GoDaddy user reviews : Suggest I pay for GoDaddy?? Name Sold At TDNAM, But Not By Me

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Recently, I got an email from TDNAM that one of my domains had been sold.

Now I never listed this domain for sale at TDNAM.

It turns out that my younger cousin who'd somehow been playing around with my laptop while I was still logged into my account had set up all my domains for sale at random BIN prices.

This domain is for sale at NP itself, and I've only got much better offers than what it sold for at TDNAM.

I contacted the TDNAM staff but they told me they can't do anything about it. Also, they've already received payment for the domain from the buyer. I asked them if they can reverse the payment and they said they could not.

I contacted the buyer and he's OK with a reversal of payment.

So what should I do in this case? Persuade TDNAM to reverse the payment, or pay the buyer from my own pocket for the funds?..

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You acknowledge in your post not taking reasonable steps to secure your account.

While you may be able to make the argument that TDNAM's security is faulty in that they allow auto-login (at least that's what it sounds like from your post), that's likely a high mountain to climb depending on their TOS and your past use of their service.

In my view, your best bet is to pay the buyer, even if that costs you some money ... chalk it up as a learning experience to not allow others to use your computer (and/or always be sure to logout; clear browser cache, etc) ... and count your lucky stars you didn't lose more.


Comment #1

Very true - I've just one thing to add:.

If you create a new user for each person who uses the computer ( or even just an admin for you, and a "guest" account for everyone else), then when they open up firefox/ie, they shouldn't have access to all your stored logins.

Then make sure you lock the computer....

Comment #2

Lock you PC / Laptop - Now!.

Make sure that your protected by a username and password - even down to the log on and desktop access!!!!.

Permissions are easy to set up and a precaution that we ALL should take .. family intrusions aside. Suppose .. and YES just suppose someone stole your PC/ LAPTOP .. Just how secure is your machine?????.

Lock it down ! Now ! Lock it .. password protect it with .. good secure passwords not guessable ones.

We all think that it will never happen to me! ?? ... Yeah well guess what it might!.

Lock it down, secure your acccess from any random intruders - family included !..

Comment #3

Thats what I thought would be the best way to deal with it.

Wasn't there the thread a couple of days ago about the member Psych101's account being used by his son?. these days. Cost me a 100 bucks for nothing.

Thanks for the input guys. Rep added to all of you..

Comment #4

Pay the buyer? No way. Since the buyer is sympathetic, this shouldn't be a big deal.

Three days ago I did a buy-it-now at tdnam, but the seller decided she didn't want to sell. My rep said he could cancel the transaction and issue me a refund, no problem. So have the buyer request the transaction be cancelled and a refund issued. It shouldn't be a problem...

Comment #5

I highly recommend KeePass. You can get it from It generates super secure passwords, and stores them in an encrypted database. You can even store it on a USB stick or external drive, instead of on your hard drive. It has one master password to access the DB, then it contains a list of any other passwords you want.

If you stay logged out, and then use it to store all your important passwords, you'll be much better off. Even if someone does bust in to one of your accounts, they won't have your password for anywhere, and the passwords definitely won't be guessable...

Comment #6

I didn't know you could do that...I'll contact the buyer immediately.

Thanks for the help..

Comment #7

Typically TDNAM will assess a $10 fee for listing a domain name that (you didnt own, didnt mean to list, ect). It insures that they get there money as well (10%).


Comment #8

Thanks Spade. I'll contact them about this. I can afford $10 )..

Comment #9

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