New and improved Medifast Pretzel Sticks?

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We value our clients and have worked diligently to introduce a new and improved Pretzel Stick product line. Beginning today, when you purchase Medifast Pretzel Sticks, youll receive our new and improved product in the same great flavors..

If your V.I.P. Membership or BeSlim Club order currently contains our Honey Mustard Pretzel Sticks or Cinnamon Pretzel Sticks, well automatically replace them with our new and improved product. If you would like to modify your order and need any assistance, contact the Medifast Customer Care Center at (800) 638-7867 or talk to your Take Shape For Life Health Coach..

We thank you for your ongoing support as we improve our Pretzel Stick products to offer you better options in your journey to health...

Comments (89)

They look like shorter, fatter pretzel sticks. Can't tell what has "improved" with the flavor.


Comment #1

Based upon that picture, I'm glad I placed my order last week...

Comment #2

What about the puffs? Are they the same or have they been improved too?..

Comment #3

I am pleased to discover that the shipment I received last week does infact have the new and improved pretzels. The honey mustard ones have the great flavor that I liked from the old ones, but they are an improved pretzel-like texture instead of the twigs they were sending out before. Don't get me wrong I liked them before, but I think these are more user friendly as they really look like pretzel sticks...

Comment #4

I really enjoy the old ones ut cant wait to try the new ones!..

Comment #5

I recently bought an entire case - OF THE OLD ONES.

The last one I ate was something else, - tasted like a burnt pile of dirt and I could not spit it out fast enough. - I usually do like them though..

Comment #6

Thanks KB! I really like the flavor, now I look forward to the new texture.

XS, I order cases of product too, that's too bad about the pretzels. If the quality control is off you could return certain boxes right?..

Comment #7

Based on my own experience and some threads I've seen on the boards, there did seem to be some quality control problems with the pretzels. Maybe they've switched manufacturers. In any case, I hope they will be more consistent in flavor and package weight than the original ones. I rely on these a lot...

Comment #8

Medifast and TSFL are both great about returns. Just make sure the packets are unopened..

I've had some issues with quality control in the past (one box came with six packets, another had beef/vegetable "stew" without any beef or veggies. Customer service has been excellent and they get right on it. I did get a box of pretzels once that tasted really stale. Not outdated. Thought it was my taste buds so I did nothing about it. But I'd bet if I had said something, they'd have sent a replacement!..

Comment #9


Comment #10

How do you buy cases? Is it less expensive to do that?.


Comment #11

I just got the new cinnamon pretzels today and I don't like them at all. I used to love them. I am so disappointed. I wish I could get some of the old ones again as I will miss them...

Comment #12

I am very disappointed the "improved" formula contains wheat. A mention of it when you announced the change would have been nice. Luckily I read a post that mentioned it and was able to change my order in time.

No more cinnamon pretzels for me...

Comment #13

I loved the "old" pretzels both the cinnamon and honey mustard, but was positive about the change....thinking they could only get better. Unfortunately not in my taste bud world. I don't like the cinnamon pretzels at all. The cinnamon taste is very light and they are dry and sawdusty. Oh well.......

Comment #14

Well wait then, I cannot vouch for the "new" pretzels! I thought what I received WAS the new pretzels, but I looked on the ingredients and there is NO wheat, so I must have been one of the last ones to receive the honey mustard. My order was processed on October 23rd...

Comment #15

Do the new ones have Wheat? I am wheat sensitive and have those on my auto-order do to go out this week. Please let me know..

Comment #16

Just read this. That's ashame. I was looking forward to having pretzels..

Comment #17

I want my Old Cinnamon Pretzels back!!! I loved them so much, I ordered "7" boxes with my order last Monday. I haven't been on the boards and had no idea they were changing them. When I got them yesterday I was surprised when I saw the new box and packaging. I thought, Woo Hoo now they're even better - NOT! They taste stale and dry - YUCK! They are lighter and fluffier which I don't prefer and now they contain wheat (which is a weight loss inhibitor!). Oh well, I have "49" bags of them to eat, which I will. Maybe they will grow on me, but somehow I doubt it.


Started: 4/5/10.

