Need help quick..I tried godaddy for web development and tried hoestead for my site..they are too ha?

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Before I begin, I wanna ask: Need help quick..I tried godaddy for web development and tried hoestead for my site..they are too ha?.

My next question is: Is anyone making real money domaining? "If so", how? Many won't share their successes for obvious reasons. I would like to hear all success stories. Thanks..


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Your question was: Need help quick..I tried godaddy for web development and tried hoestead for my site..they are too ha?.

Not sure how much you consider real money, but I've made almost $50k domaining this year. Considering I only do this part time (re: in my free time) and have 2 full time jobs... It's nice.

I don't know many other people pulling in 6 fig incomes w/o an education outside of domaining.

I focus on buying into trends (eg. oled, antioxidants, health in general, environment, organic, etc) and what's currently hot in the domaining world or what I think is currently underpriced (eg.,, .mobi, soon will be diversifying into LLL.coms).

I usually don't invest more than $10k in any 1 particular investment type and prefer a diversified investment strategy to one of "all or nothing"...

Comment #1

I am a full-time Domainer. It is the only thing I do for income. This month, was one of my best months to date. I tallied up (so far) about $12,000 dollars in sales. Which is going to net me close to $9k. Thats assuming I do nothing else this month.

I focus primarily on buying HostGator names, and selling them to either end-users or other HostGator investors. The "domainers" who do well in this game are people who have a clear understanding of value, and not just how valuable a HostGator name is, but why a HostGator is valuable. They have patience to wait for a HostGator sale to go through, but they also have realistic expectations about their HostGator names.

Ive also found that the better your network (Buyers and Sellers) the easier it is to acquire and move HostGator names. Also, you'll need to look in less traditional areas to acquire HostGator names. Bidding on HostGator names at SnapNames and Pool means you may be paying top dollar for your domains. This means you'll need to wait a while to recoup your investment with a decent return.

To Sum up:.

1. Understand Value.

2. Create a Network.

3. Be Patient but Realistic.

4. Explore Alternative markets.

Good luck,.


Comment #2

That was just a great post spade.. I know you dont need it.. But here is some rep from me....

Comment #3

Good replies to this thread, helpful and polite information, much appreciated...

Comment #4

Great advice - an addendum:.

1A. and value creation.

2B. be humble and willing to learn.

3B. determination is key.

4B. create, don't follow trends..

Comment #5

I will add one more item on how to make money in this business:.

0.) Read old posts.

Before spending a lot of time registering new domains, read about the mistakes and successes of others. There are some brilliant people here. Learn from what they have said and done in the past.


Comment #6

Wow.. this is very useful for newbie like me,.

Thanks guys..

Comment #7

Frankly, domaining has been more than worth it..

Profits stand at slightly below 30k. And more than 80% of that was made in the past one and a half months. Considering that I regged my first name in late June this year, it's more than good for me at least. Moreover, I've done this without any development whatsoever, just dealing in names. So yes, I believe it's quite possible to make money.

I don't claim to be a good seller. I can't write a good sales letter even today. But what I've concentrated on is the buying part. More often than not, people give importance to selling and not so much on buying. I believe if you buy the right stuff, selling it becomes easier too.

In short, be a good buyer, and the selling part will come by itself...

Comment #8

Sheesh. I was hoping to learn something about selling around here. I have always been a good buyer (my wife says I am one of the best at spending money). Some people can sell ice in the Antarctic, while people like me couldn't sell water in the desert, and I come from a business family.

You are being humble Sashas. In your short tenure you have mastered both buying and selling. I am impressed.


Comment #9

I tend to agree with all the succesful guys and gals , we each have our own way of doing it.

I have made a lot , realtively, lowish $xxx,xxx in the four years that I have been in the biz - and I am retired.

My first real success was selling a bunch of newly regged .ws after about 7 months, highest was $900, have not had a .ws in my portfolio since.

