Nutrisystem and Subway's chicken noodle soup?

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First question I have is Nutrisystem and Subway's chicken noodle soup? Hoping for any response. 2nd question I got is.. Man!!! Didn't eat enough food all day....then tonight I'm starving! So I caved in and ate one of my kids peanut butter n jelly uncrustables!! Atleast is was whole grain.

I'm so upset with myself! I sooo need more stenght! I guess it could of been worse right?? Darn me!!..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I discover an anything. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could help you..

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Yes!! Need to plan Better, and start forcing myself to eat breakfast and snacks! Just got a lil stressed today, and was putting off eating...

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Yep..the more days you string together when you plan well, the more you start changing those habits that got us in the place where we need to lose weight. Have a better day tomorrow!!..

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Hi ! Don't beat yourself up to much. That would be the worst thing you could do. I have had many days where I blew it before on other diets so I would tell myself well I already blew it mine as well keep eating bad the rest of the day ! Which was never good. Just start over tomorrow. Its all about making better choices, no one said it would be easy! I see you and I weigh the same now and have the same goal we would like to hit. We can help push eachother along ! I just had my first day on nutri system today. I see you lost 4 pounds already congrats!!! When did you start ?

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Planning ahead certainly helps fill in your planner the night before, and get your meals out on the counter so you know what you are supposed to be eating that day! Just get back on track tomorrow one slip-up isn't the end of the world! Keep going! Don't give up!..

Comment #5

Today is a new day and you can start fresh and remind yourself to eat so you won't cave!.

Just remember those clothes in your closet that are calling your name....Sending some support your way... YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!..

Comment #6

Skipping breakfast and snacks is guaranteed failure! You MUST force yourself to eat according to the plan if you want success. But, at least it wasn't a pizza, beer, ice cream and french fries. Use it as a learning experience to get yourself on the right track. You can do this!..

Comment #7

Thanks for your kind words! I just started this Monday. That would be awesome to help each other out!! I definitely could use the help.

I am so nervous about the weekends!! That is usually the hardest part!! I am off to a fresh start today.


Comment #8

Today is a new day and you can start fresh and remind yourself to eat so you won't cave! Just remember those clothes in your closet that are calling your name....Sending some support your way... YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!.

Thank you guys so very much!!! You rock!! I can do this!!!! I will do better today.....I don't care if I have to hang up all my summer clothes around the house as a reminder.


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You are right....I can do this, and will do this! Thank you for the encouraging words!!.


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Realistically, you want to lose weight right now, but to keep it off and stay healthy, this is part of a permanent eating change..

I wish I had the willpower of Pam or others who are able to follow the plan 100% for years, but when I have my lapses (which become smaller and less frequent as I get more used to the plan and my body's reaction to it), I try to figure out why and get right back to the plan..

Don't fall into the trap of beating yourself up just so you can justify eating more! You can do it, April!..

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Yes you can do it go april go!! I try on my clothes I want to get to often for motivation. And think about bathing suits I want to wear. The great thing is that today is a new day. I planned out all my food last night for todayI think that will really help me. wow you have lose 4 pounds in less then a week ? That is awesome and motivating me, To believe this program works. I hope you and I will be at our goals weights before we know it!!..

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April, many people have to learn to eat breakfast. Keep in mind that the word breakfast comes from "break the fast." The body has gone so many hours without being fed so the metabolism is feeling it. You need the breakfast to get your day off to a good start..

It is a learning experience and there may be times that you may slip. If and when you do, it is not a failure if you learn from them. Planning ahead is important. You can eat out, for example, but you can reduce the hazards of doing it by planning ahead. You can reduce the hazards of being caught out and having to resort to a drive thru, etc. for a quick hunger fix if you carry meal bars with you...

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Dammit! I thought you were talking about something else .....

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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