Nutrisystem chocolate bar recipe using powdered milk, cocoa, butter,water, sugar and vanilla?

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Got a quick question: Nutrisystem chocolate bar recipe using powdered milk, cocoa, butter,water, sugar and vanilla? Thanks in advance for any comment. Another question on my mind: Hey guys...just got my food today from UPS, so I'm gonna try to start off next Sunday. I need some tips..

Where do I begin. I know I'm supposed to eat my food here 5 times a day, but what about add-ins? Do you do them on every meal? Only certain ones? What kind of add-ins do you guys recommend?.

Anything you guys can do to help I would very much appreciate it..

Looking to go from around 250 down to 200 or lower, gotta get back into shape since I play competitive softball 4 nights a week and every weekend during summers and the extra weight is making it hard to get around like when I was younger. I'm 35 now, time to get back into shape..

Thanks in advance for the help..


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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I find an answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could help you..

Comment #1

Yup....I got the booklet with my order. I will probably use the one here as it is easier for me..

125 ozs of water....I'll be in the bathroom all day...

Comment #2

The book lists what add ins you need for each meal..

When all else fails, read the directions...

Comment #3

That was the plan....the support is what I am gonna need...

Comment #4

We are here for support!.

Once you get started, just ask your questions as you go..

There are great threads on this board that describe guidelines and other thoughts. Read them and it will answer many of the questions you have..

Two thoughts that I would stress....

1) Eat all the food, every day. The plan is set around consuming that amount. Leaving out food will not help and will actually hurt your weight lose journey..

2) Drink all the water. The water helps your body process the food and it will become accustom to the quantity (although you will go to the bathroom more)..

This plan works, if you follow it and give it a chance..


Comment #5

Your body will adjust somewhat to the added liquid intake. For the first few months try not to cheat. It makes things easier...

Comment #6

This a great place for support. You can see what works, and what to avoid. I've been here for about a week or so, and I've found that the folks here to be great...

Comment #7

Welcome aboard!.

Here are some tips to help you along........

1. Work the plan 100%! (The plan works!).

2. Drink the water and then drink some more! Most of the big losers in here drink a minimum of 1 gallon of water each day!.

3. Exercise! Walking 3-4 times each week for 30 minutes is a great start..

4. Read the Mindset Makeover you received in your BBB!.

5. Check out this board at least once a day. There are guys in here who have gone where you want to go and have done what you want to do - take advantage of their wisdom..

6. Post your victories and your screw ups as well. All of us enjoy a pat on the back, but all of us need a kick in the butt sometimes too!.

7. Don't deviate from the plan for 6-8 weeks! If you will stay 100% on plan for this amount of time you will establish some great habits which will make this a lifestyle change and not a diet..

Enjoy the journey! It's a great one!..

Comment #8

Mike, All of the above is good advice. To this I would add get a good scale (one you trust) and decide how and when you will weigh yourself. Take a starting weight on your first morning, then don't weigh yourself for a week (OK maybe peek once or twice). Also if you mess up (we all do or at least did) just get back on 100% as soon as you can (next meal or next day if possible). This program is about building good habits and practice makes us better if not perfect. Good Luck. JT..

Comment #9

We actually have a Wii Fit, and it seems to be pretty much dead on, weight-wise. That's what I will probably use for my weigh ins..

Thanks for all the helpful advice guys, I really appreciate it. I'm actually looking forward to next week to get this started...

Comment #10

I'm just amazed at some of the accomplishments that people have made on this site. Truly inspiring...

Comment #11


I have the Wii fit and it is pretty right on as a scale. Also to get you moving a bit. I do not use mine as my scale but I could, I checked it against the nurses scale at work. Just do not cheat and use the weight deduction for heavy clothes...

Comment #12

That's because the plan works. Stick to it, make it your new lifestyle of proper eating and exercise you will also see results...

Comment #13




Everyone has given you excellent it is up to you to follow it...and to stay with it. It's a you help me, I help you place around here...!!!.

It is important to READ, READ, READ...the information and booklets given....and watch.

The CD..

Also, READ and PARTICIPATE in the postings on the site.

You will learn from others...learning about their worries and how they are treated....about their excitement when things are going well..

And, DON'T be afraid to ask questions or to ask for advice..

The Nutrisystem consultants, nutritionists, and all the members themselves are ready and willing to help you in any way they can to keep you on the program and to see that you.

Make that GOAL you have set for yourself..

I would suggest that you get the.

W8book Ticker.

And use it instead of the one you are using. I have found that it is a lot more helpful. Shows more information and shows you more about what.

You have or have not accomplished. It's a good thing!.

With regards to the "EXTRAS", I have found that it is to my advantage to "pre-prepare" certain items, so that my preparation time it cut to the time is very valuable, as I am sure your is. I don't want to spend too much time getting ready to eat.....

