Not enough salad dressing on Nutrisystem?

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Hello all - how do you eat a salad with two cups of lettuce and only 2 tablespoons of salad dressing?! don't even think about if you add other things in - then it's really not enough!.

I'm in despair - suggestions please! lol....enjoy your day. DC..

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Your question was: Not enough salad dressing on Nutrisystem?.

I stretch mine with vinegar and hot pepper sauce. At least that way all the lettuce leaves have something on them...

Comment #1

You can have 20 more calories worth and call it a free food...

Comment #2

I usually have what I call a "meal salad." I put anything and everything in with my lettuce, including one of the Nutrisystem entree. I mix all that in with the lettuce and I love it that way.

Have you tried making your salad in a BIG bowl and then really tossing the lettuce around to coat it?..

Comment #3

I put my giant salad in a Zip-loc bag, add the dressing and shake it up. It's amazing how little dressing you need that way. Or you can also have the dressing on the side and dip your fork into it before each bite...

Comment #4

Can anyone suggest a fat free dressing that has a good taste?..

Comment #5

That's why I rarely eat salads, because I'm one of those people who hates fat free & light dressings. Also, when I used to eat salads pre-NS, I was defeating the purpose of eating "healthy" by drenching them in regular ranch. Every piece had to be covered in ranch. Damn, I miss fried chicken salads from Zaxby's...

Comment #6

I'm grateful for this thread, as I'm remembering those days long ago when there was a hefty pool of ranch dressing on the bottom of my salad bowl when I was done! Never more.....

Comment #7

I love Galeos dressing. It has a little fat but it is low in cals and sodium. Caesar is my favorite..


Comment #8

Ditto on the Galeos!! I too love the Caesar and the Sesame. They are so thick you can add water and still have a nice dressing. A little goes a long way!..

Comment #9

I use only Galeos these days. Mostly the Miso Caesar. I believe it's 14 calories per tablespoon...

Comment #10

I use FF dressing and don't measure. But also don't saturate...

Comment #11

How do you get the galeos out of the bottle? It is so thick it doesn't pour!..

Comment #12

The real thick part is only at the top. Push it down and shake shake shake it. Sometimes you have to push the thick stuff down 2 or 3 times but it will mix...

Comment #13

I love Ken's Steak House Fat Free Sun-Dried Tomato Vinaigrette and Kraft Fat Free Catalina...

Comment #14

If you chill it before you open the bottle (and preferably store it upside down until you open it), it pours with no problem. I usually put it upside down in the fridge a day or so before I'll need to start a new bottle...

Comment #15

Great tip! Thanks, Robin! Count me in as a Galeos lover (the sesame's my favorite, but I have enjoyed all the flavors)...

Comment #16

Thanks for all the tips - I actually do some of them like putting my salad in a ziploc bag and shakin for all i'm worth lol....and that does help, but my salad always seems drier than i'd like..

I use the kraft ff thousand island and the maple grove farms sugar free raspberry vinagrette and I love them both, but there's just not enough in 2 tbsps for 2 cups of salad. maybe with the 1000 island i'll use some water to stretch it out, but i'd much rather add a little bit more. would that be so terrible?.

The walden farms was so incredibly nasty that i'm kind of leery about trying the galeos - the aftertaste with the wf was bad - so bad I had to make a new salad cause that one was just not going to get eaten!.

Anywho - i'll try adding a little water and maybe a smidge more to my ziploc baggie and call it a day. do keep the suggestions coming if there are more! thanks much folks and have a great day! DC..

Comment #17

Galeos is nothing like WF. It has a great flavor. I can't stand the taste of WF, but love Galeos..

As far as adding more, it's up to you. In the end it's just more calories. I'd recommend trying to get used to using the 2 tbsp and changing your tastes. It's a lifestyle change, right? An opportunity to learn portion control...

Comment #18

I use Hendrickson's dressing as FF. It has only .45 of fat and is really good...

Comment #19

Two tablespoons works for me and my salads are GIGANTIC! But I've never been much on loads of salad dressing anyway. I like the taste of the veggies over the taste of dressings. One thing I do from time to time is to squeeze a little lemon on it in addition to the dressing. It will give your salads a little zip...

Comment #20

Galeo's dressing is by far the best dressing I've had in a LONG LONG TIME. I love the caesar but I did get the ginger seasame one to try something different. I always chill too. I have a hard time keeping it around because I like the flavor so much, I put it on my sandwhich thins with my burger or chicken, etc etc. A little goes a long way because it is so flavorful!.

When I've wanted to make my Galeo's last longer I've mixed it with a tablespoon of greek yogurt too!..

