Nutrisystem daily allowance points?

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Quick question... Nutrisystem daily allowance points? Looking forward for any response. Second question of mine... Hi,.

I just placed my first order this evening and am wondering if there is anyone else out there who is starting Nutrisystem this month? It would be great to have some support from others who are also just beginning on this journey..

I tried Nutrisystem once before 2 years ago, but only lasted 2 months; I guess I just wasn't ready. This time I am going to do it and do it right. I'd love to have you join me..


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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I got an good answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could give you an answer..

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I actually placed my first ever order on Tuesday and received my shipping notification last night. I am actually pretty excited to give this a try!..

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Hi everyone, I'm going to be ordering my food tomorrow, I was on ns many years ago when they used to have stores, I did real well on the program, I'm so excited as I begin this journey with the program and meeting new friends to help me out along the way. if there is anything I need to know please feel free to tell me! Thank You...

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I just ordered my food on Tuesday, and got the order confirmation last night too! I'm really excited to start, and have been perusing the boards to find other newbies like me.. I'm glad you started this thread satchiesmom. I've never tried it before, but I've tried other weight loss programs that just haven't worked...

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I just received my first order today.I did jenny c for 2 years lost 15lbs, and paid a lot of money so I wanted to try something new to get to my goal. A friend of mine just reached her goal on NS, so I decided to become a newbie..

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Hi everybody,.

I'm so glad to know that I will have such wonderful company on this journey. I'm doing Nutrisystem Select and received my frozen food from Schwan's today and my ready to go stuff is due to arrive tomorrow. So tomorrow I start. I'm very excited about this step and I know we can all learn together as we go. There is so much invaluable advice on these boards, but it's going to be so nice to have friends here who are starting at the same time. We are going to do this ladies!!!!.


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Got my big honking box of food. Holy wowsa!.

I spent a little bit going through the box making sure everyone was there, and then I planned every single meal for the first week so I have an idea of what to shop for tomorrow. I plan on seperating each meal out and having every last detail containered up and ready to go. I think that will be the best way for me to get started without being overwhelmed..

I can't wait to get this weight loss show on the road!..

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Wow, you are so organized! That box of food does seem huge, doesn't it?.

Well, I made it through Day 1 - WooHoo! As I mentioned, I'm doing the Select option, and I did the custom order for my non-frozen stuff. The frozen foods are pretty good, yesterday I had the French Toast for b'fast, meatball parmesan wrap type thing for lunch, and Spinach and Ricotta stuffed shells for dinner. They were all tasty..

Has everyone received their food yet?.

Have a good weekend everybody,.


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It looks like ill be receiving my food on Monday! I'm beyond excited.. all those options sound delicious sachiesmom..

Supergirl, you sound really organized, which is fantastic! I may steal your idea as well...

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Glad your food is coming soon..

Well, assumptions are dangerous I found out. I assumed green beans were unlimited and after eating an ENTIRE bag of frozen ones, I find that the cooked serving is 1/2 cup..

Guess I'll be a lot more diligent about checking my food list from now on!..

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I've been onNutrisystembefore, and I made the Decision to begin at the.

End of this month. Good luck to all of us !..

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I started today. I'm not as organized as I would like to be, but I made it through today! I too was surprised at the size of the box of food! I need to figure out the different programs available. All my food is shelf stable. It feels weird having a hamburger sitting in the cabinet!..

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Hi Susan! My food arrived yesterday, however I was unable to start today due to waking up too late to grocery shop prior to I took care of that this evening. I portioned all my fruits and veggies out and even treated myself to a huge new set of tupperware to help me do this. All I have to do is reach in the fridge and grab a container of whichever add on I need for that meal, and I am good to go!.

I am making the Loredana's Pancake Breakfast Sandwich from the recipe section for breakfast tomorrow. I figure I'll start off the plan with something really yummy looking! During the week, I am going to have to go with the on-the-go breakfast bars and I do not wake up early enough to actually prepare something in the morning. My lunches will be the same...easy microwave ones. The dinners will be my creative time during the week!..

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I agree, it is wierd not having to refrigerate any of this stuff!! How is that possible, does anyone know?..

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Welcome aboard, newbies..

I've only been at it for six weeks, so I'm still a newbie even though I am halfway to my goal. This program works and it is EASY! Don't "try" it, "do" it. It's not about luck, hoping, praying or wishing that it will work. It works if you follow the plan..

I can't wait to see all your successes and your tickers changing weekly!..

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Hello all,.

I am a restarter. It does work if you follow the plan. Two days at 100%....I decided to go ahead and start now and not wait until the new year. I hope to be at least 5 lbs lighter by the New Year!.


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Just ordered food for my husband and I today. I'm anxious to get started. I have tried soooo hard to do meal plans and balanced eating on my own. I am looking forward to less thinking/stressing over the food..

