GoDaddy customer service : Should I sign up for GoDaddy?? Need advice for paypal claim - (I sold a Game Site)

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Hi all,.

I need some advice.

I sold a game site 2 days ago. Then after I pushed the domain and sent the cpanel login to the buyer. The buyer filed a claim to paypal.

I asked the buyer why, and the following is the message that he replied to me.

"I received an email from "the fellow" that owns the rights to the website you sold me. He was not happy. I will not pay for stolen merchandise".

The key points are:.

- The buyer didn't ask me or inform me but just file a claim to paypal. And the buyer also does not tell me who is the "fellow" mentioned in his response..

- The buyer still keep the domain that I sold to him..

- I guess the buyer has already copied the website..

- I had responded to paypal of this issue, and wait for paypal's answer..

- Fyi, I own the full right of the script that I sold with the website. I am the /img/avatar4.jpg of the game script. So, there is no one can claim that owns any rights of the website or the website that built by the game script..

- I registered the domain with my name. So, from the whois record, I can prove that I was the /img/avatar4.jpg of the domain name.

I need advice on:-.

1. What should I do now?.

2. And can I claim the buyer (or "the fellow" mentioned above) for the damages?.

3.What if paypal gets the money back and sent back to the buyer?.

Many thanks in advance..


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As I say you need three days before giving your site because anyone can stop funds in three days.

So please try to get your site back and sell to another one.

Wish you good luck.

Most of the persons losted money like this in many forums most in getpaidforum..

Comment #1

Thanks for your advice. But I got the money in my paypal account before giving my site out. The money just hold by paypal now, but still in my account.

Why I need to wait for 3 days?..

Comment #2

Paypal, creditcard or personal cheque can all get pulled back after being posted to your account.

No slam on paypal here - I use it very frequently. It's just not as 'bulletproof' as wire transfer, escrow or even moneyorder... I thought the window for chargebacks was much longer than 3 days. Or is it only CC funded paypal payments that can get charged back months later? Anyone know for sure?..

Comment #3

Hai there sorry for late reply.

Theres a lot differnece between paypal and other payment processors.

For egold once you send money to some one you cant get it back but in paypal there is time to get it back I think it is 3days as I heard from another persons.

The buyer just did a scam I think because most cases are like this only.

And please let us know what did paypal replied to you..

Comment #4

Hope you get this sorted, did you sell the site/domain on here if so inform us and admin who it is, maybe they can help...

Comment #5

Post the member name here if it's someone from Namepros and the staff can get you sorted out. Quite odd though someone would try to pull this off..

Comment #6

I lost 900 USD's like this after selling my scripts to some scammers.

And It was a claim after 14 days. And in it they scammers had used a stolen creditcard to buy my scripts.

Man Here paypal can do nothing. Tell the guy to give you back your domain and the cpanel login. Also refund his amount or paypal will deducct another $20 from your account for the chargeback...

Comment #7

Unfortunatly Paypal tends to side with the buyer on issues such as this. You will probably be able to withdraw your money, but Paypal will make your account balance negative, and take any money you put in in the future.....

Comment #8

Don't use PayPal next time. THAT is the lesson you should learn..

Comment #9

The lesson should be to get a persons REPUTATION before dealing with them. Your comment is like saying don't ever have cash in your pocket because you will get robbed...

Comment #10

No treally. paypal sucks. and 3 days? huh, paypal may do this to you even after 6 months. Don't trust paypal. trust buyer. if you can't see his records on a reputation system, and cannot take the merchendise back, don't use paypal...

Comment #11

Ugh..that's what I said. Why does paypal suck when you yourself say "TRUST BUYER"....what does that mean?..

Comment #12

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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