A few bits and pieces and then the .in landrush, most went for .in but I was fortunate to find that was also being opened up to general registration at the same time. I picked up 900 of them , sold over 600 for $xxx,xxx , still keeping the best 300 for later use.

Picked up quite few drops via Dotster when very few people were using them and made a tidy profit, most recently was picked up as a drop for $60 two years ago, sold at the last live auction for $3K plus.

Currently buying a lot of first class IDN as I am sure they will be a massive part of the HostGator space in the near future.

Whichever route you take,.

Good luck..

Comment #10

I'm not being humble Marc, you're being more than flattering. I still have a lot to learn about selling. But I'm satisfied with where I am right now. 30k is what I would've earned as my starting salary as an English major...

Comment #11

Traffic = Money, and I make $3k+ a month from parking... if I get the right offers I will sell, but no point in actively trying to sell my generics unless I get a reasonable offer. They can only go up..

Comment #12

Your sentence reminds me of Robert Kiyosaki of the Rich Dad Poor Dad fame. He mentioned in his book: Profit is made when you buy something not when you sell it...

Comment #13

Gotta ask where are you parking ? and are they one word generic names ?

In .com ...... just wondering ? thanks..

Comment #14

Well, I have not been making any money. I have tons of domains for sale but no one has ever bought anything from me. They are just used mainly for parking and the revenue that I earn from that is insignificant..

So no, domaining did not work out so well for me...

Comment #15

Started out on affiliate programs, sells before herbal soap sourced here in the Philippines and then sold to U.S. and Canada. I sold one for U.S.$270 a .info and the other .com for U.S.$100 (local). still learning to become one...

Comment #16

Happy you appreciate the help from I personally dont do alot of HostGator selling. I like to reg the names, develop them, sell ads, sell or keep. But it all goes back to what spade said. And READ READ READ. Sites, posts, magazines, anything and everything you can...

Comment #17

This is a great example of how enthusiasm and passion can lead to great things. Take some credit, you've done very well Sashas! If it was that easy, everyone on this forum would be doing what you are. You are the kind of person people like to see succeed...

Comment #18

As I've always said Giode, I'm only following others who've done it before me, you being the primary one...

Comment #19

I'm currently domaining full time and have had a few decent sales this year. Most of my sales have been from revenue generating .coms picked up on the aftermarket. However, sales have been very slow over the past few weeks and my cash reserves are diminishing.

Any input on the best way to sell domains?.

I was thinking about directing all my traffic away from parked pages and forwarding them all to a company home page which would list each HostGator along with a sale price. The home page would contain a toll-free number and contact form.

Then I would combine networking and sales calls while fielding inquires from the company website.

Any comments on this?..

Comment #20

That's a great idea Greg. I was actually considering doing something like that myself with the majority of my collection. No point parking names that don't generate much revenue... Might as well try and get some decent sales on them..

Comment #21

Excelent idea for the non profitable domains. Most of my recent sales have come from the roadshows, very little from Sedo/Afternic etc.

Might just go down that route myself.

Good luck..

Comment #22

Buy domains, but don't expect to sell it right away for a big profit. That happen, but not always.

Develop them while you wait. And if you don't sell them, you'll make money in another way...

Comment #23

Just starting myself. This thread was/is a good read and quite helpful.

I think I need a domaining mentor...

Comment #24

Well I started domaining this July end and have been learning the tools of the trade since then.

Cant say I have been making a good income out of it, but my investments are back in my pocket now and i've accumulated some decent domains I can rely on to go up in value.

I've been developing minisites and a little bit of seo as well. Good thing is, I'm happy I found this business and it's taught me a lot. Still a long long way to go though...

Comment #25

Yes I meant it, I read a lot about online bussiness specially in domain/web hosting things. but never getting "closer" to iti mean I used to run after the facts. I found something "new", but apparently it isnt,afterward.