WEEKS (1 - 4): -7, -4, -3, -6 (-20 lbs. & 11").

WEEKS (5 - 8): -2, -3, -2, -3 (-10 lbs. & 8").

WEEKS (9 - 12): -3, -3, -2, ? (-8 lbs. & 6") out of town week 12 & no scale.

WEEKS (13-16): -5, -1, -3, -2 (-11 lbs. & 5").

WEEKS (17-20): -2, -3, -2, -2 (-9 lbs. & 7").

WEEKS (21-24): -0, -2, -2, -3 (-7 lbs. & 9").

WEEKS (25-28): -2, -0, -4, -2 (-8 lbs. & 7").

WEEKS (29-32): -2, -2.

4/5/10 - - - - - - 8/23/10..

Comment #18

I dont care for the "NEW" cinnamon ones at all. I have not tried the new honey mustard!..

Comment #19

I order through a health coach, not right through MF's center. It is a great deal!! I can't use the coupons though so I'm pretty sure it can all work out approximately the same...

Comment #20

I am new to Medifast been here for 16 days but I love the cin pretzels so much I did a small reorder because I can't wait for my automatic reorder....just shows we're all so differentBut I never had the pleasure of trying the "old" of luck everyone!.

Send your pretzels to me!!!..

Comment #21

Boo! I got my order last week and they were definitely the old pretzels and I LOVE them. I ordered several more boxes today and will be super disappointed if I don't love the new ones as much...

Comment #22

I LOVE the new pretzels so much more than the old ones, and I loved the old ones too. The new ones taste like they were washed in a sugar water on the outside, yummy...

Comment #23

UGH!!! I ordered more Cinnamon pretzels and got the new ones. I want the old ones back! These are so disappointing!..

Comment #24

I'm with most everyone elseI like the old cinnamon pretzels betterthese are dry!..

Comment #25

Had my first bag of the new cinnamon pretzels. All I can say is......BOOOOO!!!.

There is hardly any cinnamon flavor!.


Comment #26

I dont think these are new and improved - YUCK TOTAL BUMMER!..

Comment #27

Very disappointed in the new pretzels! They went from my very favorite, look forward to evening snack, to fill the hollow, just OK, crunchy snack..

Comment #28

Instead of changing what they already had, they should have come up with a new flavor like ranch or somethin' like that. They need to continue to come up with new ideas for foods so people who are on it a very long time don't get bored. That would keep people from trying to figure out how to make the old stuff better or taste different...

Comment #29

I just received my 1st order and honestly the pretzels are nasty. the worst thing I've has so far...and this is the new version? yikes!!..

Comment #30

I am sad to see the old pretzels go and I've only been on Medifast for about 2.5 weeks but I loved the crunch and sweetness of the old pretzels. The new ones are not as sweet and mine were broken into a lot of tiny pieces. If my next bag is also broken I'll try to find a way to return them. I would love to buy the old ones. I loved how hard they were because it felt like you were really crunching on something...

Comment #31

I just got my first box of the new ones and while they jazzed up the box quite a bit the pretzels are certainly not improved in any way...I hope that Medifast is reading these posts. WE DONT LIKE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Please bring the old ones back!!!!!!!!!!!..

Comment #32

Add me to the DO NOT LIKE list. I just tried the new pretzels and am so disappointed. I'm sending them back...

Comment #33

Add me to the DO NOT LIST TOO!! No Flavor whatsoever, I'm very disappointed. Love the old pretzels, lots of flavor and crunch.......These are like eating carboard!!..

Comment #34

Bring back the old cinnamon pretzelsthey had an interesting texture and tasted better. The new cinnamon pretzels are like hard soy crackers with artificial cinnamon flavoring. Texture and taste are important when 1 bag of something is a complete meal...

Comment #35

Good Lord, these new pretzels suck.


Who in the hell did Medifast use to taste test them???.

Boy, am I glad I only ordered one box of this junk...

Comment #36

I guess I'm glad a friend of mine didn't like her 'old' ones so we swapped out and I got two new boxes. These were ordered like three weeks ago so they should be the old version. I think now that I'm seeing so many complaints I will just cancel my new order of them and wait till someone says they actually like and recommend them. Very sad because I too love the honey mustard. I guess I'm glad I'm not burned out on the bars or brownies yet. That may be my last resort till I transition...

