Nutrisystem... how many points allowed in a day?

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... Nutrisystem... how many points allowed in a day? Looking forward for any response. Another question... 1. Nana253 - -0 lbs, -47.6 overall.

2. martianman- -1.6 lbs, -53.2 overall.

3. BusyBride - -.

4. Sherry_In_Tn -.

5. houstonsongbird -.

6. glitterguy -.

7. wii2stafit -.

8. laurieec - -2.6 lbs.

9. karenT102 -.

One-Year Anniversary.

1. Nana253 - Lost the trunk!.

2. martianman- Lost 42.4 lbs.

3. BusyBride -.

4. Sherry_In_Tn -.

5. glitterguy - Lost 40 lbs.

6 wii2stafit -.

7. laurieec -.

8. houstonsongbird-.

9- karenT102 -..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I discover an useful answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably can answer it..

Comment #1

Laurie, you are doing great, I am content with a 0 change after eating so much on vacation. Been really busy at work catching up and still cathing up..

Rob Thanks so much for doing the boards. While I was away I went to watch my Great Nephew play Basketball he is on the local Rec team, He is short but powerful They one , I thought of you while watching. I did get to video him at the free throw line and running up and down the court..

Have a Great week all..


Comment #2


Maybe your great nephew can come show my guys how to shoot free throws because they stunk it up all year from the line..ha ha..

Comment #3

Hi everyone, I did an official weigh-in the other day and am back up to 165 (which is +5 lbs from last weigh-in.) Basically, it's where I was on 12/22 so now it's time to work it all OFF again! I can totally feel it in my clothes and I hate it. It's so hard to get re-motivated. Wish I could feel like I did last year at this time. I think it's time for a mini-goal. Wish I had a body-baring vaca coming up but I guess I'll just need to work towards summer in general. No, I know, 10 lbs by my anniversary (April 23) and 15 lbs (total) by June 1.

Hmmm..what should the "reward" be??.

Laurie, way to go on the 100%. I know how you feel about getting back to where you were but at least you did the 100%! I have yet to be able to do that..


Comment #4

Hi all, finally able to sit at the computer for a while. Weight is constant and I'm happy for that as I've been having problems with nosebleeds and some serious back pain..

I haven't been able to exercise at all the last three weeksThe back flared up and has been just nasty hurtin' for the last 10-12 days. Have been to Chiropractor, but not much relief. He thinks I have disc involvement and wants me to see my reg. physician. Of course you all know what the first thing is out of their mouths.....YOU NEED TO LOSE WEIGHT AND THEN YOU WILL FEEL BETTER! I say Bullsnorts because I've had back trouble for over 30 years and weighed nearly this much. ( I know it will help so I'm gonna keep trying)..

All this stuff gets a lot tougher as we get older also. I'm just real happy to have my wife home now.....helps keep my mind off the tough things..

Good luck on your roses, Laurie, please send photos when they bloom. We had roses when we lived in Vegas. Not much of a growing season here...just got 13 1/2 more inches of snow here. Man this part of the country sucks in the winter!!.

Stay well everyone and keep on truckin'!.


Comment #5

Hi, all! I am close to shaking this cold, adn I am ready to start exercising again! Other than basketball practice, I haven't done much exercise for three months, so I am ready to focus back on me again..

Comment #6


I like the new ticker....I need to come up with an exercise goal for this me something to shoot at!..

Comment #7

Amy Good to see you back, I am with you need some motivation to get back into the exercise mode. I havent been on the boards much. WATER.

Jerry, Hope your back starts improving and glad you continue to stay with us on the boards..

Laurie, I agree photos of the roses in bloom. You are doing wonderful..

Haven't seen Ali but then that could be because I have been MIA on the boards..

Rob you will get back into it I am sure,.

Water, water , water, I have been lax so got to increase my intake..

Since I got back from vacation work is so busy when I get home I do not feel like exercising oh I need a kick in the behind lol..

Have a Great Day, Week all..


Comment #8

I'm sitting here listening to a "Healthyroads" webinar that my company is doing. There's an on-line tool with all kinds of interesting diet and exercise tools so I think I'll check that out to see if it can help me stick with things any better. I started to do my daily food diary on theNutrisystemsite because I think that was pretty key when I was doing well. Made me PLAN my food more and be much more aware of what I was eating. TheNutrisystemtool isn't very good though. I just tried to add my own foods and for some reason it doesn't let you input more nutritional info than calories (and it used to let you enter info for all categories, fat, protein, etc.).

Jerry, sorry to hear about your back. Losing weight definitely helped with my sort of day to day, nagging back pain but I also threw my back out for the first time ever a month ago so go figure. Weight loss is not the be all end all. You need to try to get back on plan for a lot of reasons though. We all do!.

Did a great workout last night and am very sore today. Once again, working out makes a big difference with helping me stay on target with food and water. Once I let one thing slide, EVERYTHING slides!.

Anyway, thanks for letting me come here to "talk". This alone helps keep me honest!.

Have a great day everyone!..

Comment #9

Good Morning all, Glad to see everyone checking in. I was happy to finally see the scale move this am have not been on it much. down 1.2 lbs which is good hope it holds through to next weigh in..

Just been trying to get more water in. Exercising well got to get back to that just have not had time. But I will take the loss. I guess I should finally look and see what my ticker says haven't updated it so long..

Have a Great day all.


Comment #10

Good morning, everyone. Happy Thursday!.

Well, I really blew it last night with eating. Today is a new day, though..

We had a major winter storm forecast here supposedly starting yesterday afternoon, and I was hoping for a snow day. No such luck. Just a dusting of snow out there. We're supposed to get more today, but I'll believe it when I see it..

I hope you all have a great day!..

Comment #11

Good evening, all! Sticking to the food pretty well....exercise will either crank back up this weekend or Monday, depending on if I can get totally over this cold......

Comment #12

Another crazy busy day at work. Trying to increase my water intake. Got some exercise with Weights going. I wish I wasn't so burnt out from work at night..

Nite all..

Comment #13

Good morning all so glad it is Friday. Busy day but looking forward to the weekend. Hope everyone has a wonderful day..

Comment #14

Crazy saturday I got up and cleaned out my entire garage, I had a shed inside that I moved in one year when we were threatened by storms. SO I emptied it, Moved it to the back yard especially since the yard is now fenced then put everything back in it and finished cleaning. Next week I have a local ministry coming for boxes of clothes I no longer fit in and other stuff I have to donate. I felt like I got in a good workout..

Then went and visited the Grandsons..

Hope everyone is having a great weekend..

Good luck on WI tomorrow.


Comment #15

Wow, Terri - Can you please come to my house?..

Comment #16

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