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Ok well I opened up this forum online for 4x4 trucks. I went on to this one site and made a post advertising it. (no were in there rules does it say I cant do this). Well of course everyone there freaks out and starts hating on me. They came over to my forum posted underage pictures of girls, Found pictures of me from my facebook and posted them on there site and my site. Then did a "whois" lookup and found my address and email and posted it all over there site and my site. What can I do?!?!? please help me...

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You would need proof of who committed the action. You can contact various agencies like the FBI cybercrime division. Posting pics from your facebook isn't itself wrong. Have they defamed you at all or made inaccurate statements about you?.

Sounds like you spammed their site and you might possibly deserve this but I ain't here to judge you...

Comment #1

I posted it once and yes I have proof I took screenshots of everything they did. I can understand the facebook thing, but it's stalkerish for someone to search my name and then find me on facebook. Dont you think?..

Comment #2

A 4X4 forum made one of the most infamous cases of "cyber revenge" ever for a member trying to back out of a deal/lie, and they are now a little bit less of a welcoming environment due to the expectation of new members that the way the treated that individual was appropriate/acceptable. While I'm a fan of "comeuppance" I do think that some folks take things a bit too far (Unless someone cheats me, in which case the standard is much, much different, right? ).

Sorry it happened to you, but pause and take stock of how things got to where they did and think if there was anything you could/would do/have done differently.


Comment #3

If I could have done anything differently I wouldnt have posted my advertisment on their site, but now they are doing this to my new forum. Im not sure how they found it I havent even advertised it yet I just told my friends. I wish these people would just stop. I went on there site asking for them to stop and apoligizing for advertising, but they wont give up and they keep threating me. Im taking all the screenshots so I have something agaisnt them, but cmon now these people need to stop. Can I do anything about this? Like should I contact a lawyer?.

Dont mean to double post but can anyone help me? I need to figure something out to do with these people...

Comment #4

Sorry to hear that....

How about getting the whois from the domain owner (if he doesn't have privacy) and send him a letter/email to advice his members to stop their actions or you will take counter measures...

Be polite and tell him that you didn't mean to "spam" but be also firm with showing your intentions to involve authorities if necessary.

Good luck,.



Comment #5

Liquid thanks for the advice I have check his whois and it's private. I have also asked him very politely but he still refuses to tell him members to stop and he takes place in the hazing and all that stuff on my site...

Comment #6

Well, if he is on private, find out who is his registrar and try to get in contact with the registrar and explain your situation(and your intentions).

If this is not working out, post your intentions to involve the authorities in their forum.....

If all fails try to get in contact with their hosting company and file a complaint( you could say they are using their forum for illegal file sharing or worse, to give them at least some headache ) :-).

Good luck...



Comment #7

Thanks for the help I didnt think about contacting there registar or hoster. I will do that...

Comment #8

Sorry to know this happened to you. aren't they're a little over acting on this issue? so you posted an announcement in their forum and they sort of "backfire" and taken revenge on you? may I know what forum?..

Comment #9

Yes I think they have over reacted alot! I will pm you the forum url. They are being real a holes...

Comment #10

Still you are very fortunate since this "cyber revenge" was only done online and as I've seen they can be called "cyber coward" since they're hiding under their ip and thank God that no one has the courage to show up in your home and physically attack/abuse you and your family...

Comment #11

Yes I know thank god. I mean they have my address now. I registered a new domain for my site and made it private so no one can find out my info anymore. I also pm'ed you!..

Comment #12

If you have copies of these, send them directly to the FBI cyber division, if indeed they are underage, he should be contacted by them, they take this seriously,.

Also were the images uploaded or linked, if linked, you can see if there hosted on his site, if so contact his registrar and show them proof of the images he has (i am assuming there indecent?).

Seems a little harsh that they would do this, but spam is spam, just hope they get bored with it shortly, dont retaliate because these guys have shown what they can do...

Comment #13

Yes they were linked but I went to one of the links and they were from google so it seems that he just googled it and then pasted the links so they werent from his server. I will not try and retaliate because I wanna do the right thing and get these guys in trouble...