Comment #21

Galeo's Miso Caesar has a lot flavor. When I use it, I don't require as much dressing if I toss the salad really good. If I make a bigger salad, I just use an extra tablespoon of dressing & count it as a free food. It is my absolute favorite salad dressing...

Comment #22

I love fat free Catalina, too, but I thought it had too much sugar in it. I've been using FF Thousand Island because it tastes just like the real stuff and sticks to the salad. I used chunky Blue Cheese pre-NS and seldom tasted the salad!..

Comment #23

Which salad dressing(s) do you do this to? I'm curious - I'm a huge fan of vinegar and hot sauce and would love to know what you're mixing them with. Thanks!..

Comment #24

I've never heard of Galeo's. Where can I find it. I've been using FF Ranch and I'm tired of it. I need to try some new ones...

Comment #25

I buy my Galeo's through because they have $4.95 flat rate shipping...

Comment #26


If you look at their web site there is a store locater there..


Comment #27

I too, like my salads "wet" and didn't know what I was going to do. So, I experimented and came up with two dressings that I can put on that do the trick without the guilt. The first is Italian. I buy the Good Seasons packets (or store brand) and put in the vinegar as directed but I add extra. Then, instead of oil I just put water in. I am using the healthy apple cider vinegar so it isn't too tart.

I use plenty in my salad to coat my whole bowl and although I have never tried to add it up, I would bet it is a free food even with that much on it. Since it doesn't cling to the lettuce like oily versions, there is usually a small pool at the bottom of my bowl. The second one I am making is Ranch. I finally settled (for my own tastes) on the olive oil mayo, Kraft is a bit less calories and fat than Hellmans so I use that one. I put in 1/2 c.

Skim milk and shake like crazy. Again, it is runny but tastes normal. I find 3-4 T. is plenty for a couple cups of lettuce and all the fixings, it coats it really well. From my calculations, this dressing runs about 30 calories for 2 T., not the lowest calorie but close to most bottled dressings and definitely the most normal tasting I have had.

Last week I got the spicy ranch mix and that one really went far on my salad taste wise! I just don't like a dry salad at all but I love salad with dressing so I found this works the best for me...

Comment #28

Sounds like I have to get some galeos - i'm going to check them out and see what flavors they have that I like and see what happens..

I agree about learning portion control and my plan wasn't to drench my salad in dressing - but I do plan on using a little more when the situation calls for it (like a big salad with more than just lettuce - i'm talking the broccoli, cucumbers - that type of salad). I believe - and this is just what works for me - that as long as i'm making healthy choices, it's okay to improvise..

In this case, it's okay for me to have a little bit more salad dressing. now if I start asking if it's okay to have a couple twinkies - please someone stop me! lol.....thanks again folks and good night. DC..

Comment #29

Okay, I have to get some Galeos Miso Ceasar... sounds amazing. Luckily they have it at Albertson's which is right down the street and I'm going tomorrow!.


Comment #30

Do yourself a big favor and try the galeos sesame and ceasar,,,,, you won't be sorry,,,,,,I count my salad dressings as a fat and use a bit more,,,,..

Comment #31

I use Ken's sprays, they are about a calorie per spray, and ff, taste really good, now with about 10-15 sprays the amount is good and usually is enough for my salads, count it as a dressing or partial free food, watever suits you. I usually just count it as a dressing..

Comment #32

I have to say - I love the Walden Farms dressings (not all of them). I like the Thousand Island and the Balsamic Vinaigrette. I drizzle the Balsamic Vinaigrette over tomatoes and fresh basil. The Honey Dijon is OK too...

Comment #33

I too love the Galeos dressings, and storing upside down is the secret to getting it out of the bottle when first opened..

My new favorite salad is, cooked green beans, chopped tomatoes and fresh basil (all from my garden) and Galeos caesar dressing...

Comment #34

Try making it with Greek yogurt. Just mix the packet in with the yogurt. You may want to thin with a touch of skim milk, depending on your taste.

I think the calories are a little lower and you get more protein. OK, mostly I just like it better.

P.S. I love the spicy ranch. It makes a great "mayo" for burgers, and such, too!..

Comment #35

I agree, Galeos is the best especially for the calorie content, however, I love the Walden Farms Italian (zero claories) and buy it by the case. I also mix 2T of the Galeos and 2 T of the WF Italian together and then there is plenty of dressing and it still tastes great...