I've been looking for more information on how I will choose the meals and foods that go with them. Are there "instructions" anywhere on this? Do some instructions and guidelines come with the food? This newbie wants more info!.


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My first shipment is due to be delivered tomorrow. I'm really excited to get going on my road to recovery from obesity and bad eating habits...

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Under Tips and recipes at the top of the page, click on recommended grocery foods and that will give you a good start. And wander around these boards and you will get soooo much valuable information; people are so helpful and knowledgeable..


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Welcome, new members! I hit my goal but plan to keep going! Print out the list of recommended grocery items and post it on your fridge. Do not eat less than recommended. Drink all your water. Try to stay away from alcohol at least for the first month (I would have lost a lot faster had I followed that advice). If you stay 100 percent on plan, you WILL lose weight...

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I'm wondering if any of you have done the mindset makeover. I just started it tonight, and I'm wondering how helpful it's been. I got my food today. It's in the cupboards and I'm ready to go in the morning!..

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I've been browsing the site for about an hour. Added some pics to my page and created my ticker. I got the grocery list printed out. I already have veggies and such in my fridge, so I don't imagine I will have to make many special purchases..

I saw my food shipped out today..

I'm a little nervous about how this will go. Like I said before, I always TRIED to eat healthy, but could never get the scale to budge. I figure this is fool proof! Closest thing I can get to having a personal chef!.

I am going on a 6 day trip to visit my parents at the end of the month, and I am wondering if I can manage to pack all myNutrisystemfood for the trip..

Haha. I will do a search later to see if anyone has ever carried on or packed food for a plane tip. Or maybe I could just send a box of food ahead of me. hmmmm..

My hubby isn't going with me and I told him he wasn't allowed to diet while I was gone. No fair if he gets ahead of me due to a visit with family..

But, if I can take my food with me, I can probably lose during the visit...

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How's everyone doing! I want to see us keep this thread going and going. How are everybody's first month? I am getting my food Thursday!..

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I have no idea about taking your food on the plane, but kudos to you for wanting to do it. I'm sure a lot of the NSers travel, so I would imagine there's a way to do it. Are you and your husband both on the program? I tried to get my husband to do it with me, but so far he isn't interested. Maybe when he sees how it benefits me, he'll change his mind. I'm only on day 2, but I'm already feeling victorious!..

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Happy Hump day everybody! It's snowing like crazy outside, I'm still in my flannel jammies, cozy and warm inside. Have to walk the dog in a little while - brrrr!.

I'm on day 6 and so far so good. I weigh again on Friday morning and I'm hoping that I will be down a pound or two. I'm enjoying most of the food so far, had the Maple Brown Sugar oatmeal with a banana this morning, I doctored it up with butter spray and some cinnamon and it wasn't bad. Sometimes I have trouble getting all of the food in, and sometimes, even when I do, I'm still hungry. That's when a nice cup of herbal tea helps a lot..

Desirae, I admire you for taking yourNutrisystemfood on your trip. We are going on our annual winter cruise in January, and when we are on the ship, all bets are off! We're not big partiers except that one time each year. I know I will set myself back, but I'm giving myself permission to go crazy for a week!.

Kbn51, I also have been trying to get DH to doNutrisystemwith me, but no go - he's just not interested..

Hope the week is going well for everyone so far,.


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Ok I didn't get to order my food until monday so It should be here tomorrow, Looking forward to begining my journey to a healthier me! and meeting new friends along the way. hope everyone is doing well. all we can do is take one day at a time.

I know I didnt put the weight on over night even though it seems like that LOL!! so it's going to take time to take it off. but that my friends is going to be my journey! Have a good day!..

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Mystic - we are getting our food on the same day! I'm still not starting till Friday. I have an office holiday party that day, but I'm just going to warm up myNutrisystemfood anyways..

Susan - good luck on your weigh in! I'm excited to hear how you did. I don't know if I could wait a week to weigh in. I'm a daily weigher myself..

Kbn51 - did you start the mindset makeover yet? I will probably start it soon. I did CalorieKing before and they had a similiar set up..

My husband knows another guy he worked with that lost 75 pounds on Nutrisystem, so that probably helped to get him to agree. He's active duty military. but, he has an injury that he can't work out with now, so at least he can trim down with Nutrisystem. He says he's still planning on doing some beer drinking..

I told him I was going to be secretly sabotaging his diet anyways, because you just KNOW he is going to lose faster than me..

I'm so excited about the food coming tomorrow. I will have 2 weeks before I do my trip to visit family. I haven't told my parents Im bringingNutrisystemfood yet though. They just want to see my toddler daughter anyways!..

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My box is here! It's waiting at home for me...

