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I need advice to take action against sedo.

The story goes like that I had a domain name sale agreed on 04/07/07.

Sedo received payments 12/07/07,i signed and faxed my transfers forms to SEDO same day, and transfered request was started ,i received a transfer request from registry ,i informed the transfer consultant he told me to go ahead with the transfer request.



I have lost control of my domain name and the domain shows new registrar parking page.

SEDO is sitting on the payment and the transfer consultant is keep telling me to be patients and blaming me and buyer for all the mistakes,after a while admiting his mistakes he was offering me SEDO showcase listing for free,which I refused and asked him to finished these transfers urgently.

Now it's been over three months and I don't see end to all this ,even the buyer got in touch with me saying how bad the sedo service was.

I got all the mails from sedo transfer consultant saved and I know someone didn't do their job properly and in all this i'm suffering.

Now I don't find any complain section in sedo so I try to email every where but still no luck ,they are very lousy in replying to email and even I try to call and left messages ,he reply when he wants to and the answere I get is not quite satisfactory.

I have cooperated in every way,because I feel when the buyer has paid in full then he/she should get the domain name transfered on time and I should get paid promply now three months and over and there is not an end in sight.

I got another domain which is in same status since 19/07/07 ,they received the full payment but at least this time I didn't lose my domain control ,but still it's not transfered to buyer yet and i'm getting same excuses from this transfer consultant.

Can some one tell me whether they suffered the same thing aswell and what action can I take against SEDO.


I don't understand what sort of company sedo is ther don't care about any thing or their customers who are giving them business.

I have nearly 1000 domains parked at sedo.

They are giving bad name to internet business and internet trust.

I hope they get their act together and deal with problems instead of hiding and not answering their emails queries.

If they still didn't sort it out then I will print all the correspondent between sedo consultant and me in all the domains forums i'm member of ,so hope fully another person will not suffer the same thing.

Thank you all in advance.


According to their policy see below,.

O 5.2.5. Dispute between the Parties during Transfer.

In the event that the purchase price to be paid by the Buyer has been transferred to the Sedo escrow account and the domain name and/or website content has been transferred to the Buyer in whole or in part, neither party may seek cancellation of said transfer or payment. In the event that the parties become involved in a dispute at any time during the transfer and escrow process, Sedo may set a deadline for the parties to reach an agreement. In the event that said deadline passes without a resolution to the dispute then Sedo shall be entitled to release the purchase price to the to the Seller and the domain name and/or website content to the Buyer in accordance with the purchase and sale agreement...

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Try contacting a different Sedo rep. Not sure what you can do right now. It just seems like your rep is a screw up.

Do we have any Sedo rep members?..

Comment #1

We have a couple sedo rep members; I would hazard to guess that part of the difficulty could be a language barrier, as I can't really follow what the current situation actually is.

Comment #2

I think OP sold a domain through sedo.

Sedo received the payment, received the domain, released the domain to the buyer but have not yet released payment to seller (op).

Some Sedo reps are quite used to sending canned replies for any and all queries, doesn't really the help the situation. I've been lucky that the few sales I've had through them have gone fairly the payment in under 7 days, but a question about chargeback protection was left ignored and is not covered by the site (as far as I can see...)...

Comment #3

Thank you all for your help.

No there is no language barrier.

Transfer should have taken 3/4 weeks.

Auction ended 04/07/07.

Full payment received 12/07/07.

Transfer request started 12/07/07 ( I signed my transfer forms and faxed to SEDO).

Ever since i'm strugling.

I can imagine a problem with one of the transfer but not with two of them.

Auction ended 19/07/07.

Full payment received 30/07/07.

Transfer req stared 30/07/07 (i signed my transfer forms and faxed).

Same thing happening to second transfer aswell.

I got confirmation from my transfer consultant for both saying that he has received my faxed.

I have all the correspondent as a proof from my transfer consultant.

Then to keep me quite they offer me compansation.I said no and said I want the job done ASAP.

Funny thing is I still don't know when it's going to be done.

Before it was i'm waiting for the forms from buyer.

Now it's finally received from the buyer and now waiting from their other language speaking department to go through the form to check and see if it's correctly filled and then it will be submited ( WHEN ? still don't know.

Thats the reason I have put a stop on all my sales through SEDO until these two transfers are done and i've received my payments and my confidence with sedo is restored again and I can trust them again.

I will keep every one informed through this post.

Thank you all in advance for your help/advice.


Comment #4

Speaking of charge-back protection ... only one well known escrow service truly provides that ...

Sedo doesn't? And Moniker, the last I checked, definitely doesn't - there's an old, but detailed thread with responses from Monte himself at DNForum regarding that issue.

Only is licensed - the others aren't (to be fair, they don't legally have to be based on their locations) ... but the lack of licensing matters because it explains why Sedo and Moniker escrow seem to lack some of the protections and service-level that people expect when using escrow.

With that said, Sedo and Moniker have some advantages over for some transactions...

For a seller, when in doubt of charge-back protection, is to insist that payment be made by bank wire only by the buyer and the escrow service to state in writing that the funds are "secured funds"...

If not, one could be surprised later on in the case of Moniker ... or at Sedo, left waiting for an eternity for payment to arrive while being ignored.


Comment #5

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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