Nutrisystem 1981 diet plan where will I get it?

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Quick question... Nutrisystem 1981 diet plan where will I get it? Hoping for any answer or 2. Second question.. I gorged out twice before bed this past week and I also ate 2 regular cooked meals this week. I have only lost half a pound. I guess I will start over starting today this is to expensive to blow.

Any tips or help on how to keep me on track? I have bad food in my house because I have 3 young children so there is snack food around all the time...

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I bump into an anything. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could answer your Nutrisystem question..

Comment #1

Just remind yourself this is too expensive...and too blow..

It's also a good time to get your kids snacking on healthier foods. I don't mean I think you should take away all their favorite foods, use this as a chance to help them learn what is an appropriate serving size...especially of high fat, high sugar, high salt snacks. Research shows that when you use fruits and/or vegetables as "treats" from a young age, kids look at them as treats..

It's also a good time fo you to learn that nothing tastes any sweeter than a piece of fruit, once you detox your body from high sugar foods...

Comment #2

Nancy, I agree with you totally it was my fault. I just don't know how to overcome the desire to pig out before bed. I used to do it every single night before bed and now I am struggling not to do it at all. I am very ashamed to even have posted this because of all the wonderful posts about everyone losing so much in their first week and here I am with a crappy loss of a half pound. ugh. Just looking for ways to avoid this from happening again.

Thank you for your opinion...

Comment #3

You are the one who makes the decisions about what to eat. The snacks don't make the decision for you, nor do the children. You have to qiet the child within you and make adult decisions. If necessary, pretend that those tempting snacks and meals you fix for others could result in a serious health problem. For all you know, you might be going down the path to a serious health problem. Being overweight is a health problem..

Keep healhty snacks such as veggies around and reach for a celery stick, carrot, etc. and chew on that; it takes longer and is healthier. Children copy what they see around them; set an example for them...

Comment #4

Save yourNutrisystemdessert for as late as you can. When you eat it, pay attention. Eat each bite. Don't take another bite until you've finished the one in your mouth. Stretch out the experience..

"Gourging out" before bed is more habit than hunger..

Change your "gourging out" to a smart, sensible, appreciated snack..

It's not easy changing habits, but it's worth it!..

Comment #5

First of all congrats for being accountable and for posting your mistake!! That takes some guts!.

I have 3 kids in the house as well - but something I am doing on my journey is also teaching them about eating correctly! Kids don't need junk in their diets either! Replace the junk with the healthy snacks as mentioned above... cucumber slices, carrott or celery sticks, string cheese! This will not only help you but it will help them build better eating habits!.

Perhaps you "gorged" because you didn't follow the plan during the day? Are you eating all your food as outlined and drinking all your water?.

Take 1 day at a time - you are the only one that can do this for you... no one else can lose the weight for you!!.

Pick yourself up and start over... with the lessons learned... YOU CAN DO THIS!!!! GOOD LUCK!!!!..

Comment #6

Good for trying to change the mindset. Try spreading some of your food items out or save some of it to eat late at night...

Comment #7

Crap happens. Jump back on the bandwagon and start again. You can't let anything derail what you've worked hard to accomplish. Do it...

Comment #8


What do you consider "bad food" please list as much as possible what you "gorged on". Pizza, chips, ice cream?..

Comment #9

Just the other day I was shopping with my tweens and one of them asked for bagels....I had to say "Sorry." I don't buy food that will tempt me. Luckily, I don't have a huge attraction to ice cream or chocolate, so I pick up Oreos or popcycles for the kids.

Once in a while.

What I don't do is have more than one treat at a time in the house. If I get one dessert a day, so do they. Why would they need any more?.

For lunch my girls take a sandwich (on light wheat or a sandwich thin), sun chips, applesauce or a frozen simply gogurt, a protein bar, and organic juice/water..

It's even easier with my 3 year old. He teases for bananas, apples, yogurt and sandwiches...

Comment #10

To me that sounds a little selfish. If your tweens aren't over weight they need more calories. Buy them some whole wheat low fat bagels AND you use your will/want power to resist them..

Bagels are better then Oreos...