Comment #37

I actually like the new ones better and prefer them. The old ones had too many burnt pretzel sticks...

Comment #38

Just opened my first bag of "new and improved" cinnamon pretzels. I am so disappointed. I really liked the "old" ones and they were by far my favorite food. These are certainly nothing to look forward!..

Comment #39

Sounds like I agree with many of the others. I just tried my first bag of the "new" cinnamon pretzel sticks - yuk - there is no comparison! The others I felt were a real treat to eat - the new ones are dry and have a bad aftertaste! I have been on the program for 8 months and have come to like most foods - but these were a good thing turned bad..

Comment #40

Really really bad-Im returning them. How do you take something that was the best product and turn it into the worst??? UGH..

Comment #41

Its like New Coke. Write to Colonel McDonald I bet he will listen...

Comment #42


I need to do my monthly order and I am having a real hard time doin' it.

Used to order 6-8 boxes of the old cinnamon pretzels...

Comment #43

DO OVER! Where's that great honey mustard flavor? Why do I feel like I'm eating baby crackers? Why are they all broken? Sorry, not good Medifast...

Comment #44

Ohh I like that they made them fatter and a tad softer, but the flavor! The cinnamon tastes artificial now and really off. The other ones were a tad too hard, but had good flavor. If you take the flavor of the original ones and mix it with the new shape... it would be improved. It still comes down to flavor and I'm missing my old cinnamon sticks..

Comment #45

I am soooooo happy the the pretzels were changed. I did not order the old pretzels because I could not choke them down. The "New and Improved" are just that to me. I have tried both the new cinnamon and the new honey mustard and they are so much better. Thank You!!!!!!!..

Comment #46

Yuck yuck and more yuck, I am sending them back. The "new" cinnamon ones are just terrible...

Comment #47

HATE the "new and improved" Cinnamon Pretzel Sticks. Nothing improved about these!.

I, too, want the old ones back!!.


Comment #48

Well, medifast missed it big time on the new pretzels. I will never again buy the cinnamon, and probably will never try the new mustard. I opened the cinnamon yesterday for my first taste and was so surprised at how horrible they were. I know companies are always trying to cut back spending, so I expected a change, and maybe a negative one, but they were tasteless, dry, and unsweet. They reminded me of bad, old bread sticks that had been stored in the same zip lock bag as something cinnamon. In the scope of things, who cares, It is just food, but the other pretzels surely made the diet plan easy to stay on and two fewer meal options is not a good thing...

Comment #49

Also, all of the pretzels are broken into about one inch size, small pieces - odd.

I sis not like that at all..

Comment #50

My favorite food by far were the cinnamon pretzel sticks. They have gotten me through not attacking all the halloween candy in my house. I had been off the boards and ordered my new food on Monday. I ordered 5 boxes because I look forward to eating them every night. My food came yesterday. I was surprised to see a new box for the pretzels and a new bag and needless to say, I was shocked when I opened the bag and ate a pretzel.

The old ones were so satisfying. These are taste like artificial cinnamon, are not sweet and are very dry. I am going to return all 5 boxes, but I have no idea what I will order in place of them. I am 5lbs away from goal and need something that will satisfy me every night. Any suggestions?..

Comment #51

I like the new texture, and the Honey mustard ones still have good flavoring. I personally will never buy the cinnamon ones again. They taste like a golden graham caked in aspartame..

I miss the old ones......

Comment #52

Don't like them. Mine are all a bunch of broken little pieces. No sticks, a bunch of crumbs. Very disappointed as this was a 3-4 times a day meal. I will be sending them back as well...

Comment #53

I completely agreei think the only thing that is going to make them understand that we do not like the new product is to return them and then not order them anymore....

I hope they read these boards....

Its so ridiculous because Im sure it's not going to effect my success but I really enjoyed those darn pretzels...

Comment #54

Just had the new pretzels and thumbs down! Why did they have to change these! So sad..

