Need Dukan Diet Recommendations - 30yr vegeterian male?

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Question I have... Need Dukan Diet Recommendations - 30yr vegeterian male? Thanks for any response. Second question of mine... I remember seeing that somewhere but can't find it...

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I discover an answer. You should email the people at Dukan Diet as they probably could assist you..

Comment #1

I can not see Paul's bundt cake taste like a biscuit. More like cake..

The only way I can see doing that is use a little butter milk and work it into a biscuit consistency dough. Shape it and bake it in a toaster oven...

Comment #2

I remember seeing the recipe here once, I really have to look harder to find it. In Sept. I bookmarked it on my computer that has since crashed. *smacks self* lol..

Comment #3

Here's one that I have. I have many more if you click on the link in my signature for recipes using Dukan Diet foods. I have biscuit recipes under the breakfast section as well but they don't use the pancake mix..

Breakfast bowl (biscuts and gravy).

1 Dukan Diet pancake mix.

1 serving of sausage, cooked (of choice, 80 cals).

1/2 c sausage flavored country gravy (I use McCormicks's mix 45 cals a serving).

1 c egg beaters, scrambled.

1 tbsp ff shredded cheddar if desired.

1/3 c buttermilk.

Preheat oven or toaster oven to 400 degrees. Spray 2 single serve cassarole dishes with cooking spray. Mix together the pancake mix and the buttermilk and divide between the two dishes. Layer 1/4 of the gravy on the top of each one, followed by half of the sausage on each one. Add half of the egg beaters on top of that followed by cheese if desired. Top with the remaining gravy and bake for about 20 minutes or until done.

Makes 2 servings at about 220 cals each. Would count as your entree+protein. Just add a fruit for a complete breakfast..

Comment #4

Well she asked for a recipe for biscuits, not cake. Since the recipe you posted had cinnamon and Splenda in it, it would taste more sweet than savory. I think she was looking for savory biscuits like in the recipe Christina posted...

Comment #5

She said ".

A recipe for the Pancake mix as biscuits or.



Comment #6

Oh!! Sorry. Ok, then there is a big long thread on here on everything you can do with the pancake mixes. I think on the recipe forum..

Comment #7

I was looking for basically the biscuits, but I also bookmarked the cake recipe. Thanks to both of you. No need to fight!..

Comment #8

Well, my buttermilk cheddar (pepperoni optional) biscuits could be made without the cheese or pepperoni, I'm sure....


Comment #9

I use Christina's "Breakfast Bun" recipe with 2Tbs FF milk to make a single biscuit quite often. Mix it together and put it in the toaster oven on 400-ish until the top is nice and golden. I use a small (3 inch?) round non-stick pan with a little Pam sprayed in it..

I have used the Bisquick Heart Smart (1/3 cup) with some FF milk but the stats are a little off from the Dukan Diet pancake mix so it's not really within the plan. Just close if you're not up to making the Bun dry mix..

I split it and make an egg sandwich on it with my morning protein. I ran out of the Dukan Diet pancake mix when I started trying to make biscuits so I don't know if it actually works with the Dukan Diet mix. I plan to try when I get my next shipment in a few weeks. Let us know if you try it!..

Comment #10

This recipe for biscuits doesn't use the Dukan Diet pancake mix but they are delish!.


Comment #11

I tried these this morning and LOVED my two biscuits..

I'm curious though about the buttermilk. I didn't have any so used regular milk. What does the buttermilk add?..

Comment #12

I'm not partyanimal but since I make my biscuits the same way and use buttermilk all the time I can help ya! Buttermilk adds flavor for one thing, but it's also acidic and makes the biscuits more tender and moist. It's also very good for you!..

Comment #13

That about covers it!.

Great minds think alike? I have since bought Christina's cookbook and love it!..

Comment #14

Add 1 T. of white vinegar to the milk if you do not have buttermilk.....

Comment #15

That would be to one cup of milk...for those who might have thought that you add that to only two tablespoons of milk.....

Comment #16

You can also buy dry (powdered) buttermilk. Christina told me about that too. It helps when you don't use buttermilk all the time..


Comment #17

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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