GoDaddy service : Advise I use GoDaddy?? Need some legal advice in Network Solutions

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Hi everyone,.

I am searching for someone who can help me with some advice on the case below.

A domain name wich was expiring on the 30 of October 2005, when I noticed that I have renewed this domain on the 8 of November 2005 through the website of one of the biggest registrar.

I have been billed for this and received a renewal order for this domain, suddenly I noticed that the domain was back in pending delete status so I called them to ask for an explanation on this matter and they say that my credit card is not being recognized as the correct number (strange because the money is already in their account).

Now when I called for the 3rd time they are saying that they are sorry but because the domain is in pending delete status they cannot undo this and they will refund the charges of the renewal.

On the question why it's not possible to undo it they state that the reason is that the domain is already been backordered by another company.

They could not tell me what happened with the normal 45 days deletion period and the normal 30 days RGP.

What can I do to undo their failure?? I have a signed statement from my credit card company that there is never been asked for a refund and that my credit card was alright, they say that if the credit card was not alright.

This company could not have been paid for this order, and the company in question has never refund the money.

Is there someone who can help me (paid) writing a letter to their legal department for correcting their mistake or give me some good advice?.

Martin Zoet..

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Martin, seeing as though you are willing to pay, I'm happy to recommend johnberryhill (a member here) to represent you..

None better...

Comment #1

Great Advice, Send jberryhill a pm he is a well respected member and always willing to give valuable advice. Just read some of his previous replies..

Comment #2

Martin, based on the details you provided, it looks to me like you have a clear case of Netsol stealing your domain. While the registrars feel free to play around with ICANN loopholes to seize high-value "PENDING DELETE" domains without actually releasing domains, still they should not be able to remove your grace period. Besides, they were able to charge your credit card, so their argument that your card was bad is plain BS.

I hope you go ahead and fight this. Good luck!..

Comment #3

Correct me if I misunderstood any of what you posted here:.

1. You renewed the domain on Nov. 8.

2. Netsol said they can't process your renewal and refunded your money.

3. You got your money back.

4. Netsol's not letting you renew the name because it's been backordered.

And is now being transferred.

Listed below is Netsol's deletion policy: I checked's WHOIS and it suggested it expired on Oct. 30. If netsol.

Wasn't able to process your renewal payment for whatever reason, then the.

Domain name will continue where it left off from it's expiration date.

Netsol's DP says their grace period is 35 days. So if the domain name is not.

Renewed within 35 days after it's expiration, they can either auction it or just.

Delete the name if no one backordered it.

Based on what you added, it sounds like Netsol, unfortunately, is transferring.

The name to whoever backordered it at Snapnames. Once that's started, then.

Apparently they won't allow anyone to renew the name anymore.

Bottom line: as far as they saw, the domain wasn't renewed on time. Because.

It wasn't renewed and someone else backordered it thru Snapnames, they're.

"forced" by their Service Agreement to transfer it to the new owner.

I hate to say this, but there's nothing you can do to force Netsol to "rectify".

Its "mistake". They refunded your money it appears, but they're not obligated.

To do anything more once the name has been transferred.

Why they didn't accept your payment, only they know. But that's another.

Reason why registrars included this bit in their legal fine prints called "Right of.

Refusal" to cover their behinds in case something like this happens.

Sigh, crap. I know...

Comment #4

It seems like bull but I gotta ask...why wait to pay the pennies on $xxx,xxx domain? I would have paid for years in advance...

Comment #5


1. The thing is that I have paid for the renewal of this domain on the 8 of november so the name was renewed.

2. Network Solutions has taken my money and refunded nothing.

3. No did not got my money back (i am sure after my phonecall yesterday they wil refund the money to be safe, something that I don't want just want where I have paid for).

4. Yes the exact words were, "since this domain is backordered it is not posible to change the status of the domain" (again they have made a mistake but instead of helping me they are going for the money).

The thing on this issue is that since the domain is in aution I don't think that whatever I do wil help me, but I want to make clear to Network Solutions that for a company like theirs it's a shame that they are manipulating, lie and that they are coining my credit card company by saying it's all their fault while I can proof that is not the case.