1) Prepare salad greens in advance (for 2 lunches and 2 dinners). I use Romaine, Spinach, and Dandelion greens almost entirely...since I love them better than other salad stuffs..

Cut/tear them into small pieces, spin DRY (if you don't.

Have a salad pinner...GET ONE....less than $20 at BedBath&Beyond) and then put the greens into a plactic container with a dry paper towel on top...close and keep in the refrigerator. I then chop some red onions into small pieces and keep them in the frig. Then all you have to do it to take a hand full of greens, a TBS of onions, and then chop some cukes, mushrooms, and cheerry tomatos (total 1/2 cup), mix together and spray with some FF dressing (I use a FF soy/ginger/balsalmic mixture) on the green, toss.

And ENJOY!!! You can add various spices to the greens if you like to change it from time to time..

For the extra VEGS at dinner....I keep frozen bags of them.

(brussel sprouts, broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, okra, turnip greens, yellow squash, etc) and just take out 1 cup at a time and STEAM them for a about 3 or 4 mionutes. I also.

Keep some FRESH VBEGS available also. Sweet potatoes to microwave(small or 1/2 of one), bok choy (doesn't.

Freeze well), green and red bell peppers, mushrooms, red onions for the salad. I also place on top of the meats.

(NS beef and chicken) some onions, mushrooms, and bok choy...sprayed with a little Butter Flavored PAM...and nuke.

It along with the meat. I use a lots of spices to spice up salads, etc.....ginger, Greek oragano, pepper, powdered cumin, powdered curry and balsamic vineger, and various low salt spices such as Mrs.Dash..

Good Luck......hope this helps.....


Comment #14

Have a strong willpower.. Stay away from temptation..

If I don't have bad food within reach/sight, it's that much easier to stay on plan..

Don't watch TV! Food commercials = temptation...

Comment #15

Thanks for the tips guys. Only a couple more days until my weight loss journey begins..

Where do I find one of those better tickers?..

Comment #16

Mike, welcome to the Nutrisystem family. It's a crazy bunch, but what do you expect from a bunch of losers?.

The plan really works and all of the advice in previous posts is valid. Here are two threads that should be read, start to finish in your first few days on the plan:.



As for the ticker, go to.

, set up an account and you will get a code to paste into your signature line. If you have any questions on how to do it, help is available here. You will have to go to w8book every time to enter your current weights as they change but it will automatically transfer the info over to NS..

Good luck on your journey, stay active here in the Men's Room. I could not have done it without all of the tips & support I have gotten here...

Comment #17

Everyone had good advice on this board, but I especially appreciated you jotting down these tips, Silver. I need these kinda planning tips to help stay on course, so thanks!.

One thing I also find helps is to buy small frozen packs of vegetables (broccoli+carrots+garlic). You can just pop them into the microwave. It comes with a garlic sauce, I add no dressing..

Recovering from a flu...waiting to start NS...

Comment #18

Good point, that's probably a reason it tastes so good.

Strike that from the recommendations...

Comment #19

Just get the plain veggies and spray with ICBINB and dust with garlic powder. Same taste, no guilt...

Comment #20

I never used to eat salad, but now I look forward to it since it is the only food I have total control of. I bought six different flavors of fat free dressing for variety. My typical salad is lettuce, fresh spinach, celery, onion, green pepper, radish, cucumber and mushrooms. It fill you up and provides fiber to keep you regular..

I use frozen vegetables, frozen blueberries and strawberries. They taste just as good as fresh and cost less..

I experienced a LOT of gas the first week on the diet but by the end of the second week it went away..


Comment #21

I'm allergic to none of those for me...

Comment #22

Tomorrow is the big day...just went through and seperated all my meals. Gonna head to the grocery store to get add-ins after we go to a wedding expo today..

We get to sample all the foods that are available for our wedding. Good day to indulge before I go on NS..

Wish me luck!!..

Comment #23


I just visited your web site. Nice work! Especially those nature shots, really good macrophotography...

Comment #24

Nice to see another photographer/designer on the website. I wonder if it's those hours in front of a CS window that helped get us here..

Good Luck Moepoker, I'm look forward to seeing your progress...

Comment #25

I shop at Costco and I buy almost everything there. I pick up a bag of frozen veggies and frozen fruit. I put the frozen fruit in my Vita-Mix, add yogurt & little Splenda maybe a drop of vanilla and I have a smoothie...

Comment #26

I echo.




About the frozen is absolutely.

Cheaper....and easy to store, and it doesn't go bad on you if you don't eat it fast enough..

That in itself is a real plus, since you don't have spoiled fruit to throw away. Since they.

Don't have frozen bananas, I freeze banana slices myself. So when I want to make a.

Smoothie, I pull out the frozen fruit and throw it in the Waring Blender with some skim.

