No support from family during Nutrisystem?

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Im using this as a venting method for myself. I also chatted about it earlier today. I went to my grandmothers with my mom today to take her to a viewing. We werent expecting my great aunt to be there, but she was when we got there. We walk in and I hug my grandmother and go do a task that she asked me to do and right when I'm walking into the room my great aunt tells me that me and my fat*** needs to loose some weight. btw my great aunt is prolly 5ft 10in and weighs prolly 290-320pounds.

My point is that this really hurt me because I just started nutrisystem and I just started changing my life style and she just decides to attack me emotionally. I ended up bawling my eyes out and waiting in the car until she left. I mean I know I'm overweight DUH! I dont need to be told. and also it's family, seriously shouldnt family love you no matter what? like no matter if I'm tall short fat or skinny I should be loved by my family not made fun of and humiliated. This just really hurt me and I wanted to let people know that even though people may be trying to bring you down that it's not worth it to quit because this is for us to be healthy and thats the most important thing..

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Your question was: No support from family during Nutrisystem?.

My fathers family is real bad about this! I have pretty much stopped going to family get togethers. By the time I'd make my rounds saying hello, I couldn't count the times I heard some kind of "your fat" remark. And most coming from people who where to big to get out of their chair for a hug!.

I know it hurts. But don't let it get ya down! If fact, use it to be more dedicated! Hopefully, in a few months, you can walk up to them and say, "Look, I lost that weight, and I see you found it!"..

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I'm sorry you had to experience that type of emotion ... she probably is projecting her own 'stuff' she feels about herself on you. However, there is no accepting it. I think when you calm down you should have a little chat with her and let her know how much she hurt you. It will make you feel better ... it is like taking back the power ...

Don't let anyone take that away from you ... even for a day!! Family can be our worst critics ... I can relate ... truly. Chin up my friend and you can do this and you WILL succeed.


Comment #2

I'm sorry this happened to you. I know how much it hurts when someone makes a comment about your weight, but for an adult and family member, it hurts even more. Like others have said, just use it for motivation. Next time you see her hopefully you'll be down quite a bit, then you can brag about your success. You'll be healthy, happy, and skinny and she'll still be fat and mean..

Good luck to you!..

Comment #3

One person felt it was their duty to tell me I was fat! I said yes I am, but your ugly, I CAN lose weight, there's not a dame thing you can to help yourself!.

I apologize ahead of time for the statement below! LOL It's crude, but funny! LOL.

One person rubbed my stomach and asked me whens the baby due! I said. "Any day now, the tongue is already hanging out!" Crude, but it shut 'em up!..

Comment #4

Or I can lose weight but you will still be evil (and/or stupid)..

Comment #5

Wow, that must have been so hurtful. I am sorry to hear you had to go through that. My guess, this person is always a nasty jerk & you are just one of many targets...not that it makes it hurt any less when it is directed at you.

Try to rise above it the best you can...I like the idea posted above, your success with changing your lifestyle to be a trimmer, fitter, healthier you is the best revenge. Let the old bat rot.

Chin up, chest out, gut smile smile. You don't deserve to be treated poorly no matter what you weigh or any other superficial reason for this person to judge you.

Good luck on investing in you (I think of the Nutrisystem as an investment in changing myself into a physically better trimmer me)!..

Comment #6

Makes me all the more thankful for my family. They always noticed and complimented me when I lost weight and they shut up when I didn't..

Don't expect her to be happy for you either when you lose the weight. Don't let her get you down. You are doing the right thing for yourself. And, you will end up having the last laugh...

Comment #7

I'm sorry you were hurt...and it is natural for you to be extra peeved since you've just started NS. (And to be honest, it's actually natural for others to only give you credit when they see significant weight change! ).

Anyhoo...just be strong and run your diet and get slim, babe. You will be so pround when you are done and everyone will be proud of you also. Please...get it done!..

Comment #8

Actually, the nasty witch won't be proud when you lose the weight - she will tell you that you will put it right back on, and if you tell her how you lost it she will have a negative opinion about that too. So use that to keep proving her wrong!..

Comment #9

Wow! Don't waste time on someone like that. Ignore their are "reminding" them of THEIR weakness to make the strong decision to lose weight and get healthy. Misery loves company and some people don't want others to leave the comfort of their club. Don't waste words or energy...keep moving forward and the best of luck to you in your Nutrisystem journey. Enjoy the ride!.