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I remember how excited I was when I got my box. Just like Christmas, discovering all the "goodies"! Good luck as you begin...

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It should be here Monday. Like someone earlier mentioned, the only other time I triedNutrisystemwas when they had storefronts. My story is a little different. I had gastric bypass over 3 1/2 years ago and lost over 150 pounds. Somehow, even though I vowed it would never happen, the weight has begun to creep back on. My godson is getting married in July and you can bet I want to be back at my lowest weight by then.

So Tuesday I start eating right again and excercising (sic). THIS IS GOING TO WORK! Now to figure out how to put a ticker on my signature and set all of that up. Thanks for all the pre-support. Now let's get down to business..


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Whew! I"m overwhelmed. I sat down and went through the boxes with the husband. We planned out our addons... Going to need to take time to prep everything so it is easy to grab the daily stuff..

Phyllis - welcome back! I bet you can get most of the way to your goal by the wedding. It seems like 10 pounds a month is doable... But I'm trying to hope for something more steady. I don't want to be dissapointed later. I'm hoping to lose 20 pounds in 3 months. Just need to do that twice to reach m goal!.

The hubby has a Christmas party tomorrow, so he wants to start Saturday... And asked me to wait to start with him. I told him I would wait... But I'll probably eat pretty healthy tomorrow anyways..

We only set out a week's worth of food from the boxes. And we picked out all the very same dinners. I'm pretty happy we are doing this together...

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I received my food today too! yes there was alot to go through, had to find a shelf to put it all on. which I did. I showed my hubby and son my food, they both told me that they are proud of me! I took the first step and now I'm on my way. Yes tomorrow I will be starting bright and early, ok not real early LOL!! looking forward to my journey to a healthier me!..

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Welcome Phyllis, yes you will do it this time!.

Desirae, you are really lucky your DH is doing this with you!.

Mystic84 - Yay, your food is here and now you can get started!.

Well, today was my first week weigh-in and I lost 1.2 lbs! I'm happy that I lost, but I'm ashamed to say that I'm a little disappointed that it wasn't more. It's time to add in the exercise I think!.

Have a great weekend everybody!.


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Hi everyone!.

Please remember the average weight loss is 1 - 2 lbs. per week! The weight didn't come on overnight (although I do remember waking up one morning and realizing I was fat), and it won't disappear overnight. If you set your expectations too high, you will be disappointed and quit. Set your mind on slow weight loss and if it goes faster, then you will be pleasantly surprised!.

And readjust as you get closer to your goal. While I'm hoping for 1 lb per week, I am realistic that it will be 0 - 0.5 lb per week if anything...

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Thanks for the reminder. I do know that slow weight loss is best, I had just kinda hoped for 2 lbs. I am very grateful though for the 1.2 I lost and that I was able to stay on program for the most part. I'm just starting and figuring this out as I go, so keep reminding me that slow and steady wins the race!.


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Hey Kristi - I like that you have such a positive attitude towards losing lower amounts. I can't say I am there with you. I would want to see at LEAST a pound week. But, then again, if I was losing .5 a week since my daughter was born... **gets out calculator** ... I would be a lot closer to my goal weight..

But then again, thats 40 pounds in 20 months. I would HATE to lose it that slowly. but losing is better than gaining!.

Susan, 1.2 might be lower than you hoped, but it will keep adding and adding till you have 20, 30, 40 pounds gone!..

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Oh, don't get me wrong, I'm only becoming realistic re: 0 - 0.5 because I am so close to my goal and my body fat is low. I would not have been very happy to see a 0.5 lb loss in the beginning...

Comment #37

Kristi -.

Yeah. Congrats on getting so close! It's seeing people like you on the boards that's got me so excited..

Well, I had small breakfast, decent holiday lunch (everything in moderation), and then came home to do the nutrisystem dinner/desert with the hubby. So I guess we are on our way. We had the Beef, Mac & Cheese with some shredded cabbage cooked in V8 with pepper. I ended up mixing them together. Yum..

Dessert was a lemon/berry bar. Nice..

Hope everyone is doing well!..

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Hi everyone, congrats kristy for being so close to your goal, today was my first day on program, I am enjoying my choc cake as I type here LOL!! I tell you what I'm soooo full! which is wonderful, my biggest problem in the past was eating breakast everyday! now I know I will, I really like the convenience of having the food I need already available, all I have to decide is what I want to eat for each meal, I went out this morning and got everything else I am going to need. hope everyone had a wonderful day...

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Desirae - Great job, today! It really has been easy, but I'm still waiting for it to get hard. So far, so good. I'm going on vacation next week to the sunny sands of Mexico. Like you, I am planning on takingNutrisystemfood with me. I will take my breakfasts and lunch and plan on flexing dinners. I WILL gain a few pounds as I drink margaritas on the beach, but at least I know it will come off easily upon return.