I am sorry for the many spelling errors and bad grammar, that is why I am looking for someone who can help me with making a solid letter to Networks legal department.

Martin Zoet.

Netherlands Hi,.

It's not my domain, just paid for the renewal cause I did not want the BIG sharks to come in.

The issue here is more the behavor of Network Solutions than the domain itself.

Martin Zoet..

Comment #6

Ah okay, so they haven't refunded your money yet.

If they said they'll refund, okay let's see if they will.

Unfortunately we'll never really know what fully happened since Netsol won't.

Reveal what occurred on their side. And they aren't obligated to tell anyone.

What exactly what went on, either. All the more reason they don't have to tell you a darn thing except they'll just.

Refund your money.

Well, another reason not to use them. Then again, what's new?..

Comment #7

If the money was paid on time than any problem with renewing the name is the fault of NSI. They will no doubt claim you have no rights under their Agreement, but there are laws that protect consumers in the case of negligence and fraud, both of which appear to be issues here.

If things happened as you say they did you have a pretty clear cut case. Get in touch with a lawyer immediately. It took years for NSI to be forced to cough up for their screwup with The sooner you get started the better...

Comment #8

If it's not your domain how do you think renewing it would let you have it ???..

Comment #9

Who says I want to have it ? I renewed this name hoping for a better system to come for expired names before all nice names are swallowed bij the guys with fat wallets.

And right now I think that the domainname isn't a issue here but the way some registrars act is.

Martin Zoet..

Comment #10

Lol you renewed the name to save it from the current drop system even when you did not own the name..Way to go...

Comment #11

I think that if 10% of the domainers would do that so now and then the domain industry (the big registrars) would act like they supossed to, provide service instead of sneaking from behind...

Comment #12

I think the drop proccess is right now. Its open marketIF you have money you get the name , whats wrong in that...

Comment #13

I don't think that the drop proccess isn't right I think that the registrars creating an unfair competition to partner up with dropservices or provide their own dropservice. If you look around how many messages being post everyday about domain related things to companies like NS then you must agree that something is going totaly wrong here...

Comment #14

Oh, jeez...

Don't PM me with stuff like this.

Network Solutions owes no duty to you whatsoever. The registrant of the domain name had the right under the registration contract to renew the domain name. Not you. Period. End of story.

You want to write to their legal department and say what, exactly?.

"Hello, I was pretending to be someone else, and you won't renew a domain name that wasn't mine.".

For all you know, the registrant of the domain name was threatened with suit by the makers of A1 Steak Sauce, and he had agreed not to renew the domain name. While far-fetched, the bottom line is that you have zero right to intervene in someone else allowing their own contract to expire. None. Zilch. Nada. How is this story a reason not to use NSI? He wasn't using NSI. He was just donating money...

Comment #15

'THIS IS NOT THE WAY TO GO". I would say that NetSol should sue you!!!..

Comment #16

HolyCrap! What a time waster! At least I know who to PM when some of my names are about to expire. Quick SAVE THE DOMAINS!..

Comment #17

He he he, in the sense that NSI didn't explain why they refunded the money..

Maybe it's too much to expect, but it seems many people nowadays "demand".

Honesty or "full disclosure" as to why this or that happened.

Then again, as you said, NSI has no obligation whatsoever to the one who paid.

To renew the name (or anyone else for that matter except to the name's.

Registrant). And yet then again, many people don't understand how exactly.

These things work.

Anyway, we both agree NSI has no duty whatsoever to yamaha or to anyone.

Else except to the domain's registrant.

In the meantime yamaha, check your credit card to see if your money's been.

Refunded. Other than that, they've nothing else to do with you...

Comment #18

Theres always 2 sides to a story thats why I usually reserve my comments till both sides come out. Kind of funny if you think about it, some guy who doesn't even own a domain complaining cause the registrar wouldn't let him renew it...

Comment #19

Au contraire... the clue was in the original post: Running that observation back through the reality distortion filter, we get "they told me I was the wrong guy"...

Comment #20

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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