Comment #11

Congratulations for taking the positive step of seeking out help!.

I've been onNutrisystemfor five weeks. Prior to NS, I grazed all evening as I sat on my butt and watched TV. The first four weeks on NS, evenings weren't a problem for me. I was thrilled! And, then last week, I started to want to graze again. So, I changed thing around a little. I switched my dessert and dinner fruit to my afternoon snack and in the evening I have my Greek yogurt over berries, which was my afternoon snack.

Just a thought..

I agree with the PPs who said, the best thing to do is teach your children what healthful eating and healthful snacks are. I'm not saying take away all the junk food at once, but gradually..

Good luck to you!..

Comment #12

I once saw a responce on a thread that said if I was hungry enough id eat an apple. So if your not hungry enough to eat an apple then it's all in your mind. Ask yourself before you make your way into the kicthen, am I really hungry? or is it just my all in my head.....

Comment #13

Attitude is everything in success. Feeling bad or guilty over last week is not productive. Givie yourself a break over the transgression, but also use it as a motivator. Instead of saying "I've ruined everything" say "OK, I screwed up. Now I need to move on.".

I also agree that it is a good time to review the "snacks" you have in the house for the kids, and do a cupboard revamp. Get the kids involved if they are old enough, and have them help in picking out healthy snacks for the house. Be a label reader. Reduce sugar, salt and fat in those snacks. Soon you will be able to open the cupboard, pick out a snack, eat it, and NOT feel guilty because it will be aNutrisystemapproved snack..

It is a mind set and a new way of looking at food. It's OK to also begin to introduce the whole family in to this mind set. More lean proteins, fruits and veggies, less fat, sugar and salt. Not a bad idea all around...

Comment #14

Try drinking lots of water during the evening and if you have the urge to snack, use veggies. I liked snacking at night too and when I started on NS, I suddenly realized I wasn't really "hungry", I just liked snacking. I would think to myself, if I am really "hungry", then veggies will satisfy me and I will be sticking to my plan. I then tell myself snacking on bad things will not look pretty when I get on the scale. The water and veggies really helps me in the evening. I hope it will help you too...

Comment #15

I don't think that was selfish at all. She is teaching them good eating habits and allowing a.


Indulgence. Being selfish would have been to not let them have an Oreo cookie. There are sufficient calories in the foods they pack for lunch, and we don't know what their other meals consist of...

Comment #16

I would look at what you are having for dinner...lots of unlimited veggies? a very large salad?...maybe have a free extra such as sugar free jello with a little free coolwhip at your dessert time - a couple hours after dinner...SAVING your deliciousNutrisystemdessert as a late night pig-out to look forward too...can even eat that at bedtime...but watch the crumbs if in bed. LOL..

Comment #17

Perhaps look on the positive side of thisyou did all that off plan and didn't gain weightyou actually lost a little bit. Just think what it can be if you follow the plan exactly! And, another positive is that you know what your problem is and now you can fix it! This is a great plan if you follow it so best of lucktake it one day at at time!..

Comment #18

You have to get your head wrapped around it 100%, if you don't you will fail..

You already have the physical tools to get going but if you are not ready mentally forget it. Trust me I have been where you are now, all last year in fact.Then at Christmas when I could no longer get my fave winter coat done up that was it! I made up my mind it was now or never and I haven't looked back, still going strong. You can do it!.

Oh yeah and I use to sit at home and eat non-stop even when full and watch tv and now once I finish my desert I am done, not even hungry and if by chance I do get hungry I will snack on fruit or jello...

Comment #19

Thank you all so much!! This has really helped me see things in a new light and I am ready to make this life change. I can't wait to see what the next week will bring as today is a new day and a new start!!!..

Comment #20

I don't agree. Just because they aren't overweight NOW doesn't mean you shouldn't be instilling positive habits in them. How many people did you know in highschool who were thin, skinny or just right? Go to your 10, 15, 20, etc. high school reunion and I'm willing to bet you can count on two hands how many stayed that way!.