Mystic - Congrats on day one! Chocolate cake = weight loss, now that is my kind of diet! I love theNutrisystembreakfasts and always order the same four things (chocolate chip scone, blueberry muffin, cinnamon bun and double chocolate muffin)! These boards are a great source of information, so check in quite often...

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Day 4 for me, and I'm feeling more empowered. I've had some hungry moments - some a whole lot longer - but I try to drink a little extra during those times, and eventually the feeling goes away. My biggest problem has been disrupted sleep from getting up to go to the bathroom at night - lol. I just keep thinking of all the extra fluid I'm flushing down the drain. I guess I'll find out how I'm doing on my first weigh-in on Tuesday...

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KBN - I know how you feel about disrupted sleep. I wish all that extra liquid would just wait until the morning. Stick to the plan an you will see results, it is just that simple!..

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Just popping in to wish all the December starters good luck! The program really works!..

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KBN and Kristi,.

I hear you! Getting up in the middle of the night stinks, especially since it's so cold here and I'm so cozy under my down comforter!.

Mary, Thanks for dropping in and offering encouragment! It's so inspiring to hear from those who have reached goal - and I see you are training for a marathon, that's awesome..

Desirae, looks like you did really well, congratulations!..

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Almost done with my first FULL day of theNutrisystemfoods. I have to admit, I do feel hungy-ish. But it's in a good way. Feels like my body is tryting to pull energy from new places. Dwayne has been hungry too, he's not been great about using all his add-ins. But I can't baby him and get all his food ready (although tempting).

Glad to see everyone doing so great! I have been drinking A LOT of water. Seems like you all are getting your water in too. I haven't had to get up in the middle of the night yet!.

I had the buffalo chicken wrap for dinner tonight, had some stir fried shredded cabbage and broccoli steamed with onions. The meal itself was very blah for being buffalo chicken..

I did add some Frank's Hot Sauce to it, but I did see it is 70 cals a teaspoon. Seems high, so I better find out more about how it should be used on the plan..

Hope everyone is having a good Saturday night. I'm waiting for my little one to go to bed so I can play on our new XBOX Kinect with the hubby...

Comment #45

Back again!.

Dwayne and I had a good date night last nite. We took our desserts along with us. Just did some shopping - with out my favorite toddler..

Dwayne did make a not so great food choice when I joked that onion rings would count as a veggie. **Roll Eyes** We stopped at Sonic to share a DIET strawberry limeade... His will was weak..

I talked to him about making sure he got in all the food he was supposed to be eating at meals. It went well, because in the end he decided that he would do better with having a BIG salad with his meal. I am more of a cooked veggies person, so we will be getting salad items with our groceries today. We just put together a list of what we want, but he is going along today to pick out the dressing he wants and to help out..

I've spend over a half hour on the XBOX Kinect playing a game called Dance Central. Lots of fun! It has a section of each song where it records your dancing. How embarrassing. But it is motivational to see myself, knowing that I am working to improve my size right now..

BTW - Frank's Red Hot sauce is calorie free..

It has 70 SERVINGS not 70 CALORIES..

I totally misread that!..

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Good job Desirae sounds like your having fun along with exercising, I have a WII that I use to have fun with. I'm always dancing around the house when I'm cleaning, I put my Ipod on and go! Today is day 3 for me, I'm doing really good, only problem I have is that my left foot is hurting like heck, the more I'm on it the more it hurts, dont know what I did, but oh well doesnt stop me from following my plan, was not going to do any exercising today anyway. tomorrow well I'm going to do some that doesnt require me to stand on my foot. hopefully it will be better tomorrow. hope everyone has a good day...

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Good Morning,.

I'm a restarter. I didNutrisystemwhen my husband deployed a couple of years ago and I loved the results. We just moved back to the United States in November and I don't know if it's not having my household goods or the overwelming amount of places to eat out but after maintaining my weight for 2 years it's back on!! I'm so upset with myself.

I orderedNutrisystemand I'm going to do this with all the temptation around me and I may need some support to stay on track. Would love to join this group for support. I know I can do it... I just think it will be harder being around all these restaurants that I haven't been around in years. I can't even tell you how much I gained because my house is still empty and I don't have my scale but my jeans are tight and I used to be able to pull them off without even undoing the button!..

Comment #48

I have been patient all weekend. If my food does not arrive today I may scream. I am so psychologically set to start this. Please wish for the UPS man to arrive early today..


Comment #49

Welcome Prieta! Nice to know you can come back to something that worked so well before. congrats on maintaining for so long too! do you have your food yet? Do you remember which ones were your favorites?.

I got autoload for my first box, but I've already went in and added and subtracted a few items from my next order..

Phyllis, it seems like forever waiting for the box. And once I got it I felt like I wasn't ready for it afterall..

