New Medifast Meal Mug Review

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I posted a review on my blog for the new Medifast Meal Mug that they announced today. Hope this helps!.

Meal Mug Review..

Comments (19)

Thanks for review. I didn't know it was out there...

Comment #1

I didn't know about it, either..

If I could find a mug that could CONSISTENTLY heat my hot cocoa without it boiling over, I'd be a happy camper..

I don't eat the soups any more, but when I did my biggest problem was that they ALWAYS boiled over. It made me hate them...

Comment #2

When I heat my cocoa I put a little water in the mix and stir it until it makes a paste. Then I add the rest of the water. I nuke it for 30 sec at a time and stir in between. Usually takes 2 or 3 times before it is hot enough. Never had one boil over..

What I would like from Medifast is shaker jars that stack together when you aren't using them..

As far as the mug, I have a ceramic one from Rubbermaid that is large and white and has a lid that can be microwaved. I prefer glass to plastic. (no issues with staining)..

Comment #3

See, that's just too much work. I need to be able to mix, nuke, and go. If I have to stand at the microwave and watch it and keep stirring, I'll get annoyed..

I make my cocoa in my MB because I prefer that as my lump-removal method. Then I transfer to a mug and microwave. But even with my largest mug, it boils over about half the time. But not always, and I can't figure out why...

Comment #4

Interesting! Although I think not being able to seal it completely will probably make me take a pass. I have a pair of oversized mugs I bought for my office to nuke and mix Medifast food in, and I usually just start soaking or shaking in a blender jar when I get there, so I don't have to worry about a spill on my commute. (And if I'm taking a hot drink on my commutewhich I only do when I'm running late anyway, because I prefer to concentrate on getting in my first glass or two of water before workI have a travel mug that can close off the spout.) As long as soup isn't my "mid-morning" meal, it seems to soak long enough..

The attached spoon is cute, though...

Comment #5

I didn't know this was out there! Very interesting and I like the attached spoon. I will say that I wish it didn't have the logo because I'm not a diet broadcaster... so for that fact alone I don't think I'd get it... since for me, using it at the office would be it's primary purpose. I'm glad they are trying to come up with new storage devices though!..

Comment #6

I have something similar, but made by a company called Coolgearinc.I buy my water bottles from them too. here is the link, hope it works...


Comment #7

I mix my hot drinks in a blender with cold water first to get every lump out. Then I nuke it in the microwave in a big glass bowl for three minutes. Then I pour it in my mug. I got tired of the boil over messes right away!..

Comment #8

I weighed my Medifast mug and it was 2grams under what the package said... SIGHHHHHHHHH..

Comment #9

If the plastic gets warm because the food warms it while in the microwave, that is ok but if it gets warm on it's own, ie the handle itself that isn't even in contact with the food, then it is NOT microwave safe no matter what the claim is from the manufacturer. Same with glass. Just a little known tidbit that a food-scientist geek like me knows...

Comment #10

Great review Lynn! I also don't heat plastic in the microwave and if I worked in an office I definitely wouldn't want a mug with a giant Medifast logo on the side announcing my personal business to the world. Other than that though I think it's a great idea and a cute design especially if people don't mind advertising their weight loss plan...

Comment #11

Try heating it more slowly, set it for something like 3 minutes at 50% power and you shouldn't have the boil over troubles. I've not made the cocoa yet, but generally that method prevents boil overs of other foods and liquids...

Comment #12

For my hot cocoa, I only heat the water up in the microwave for about 80 seconds and then pour in the hot cocoa mix and mix it up really fast for a few minutes LOL. Always comes out great and you don't have to worry about the mess in the micro...

Comment #13

From looking at this product, it seems the only real use for it would be oatmeal, pudding and maybe some of the chunkier soups. While it is a great concept, one would think that a ceramic product with an attached mini-whisk rather than a spoon would be more universally used for the majority of Medifast products...

Comment #14

AngelDaae I had this problem for a while until I started pre-mixing the cocoa and putting it in the fridge for at least a few hours, sometimes overnight. Now, I pour the cocoa in a bowl and nuke it for three minutes, then pour it in a mug. It does start to puff up around the last 10 seconds, but the microwave shuts off before it boils over...

Comment #15

See, now you've just got too many dishes involved..

I am a simple creature. I can't have all these extra dishes and extra steps...

Comment #16

I probably should care more about 'plastic leeching' than I do when I read the review. All i'm thinking is: 'omg I can have soup at work without bringing a glass bowl and silverware and carrying it out to eat balanced on a pot holder!' lol. and hey, you get to transition and then you can eat transition foods for lunch and the mug can get set aside. I generally just have the insta-foods for my other two work meals which I don't mind at all lol. I can't seem to get enough of those darn crunch bars- literally too, I can't seem to get enough- my coworkers keep taking them from me to eat so I need to keep a secret stash lol. I think that mug's going on my next order..

Comment #17

This is a similar concept to the StayFit Soup mug that is microwaveable and comes with a built in spoon. I have one at work which I use constantly to heat the oatmeal, chili and soup. Even though it's a fairly deep container, I still have to watch the oatmeal and soups in case of spillage. I heat my hot cocoa in a deep ceramic mug so there are no spill overs. I'm going to buy another StayFit mug for home and when I travel. I really love it! The price is a little cheaper than the Medifast mug, and they are available online or where I bought mine (Stop & Shop in CT)...

Comment #18

I received my mug this week in my latest shipment. I got it with a special, "Season Spice Set" that came with apple cinnamon oatmeal and chai for $33. There's also a "Coffee House Gift Box" set with cocoa, chai, and cappuccino for $43. Considering the oatmeal and chai would have cost me $32, it was like getting the mug for a buck, so I did it, as I needed more chai and I always keep the oatmeal varieties in plentiful supply.

Some had mentioned they don't like the Medifast logo on the side, as it can be somewhat stigmatizing. I understand this, but didn't have a problem with the logo on my shaker cup. If it makes a difference, the mug that comes from TSFL says "Take Shape For Life" so perhaps that would be less troublesome for some of you..

I find the mug very cute. I would drink and eat out of this bowl even if it didn't have Medifast meals in it. I like that it is lightweight but sturdy. I've only had Medifast chicken noodle so far. It did not boil over. I soaked the soup overnight in the bowl (the lid came in handy for this).

The spoon is adequate if a bit short. If I were at work, I would have no problem using it, but at home, I prefer a standard tablespoon from my silverware set. The only problem I think would be if you let go of the spoon, it could sink into the bowl. Not all the way, but most of it..

I like the lid. It has a tab on one side so it is easier to pop the lid off. It has a hole for sipping. If you like the oatmeal, chai, cocoa, cappuccino, and want a mug, consider the special packages they offer. My health coach emailed the link to me originally, but when I went to look for them today, I found them by clicking on the drinks link, so I imagine you would do the same if you order through the site.Hope this helps inform some of your decisions if you were considering buying the mug...

Comment #19

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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