and thus they are having to get rid of part of them! I'm very much of the "that sounds like a lot of psychological bs" (absolutely total pun intended there) but then again, I'm not a 3 or 4 year old! Who knows? I am so with you - you've sat and gone before, nothing bad happened. Owen goes, nothing bad happens. What's the problem here??? I guess it's just going to have to click. Sometimes I think kids have a little switch inside and they just switch it to "on" when they've had their fun giving us parents a hard freakin' time!!!!!!..

Comment #51

6 more miles down!!!.

I have to admit, I'm feeling really good about this..

Comment #52

Okay folks - slow week. Everybody needs to get back on here. That's an order!!! Hee..hee..hee... You are FORCING me to post way too many posts just to make up some numbers here..


You think you can have a life outside of this website?.

Well, you are sadly mistaken!!!.

I know it's only February, but hey, let's start planning our meet up this year - is everybody still down with that? I know we mentioned a cruise but I wasn't sure if that was a definite or not. I'm going to have to start checking out websites because before we know'll be time to start booking stuff..

BTW..just kidding about that drill sergeant stuff.

Or am I?..

Comment #53








That's the fact jack!..

Comment #54

So, I haven't stepped on the scale yet. I'm not sure why I haven't - nervous I guess. I just want it to be a big number so I feel good. I might wait one more week...maybe two more weeks and then it would be a full month since my weigh in after "the incident" (meaning the period of time I ate myself silly gaining 18 lbs in the process.

I have been super good - 100%Nutrisystemfor two weeks and plan on continuing. Plus my walking. We'll guys will naturally be the first to know!..

Comment #55

Hope everyone is having a great Friday! I must jump in the shower and eat lunch. Hopefully we are meeting my brother and his daughter in Jupiter (Florida, that is) tonight for dinner. Have a wonderful afternoon everyone!..

Comment #56

This is too small of a pic but you can look at a bigger one on my page if you like. This is the view from the bridge I walk. If you look really closely in the background - you can see another bridge stretching across the water. The bridge I walk looks exactly like that one.

Not as good a pic as I wanted but it was using my phone..

Comment #57

This may seem like a weird question, but have you ever asked her WHY she doesn't want to poo in the potty?..

Comment #58

Oh my poor mother had to deal with ME! I used to have serious bladder infections and UTI's...constantly about he age of 5...and every time the wanted a urine specimen it was like locking up the bladder and for-get it! No way was I going. I spent half my childhood in a hospital bathroom with my mother running water, trickling, full on, all sorts of threats and promises. I just had a shy bladder that would not work once I knew I HAD to go...

Comment #59

WOW that IS a small small it's almost non-existent. Wait...where did it go again?.

LOL! It's not showing up sweetie...

Comment #60

5:27pm......3 more minutes and I can have my snack...I took my water pills at 4:30 and I like to wait an hour before eating so they work better. I am starving for some reason today. I could so easily sit with the open box of Multigrain Cheerios and no spoon and have a party!.

Wally got home early and I have some lovely pieces of Ahi tuna for dinner tonight, so I want to fix that early and get to bed at a reasonable time. Actually in the bed.....I fall asleep in the chair and sleep, but the bags and dark circles are telling me that I probably am not getting the very restful sleep that I need to be getting..

I think it's starting to effect my brain too. I just can't remember things and no matter how hard I try during the day I just can't get ahead of all the things on my plate. Ever have that feeling like you are peddling water as fast as you can and still sinking?.

If you could just get it all caught up it would SOOO easy to just deal with the problems as they come up. But I'm still running as fast as I can and not getting caught up! I just keep running out of time every day...

Comment #61

OMG!! this will make no sense and it's totally off the wall but I just sometimes look down at my hands as they type and I don't recognize them any more!!.

They are these very thin things now with veins popping out all over. Nobody ever saw my veins before this then were under so much fat! It's just totally random sometimes that you see something for the first time even though you've really SEEN it for months and months..

Okay snack time I MUST EAT SOMETHING!!..

Comment #62

Awww, thanks for the cute good morning! The snowman looks happier with the weather than I am!..

Comment #63

Hi everyone....I can't get on from work any more....I don't know what they did, but they blocked it, so here I am, late and tired!.

Judy, I totally understand about not being able to catch up! Wasn't it Alice in Wonderland...something about having to run twice as fast just to stay in the same place?.

Hi Melissa and Ducky!.

Melissa, you're doing great with those walks! My kids are grown now, but I remember at times resorting to bribery.....offer something they want in return for something you want. Reward them...give her a treat for using the might work. Good luck..

It's been a long week...I'm going to relax in front of the TV or with a good book, whichever's better..

Have a good night, pleasant dreams, sleep well...

Comment #64

Zumba day and I am running late as usually. Gotta fly back later on!..

Comment #65

Good morning!.

Enjoy the zumba, Judy!.

I did some yoga this a.m., kind of rainy, maybe icy here, going to relax a while. Just started my new book club book "The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society" a series of letters by an English author right after WW2, fiction...interesting so far. Finished up "Little Bee" last night, good book, but really sad state of world..

Have a good day. Do something nice for yourself!..

Comment #66

I know you will all be surprised... but it snowed all day today!..

Comment #67

What a slowed down weekend....I think other than moving about a tiny bit for food yesterday I didn't do anything barely above a breathing! Never made it to zumba...I was so tired from I guess lack of sleep that I physically ached. I crawled into the recliner and slept from about 10am to 11:30am.....then I fell asleep after my dinner salad and couldn't stay awake..

I think I slept more yesterday than ever and today I feel like a 2 ton back is killing me. I'm beginning to wonder if the new meds are causing all the sleepiness? It's killing my burn I'll tell you...and the weight loss..

Oh's up to me to try harder, so this week we get moving again...starting with class this afternoon..

Okay hungry! SO food first!!..

Comment #68

OMG!!!! SNOW???? You had to be shocked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.


Seriously, WTH? I'd be suffering from cabin fever by now and pulling our my hair!..

Comment #69

This has been the weirdest winter that I can ever remember. We haven't had this much snow for like 15 years! I don't EVER remember the temps being so low...

Comment #70

Good morning!.

Wow, Ducky, where do you live with all that snow? We've been pretty lucky so far this year...hope I don't jinx it!.

Judy, I've been really tired this week too. Keep having to push myself to do anything. But made a list for today, and am almost through, 20 min elliptical, touching up my hair, doing some laundry..

The sun is shining today...I think that helps! So after finishing my hair and showering up, going to get out for a while..

Hope you all have a nice day...

Comment #71

So, I cleaned the history on my computer tonight. (It's been a while.).

I logged back on toNutrisystemand it was one of my other accounts! I had to remember what the password was changed to! OOPS!..

Comment #72

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