No weight loss from Medifast? Why?

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Second week and lost NO pounds and NO inches! Followed the plan snacks, either 7 oz turkey with 2 tbsp ranch on lettuce/spinach mix or 5 oz hamburger with dry lettuce/spinach mix. Basically did same thing I did the first wk...when I lost 7 lbs. It's so frustrating cause I see most ppl lose alot their 1st and 2nd wk and then still lose 1-2 lbs/wk. NOTHING here!..

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Stick with it. Your body is adjusting and while you may not be losing pounds, you might be losing inches..

Keep the faith...

Comment #1

The first week is usually water weight and then you start to see more of what your body does. You need to be sure and get all your water in (and more if possible) and watch the sodium levels. They will make a difference to your losses. Also, I don't know if you are exercising - but that can slow down losses.

Please be patient. If you can (and want to), post some more information about what you're doing and how much you have to lose. That may help get you more tips....


Comment #2

Weeks of no or little loss are completely normal during any weight loss program. It invariably happens somewhere between weeks 2 and 4. Every member loses differently. My first week I lost 6, 2nd week 5. After that I was lucky if I got 1 lbs a week. Seemed like it was usually .5.

Not many programs allow you to lose 7 lbs in 2 weeks! You will start to lose again...

Comment #3

Looking back through food log...Oh, I did have the p.b. snack...about 1/2 tbsp mixed in with vanilla pudding...

Comment #4

Medifast is a VERY strict regimen that allows for no add-ons.

You are only cheating yourself when you do that.

7 lbs in 2 weeks is WONDERFUL.

Stick with it and watch also the ranch dressing.

I think it calls for only 1 tablespoon.


Comment #5

This doesn't make any sense-we're allowed 1 T of pb per day and the poster had 1/2 T total in a week. Depending on the type of salad dressing, we can have either 1 or 2 T. The poster stayed on plan, but it's highly likely the body is just holding onto weight after a really big wk 1 loss.

Hang in there! It will come off. Some people lose evenly every week, others weight loss looks like a roller coaster ride. You will lose if you stay on plan though!..

Comment #6

E- I had a very similar experience last week, and these ladies gave me some great tips and ideas as to why I gained 2 lbs after being on plan 100%! I am happy to say that not only did I dump those 2 lbs, but I lost another 2 lbs one week later. My point is, our bodies are going through such funky transitions that sometimes I guess they just act weird, LOL. Stick to it, I'll bet you'll see a good loss soon!..

Comment #7

This is an allowed snack, according to NS. If you continue to have slow losses, this might be a consideration to eliminate from your diet and see if it makes any difference. Make sure you're getting every ounce of water in and them some. That can be a factor as well...

Comment #8

Think of your fat as a candle and your being on a diet, causeing heat that causes it to melt, but the melting takes time...

Comment #9

Not to be counter-intuitive, but I've seen some greater losses when I've both eaten more calorically (by varying lean and greens, healthy fats and snacks) AND exercised to help work it off, as opposed to only limiting calories by following the plan. Like I have to keep the sponge full of liquid in order to squeeze any out. A dry sponge (just fewer calories) does nothing..

One would think a message to eat more would be welcomed, but it can be frustrating to fight against "too restrictive" a diet. Especially when we're programmed that "less is more" in traditional dieting.

Maybe a "starvation mode" has kicked in for you and your body is holding on for dear life?..

Comment #10

I've stayed on plan and some weeks lose very little and have even had small gains. But overall I'm moving in the right direction which is what matters...

Comment #11

I know it's tough when the scales don't move....... the same happening for me this week. I've been 100% OP and this week I'm the same as last. I don't understand the physiology being it - but I know that our bodies just sometimes have to adjust to a weight loss, but standing still for a bit..

Don't give up...... stay the course. I promise you will see a drop next week. This program works. Go the success stories for encouragement, thats what I do when I'm feeling down...

Comment #12

It takes far more than 1 week for starvation mode to kick in. Stalls in weight loss happen on any plan. They are normal part of the process. I have noticed that many times a week of no loss on the scale showed a significant loss on the tape measure...

Comment #13

Well I think my body is so used to being int he 220's it doesn't want to lose that extra 1.4 lbs!! ha ha I've been told all my life that the slower you lose weight the longer you will keep that off. Not sure if it's true...but that is what I'm telling myself this week.


Comment #14

Also, depending how much you wanna lose, I would watchit witht he condiments as they can slow weightloss DOWN!..

Comment #15

I'd like to know what kind of turkey you're eating and how many calories are you eating per day. It's possible, you're not eating enough. Besides all the other suggestions, that's also a possibility. But the key is not to panic. Stay on the plan and don't forget to have some variety!!..

Comment #16

I second this. I've seen some bigger losses in the past when I didn't follow the plan so strictly and did some extra walking. Sometimes attempting to follow the plan too closely won't help you, especially if you stress over it. But of course, this is all in my case and everyone's different...

Comment #17

Plain Chix breast. According to mymedifast food journal I've been getting about 1000 calories a day and I def drink all my water. 3 different times this wk I did 10 sit-ups and 5 pushups at night. Definately not a high intensity workout. hmmmmm..

Comment #18

How can one tell if their body goes into starvation mode? Or out of ketosis??..

Comment #19

If you have been following the program, I promise you are in ketosis and not in starvation mode..

Please do not dwell on this any more today. It happens to all of us, some sooner than later. If you continue to not lose again next week, I would strongly suggest that you pick up the phase and call the nutritionists to get some immediate input from them..

Take a deep breath and let it go for today...

Comment #20

Another thing to consider my losses slow down when my ... er... plumbing clogs up. Unfortunately, the scale can't distinguish that from the rest of my body, so that can make the scale seem like it's not cooperating..

How long have you been on the program?..

Comment #21

I'd be frustrated too if, in the second week, I wasn't losing especially since the diet is harder during the first few weeks.

However, as others have said, this is normal, and 7 lbs is a huge loss in one week. Try not to stress and give it another week before doing anything drastic.

May I ask what your starting weight was? If you have, say, 30 lbs to lose, your losses will be a little slower than mine with 100+ lbs to lose...

Comment #22

OH, I'm done worrying. We'll see what next week brings. I know that I am doing all I can (very strictly following the plan) so if next week is still no change, then I'll call in some more help. My ketosis/starvation mode question was just out of curiousity. I read so many of you say "Oh I went into ketosis." Just wondering how one could tell (I think my stinky breath is my 'alert')..

I have about 75 lbs to lose. Started off at 227 and will be happy with 150...Who am I kidding...I would be happy to fit into a size 12 jeans again! ha ha.

Thanks everyone for your responses...

Comment #23

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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