Comment #10

This will be the same person that tells you, after you've lost all the weight you wanna lose and look great, that you lost TOO MUCH WEIGHT and look sickly..

Some ppl boost themselves up by putting others down, it's the only way they can feel good about themselves...

Comment #11

Wow, thanks to everyone for the supporting remarks. you all made me smile, and laugh. I feel a lot better now too since ive gotten through the stage of "how am I ever going to do this" and now I'm in the stage where I feel as though it's possible. this morning I made blueberry pancakes, topped them with fresh strawberries and drank some milk. sooo yummmy...

Comment #12

OR - she'll tell you you've lost way too much!! Agree that she'll never say a simple, "you look great!".

Great to hear!!! And your breakfast sounds fantastic! Keep up the good work - it works!! You'll see!..

Comment #13

Well, lets face it you must be a much better person than her, both nutritionally and emotionally, to not have to attack her to feel better about yourself.

She is, I am assuming, old and probably jealous she doesn't have the time or will power to turn your life around like you are doing.

Don't let family get you down, trust me there is always one or two in the bunch we would rather not share DNA with, or even some that have an emotion slip up once and a while.

I am sure you are doing well on the plan and will continue to succeed. Just stick to it!.

Also, your breakfast sounded absolutely delicious, everyone is making me regret not getting the pancake mix in my first shipment...

Comment #14

You were motivated and on your way before your great aunt's cruel remarks. She won't even have the 'power' of being the motivator in your weight loss. I don't know about you, but I don't want a mean remark / mean person to be my motivationI want it to be something positive! That's much easier to hang onto in tough times...

Comment #15

Wow people like that do not deserve your time or attention. Family or not...

Comment #16

Screw her. The pot calling the kettle black, as my Nana used to say. YOU know you are working on a better lifestyle. Don't let this deter you. Use it as fuel for the fire and show her where she can stick her nasty comments. People like that want you to fail, because it makes them feel less crappy about themselves. It's disgusting...

Comment #17

Use it! I know you want to forget it but keep it in the forefront of your mind, not to hurt you but to motivate youWhenever you lack will power or think maybe it's not worth it, just bring it up as vividly as you can and think about how it's going to be when you sashay in with your new can tell her "thank you....if you hadn't been such a witch, I might not be here lookin so hot, and since one good turn deserves another, why don't you and your fat @ss lose some weight?"..

Comment #18

As they say in my neck of the woods - you can choose your friends, but you can't choose your family. We all have at least one like that around. Just remember who's got your back - we do!..

Comment #19

I remember when I was still new to Nutrisystem and I had lost 10 pounds. My family didn't know I was on the plan and one of my relatives whom I hadn't seen in a while said to me, "dang, did you gain more weight?". That was a pretty awkward feeling. Then when I finally did tell everyone I was on the plan all I heard all night is "isn't that expensive?", "isn't that unhealthy?", "why can't you do it yourself?"..

Comment #20


I am so sorry you went through that and yes it hurts a lot.

I lived most of my life overweight due to the fact I am disabled and in a wheelchair. I cannot exercise at all..

Some of my family would remind me daily how obese I was, which of course hurt and made me eat more. Finally in Feb of 2005 I decided to try Nutrisystem (nothing else worked in the past) but I think I was truly READY! Thankfully, I followed the food plan 120% and lost over 100 lbs.

The odd thing is for the last year I had been told "Your too thin" from the same people who made me cry daily about being too fat. I never thought being told I am too thin would hurt but it does. Yes, I had gotten down to a scary weight but a lot was due to stress. I had gotten back into a healthy range for a while. Due to health issues I had gained a little more than I'd like but I am still watching as best as possible not to ever go back to the old me.

Just know that we are here for you and YOU are worth it..

I know it's hard to hear people let alone family say cruel things to you. They do love you but some people especially older people sometimes just say things without thinking.

Best of luck to you on your journey!!!..

Comment #21

I am so sorry you had to go through that. People can be so mean. I don't know what makes them think they have the right to say nasty things like that, especially a relative. Try not to let her get to you, but she had too know how bad she hurt your feelings and didn't do anything to make it right. Some people just aren't happy themselves and have to bring others down too. Just remember you are doing something positive for yourself and you will show her just how great you are!, Nancy..

Comment #22

That is for sure people aren't happy and must make others unhappy too!..

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