Comment #55

I was not too crazy about my first bag of the Cinnamon pretzels....I REALLY liked the old ones.......I've ordered Honey Mustard as well, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed....I'm still gonna eat 'em, but I don't know if I'll order 'em again......

Comment #56

Hey girls....I have an idea.....let's ALL send an email to Medifast and tell them we don't like the new pretzels & to PLEASE, please, pretty please bring back the OLD ones! What do you think?.

I'm off to type them an email! It may not work, but it can't hurt!.



Comment #57

I just registered for this message board to start a complaint about the Honey Mustard Pretzel Sticks. Thank you for beating me to it! Glad to see I am not the only one who thinks they are awful. Yes, everyone send a complaint to Medifast to change back to the old recipe. Unfortunately, I have to send back quite a bit of product because of this and it will affect my weight loss plan. I may start a second post called New and Awful Pretzel Stick recipe!..

Comment #58

New flavors would be great! Boredom is setting in...

Comment #59

I am extremely upset that I have to PAY to return this garbage. The pretzels are so gross now. You ruined one of the better meals. Can I exchange for puffs? I think they make you exchange for like items. Bars for bars, oatmeal for oatmeal, etc. So what happens now?..

Comment #60

Gosh, I guess I must be too passive! I ordered the Honey Mustard and I think they ar OK. I can eat them. Personally, I didn't start Medifast to find gourmet food. I eaten so much muck over the years during diets, Nurtri-System which is absolute dog puke. I'm happy with anything Medifast that I can get down. But I guess I'm so desperate to lose, that that is just me.


Comment #61

The old and less improved had better flavor, very disappointed, the cinnamon were a favorite. These new and improved are very bland in comparison. If Medifast is reviewing theses posts please add more cinnamon to the pretzels...

Comment #62

I just wanted to say I wish they were still wheat-free. The new recipe contains wheat so that's two more things I can't have. Judging by the posts this is about as popular as New Coke or the Gap logo, so maybe they'll change back, or at least offer the old recipe as an alternate version.

Some of us actually realized while ON Medifast that wheat and our bodies don't see eye to eye!! So thank you, but please don't randomly add wheat to more stuff!..

Comment #63

This is my first post because I just had to add my negative vote for the new Cinnamon Pretzels. Like allot of others the old ones were a favorite and really helped to keep me stay OP. I am not that picky and like much of the food so it was really quite a surprise that Medifast could make such a miscalculation! I am hopefully they will make the old ones available again after all the negative reviews...

Comment #64

I wonder if Medifast is listening???? These are terrible!!!..

Comment #65

It's official: Medifast has succeeded in making the pretzels actually taste like DIET FOOD. Why the change?..

Comment #66

They aren't very good. They taste like those old puffy twig snacks. The old ones tasted more like real pretzels. Agree on the "Diet Food" attribute. Are the old ones gone or will they make a comeback? I don't eat wheat products. Noticed that was a major ingredient change..

Anyone else sending their cases back? Please inform how that was recieved - any trouble?..

Comment #67

I personally like the new pretzels better, even after having tried the old pretzels...the flavor is a bit more subtle but I found the old ones to be too hard for me, these are perfect...

Comment #68

They RUINED both the Honey Mustard and the Cinnamon!!!!!!!!!!!!.

I just ordered an entire CASE of HM and they're AWFUL!....they are more like a "twig" than a pretzel. HMPretzels WERE my very very favorite item in the line. NO MORE!.

I vote to bring back the old ones!!!! please!!! is anyone listening that can make a difference?!?!?!?..

Comment #69

The Cinnamon Pretzel Sticks were my favorite item on Medifast. These "new and improved" are very disappointing. The texture is very mealy and they have a really strong (not good) after taste. I am really, really, really bummed out by this, especially since I had no idea they were planning on changing these...

Comment #70

I haven't tried the new cinnamon pretzels yet but just tried the new honey mustard pretzels. I really like them.liked the old HM pretzels, too, but these are good. They are different than the original, but good in their own way. My husband didn't like the original HM pretzels but does like the new ones. His favorite pretzels are the cinnamon, so we'll see what we think when we try those. I liked licking the cinnamon out of the bottom of the bag and heard that the new ones don't have the coating. Sounds like they will probably be neater to eat :-)...

