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I'm about to order more PB2 and try the CPB2 and I'm wondering if anyone has any recommendations for other products to try? I have a couple of sugar free DaVinci syrups-hazelnut, coconut, and SF chocolate syrup. How is the BBQ sauce or pancake sauce? Walden Farms stuff is pretty nasty so I'm trying to find other condiments that are decent and not ridiculously expensive...

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I like the SweetLeaf brand flavored liquid stevia. I get it in flavors that I add to water to help me get it all down, orange, berry, rootbeer. It's pricey but you only use a tiny bit and it lasts a long time. (It comes in cool little bottles with a dropper and it reminds me of high school chemistry class.).

It's zero calorie and zero carb, and it's not one of those situations where it's really .4 and they get to round down to zero. According to the company, zero in this situation really means zero...

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Oh no - the WF stuff is nasty? I bought the pancake syrup and the chocolate syrup just the other day. I'm starting the diet tomorrow and haven't tried them yet. I saw so many people talking about it on here that I thought it was pretty good. Maybe I'll like it (well, "tolerate" is probably a better word, LOL!)..

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The pancake syrup is fine but has 6 grams of carbs for 2 T. I'm thinking of buying the low carb stuff off of Netrition because it has 4.5 carbs for 2T-maybe enough to make a difference on days I choose higher carb veggies or have real pb as a snack..

Now the other Walden Farms products that I've tried have been really gross. The fake peanut butter is...slimy-I won't post what I actually think it reminds me of. I've also tried something else of theirs that is gross. The pb2 off of is a great pb substitute. I'm wondering how the low carb sauces are and if anyone has tried them. These things are pricey so I'm not a big fan of trying a lot of things-I'd love recommendations!..

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I love the WF chocolate syrup. I put it on my frosty and in my shakes and ice mochas. I also really liked the WF BBQ sauce on my meat the other day, and I like the caramel dip as well. The blueberry spread is great on pancakes..

However, the marshmallow dip is pretty icky to me, and I had to throw out the ranch I tried...

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I threw away the blue cheese dressing. I actually like the marshmallow dip on a Medifast brownie. The caramel dip tastes super salty to me, and the peanut butter has a weird, jello-like consistency to me, and is super-salty...

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Who makes the PB2? I might have to look into that (loves me some peanut butter)...

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I love this teriyaki sauce and I make lots of stirfrys with either chicken or shrimp and sometimes I use shiritaki noodles...

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I like the Walden farms caramel and pancake syrup..

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How does one use "powered" peanut butter? You just mix it in with something else (oatmeal, shakes, etc.)?..

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I'm stocking up on the Galeo's toasted sesame dressing. Its pretty much the only condiment my DH and I been using for the past week we love it so much! I'm not a salad fan at all, but give me this and I'm a happy happy girl..

As far as Walden is concerned, the pancake and chocolate syrups are nice. I'm fighting the urge to buy any syrups or other condiments for fear that I won't love the foods just on their own after awhile. If it ain't broke don't fix it..

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The Healthsmart Chocolite protein bars are AH-MAZ-ING!!! I have only tried the cashew caramel (which doesn't look like they carry anymore ) but they are sooooooo good. They are only 115 calories, 4 net carbs (18g total carbs minus 10g of fiber & 1g of sugar) & 9g of protein. I will probably use these when I wean from Medifast or if I can't afford MF...

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