Here I can "see real people" talking certain thing just just from top to the bottom. and it's still hot and fresh.

So keep telling me..

Comment #26

Have I actually made money on HostGator names? Yes, however, I am reinvesting in more names so I do not have a positive cash flow as of yet.

It does feel nice though to grab a name at reg. fee and sell it a month.

Later for 20x the purchase price.

This is a game of long-term investments and alot of patience..

Comment #27

This is an inspiring thread, can I ask where you can sell your domains to really profit? Would you say your real success rate for selling would be through Sedo or SN, and how long do you wait until you turn these domains over?.

Thanks in Advance..

Comment #28

Contacts are important moreso if you're in the market to buy/sell $XXXX+ names. Sedo, Snap, Afternic, etc are fun, no doubt... But I wouldn't consider them anything other than an additional platform (re: opportunity) to buy/sell names on. Usually you'll be able to get better sales if you know the right people (and I don't mean knowing the guy who places the bid on your Sedo listing!).

Two very different ways domainers can make very large amounts of money domaining (okay, there's probably 100 more ways, but these are probably the 2 most straight-forward). Someone like Sachas or Spade in example looks for premium quality names (that might be LL, LN, NL, LLL, dictionary words/verbs, etc) in good extensions (.com, .net, .org for the most part). Alot of work goes into buying a $XXXX+ name with a quick flip/substantial markup in mind. You really have to know what you're doing before you start offering $XXXX+ on names, especially in markets that don't have very established "aftermarkets" (eg. LLL.coms are an extremely safe investment if you keep your offers on names in for example, the 6-8k range. Even if you overpay, it'll be like you underpaid within a few months.).

Rather than look for undervalued names or names whose value is ready to explode, I prefer to look for extensions or letter patterns (eg. CVCV, VCVC, LLLL, etc) whom I believe are undervalued or whose value is ready to explode as a whole.

Rather than buying 1 name for $10,000, I'll buy 50-1500 names for $10,000. Either method can become quite profitable.

I bought 1546 LLLL.coms between August and the buyout for a total of about $11,000. I could very easily quick flip (as in flip everything within an hour) my collection for $20,000-$25,000 today..

If you go this route, make sure you spend within your means. That 11k renewal fee comes back each and every year, potentially cutting drastically into any profits a seller may have realized otherwise...

Comment #29

I had $20,700 in gross sales so far this month, profiting about $12,500. I've come a long way since July, but the most important things I've learned are all in this thread...

Comment #30

Reece, thats probably one of the best reponses ive read in a thread at NP yet, as you point out, just two examples of many, but I can clearly see the pros and cons of both, I can see how you really need to know what you want to do with them beforehand and how the option is there for a quick and substantial profit, but the patience can also be worth it, but still needing to take everything into account...

Comment #31

Nice advice coming from a domainer that seems like you have had years of experience in this field, good on you reece..

Comment #32

I'm in constant loss, but I truly enjoy domaining...

Comment #33

I think there'd be quite a lot of people in this boat, including me. I often ask myself the question if it's madness and then forget about it and keep on domaining..

Comment #34

Nothing for me and I have over 700 domains, I have also not really tried to sell any either. I usually end up giving them away or let them expire if I don't find a use for them. I plan to give some away soon in the free forum later this week... As for making money on websites, well I do ok there but not with HostGator trading YET!..

Comment #35

Ilcesco and AussieDomainer. I'm glad I'm not the only person making a loss. Reading this thread from #1 all the way to #35... everyone seems to be making profit except me. I must be putting my money at the wrong places. And I do realize I made a few bad puchases, way overpaid for poor names. If I stop buying names today, it'll take me 2 years to recover all my investment...

Comment #36

I am on the plus side all in all but the past few months I havent sold squat and could really use a decent sale right now. Great thread!..

Comment #37

A great admission...if you enjoy something you dont need to make money at it...with some focus though anyone should be able make a few bucks...


Comment #38

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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