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Well, I'm not sure if this is in the right board or it's a "Legal Dispute" but I do feel like I'm being ripped off here.

A few weeks ago (almost 3 now, by my count) I signed up with NameCheap to obviously buy my first domain (I've used domains, but never owned my own and I refuse to say the domain I bought).

I bought it, set it up, ect. Expected it to be up in around 24-48 hours. However, a few hours later I went to check on my account (such as contact details and such) and found to my surprise, the account is locked due to "too many failed login tries" and it's been locked until the 12/12/2099 EST (I can prove this).

Me, thinking what the hell is going on here? Tried again, didn't work. So I clicked on their Contact page, wrote them an email saying my problem and asking what I should do... They sent me this reply. Ok, fair enough I thought. Thought it a bit weird as they ask for your account username so wouldn't the phone number be on file? Oh well, I gave my phone number and country code (+64 is NZ right??).

Waited a few days - no reply. Waited a week, no reply nor call. I thought maybe they're just busy. But I sent them another email asking about the issue, this second one they never answered.

2 weeks later I'm here, at this point I'm incredibly pissed off. I've emailed them again and got the same email I did the first time (which means it must be an automated message).

This is annoying as I registered a damn domain and haven't been able to use it! I feel incredibly ripped off, sure the domain was only like around $8 USD (around $12 for me though as I paid in NZD). But that's not the point, the point is that I want to use my domain!.

I should've been able to use it by now, and having to wait 92 years? Sure, I understand why they would do that for the whole Fraud Prevention Team thing. But not calling after 3 weeks? Seems a bit pathetic don't you think?.

Sorry, if this is:.

1. In the wrong board..

2. Inconveniences anyone..

3. Just a plain stupid topic...

Thanks in advance.


Joshua Smellie..

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Understandable, Joshua.

I won't be surprised if they didn't get your email giving your phone number. It.

So happens that email isn't as reliable today as it once was, especially with so.

Many ISPs arbitrarily filtering them without telling anyone.

I'd email them again with your phone number and other details. Also send PM.

To "enetwork" to exhaust all means of contact...

Comment #1

Okay, do I send this PM with the whole topic (just the first post of course)?.

EDIT: Also, I just sent the email about my phone number, ect a few hours ago. Should I still send a new one?..

Comment #2

I had same experience last year,.

But luckily I got their calls.

And answered their question of my c.c..

Good luck..

Comment #3


NameCheap are reasonable, and they do lock accounts until 2099 if you use their domain service for a scam.

Unfortunatly, it is increasingly hard to figure out which is which. If you didn't scam, then they will call and verify and everything will be alright.


Comment #4

Using someone else's credit card to buy the product without their permission or consent.


Comment #5

Ah, well I used someone elses Credit Card. BUT I had their consent... I'm only 15! I can't pay any other way, lolz.

But I know I had consent to pay via Credit Card, so... yah.....

Comment #6

Hmm... It seems that I haven't seen a reply from enetwork and again, I understand the work BUT I've waited over 1 month now. And it's STILL locked. I'm getting REALLY pissed off now and if I have to email again I just won't bother. I'll just go ahead and use another registrar (sure I would've lost like $9 but I'm not going to get it back now, am I?).

Seriously, if this is how far someone is willing to go to scam me. Then I'm not even going to bother trying. Good they took my damn money, so what? I won't be recommending them to ANYONE if this issue isn't sorted. And why? Simply because waiting 1 month for a domain that should've taken ONE day (maybe one week tops) is pathetic.

I've been ripped off before, but not of my money. This just sickens me. Sickens me to the bone. Sure, go ahead and insult me for being "impatient" but I think I lost my "patience" 2 weeks ago when I kept getting an automated reply and no damn phone call...

Comment #7

If calling, emails, pm's doesn't work,.

Try sending them a formal letter to.

8939 S. Sepulveda Blvd,.


CA 90045.


Comment #8

Im having problems with them aswell.

I went to buy a domain and used the cupon 'FBLOVE' my total order after I added the cupon came to $17.00 , so I added $17.00 from paypal to NC, I went to purchase the domain and the was $17.55, I tryed to enter the cupon but it wouldnt work. Im not going to PayPal over anymore money, minimum is $7.99. I only wanted to use it to buy 1

There system made an error, I'm tryed to get them to refund it, but no reply..

Comment #9

Not sure about this, but dont you have to be 18 to enter into a binding contract?.

It would have been easier to create the account in the name of the person (I assume a parent) and have them reg it for you.

But still, you should have received some sort of response..

NC are one of the better ressellers out there...

Comment #10

You do have to be 18 to enter into a binding contract in England, but I am not sure if buying a domain is entering a contract?..

Comment #11

Well most registrars 'agreements' that we read and agree to by default look like contracts to me.


Comment #12

But then most forums have agreements when you register, so yeah..

Comment #13

I have a mini story. I tryed to register an IDN, but it failed after 3 attempts. I have $9.64 in my account. I couldn't register it, I emailed support, and they said I had $0.00 in my account, but I know that the money is there, because I had a bit of dosh left there from the last time I purchased a domain, and I have only just added $7.99.

I have no idea why they say I have $0.00, I replyed back saying how much money I had in my account, but they havn't replyed yet, maybe tomorrow they will.

Lets say I will be pissed off I don't get a domain registered there soon, because it is a really good domain. I asked for a manual register.


Comment #14

Make sure your logining in with the right username.

I'm at namecheap. I had user1 eg. as my username. when I tried logining in with user I got that message.

Make sure you are loggin in with the right username and password.


Comment #15

Geee I am new in this domainers thinggi.... and after reading through this entire forum looks like there is NO perfect company.

Godaddy has problems, namecheap has problems, sedo has problems, moniker has problems, registerfly has problems, enom has problems, seems like there is no reliable company ehh....

Comment #16

Domainsite has problems, I couldnt get them to work at all earlier.


Comment #17

They are contracts in the US, whether we read them or not...

Comment #18

Thanks everyone for this thread. I was about to use namecheap..... Now I think I will choose registerdub to avoid problems..

Comment #19

Damn, they now say I owe them $8.88... I couldn't understand all of the reply, what does 'LILILI' mean?.


Comment #20


Our fraud department has attempted to contact you several times and has even left messages. I know this for a fact as I specifically referred your case to them and made sure it was done. In fact it was done immediately after your original post here.


Our coupon code is "FebLove" not "FBLove"PLease PM and I will see why you have yet to receive a response and make sure you are taken care of ASAP.


You can PM me as well and I will try and decipher what it was our tech responded to you with if you have yet to figure it out...

Comment #21

Hmm... That is odd, I assume the Fraud Prevention Team never put an 0 before the +64 for New Zealand's country code (I never mentioned it as in most cases, it never says BUT if it doesn't work the first time. Try it with a 0)...

Basically, NZ's country code is +064 so if I've given you my cellphone number (best phone number to ring me at as of current as I can't change my home number due to login issues) then could you please ask them to try ringing me at that number?.

Again, the country code is +064 (obviously 64 never worked)...

Comment #22

I have this same problem with NameCheap!! Have they resolved your problem yet??? I hope they'll look into MY problems...

Comment #23

Sorry if someone has said this Joshua, but you do have to be 18 to own a domain. To prevent issues, the registrant details should be the same as the credit card owner and also, just use someone who is over 18 so that you don't get problems about being too young anyway.


Comment #24

Namecheap is a pain in the ASS domain registrar.....same thing happened to me with them....there security department screening is a simple phone call....even if you are only spending $8 with them.....I never got any phone calls, when I found out what & why my account was locked....I told them where to stick there account......

Comment #25

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