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Ok well I was paying for hosting for my website. The host was a really mean guy always suspending my account because he thought it was funny. (its not funny) I paid him $55 usd for half a year hosting. He said give me $55 now and I will stay out of your hair for half a year. So I said ok will do. Payed him he still kept doing that account suspend for no good reason.

I paid for half a year's hosting and got 3 weeks! He has shut my account down permantely and wont give back my money. He told me to move to a new host. He wont give the money back and he wont give me my database backups so now if I move to a new host I have nothing. What can be done here to help me out?..

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If your database is valuable you can sue him for breach of contract. That's about your only option that I can see.

Otherwise you can just walk away from this hopefully having learned a lesson... or you could contact the police, because it sounds like he might have extorted you and possibly committed some form of computer crime by his actions, but that's not a promising route at all, the dollar amount being very small...

Comment #1

Ok he also threatned me and told me to die. I have the picture. Can that help?.

Also what do you mean by valueable? TO me it means everything. It has all my posts, and members. Pretty much everything I need to run my site. Does that count?..

Comment #2

What is his name? and the hosting company he uses? maybe contact the datacenter showing them proof of what there seller is doing???.

More details please, this could be a case of he said she said, the more details you provide the better advice we can give..

Comment #3

Briman no it's not for my negative tr, evertonian 7uk. His hosting company is I have already used the contact button and tryed getting a hold of someone but no luck so far. I have only tryed once!..

Comment #4

It is not really up to the data center to do anything about a matter such as this. As long as he is not doing anything illegal such as spamming or have phishing sites they will not do much...

Comment #5

Cheap unreliable hosts are all over the place. Choose a credible host with solid feedback. Just move on. It's $110 but you won't ever see that money again...

Comment #6

Go the police and file a complaint, he basically extorted you and made threats as you said.

A better site name would be instead of

If you have paid the advertised price for the service advertised then you have every right to gain access to your database and retrieve everything so you can start somewhere else...

Comment #7

I was thinking more along the lines of show some action and maybe the guy will think damn it, this kid wont stop and return the cash lol, wishful thinking, but has worked for me in the past.

A few well placed posts on well known web hosting forums was enough for me to recoup some losses, prehaps try that route, and it's always good to show the guy links to your posts, so he can read them lol.

Good luck..

Comment #8

Pay by credit card?.

If so, look up their dispute process and then do so.

Credit Card Company Dispute Direct numbers: (add others to help out).

USAA, 800 535 8738.

CHASE Claims Dept. DIRECT LINE - 1866 564 2262. (thx countdrak).

CITI - 1800 950 5114.

For Chase: (Send via certified mail).

Card Member Services.

Attn: Merchant Dispute.

PO BOX 15299.

Wilmington, DE 19850-5299.

The info you need in the letter is the following:.

Credit Card #.

Charge amount.

Date of charge.

Merchant (SR).

Reason for dispute (.

Date of last attempt at resolution of service problems/description of the attempt..

Comment #9

No it was paypal. I was thinking of going to the hosting company that he gets his hosting from and fileing a complaint and saying there is warez and like child porn on his site. So they shut him down lol...

Comment #10

Doing such things will only hurt your claim,.

Deal with facts and not fiction, these people dont have time to read 4 lines of BS, then chase down such big claims as child porn, once they discover it's BS you'll lose all credibilty with them, and your claim...

Comment #11

I'm beginning to see why you run into trouble wherever you go, I think.

Negative TR, multiple disputes with service providers, and now this ^ ?

I'm not saying they haven't done something wrong, but as the saying goes, "If the whole world stinks, check your upper lip.".


Comment #12

Your hosting center probably won't take any legal action unless they're doing something against the law such as hacking or something like that...

Comment #13

Haha...Allen that's great....and most likely true for this kid. He seems to think that he can be as much trouble as he likes. Most likley he caused so much trouble for the sysadmin he said he needed more money otherwise go elsewhere. Some hosting clients are such noobs that they are just not worth keeping at any price. This could be the case here...

Comment #14

No my negative tr is false. Someone offered me free hosting if I would give a backlink. I said ok message me on msn. He never messaged me but came on here saying that I used him and took adavatage of his hosting when I never got any hosting in the first place! Also this guy that I'm having a legal dispute with. He has warez on his website and I'm pretty sure his host dosent allow them. Can that help me at all?..

Comment #15

Regardless of wether the op has been a pain in the ass or not it does not give the host the right to shut off the website when the hosting is already paid for. The host should either refund the money and provide a backup of the sites OR re enable the web hosting. If you want your site content back then no it will not really help you at all. Even if the data center close the server they will not (and should not) provide you with the content you are after (it is not up to the data center to do that, your host is their client not you)...

Comment #16

Ok well lets say I just wanna deystroy his site now. Informing his host that he has warez on his site. When he is not alolowed to have them. What can happen to him..

Comment #17

He will most likely get suspended and ordered to take the content down but a good chance he will be back up within a few hours. It all really depends on the data center and how they handle such claims...

Comment #18

Oh ok well I guess I can do that. Cuz I atleast want something to happen to his site for all the hell he put me through...

Comment #19


I'd say that actions speak louder than words, but that might just ring hollow here...

Comment #20

We are getting a one-sided story from someone with obviously low moral standards. I don't trust a word he says at this point...

Comment #21

You dont trust me? go look at his site.

Comment #22

As personally satisfying as it is to do tit for tat, have you perhaps considered.

That others might be wary of dealing with you if they ever find out how you.

Handle certain negative situations like this?.

No doubt we all want anyone and everyone who wronged us to pay. But most.

If not all has a price, some of which aren't worth paying for...

Comment #23

Well it's not like I'm trying to get the guy killed lol. I would just like 2 things. 1. get my money back which dosent look like it's going to happen. Or 2. Have something done to his site that will not ruin it completely buy maybe make him lose some members like he did to me. Just an eye for an eye thats all...

Comment #24

Haven't you ever heard of "turn the other cheek"?.

And what does the VB forums have to do with's readable for members only...

Comment #25

Well it's looking like I wil have to do "a turn of the other cheek". Thanks guys~! I was just asking for some help and I got enough answers here! Everyone was great!..

Comment #26

Lilbballer27, I'm new here, I don't know you, I don't know your site and I don't know what resources you have available. If the site's database and other files are really important to you, you may want to cough up $ to pay an attorney for an hour to write a letter to the webhost demanding your files. You don't need a specialist attorney for this. Expect to pay $75-150 for an hour billing. If you're lucky you might find an attorney eager for your business, especially if the attorney has little background with Internet related law. From the sound of things, you may need such services again...

Comment #27

Some information in a post a while back that may be of use to you, depending how far you're willing to go with it.

It's very simple, that is though hearing your side of the paid for hosting but he has locked you out, you have paid the pricing advertised and this allows you as a consumer to have access what you have paid for.

He extorted you as you say in paying more money to regain access right?.

That is simply illegal and you can pursue action against him, if you have all the documentation to prove it then go through the channels above to find the proper route to take to pressure him into getting you what you have every right to have!.

This is pure and simple extortion - blackmail if you have paid what he asked for, the service you're getting, and then all of sudden starts asking money for the heck of it. Consumer Law.

Find a solution to have this dealt with through the appropriate channels...

Comment #28

Thanks damion that was alot of help. Everything you said he did to me. Like blackmailed and stuff. I also have pictures and all the recieptes from paypal...

Comment #29

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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