Doing the food AND the add-ins looks like a lot of effort at first. But my hubby and I started on a weekend, so it was easy to pick and choose our food for the first few days..

Wishing merry meals to you all!..

Comment #50

Desirae I really enjoyed the Breakfast food. I like the oatmeal and the cereals.. muffins when I want something more sweet with my coffee. I had a hard time with lunch as I'm not a big soup eater and alot of the lunches seem like their soups..... but my favorite was the split pea, I add MS crumbles to it for my protein and it's yummy. The dinners are easy for me because I add the veggies to fill up.

I have a horrible sweet tooth and doing it that way helped with the cravings. My husband could not believe all the food I would eat and still lose weight.

My food shipped today and I'm going to track it tomorrow and find out when it should be delivered. I was going to wait until the New Year but I couldn't take the way my pants fit anymore... I had to get started. This is the only plan that has ever worked for me and it isn't hard to stay on track once you get into a routine...

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Ah. Nice idea to add the crumbles. I'm going to have to use that!.

I like the thicker soups - I take almost every meal and mix it in with my veggies. So the sauces help a lot..

For my desert tonight I took frozen cherries (fruit from dinner) and warmed them up. Then I crumbled the brownie in and mixed it up with the cherries and juice. Yum..

I've been pretty hungry... But I got 12 cups of water in!..

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Ok, day one ofNutrisystemis almost over. I already see that I will have trouble getting everything in. I am not a big veggie lover so that one will be touch for me. I had celery three times already today. I know I need to find other veggies that I like. Hmmm.

Got home tonight weather was 45 degrees (in Sunny South Florida). I decided if I made an excuse to not walk I would make an excuse every day. So 1 mile down before dinner. Felt great. I am a little hungry but know that I have more veggies, a fruit and dessert to have.

(of course, I forgot to get on the scale this morning so that will wait an entire week since I have a good idea what I started at)..

Comment #53

[font="Comic Sans MS"].

I just got my email that my food is on it's way, and I would like to be ready with my add ins..

Where do I find a list of grocery foods to have on hand?[/.


Comment #54

Victoria - welcome!.

That is the first thing I asked too - Under Tips and recipes at the top of the page, click on recommended grocery foods. If you check out the Meal Planner on here you can see the meal combos that you will have to maintain. I mix and match some and spread out the food. But I get it all in mostly. Let us know if you have any more questions!..

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One week under my belt! First weigh-in this morning. The only nice thing about having so much weight to lose, the first weigh-in is very encouraging - 8 pounds down! Doing all the add-ins, but still feeling hungry at times. I just drink extra water and grab some of the free veggies, and it gets me through...

Comment #56

Hi guys,.

I am starting my first day tomorrow and had a couple questions for you.


How many of you eat the extra servings (i.e. protein, fruit, etc) in addition to the preparedNutrisystemmeals?.

Also, is it okay to re-assign my fruit serving credit to a protein for breakfast? So if I wanted to have two eggs, instead of one egg and 1 apple serving, can I do that?.

Thanks for your help!..

Comment #57

Hi Everyone,.

Today will mark my first day on theNutrisystemjourney. I am quite excited. I do find it a bit confusing, but I am figuring things out by reading in this discussion forum. My biggest thing is I don't really know how many calories I need in a day. I'm kind of a number person, so when I log my food on this site it said I only got 1100 calories. That doesn't seem like it's enough.

Are you suppose to weight yourself only once a week?..

Comment #58

Hello FethaW8,.

You have to eat all the add-ins. You can eat them at any time of the day as long as you get them all in. My typical day I eat the breakfast entree and a while later I eat a boiled egg, I save my morning fruit as a "dessert" for my lunch... depending on my lunch choice I sometimes hold over my protein from lunch and add it on top of my dinner Pizza entreeIt really helps to log your food on this website to keep track of what your eating until you can get used to what your supposed to eat everyday. I loved to see the calories at the end of the day. There are alot of good ideas on the forum to spice up your food so you dont get burnt out.

We're all here to help and support eachother. Best wishes on yourNutrisystemjourney..

Comment #59

FethaW8 -.

I eat all my extras - and even throw in some extra veggies (onions, bell pepper, and salsa with my egg)..

I move my food around some - but I saw on here somewhere that it is important to keep a protien/dairy with your fruit - helps to combat a sugar rush from the fruit..

I am pretty hungry even with add ins, although some people say they are not hungry with them. But, the food without add ins would be too low to be safe..

Plus, I think it is fun to be able to put together combos to make a mini meal. I love being able to stir in steamed broccoli with about any pasta dish!..

