Nutrisystem, has anyone tried it? What are your thoughts on it?

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Question I have... Nutrisystem, has anyone tried it? What are your thoughts on it? Many thanks for any response. Second question.. I realized something over the past few months. Unlike most (I think?), I don't tend to eat a lot when I'm depressed/down. I actually do the exact opposite and tend NOT to eat at all when I'm depressed.


Instead, I'm a "celebratory eater." I eat when I'm happy. Example: if I come home from a great day at work and find that my boyfriend did an awesome job on his finals, I'll want to go out to my favorite restaurant and eat my favorite food and sit and talk with him. That scenario makes me genuinely happy and puts me in a fantastic mood (even just thinking about it right now). Whenever I feel good, I want to eat. It's like eating has become a way for me to perpetuate good feelings/moods or something..

I believe this all stems from my association with happy times and good food. Every dining out experience when I was a kid was always good and happy. My parents always took me to my favorite places and whenever I would visit them during college, we would always go out to eat almost every night wherever I wanted. So it's hard-wired into my head that good food = happiness and good memories. I know it would make sense that I'd want to eat good food when I'm feeling sad, but I never think that way for some reason..

Is anyone else like this? When you're happy or had a good day, do you want to celebrate that with your favorite dish at your favorite place? I'm worried that this behavior is going to be extremely difficult/impossible for me to break. I LOVE food and don't want that to go away (I just want to be able to enjoy in smaller, healthier amounts less often)...

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I find an decent answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably can answer it..

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Yes, I eat to celebrate, and for any other reason out there you can name. Yes, I've had many happy times at restaurants...very pleasurable. But then a few years ago, I discovered that when I felt any intense emotion at all, I went straight to food. And that is precisely how I gained up to 375 pounds. Soooo, I was faced with changing that behavior (and no, changing behaviors is *not* impossible, unless you don't want to work hard at it.

). Now, what I do (and it is working!) is take those happy (or sad, frustrated, etc.) feelings and express them differently....I dance or scream or talk about it. And when I'm in a restaurant, I realize that the happy feelings are about the ambience, the company, the "moment", and the food is good but is secondary. I enjoy the food, but enjoy the moment more..know what I mean? We can certainly continue to love food but not use it to stuff ourselves, and we can learn to make healthier choices. We just have to re-frame things or we're destined to continue down the road we've been traveling, which, for me, has been destructive to my health..

My best to you on this journey!..

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I am like you in that I do not use food for comfort, and if stressed/depressed or whatever, my appetite goes completely away - I forget to eat, at times..

However, unlike you and others, I do not associate food in a celebratory manner, either. Food is fuel - pure and simple. Unfortunately, my choices of what I eat have not been good - hence my rollercoaster dieting. I tend to get urges for specific tastes and flavors, and often leads to complete junk!! If I eat something salty, I have to have something sweet to counterbalance it.Nutrisystemhas worked great for me because I CAN have the taste I crave at the moment and still stay on plan - especially with the lunch bars and desserts available...

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Yes, I too am a celebratory eater! It's a very bad thing for me..

Every time I lose 5 pounds, my gift to myself is food based and we go out to eat (and drink). Not good at all and I'm so ashamed to admit it. I really need to learn to change my behavior. I see how otherNutrisystemmembers are so good to themselves by getting a massage, or buying some clothes, or a new bike when they hit their mini goals. I do those things too but I tend to do them in addition to the celebretory dinners. I'm really getting scared about maintenance because I'm getting close now and I don't feel that I have learned how to change my behavior...

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You must be doing well to have lost almost 30 pounds. Why would you not just continue what you're doing when you get to goal, but adding in a little more food if needed?..

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Hi Katie,.

I think it's because my mindset is still in the wrong place. I have done well but that's because it's been a short period of time (in my mind anyway). I still continue to think things like: "I really want to hit goal so that I can go back to entertaininging on weekends" which translates into big trouble for me..

I'm doing fine right now but when I'm out of the "box" so to speak, and I'm able to make my own choices, I fear I will be out of control. For example, yesterday, I went out to lunch with my stepdaughter. I rarely go off ofNutrisystemand it works for me because it is so structured. I really did not enjoy myself the entire time I was in the restaurant. Initially I was afraid that she would order the spinach dip which would have been terrible even if I only had a couple of bites. So I was agitating over that but she didn't order it.

But I still just felt so vulnerable. I'm one of those "all or nothing" types and I'm just afraid to venture back into my old world. I think I'm having a really hard time figuring out or being able to relay my feelings on the subject too..

Didn't mean to hijack the thread!..

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Well, take it slow and easy in transitioning to some of your own foods...when YOU feel it's right. This isn't a race, and it takes practice to get new habits. As far as your mindset, that's just a lack of confidence, and maybe just more time is needed and for you to convince yourself that even when you go back to "entertaining," you'll do so either with some altered menus (most people really don't want to eat high fat, high calorie foods anymore, do they really??) or with the confidence that you can serve certain foods to others with a big smile to yourself, knowing that you're keeping weight off! And you have to have confidence that if you do gain a pound or two on maintenance, you'll get right back onNutrisystemand get that weight right back off again. I'm an all-or-nothing person as well, but the more you work on easing up on those rules you have for yourself, the easier it does become!..

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True to form, you always say the most comforting things! Thanks for being so supportive and always lending an ear..


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