Nutrisystem Had Monica Lewinsky on Comericals, but kicked her off?

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My first question is Nutrisystem Had Monica Lewinsky on Comericals, but kicked her off? Thanks in advance for any answer or 2. Another question... I'm excited about the prospect of finally losing the weight that's kept me a prisoner all these years..

Being a fat & sedentary blob has taken a lot from me:.





Sex drive.






Fresh air.

Peace & happiness.

And now for the first time I'm seeing regular folks actually losing weight and keeping it off..

And by golly - it's working for me too. And it's not even very difficult..

And here's the jaw dropping kicker: exercise feels good. I've even started to WANT to exercise..

Yeah I said it..

However, there's a lot of pain from an old knee injury to contend with so I've got to take it easy on my bike and what not..

But now I've got hope for being a semi-normal human being in the future..

(I will always have that art and music problem.).

There's a light at the end of the tunnel and it may not be a train after all..

This little discussion group has been a real motivation so far and I admire everyone's honesty and dedication..

Hope this didn't sound too touchy-feely..

Really hope I don't wig out and give up or lose it just to gain it back..

That would suck..

Hopefully I'll be typing some other rambling post in a year to proclaim healthy Nutrisystem praises..

Keep Hope Alive!.

- Rob out -..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer to your question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I got an decent answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably can help you..

Comment #1

Sounds awesome to me, I think an key turning point in the program is to actually enjoy exercising and want to do so. That really sets you up for success. Major congrats! Can't wait to see you at goal!..

Comment #2

I agree Bartle. I started out slowly by walking for 30-40 minutes every night after dinner. Then around month 2, I started lifting and doing the elliptical, as well as the walking at night..

As they say..."Rome wasn't built in a day", so start off slowly and before you know it, you will want to increase the intensity of your exercise routine...

Comment #3

All of that is fine and good but what about poor Marty? Have you not considered his feelings?What about his self esteem? It seems to me that you are being incredibly selfish in wanting to make your life better allthewhile destroying his very existence. On second thought, what the hell, screw Marty, he's been screwing you for years..

Good luck Rob. We're still over 300lbs and the rest of the world still looks at us like we're fat forkers but your enthusiasm (and sarcasm) is contagious, we have a secret that won't be a secret for long... we're morphing into something that we'll be proud of!..

Comment #4

Marty's a selfish, lazy bastid..

And yes - good luck to all yuns...

Comment #5

Rob, nice to see you're on your way!.

Now my standard "the rest of the story-post" in reply:.

NS is just a tool. It's a good tool, and it's an effective tool, and it's even a proven toolbut it's still just a tool..

Everyone on here who has lost weight will share some form of "I had to MEET the commitment which took MY effort and dedication"or something darned close to that..

No magic pills and it's an uphill climb. Very do-able, but not a walk in the park by any means..

I think of 6 months of nightly walking and forcing myself outside. Even in February in Pittsburgh! In rain, thunderstorms, etc. I missed something like 10 days in 6 monthswhich of course I'm mostly proud of. But the point is that nobody could walk it for me..

Following that damnable guide, denying ourselves, avoiding the cheats, actually doing the exercises, etcthese are ACTION THINGS that we have to really.


AFTER we have made the decision (or in addition to making the decision)..

There is nothing particularly magical about NS. It's food in a big box with a guidebook and website. It's a good tool..

The effort either does or does not come from each user. Deciding to use it is step 1. Trying to use it and follow it is step 2. Meeting the personal commitment to actually DO thingsthat is step 3 (in my opinion only)..

Anyone could choose the first 2 steps. It's the requirements for ACTING/ACTION in step 3 that cause people to stumble more than anything else..

Give yourself your best effort, learn, change and above all-DO.


Comment #6 make me laugh. I look forward to your witty humor on these boards every day. Keep it up..

Comment #7

Mmg, I too am enjoying your posts. This is going to be a good several months as we lose and then go into maintenace. Tom..

Comment #8

Right-On, Right-On, Right-On!!! Even after over a year post-goal, I still feel the same excitement almost every day! It's ALL TRUE!!.

Keep the fear of wigging out and regaining. We've all got that well-proven potential, so it's a healthy fear. Marty will be lurking around the corner, but you've got the NEW YOU to kick his fat butt out whenever he shows his stupid insipid face!.

Great post, once again. I will tell you from "the other side" that you've got it exactly right, all the way down the line. I'm looking forward to seeing you cross the goal line, along with so many others, Rob..


Comment #9

It feels good, doesn't it, Rob? The more progress you make the more excited you get. Keep it up man, you'll be there in no time...

Comment #10

Yeah I'm really trying..

I wish my knee didn't hurt but it does..

That's part of why I stopped exercising..

But I'm just gonna have to deal with it I guess..

And no - I'm not gonna whine about my knee every day....

Oh, and my bike seat is squeaking...

Comment #11

Ok, I get marty vs rob now after visiting your page. kick marty's butt, rob!..

Comment #12


I have a bad knee too. I tore 60% of my cartilage over 20 years ago..

I highly recommend trying an elliptical. Sort of like jogging without all the joint stress...

Comment #13

Are you sure the knee problems are not related to video games?.

It could be WiiKnee. If so, lose 30lbs and it will heal itself inch by inch*.

*I'm not a doctor but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express...

Comment #14

No, I hurt it doing man work..

/\ Ha ha. That sentence looks funny...

Comment #15

Oh, WiiKnee... I get it..



Pretty stiff this morning....

But Wii's for poosays so no...

Comment #16

Some folks like using the Wii, but I think it's Wii-diculous and would only make me look Wii-tarded. I just do old school exercises at home (situps, pushups, toe touches). So far old school has worked just fine for me...

Comment #17

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