I also think Oreos are OK, occasionally, as long as a serving is just a serving. If they are eating the whole bag in one sitting or over a couple of days, that's an issue. If they can eat three as a dessert a few days per week, what's the harm?.

Bagels "normal" sized ones have more calories than a serving of Oreos, especially once you add cream cheese, butter or peanut butter. However, they do have bagel thins now, which are 100 calories. This would be a good choice with some cream cheese or SF nut butter..

My stepkids are all thin and very active, but also healthy, and my husband feeds them about 90% processed foods. They will sometimes go days without eating fruits or veggies. He eats that way, too. As one person, I use 3/4 of the refrigerator space and less than 10% (pre-NS anyway) of the cupboard space. Most of the foods they eat are in the cupboards and a few are in the freezer..

Both my husband and his ex-wife were thin when they were younger, could eat anything. His ex is now quite overweight. My husband is not overweight, but he would be if he worked a desk job. His only saving grace is that his job is physical. I'm willing to bet that the kids will likely be overweight adults...

Comment #21

Hi! My biggest problem always was nighttime eating. After dinner, watching TV, I would mindlessly stuff myself. Eating raw veggies just didnt satisfy my cravings for more dessert-like food. Not sure if you are a "sweet" or "savory" snacker, so dont know if this will curb your urges, but I have been saving a fruit and protein every day, and making a banana smoothie, with fat free chocolate and almond syrup, every night, that I drink while watching TV. Thick enough to fill me up, feels like a milk-shake, and satisfies my sweet tooth. I am sure I eventually will get tired of it and have to find another substitution, but for now it is working......

Comment #22

Hi HopeforLife!.

There was a post from Katiebkool about 3 weeks ago that would be a perfect thing for you to read each night during the evening. It's a list of things to ask yourself if you're really hungry or if it's just your mind. I will try to find it but in the mean time, if Katie is lurking and can find it, I think it will be a perfect respsone for Hope...

Comment #23

If it makes you feel any better.I used to be the night-time binging queen! My husband had this huge stock of Hershey's bars. I'm not talking little candy bars, not even the king-sized, but the BIG ones. I think they are 5 oz and cost $1.50 each..

For awhile I was eating them a few nights per week (on the nights I wasn't, it was something else). I used to hide the wrappers in the trash. One day, he noticed his stash was depleted. He questioned his kids about it and I didn't even admit to it. I was so embarrassed and ashamed (still am!)..

It's not easy not to binge at night, but a few things have helped me..

1. I get up later and go to bed later, so I really spread my food out during the day. I go to bed around 11PM and don't have my dessert until sometimes 9:30PM..

2. I keep myself busy. Walk the dog, do laundry, do my nails, pluck my brows, organize, etc. If I am just sitting there watching TV, I am more likely to eat..

3. I keep low-cal items in the house, just in case. Veggies are preferred, but if you have an extra fruit, it's better than junk. Also, SF popcicles are 15 calories. You'd have to eat a lot of them to equal what you could have eaten!.

4. If I don't have bad food in the house I won't binge. However, I have little control as my husband and his kids (I don't do their shopping) eat junk. Luckily they rarely purchase things that I love. Also, I put the candy and stuff I do like in a cupboard that I don't ever go into..

5. I don't purchase or make things that make me out of control. I've tried, and it doesn't work, at least not now...

Comment #24

Found it. Hope it helps. And while you may think, "yeah, but I'm still hungry", if you know that you are dealing with just an emotional hunger and not a realy physical hunger, you may be able to work your way through the evenings a little easier than just "reacting" to what you think is real hunger..

Are you truly hungry?.

With NS, we can spread our meals out as we like, and I like to make sure that I'm hungry before I eat....this compulsive overeater discovered that food *tastes* better when you're slightly hungry! Who woulda thunk it?? So I've long been interested in how to listen to my body's signals to help me learn when I'm truly hungry. If you've lost the ability to listen to your body over the years, esp due to chronic dieting, the difference between real hunger and emotional hunger might be a little hard to get at 1st..

I found this in a pamphlet by Alli (I don't use it but wanted to read about it since it had been mentioned on the forum recentlystill won't be using it ). Thought this little chart was good, nonetheless:.