Comment #71

I ordered a bunch of both flavors, thinking they wouldn't change that much or might even be better. Haven't tried the Honey Mustard yet, but the Cinnamon are pretty awful. Others have mentioned the artificial, unpleasant taste. I no longer look forward to them, and have to wash them down with water. Like for many here, the old formulation Cinnamon pretzels was one of my favorite meals, and I expected I would continue to order them through T&M and maybe forever. That won't happen now.

This is a big disappointment...

Comment #72

I really, really liked the old Honey Mustard sticks, and was surprised to hear that they needed to be improved. I've since gotten the new ones, and while they are okay, they aren't quite as good. My main complaint is the old ones had a lovely coating of the Honey Mustard "dust" that made it so finger-licking good, and these new ones have almost none..,you actually have to suck on the pretzel sticks to enjoy the flavoring. So if they want to really add zing back, PLEASE add more HM dust. I never got a chance to order the old Cinnamon Sticks, but have to admit I was disappointed, since I also got the heavy artificial sweetner aftertaste...

Comment #73

I'm OK with the new pretzels. They are still crunchy and fit that need for me. They are missing that inner sesame flavor, but I'm ok with that. No biggie for me, I'll keep ordering..

Comment #74

Just tried the new ones this morning, they do have a funny artificial sweetener taste, not nearly as good as they were before. I enjoyed the old ones, the texture and there seemed to be more in the bag. And dipping my finger in the coating at the bottom too! GO back to the old formula, please!..

Comment #75

I ordered the pretzels after reading this thread and I have to tell you...I LOVE THEM! I got the Cinnamon and it has just the right crunch!..

Comment #76

Glad that I only ordered the hm ones lol..

Comment #77

I loved the old pretzels~I usually had the cinnamon ones for 3-5 meals per day! These new ones are mildly OK, but they most certainly are NOT "improved"! Please bring back the old, delicious ones! I miss the crunch! I miss the cinnamony-sugary goodness! These new ones have a fake, artificial taste that is not nearly as good. Keep them and call them "snickerdoodles" or "cookies" or something, but PLEASE give us back our old pretzels!..

Comment #78

Since we're the ones that pay for these products, why didn't you solicit us to see if WE thought they needed changing? Also, there doesn't seem to be as many in each package as there were when I started a year ago....

Is it too much to ask that you put back the product as it was? If it wasn't broken, why did someone "think" it needed fixing?.

You had a good thing going!..

Comment #79

The new Cinnamon Sticks are super badloved the old ones and want them back!..

Comment #80

I wondered why so many people didn't like the new pretzels... Now I know! The are horrendous to me. The aftertaste is horrible. They don't taste like cinnamon, they taste like you're eating saccharin or some artificial sweetener. I know some people like them, but I'm with the crowd that won't ever be ordering them again. Thank god for the puffs and brownies... Please don't mess with them!!..

Comment #81

I ordered one box of each...can't wait to decide for myself. Curiosity has killed the cat! *lol*..

Comment #82

Okay....I know there has been A LOT of discussion about the new pretzel sticks.....well now it's my turn to chime in. I had the new Honey Mustard today.....definitly different. They were okay...not as good as the old ones. My biggest problem with them......they did absolutely NOTHING to fill me up. I drank water with them (always throw down at least 20oz. with this meal).....I was famished in about 30 min.

I'm hoping that you will soon explain the IMPROVED part of the "New and Improved" Pretzel sticks...

Comment #83

Speaking of broken mine came in a million pieces which makes it even more unfun to eat...I'm pretty new here but I already have an opinion bring back the old pretzels or at least give us the choice to buy the old ones. I just bought 5 boxes and they're all the new ones...poor me.....

Comment #84

Don't like the new pretzels will not be ordering again..

Comment #85

I just received the cinnamon ones and I LOVE them! Not bad at all!..

Comment #86

I havent tried them yet but the chili nacho seem different they were great..

Comment #87

Another nonfan of the new pretzels. I loved the cinnamon, but the new ones don't have the good cinnamon flavor...

Comment #88

I used to love the pretzels-now I can't stand them. Please bring the old ones back!!!..

Comment #89

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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