Milk (sometimes I add a bit of plain yogurt and a drip of honey). Voila!.

No skins, no mess, no seeds, no juice to clean up...nothing to throw away. Quick and Easy....

I have checked out the prices in about 6 or 7 different chain stores in NYC to compare.

Prices for frozen foods (vegetables and fruit) and found that the.

Whole Foods Super.


Has the best and cheapest. The Whole Foods Brand.


Is not.

Only organic, but cheaper for the amount (ounces per package) than other brands, even.

Store house brands. This I found surprising since I had always thought Whole Foods items.

Was more expensive since their items were mostly organic. Either their prices have come.

Down, or I was mistaken from the start..

I keep the "365" brand frozen fruits and vegetables on hand at all time......strawberries,.

Blueberries, sliced peaches, diced mangos, raspberries......and broccoli, spinach, edame,.

Carrots, brussel sprouts, okra and a few others that I can't think of now..

Also, for me it is easier to judge quantities with the frozen stuff......

Comment #27

We use lots of frozen veggies and some frozen fruit. Mostly from Sam's and Costco. Really convenient..

I have frozen mixed berries (thawed in the micowave) every morning in my cereal...

Comment #28

Thanks for the compliment! It really is a passion of mine..


Comment #29

Got my new weight loss ticker, will update it tomorrow with my actual starting weight...

Comment #30

By all means stick to the plan. I'm on my 3rd week now. I was very intimidated when I started. My first day I called the counselor. She was very helpful and supportive. Devour the information and stick with it no matter what..

We are all here for you Mike!..

Comment #31

Well, off and running. Today I weighed in at 254.6 lbs and started my journey on NS..

This morning's breakfast wasn't that bad. I had Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal, 8oz of FF milk and a piece of whole wheat toast..

I did add in an apple for my fruit. How the hell do you know what a small apple is?.

Hopefully the ones we bought were the small variety..

Another bonus to this is my fiancee' signed up yesterday and is gonna do the program with me!! She is diabetic, so this will be so much better on her body then the way she has been eating the last few years(probably my fault.


Comment #32

As you will eventually learn, it's always your fault...

Comment #33

Hah...ain't that the truth. We had a wedding expo yesterday and it seemed everything I said was the wrong thing to say...

Comment #34

Almost done with my first day....just have my dessert to eat here in a couple hours..

Pretty decent tasting foods that I had today, in my opinion...

Comment #35

Day 2 started out with a pretty good breakfast, in my opinion. Had some Nutricinammon cereal, an egg, 1 piece of toast and an apple. I can handle that breakfast pretty much every day..

Yesterday I drank 13 glasses of water..

I went to the bathroom pretty much all day...

Comment #36

Yep the constant trips to the bathroom I can identify with. But just think of all the calories you burned lumbering to the urinal...

Comment #37

Find your inner John Wayne. Nothing makes the 40th trip to the mens room more fun than pretending it's high noon at the O.K. Corral...

Comment #38

John Wayne was not in those movies...However, I admire the sentiment..

However, Gary Cooper was amazing in High Noon, and Burt Lancaster and Kirk Douglas were a great duo as Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday..

Just sayin.....

Comment #39

I did sneak a peek on my weight on the Wii Fit today....down 2.6 lbs in 2 days of the program..

No more weigh ins until next Monday morning now though...

Comment #40

Yea...we all learn to stop drinking early in the evening or you may be up peeing all night (see my post from when I started)...anyway...consider running to the bathroom as another moderate form of exercise.

Good luck and hang in there..

Comment #41

It's ok.....of course there are better forms of working out, but the scale is dead on. And it actually gives you some visuals to what you are doing..

I do the run through the's like 7 minutes long. Just have to do it a couple times..

Then I do a little aerobics on it, hula hooping is tough...

Comment #42

I don't have any problems with sleeping through the night...even if I drink right up until the time I go to bed. I'm blessed, I suppose...

Comment #43

Nice start!.

I just noticed that your starting weight is the same as mine was...

Comment #44

You have the right tools. Just put them to good use and you'll get there before you know it...

Comment #45

Monday morning is weigh in for the start of my 3rd week...

Comment #46

Got on the Wii Fit today and had another 3.3 pound loss since Monday...

Comment #47

Wednesday is my "official weigh-in day"; however I can't help but weigh myself everyday. I can't wait for a week to see my success, and if I'm off plan, I want to know how it affected my weight immediately..

Looks like you are giving the plan the attention it deserves. Good luck!..

Comment #48

Does everyone get a Mindset Makeover? I didn't get one. I got my meal planner, a DVD and some other information, but no Mindset Makeover...

Comment #49

I didn't get the Mindset makeover either, Im thinking they may of run out of them since I started during the New Years Resolution rush. Does anyone know if they still include it in the starter kits?..