Comment #60

Hi everyone, I to eat all my add-ins, If I find myself getting hungry which is not very often I eat some of the unlimited items we can have. or I just have a 1/2 piece of sugar free gum, extra has great flavors! Today is day 6 for me, I'm doing good. I don't weigh in until friday, hope you all are having a great day!..

Comment #61

I'm excited for my weigh in tomorrow. I do weigh everyday but I'm so psyched to post my new weight tommorow! One week down, can't wait to get a few more in! I should be at a new low by new years!..

Comment #62

Hi everyone, I too I'm weighing in tomorrow, yes I find myself getting on the scale everyday just to see how things are going, I'm doing good except for this headache I have, woke up with it. I'm prone to migraines but if I catch it fast enough it won't turn into one. today it's sunny out, a little chilly but not to bad, Hope you all are having a good day...

Comment #63

I too am weighing in tomorrow. I don't get on every day but decided I would get on twice a week. Tomorrow is the first weigh in since I started. Today is day three and I think I have done pretty good. I am logging all my food online and average about 1100 calories a day. I know that "they" say to eat 1200 calories a day to stay healthy so I figure I can stay healthy and will just have to be content with losing slowly.

Any suggestions?..

Comment #64

Alright - first - I have logged my weight loss. Very happy with hitting 175! I got to 177 about mid week and I would have been happy just to stay there. But it was even better to see my weight KEEP dropping all week..

I totally worked the plan and sidestepped 3, not make that 4 potlucks yesterday, and a free lunch!.

I hope everyone else has super great losses. I will post my hubbies losses here later. I think I am going to add another ticker to my page just for him, because it doesn't seem he's going to be on the site at all..

Basktcakes - my veggies are bell peppers, broccolli, shredded cabbage (the stuff you make coleslaw with, near bags of salad at the grocery store) onion, mushrooms, tomatoes. My fruits are applesauce, raisons, frozen cherries, bananas, and hubby eats oranges..


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Hi everyone! I weighed in today with a 3.9 loss, yipee! I'm happy with that! hope you all are having a good day, I have lots of energy today! it's nice and sunny here with some wind. going to go workout, I better enjoy this sunshine before the rain comes back! LOL!! Happy Friday everyone..

Comment #66

Congrats on the loss Mystic!.

I wanted to also report that I'm not nearly as hungry as I was when I started..

I have been splitting my breakfast up so that I get a morning snack. That seems to help alot..

I am also getting used to the portion sizes. I've been drinking tons of water too - 9 to 12+ cups. I tend to slow down after 5 pm though, so I haven't had to get up in the middle of the night to pee...

Comment #67

Thanks for all your feedback everyone!.

I too got very hungry one day without eating my add-ins and my stomach was definitely making it known in every meeting...embarrassing!.

I didn't realize though that you could move them around throughout the day. I thought the timing was important to maintain a low glycemic index (unless you're moving a vegetable)..

If there are any other tips, aside from combining protein with fruit, please share..

Thanks again and have a great weekend!..

Comment #68

Desirae, thanks for the suggestions. Applesauce is a great one since I make my own and it is unsweetened. I add some splenda and cinnamon. I had totally not thought of that. Right after I had my pizza tonight I realized I should have added mushrooms or onions. Oh well, now I know for next time.

I decided since I started on a Tuesday, I will get on the scale on Tuesdays and Fridays. It is hard enough for me not to get on everyday. Twice a week will have to do..

Thanks for all the support so far. Even went out to dinner last night (unavoidable) and managed to have an appetizer of three seared scallops. At it filled me up just perfectly. Of course, I had something to eat before I left the house so I did not want to pig out...

Comment #69

Hi All!.

I am new. My food is supposed to arrive Wednesday and I'm super excited, but the waiting is agony!!! I have been doing Weight Watchers since my last baby and lost 40lbs, BUT their new program was just not working for me so I had to go. It was a hard decision, but the right one and I'm super excited to start NS. I'm actually surprised I didn't doNutrisystemfirst b/c it definitely seems more my style. I'm looking forward to getting to know all of you and taking in all the tips and advice..

So, my one burning question is, can you drink wine occasionally? Seriously, I've been pregnant for the last two years...I want a drink!.


Comment #70

Sounds like a great dinner choice! Super proud of you for bypassing the usual fare and making a great choice..

I'll have to add some cinnamon to my applesauce - sounds yum!.

I weigh myself everyday. I get excited to weigh myself in the morning, but I also feel fine with the ups and downs I see. If I wait to weigh in I just drive myself bonkers!..

Comment #71

Welcome Lisa! Good job with doing so well on WW. I'm curious, what did you not like about the changes? I have tried WW before, but I never did so hot with tracking my points. One of the reasons I am so happy withNutrisystemis that I can be successful even if I don't write down what I ate. I just eat the food and add-ins they suggest and I don't think about it anymore than that!.