Real Hunger vs Emotional Hunger:.

Real hunger-grows gradually.

Emotional hunger-hits suddenly.

Real hunger-you'll eat anything.

Emotional hunger-you crave a certain food.

Real hunger-can wait.

Emotional hunger-needs to be satisfied instantly.

Real hunger-you stop when you feel full.

Emotional hunger-no amount of food fills you.

Real hunger-you feel good after eating.

Emotional hunger-you feel guilty after eating.

Real hunger-you feel energized.

Emotional hunger-you feel heavier..

Comment #25

Transition those kids to healthy snacks NOW while they're young, BEFORE they end up with lifelong weight problems! They don't need the junk habit any more than you do..

Brush your teeth as soon as you finish yourNutrisystemdessert. If you get tempted to eat, go do something else. Take a walk. Read a story to your kids. Have them read one to you. Do something with your hands. Go to bed early...

Comment #26

I have whole wheat bagels....they don't like them. They wanted the old fashioned, delicious white ones..

Clearly some people have a problem with willpower. There are other ways of coping than to just suck it up and deal. I was offering up what works for me with my children..

I think loading the pantry up with a bunch of crap and then beating yourself up about it when you can't resist it, is a losing plan. Why the heck are we buyingNutrisystemif all we need is a little willpower?..

Comment #27

Julie, that was me!! I have pics of me at my daughter's age and I was a twig. By high school I had filled out a little but I was still tall and thin (and never appreciated it). I never payed any attention to what I ate. I had a killer metabolism. With every pregnancy I gained weight that I never lost. And with every passing decade my metabolism slowed to a crawl.

You are also right that I'm trying to teach them to make better eating choices. A Lender's plain bagel has 240 cal without the cream cheese on top. A serving of Double Stuff Oreos has 140 cal. There are times when they get a bagel and split it, but since I'm only in my 3rd month on the plan I'd prefer not to have a whole package of plain bagels staring me in the face. The whole wheat ones, while yummy, are much more resistable...

Comment #28

Prior to startingNutrisystemlast June, I could go all day eating very little, but then would totally overeat all night. I'd eat whatever I could get my hands on but it was always an unhealthy choice. I have a 5 yr old daughter, and do keep some snacks in the house for her, but I don't buy what tempts me. No potato chips, Doritos, tortilla chips or anything else salty like that. Oreos, Teddy Grahams, taffy (yuck!), and lots of other sweets don't tempt me, so they are in the house for her to have for dessert. We all need different strategies to succeed.

For me, since I'm a late night eater, I usually eat a bowl of veggie soup (I always have a huge pot of homemade soup in my fridge) while my daughter has dinner around 6-7pm Then, maybe around 8pm, I eat my dinner around the time she is going to bed. After that, I usually eat my 15 pistachio nuts (fat serving) and then, usually between 9-10, I eat my dessert. So - I'm eating all night just like I used to, but instead of making nachos loaded w/ cheese and sour cream, or a whole bag of chips and dip, or a big bowl of full fat ice cream, I am now making much better choices. If I was able to beat my all night eating binges, you can too!..

Comment #29

At least you still lost 1/2 pound and didn't gain. So, congratulate yourself on that small victory even with a few transgressions..

Here's my trick ... when tempted to eat bad food, I grab my least favorite body part and squeeze. It pretty much stops any urge to have bad food that will prevent me from reaching my goal...

Comment #30

Dont stress, you still lost weight! it takes time to get used to it, so id say you arent doing too shabby. just keep at it, your closer everyday :]..

Comment #31

I've fallen off the wagon a couple times in the past 4 weeks, but I picked myself back up right after. I try to go into the cabinets as least as Pisa lento avoid seeing the kid's snacks. That helps some. Maybe eat dinner a little later than usual? Snack on something we are allowed. I know it's not the same. 4 weeks into this and late nights are still a huge battle!..

Comment #32

And on a side note, sometimes some.

Veterans forget where they started and how they struggled. (no offense to anyone) Don't beat yourself up, just keep getting back up and trying a little harder. We are all human. It will get easier little by little...

Comment #33

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