Comment #36

Sorry, but I am one of those people that have always looked at people pouring on the dressing from a cup and then asking for more in a restaurant with disgust. (my mother does it.) Ick. I barely use any dressing. I've always been a fresh, cracked black pepper and a sliver of vinegar kind of girl. I really think that if you make an interesting salad, you don't need a ton of dressing. If you are one of those people that simply can't stand veggies, you could try Walden Farms dressings which are 0 calories so you could use more...

Comment #37

Someone else may have mentioned this already, I didn't read the entire thread, but another reason I really love the Galeo's is the very low sodium. The Wasabi Ginger on roasted Romaine (thanks Jen!! aka komupat) is awesome!..

Comment #38

+1 on the WF italian. The caesar is also good too if you are making a mock caesar salad with the Nutrisystem chicken breast...

Comment #39

Don't forget the Galeo's Honey Dijonnaise - also amazing - had it on a salad topped with fresh shrimp (5 shrimp = 1 protein serving) and it was amazing!..

Comment #40

I tried their Honey Dijon and their Buttermilk Ranch in the "Calorie Free/Fat Free" options. They tasted like chemicals to me. Maybe I would have better luck with their Balsamic Vinaigrette...

Comment #41

I like Fat Free Zesty Italian and it is very low in calories so I use more than 2 Tablespoons on a big salad...

Comment #42

I don't use dressing anymore. I just add a little goat cheese to my salad and stir it around and it just kind of melts and covers everything. If I go out to dinner I take my own ff but I hardley use any...

Comment #43

Instead of putting the dressing on the salad try this trick: put it on the side and then tip the tines of the fork into the salad dressing and then into your salad. It adds the flavor but goes further. Try it, if you don't like it, say rotten things about me and never do it that way again...

Comment #44

Ooops - sorry I missed that. And I deliberatly read through so I wouldn't repeat anyone but I only looked at the first part of the paragraph I guess.

However, if you hadn't brought it to everyone's attention, if she hates it I would have been the one to take the blame. Now it's yours. <evil giggle>..

Comment #45

LOL. Good point. Maybe I should edit it out of my initial post...

Comment #46

I'm a "fork dipper". I tend to get too mu(h dressing otherwise...

Comment #47

I have to try the Galeos...I can't find it anywhere here so I may have to send away for it. But if you want to add flavor, I just tried Mrs Dash that I read about in another thread and it was really good! I was starting to get really burnt out on salad and this added a bit of pep to it...

Comment #48

I buy a case at a time online. Some people have said it's cheaper on than it is in their local Whole Foods...

Comment #49

I personally LOVE the walden farms dressings.....i have to order them from netrition since they are not available where I live..

I really like the creamy italian and the creamy bacon.....the honey dijon is good doesn't smell great, but it tastes really good.

I have not tried the galeos dressing, but the flavors that are offered do not appeal to me anyways...

Comment #50

I dont like the Walden's I have tried, but love Maple Grove FarmsThey have a fat free/sugar free ) calorie balsamic vinegarette and raspberry vinegarette. Yum - guilty free salad eating..

Comment #51

There are salad spritzers that I use and I don't remember what company they are but they have lite caesar, italian (I LOVE IT) and my aunt likes to eat the raspberry vinaigrette. There are many other flavors, but I will only eat some of em, so I can't tell you the other ones...

Comment #52

Trader Joe's has a low-fat parmesan ranch that is pretty good. It has 30 calories for 2 tbls. and a bit of fat. It is very thin and 2 tbls. is usually plenty, but I do not feel guilty adding a 3rd tablespoon if necessary!..

Comment #53

Wow - this has really taken on a life of it's own huh?! let me clear something up - I don't want A LOT more salad dressing - certainly not another tablespoon, but enough to wet up my lettuce and fixin's - that's it. it's so incredibly wasteful to have a bunch of dressing swimming at the bottom of the bowl (or bag as the case may be) and that's not my goal - just give me enough to coat everything - not even generously lol.

For those "dressing on the side" folks - is 2 tbsps enough using that method? I had a salad for lunch today (only 2 tbsps still - I haven't completly made up my mind until I try some other methods) and what I had was enough but I didn't have anything other than lettuce..

So, that's my new question - does the fork dipping work with 2 tbsps?.

Have at it fork dippers!.

Have a great evening all, DC..

Comment #54

I couldn't find Galeo's here in West MI so I originally ordered it from their website but the shipping cost more that the salad dressing. I just got my order from Netrition and my mouth is watering waiting for dinner. Someone posted that they could drink it out of the bottle. I know what they mean. I love the ginger wasabi (It's not hot like regular wasabi) and the toasted sesame. I got dijonaise and cesar with this shipment.

Do yourself a favor and order it...