I'm sure you can have wine (in moderation, of course) but I've seen a lot of suggestions to avoid it for the first month. That's my goal for now - except for New Year's Eve, of course. But it sound like you are more than a month into a weightloss trend at this point..

Another thing I read on here is that alcohol can slow your metabolism for 36 hours. I don't know if it is true, but it keeps me from indulging. LOL..

There are a few groups on here that make wine/alcohol a part of their plan. They plan out what they will have to keep it under control. I think I've even seen some that use it as a reward if they eat right the whole day. I could see myself adding in some wine in the future, but I'd like to see the first 15 pounds go first...

Comment #72

I just ordered today. It says that the projected time the order will arrive is January 13!! Thats almost a whole month away!.

Do any of you that started and received the box of food see that it was less time or is this about right? That just seems so long!..

Comment #73

Hi Desirae!.

Thanks for replying to my burning question! I'll have to lay low on the wine for the first month! Of course, I should probably just avoid the stuff all together as that's how I ended up with my last two babies 13 months apart and that's what landed me here! ;(.

As for WW, I was doing really well with their points system. I like to have control over things and not have much room for slip ups. I really liked the fact that I could have whatever I wanted as long as I counted it. I mean, if I wanted to spend every point on cheesecake I could! I'm a vegetarian and I ate tons of their fettucine alfredo smart ones for 4pts each. Then, they changed the program and really focused on lower carbs (NOT good for a vegetarian) and my once much loved indulgences become impossible to have. I used to splurge occasoinally and have a kit kat for 5 was sooo well spent.

It might be right for someone who can live on chicken breasts but not for a vegetarian with a sweet tooth! None the less, that's not really why I left. My biggest problem was that on the new system ALL fruit was zero points. You could put 3000 bananas in your tracker and it would be zero points. Well, the caveat is that you should just eat until you are "full and satisfied" Ummm...hello if I knew how to eat until I was full and satisfied I wouldn't be here!!!!.

On a different note, AcisseJ, I orderedNutrisystemon the 16th and it is due to arrive on the 22nd. So, yes yours does seem to be taking a long time!..

Comment #74

Oops, I meant Serg189...not sure why I got names confused. If what they say about losing brain cells with every pregnancy is true...then I'm in trouble! ;(..

Comment #75

Hello ladies! It sounds like everyone had good numbers on the scales!.

I got my box on Friday but we went to the state championships games this weekend so I decided to start today! I won't have my scale until tomorrow and I hope to find it soon after my household goods get delivered.

My kitchen is getting remodeled and I have no kitchen sink and the stove was just connected this morning.... lots of things going on but I am so ready to get this extra weight off! Happy Monday and congratulations..

Good idea for those of you who have a sweet tooth like me... peel and cut up an apple and sprinkle with splenda and cinnamon... nuke it for about 15-30 seconds.... Works for me when I need that sweetness after lunch...

Comment #76

I agree - that does seem to be a long shipping time - but i'm sure there is a lot of delays with holiday shipping..

4boys - you are funny! I was curious about the WW changes, thought about trying it out too. But I'm just not the best tracker. Got to track your food to make it work!.

Preita - nice idea about apple slices. I got pears for fruit this week - wonder how it would work with them?..

Comment #77

Hi Everyone, I see that you all are doing good, welcome to those I have not met yet. I am doing good. getting ready to leave on thurday for week to go visit my father-in-law, planning on bringing my food with me, we will be staying at a casino, I've stayed there before so I know it will work out with my foods, if not there are stores around I can buy what I need. the only problem I will have is that we are driving down, so my water intake while riding in truck will be limited, LOL!! thats ok I can make it up when I get to where I'm going. hope you all are having a good day...

Comment #78

Hey guys! I guess I chose the wrong time of year to startNutrisystembecause my package took forever to get here. But tomorrow is the big day and I am ready! I have loved reading all of your posts and getting so many great ideas. Let's do this!!!..

Comment #79

I understand about the water intake thing. I am traveling on Saturday by plane, and I'll be drinking minimum water for that day!.

I'm doing great at drinking 9+ cups of water a day, although I probably fell short of that on the weekend. It seems the more water I put in, the quicker my body releases it. I don't drink much in the evenings and I can actually get quite thirsty!..

Comment #80

Happy Tuesday ladies! I got through day one extremely surprised that I wasn't hungry or had cravings! Today the moving boxes arrive and my kitchen is still not finished.... the backsplash is scheduled for tomorrow and my sink is still not hooked up. I'm hoping to find my scale in the boxes so I can get my ticker up and know exactly how much I need to lose..

DesiraeNicole - You'll have to let me know if you try that with the pears.... I love pears...