Comment #50

I didn't receive it with my first order. I called Nutrisystem and they shipped it to me after the fact...

Comment #51

I have been on the plan since the Feb 2 and have lost over 8 pounds - I am finding I like the plan as it makes me think about and plan what I am going to eat that day. My energy level is up and I also weigh myself everyday. I like to run (jog) and hope to hit 5 miles a day 5 times a week by May - right now I am at 4 miles 3 times a week and 3 miles the other day. I have never enjoyed dieting till now...

Comment #52

I started just same time, call your counselor and I am sure they will help you. I talked to one yesterday and I can't say enough nice things about the call. The mindset makeover is great little pamphlet and I enjoy reading it. Has a chapter for each of the first 13 weeks of plan and then a review. I tried going week by week but went and read the whole thing and then back again and again. Really helps you realize why you have certain tendencies and what to do to change them, nutrition, how to deal with certain events, etc etc etc. A GREAT TOOL so make sure you get one...

Comment #53

Finally ran across a meal I couldn't stand after pretty much 3 weeks on the plan. Oriental Steak with Green Peppers and Noodles..

Yuck...I had to suffer it down, I will never have that one in an order again...

Comment #54

That's the way you do it. If it comes in a free week down the road, try it again. You never know...

Comment #55

I am with you 100%. That meal sucked big time. I must be committed because I was able to finish it. NEVER again...

Comment #56

Hey, guess what's on the menu for me tonight?.

I don't remember liking it that much the time before. I'll let you know...

Comment #57

16.7 pounds in my first 4 weeks. I'm very happy with that..

Here's to another 16 in my 2nd month...

Comment #58

Congrats on the month as well. I am a couple of weeks in. About 10 pounds down so far, enjoying all the food, surprised at how much I don't miss eating very much meat, never hungry and still motivated..

Hopefully my success will mirror yours in a couple more weeks! Keep it up...

Comment #59

Officially down 20 pounds as of this morning..

5 weeks in 20 pounds gone...

Comment #60

Need some help here!!! I'm new to this and I would like to know what calorie intake you set to begin with? Is there a rule or just go with a nukber like 1500 a day? Any tip would be appreciated!.

Thank you!.


Comment #61

Well, just an update. I am currently down 48.2 pounds. I find my choices in food and portion control pretty much under control..

I do cheat every once in a while...I gotta keep myself sane..

Thanks Nutrisystem for the ease of this program. I still haven't exercised other than during my softball games. This program works and I am happy I gave it a shot...

Comment #62

Northlin - just follow the Nutrisystem program. For Men's basic, it is around 1500/day..

Moe - Way to GO!! You're CRUISIN'!.


Comment #63

Well...I'm back..

Back on the plan starting Tuesday. Not sure how much I've gained back...but I'm guessing 30 pounds. I will know for sure Tuesday morning on my weigh-in..

Here's to starting over!..

Comment #64

Good thing about being a guy is the weight comes off fast. And you know how to run your program. Good luck...

Comment #65

My ticker doesn't look as good as it used to..

Here's to losing 40 instead of just the 27 I gained back...

Comment #66

Welcome back know how to work the plan, get that ticker moving in the right direction again. Try not to think about the lbs you gained back and just focus on the ones you will be dropping...

Comment #67

Yup, that's the only way to go about it. You've got a new starting point now but the path to the goal is exactly the same. Just keep moving forward and you'll get there...

Comment #68

Thanks guys. I have 2 BBB's in the house now and some left over from when my ex used to do I should have about 3 solid months worth of food. Thanksgiving and X-mas will be tough, but here's to getting under 200 lbs...

Comment #69

Moe there are a few of us at the same weight. how about you try for 224 by dec 1 on our mens challenge thread?..

Comment #70

Weighed myself today for S's and G's...down to 228...

Comment #71

Just how back are you? Get on a scale and get to work..

Comment #72

I think I'm around 235-240. Scale will tell the story tomorrow morning..

I have about 3 months of food here, and I ordered a new BBB with the select foods. Should be here soon..

I have a trip planned in August, so here is to being around 200 or less for that...

Comment #73

Binge and purge ... Binge and purge..

So you have another big event that you want to look good for, huh? Pathetic. You're acting like a fat chick that wants to look stunning in a bridesmaids dress..

Are you guys seeing this? He's been popping in and out of here for years. Learn from him, gentlemen. He's doing exactly what you don't want to do..

Learn from NUTRISYSTEM. Take it all in and avoid this scenario..

Thanks for posting this ... Yet again..

Good luck fitting into that dress...

Comment #74

Its like you're channeling Dr. Cox. Now if only you'd finished it off by addressing him as Nancy...

Comment #75

Dean Wormer did it better...but thanks for the reply...

Comment #76

I do like the enthusiasm though. It's like you know me so well!.

Thanks for the warm welcome back...

Comment #77

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