Comment #14

People hate spam - posting an advertisement for your site on a forum you're not an active member of will certainly upset people ... and the response, while extreme, isn't that surprising, especially if there's more to the story, which I suspect there is. Just because something is not mentioned in the "rules", doesn't make it ok - many forums have many unwritten rules, and basically assume there's some level of common courtesy that members will abide by, such as not posting advertisements.

You have few options beyond ignoring them, because pushing back will likely encourage them more - law enforcement likely can't do much because...

1. some of the people doing it are likely off-shore and/or unidentifiable (ie. posting via chaining proxies, etc).

2. some of what they're doing may not be illegal, though certainly rude, such as posting nudism pics (which I'd wager they were), one's home address, etc.

3. complaining to their webhost may be effective in getting their forum closed, but you run the risk of them getting revenge by posting more about you far and wide; censoring information on the net is often a futile effort.

There are no simple answers, since you indicate the forum admin refuses to help, and further seemingly condones the adverse postings.

Probably the best thing to do is chalk it up as a learning experience, and don't correspond with anyone from that site nor visit there again.


Comment #15

You know... most registrars and web hosts have a clause that says something about not tolerating hate sites, adult content, etc. I wonder what would happen if you could point them to these hate pages on the forum.

BTW, how'd you get the minus 1 itrader? Hmmm...

Comment #16

No offense, but calling them a-holes who've freaked out etc doesn't seem all that sincere of an apology to me. from what you're telling us it seems they've done a lot to get back at you, and I also suspect that there's more to the story here than a simple spam post.

My suggestion: re-friggen-pent. look deep inside and acknowledge what you did, and understand why all these "a-holes" are doing what they're doing. until then I think you'll just be temporarily fixing the situation and you might even turn into a wenzel in a few years. :S..

Comment #17

Honestly you guys are saying that there has to be more to the story than a spam post, but I swear to go that is the only thing that happend. Im not sure why they have freaked out so bad but they did. And as far as my -1 trader rating some guy gave me negative feedback for closing his hosting account?!?! I dont own hosting so it's false negative feedback. So I dont know how to get rid of it ethier...

Comment #18

Maybe it's the way you spammed that has really offended those people? in any case, just look at that single spam post and try to put yourself in the other people's shoes.

If you really don't deserve the -1 itrader you should contact the staff. if however it's all down to hearsay, I doubt they will remove the -1 in light of everything that's surrounding you...

Comment #19

Ok I will ask but yea if you click it you can see it's because I cancelled someones hosting?!?! I dont even own a hosting site or anything lol, but back on topic. I have pmed the site admin again asking him to please tell his members to stop and he said he dosent control his members! Well shouldnt he do something if he is the admin?..

Comment #20

All you need is someones email and you can litterally find everything you want about a person online.

With all these social networks, i.e. facebook, myspace ect., it's never be easier to find all the info you need about someone. This is the exact reason why I think these sites are bad.

My father had a myspace at one point until he pissed someone off and they litterally knew who I was, my brothers were, my family, where he lived, who he was dating, who his friends were, basically everything about my fathers life. Now that puts everyone he knows in danger and in all reality only fules the "crime" that comes from these sorts of places.

Now as for the situation. I would look at the hosting companies TOS that the site is under and see if they are violating the TOS.

Also if you get verbal and abusive threats then I'm sure you can report this to someone...

Comment #21

Anyone want to take bets that he PM spammed too? When I get that on my forums it drives me insane. I normally seek out a terrible revenge for such acts...

Comment #22

First off I didnt and second off dont come on here make false judgments about me. I have my own forum obvisouly and I hate pm spams worse than advertising in posts. I would never spam through pm...

Comment #23

To solve this fast, cheap, and easy.

1. Cut off communication with them since that has been ineffective..

2. Ban their IPs..

3. If that doesn't work, take your forum down for a few days..

4. Document and timestamp everything that has happened..

5. You've obviously learned your spamming lesson. In the future just post in free advertising sections that forums offer or include a link in your signature...

Comment #24

I have shut the forum down it's been down for a day now I have been taking pictures and saving them on my pc. Im thinking about contacting a lawyer who is a family friend. He might be able to help me...

Comment #25

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