Comment #55

1. Extend with vinegar..

2. Extend with lowfat dressing. Make your "fat" be 2 tbsp of LF dressing. Add half to the lunch and half to the evening salad..

3. Learn to properly toss your salad (I BET you are not doing so.) Use a large bowls and large implements and pick up the salad from the bottom to the top, moving from one side of the bowl to the other. Do it twice (this way every leaf hits the bottom twice). The Joy of Cooking (or google) will give you more details.)..

Comment #56

I find Kraft LF balsamic vinegrette the best combination of taste versus calories. With dressings, really try to go by the calories, not the "fat". There are FF dressings which are too high and same with LF dressings. Kraft LF balsamic is an example the OTHER direction. It only has 25 calories for 2 tbsp. I think this is the equivalent of most conforming FF dressings.

It extends easily with balsamic vinegrette. And the benefits in terms of promoting roughage eating are huge...

Comment #57

You'd be surprised how little you use that way. With the bag, too. I use three tablespoons in my plastic bag (still only 42 calories), but my salad is at least 4 or 5 cups. It's enough to lightly coat the whole thing, so two tablespoons is more than enough for a two-cup salad...

Comment #58

I love Galeos dressing, add a little vinegar or a squeeze of lime or lemon and it covers and is bursting with flavor...

Comment #59

I went to a store called "The Diet Shop" on Long Island and they had the Galeos!!! Man, you guys were right - the dressing I got was AMAZING! I got the wasabi one. I still like Walden Farms but this is really good too. I just have to remember that the Galeos actually has calories (even though they are not alot) and the WF doesn't..

Thank God for these discussion boards!!..

Comment #60

Good Idea! I like the ginger miso wasabi.

I also liked the idea to store the bottle upside down...

Comment #61

I buy from Netrition 6 bottles at a time.

It's great on anything. I have to measure, otherwise I pour way too much...

Comment #62

Im jsut starting the program tomorrow, the balsamic vineger sald dressing doesnt really taste very good. is that pretty much what everyone uses though? Walden Farms has some no calorie sald dressings too, are those okay?..

Comment #63

I pretty much dislike most FF dressings, as others do, but I really like Eating Right Balsamic & Red Wine Vinegar FF dressing, I think it's better than some regular vinegar-based dressings. Eating Right is a Safeway product so you'll have to have a Safeway in your area.

Kraft Zesty Italian (the regular) is my favorite dressing and I'll occasionally use the 1 tablespoon of that for my fat...

Comment #64

You can use 2 tbsp of any FF dressing. People like lots of different things. Walden Farms also works. Many people like the Galeos brand of dressing...

Comment #65

Maybe you can water it down a little bit, or add some of that flavorless yogurt stuff to stretch it a little?..

Comment #66

If you like sweet dressings, one of my favorites is Maple Grove Farms Sugar Free Raspberry Vinaigrette. Two tablespoons contains 5 calories, no fat, and only 140 mg sodium. You could easily exceed the 2 tbsp amount and still be within Nutrisystem guidelines..

Another of my favorites is Trader Joe's Parmesan Ranch. Two tablespoons has 30 calories, 1.5 g fat, and only 130 mg of sodium. It should be named Peppercorn Ranch instead because it has a bit of a kick, but I love this dressing..

IMO, skip the Walden Farms products. They taste like zero calories all right; it's a chemical taste that I don't find palatable...

Comment #67

Love the walden farms dressings. I dont get the chemical taste others have mentioned. There are no more "chemicals" listed in them than most regular dressings. But everyone had different tastes. My favorite walden farms dressing is bacon ranch...

Comment #68

Maybe they all have an equal number of chemicals, but IMO, Walden Farm products taste like chemicals, and the others don't...

Comment #69

Ooooooooo I forgot all about Ken's Sun-Dried. I love that!.

I also say shake shake shake the salad with the dressing. I do it in a plastic containor with the lid. It really is amazing how little you need to coat the salad...

Comment #70

While Galeo's Miso Caesar is my favorite salad dressing, I have several Walden Farms dressings that I use. I like their Bacon Ranch & their Italian. I find using less is better with Walden Farms. If I use too much, it overpowers the salad. You have to try things to find out if they work for you. There are plenty of us that like the products that others say are terrible...

Comment #71

Someone else may have suggested this, but I'm in a hurry and can't get through all the responses, so forgive me if I'm being redundant. My best friend uses the tiniest amount of salad dressings on her salad by leaving the dressing in a bowl on the side, dipping her fork in the dressing, stabbing a bite of salad with "dressed fork," and eating. Every bite of salad gets an equal amount of dressing, and she uses maybe a tablespoon total..

Maybe this willl work for you?..

Comment #72

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