Comment #81

One week and 3.1 pounds down. I am feeling good about it. I have heard that the first week is the hardest so I feel good that I got through it. The holiday may be a little difficult (friends coming over for prime rib and lobster tails) but I do it. May save my protein from the day for the lobster tail. That way at least I don't sit at the table and watch everyone eat.

I would feel too weird about it..


Comment #82

Desirae - water is definitely the key to feeling great and losing weight. I was in Cabo San Lucas last week and didn't drink as much water as I usually do (about 100 ounces per day) because I was drinking margaritas and eating chips and salsa. I have been home two days and have resumed my normal water intake. I feel so much better will all that good healthy water in my system...

Comment #83

You can always fix your food and serve it on the same plates everyone else is eating off of. I always fix a similar meal for myself that everyone else in my house is eating.... I don't feel like I'm missing out when I'm eating pizza and they are too......

Comment #84

Glad your Day One went so well. I can say that it took me over a week to lose the hunger pangs. But the last 2 days or so have felt fine. I am so suprised that I can go on without feeling deprived and still be losing weight..

I was wanting chocolate last night and ended up having the Milk Chocolate bar for dessert. Not bad - consistency of a tootsie roll, but nice. Very chewy, so I ate it slowly and enjoyed..

Yikes - did you have a blast on your trip? I'm in Montana and it's 2 degrees outside. I could use some sun and sand..

I'm visiting the family in Georgia for Christmas, but I dont' think it is too warm there right now. Shucks...

Comment #85

Desirae - Yes, I had a great time sporting a bikini or two in the warm Cabo sun. Thanks to NS, that was the best I have felt in a bikini in at least 5 years..

I had a few too many margaritas and chips/salsa/guacamole, so I gained a couple pounds. I'm not updating my ticker until Thursday, my official weigh-in day when I will most definitely be back in the 130s..

Stay warm!..

Comment #86

Wow! It looks like everyone is doing great! This is so encouraging!.

Prieta, I don't envy your situation trying to lose weight during chaos. It seems like you've really got a handle on it. Also, thanks for the suggestion for putting the apple in the microwave with some cinnamon and splenda. That' perfect for me b/c sometimes I just need to have a little something with a cup of coffee to mentally signal that my meal has come to an end. I think this shall be a fave! I'm open to anymore awesome suggestions if anyone's got any!.

My stuff arrives tomorrow! Happy days! Thursday morning I officially kick WW to the curb!.


Comment #87

Lol. That was my mistake! I accidently changed my own account name when I signed my husband up...

Comment #88

So I bought a new scale. My 22 month old played with my old one and let me just say that I no longer felt it was accurate! At any rate, I bought a new scale and it weighs me 1.5 lbs heavier! That's no big deal, but since my food arrives today and I am starting tomorrow, I would like to have my new scale weight in my weight log/ticker etc. Is there a way to start over? Basically, I don't want my first weigh in to make it look like I gained weight! That would just be a mental downer even if I know what happened. Anyone know?..

Comment #89

Hello! Can I join in?.

My First day is today!.

Hurray for starting in December.Nutrisystemis my gift to myself this year!.

So far, so good. No complaints.

It's great to see that in just a few weeks, you ladies seem to have gotten the hang of it and are losing weight! That is motivating!!!..

Comment #90

Hi everyone. I think one my biggest struggles is going to be that darned emotional eating ( gets so many here doesn't it???). Have you found anything that helps when you're feeling especially stressed? And forget having that glass of wine every once in a while to take the edge off, big no-no. ;-) Ideas anyone?..

Comment #91

If you go to your "my page" and edit you can adjust your starting weight from there. I got a new scale yesterday too and I don't think it likes me..

Comment #92

Hi everyone! I started dec. 6th. I just finished reading this thread and everyone seems so motivated. I could really use some support. I have 28 lbs to lose and so far I have lost 7lbs in my first 2 weeks...

Comment #93

7 lbs in 2 weeks when you have so little to lose? That is amazing - keep up the great work!..

Comment #94

Prieta, not to sound like a dork, but where is "My Page"?..

Comment #95


I've just started this month too. I tried Jenny Craig several years ago and lost the weight quickly but as I've gotten older, it's harder to take it off and keep it off. Weight Watchers has never worked for me but the structure of something likeNutrisystemappeals to me..

The food box was huge and heavy. I've been on it 4 days so far and will weigh myself tomorrow. With our torrential Southern California rains, I haven't been able to walk as I had hoped this week. The food has been quite tasty so far..

My husband is not very supportive, so I hope to get some inspiration from all of you. He spends hours at the gym and doesn't really like food. Unfortunately, I love it and walking is about as much as I have time for..

There appear to be lots of great ideas on the boards for free foods. I'm really looking forward to doing this, despite starting in the middle of the holidays..


Comment #96

Hi Susan,.

I've lost 10 pounds in two weeks. Great progress on your part!..

Comment #97

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